Blue Moon

BlueMoon_Image by Salvatore Vuono
June 20, 2016 — Summer solstice

If you’ve been feeling butterflies in your stomach or a feeling that something was about to happen, you’re probably right…

Today we will host such a powerful Full Moon, additionally influenced by a trine from Pluto to Jupiter, and another from the Moon to Uranus. 

Unexpected News will have you react emotionally. When planetary aspects are on a cusp, the impact is apparent and this is when you are more aware of changes that are occurring because of the intensity of the moment. We are more aware of the passage of time when planetary movement cross a median or the cusp between two sectors.

This is one of those moments when the Past meets the Future illuminated by the Present, and a “truth” will surface enlightening not just the individual but generations of people. 

We are at the Summer Solstice, crossing the midpoint of the calendar year, where the two-sided pendulum swings across the median, when the psyche and the conscious mind tip the scales to begin the slow descent toward the Winter Solstice (It is the Winter and Summer Solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere). 

We are on the verge of a new beginning, with the finger on the proverbial switch, and we find ourselves enlightened through information brought to light, born of experience and revealed through hindsight or from the past. The collective consciousness will bristle as a result of this awakening, as will the individual who listens to the message and the knowledge brought to them by Jupiter, the Lord of Truth, Justice, and Perception.

It will be one of those experiences you will always remember. Looking upon this moment in hindsight, you’ll reveal, “That is the moment when things changed for me!” You might even experience this as it is happening because its impact will be so powerful. 

Jupiter brings hope, good news, luck, and abundance. Neptune, his brother, brings the message from the depth of the oceans where usually he likes to keep the message a little vague, but this time it will be crystal clear. Uranus will sprinkle this revelation with an element of surprise or magic. It will be a ‘WOW’ moment.

The Grand Cross of the moment will corner you for these few days making sure you’ve received the message, causing you to panic a little until you find the key to unlocks that door. It’s a big moment and change can be daunting especially if it comes unexpectedly and unabashedly through your front door as it can with Jupiter.

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Image by Salvatore Vuono,