CC Dailly, The Astrologer…

I am a admirer of the universe and of its planets and stars, and I have always been an avid researcher of their influences on my life. I study Astrology and the shifting patterns that the planets have on us. It’s a fascinating subject that keeps me continually enthralled and I hope to get you interested in it as well. There is always something new to learn while looking at the stars and wondering what it all means.

I share these tools with you to help you learn about yourself by linking intuitively to your inner creativity and resourcefulness; and, to study your past, present, and future. The value of analyzing your past, acknowledging your present, and getting a glimpse into the possibilities of your future affords you the ability to guide and plan your life in a meaningful way. There are no guarantees, and every day we make decisions that change the directions of our lives, but having some foresight helps when you need guidance and direction.

This blog is linked to my site, intuitivelink.ca, where I will post my monthly horoscopes and other articles. Please join me there to take part in the discussions.

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