I’m going for it…


Last night I decided that I was just going to “go for it!” I’ve been giving free readings for a few years now—to friends, to a lot of different people in my Tarot connections on FB. I love reading the cards, always have. Today, I start giving paid readings.

I’m nervous. Really nervous. But I’m also excited as all get out to begin on this new path! I love being able to help people find the answer they are looking for. I get a real high when I’m reading the cards and the story they want to tell.

When I was 11, I made my mom drive me to a store in Toronto, that happened to be all the way downtown. I honestly don’t remember where it was, but I remember that it was the first time I’d ever seen or walked into a store like that. Cobwebs, dust, and a dank smell of used astrology and tarot books. I loved it! (My mother waited outside.) I stayed in there for a long time. (My mother is not the patient kind.) If only I’d been older, I could have driven myself home. She did wait, and I bought my first deck that day.

It was the Marseilles tarot deck. Simple, yet difficult to memorize because the images were closer to regular card decks. I still have it. I painstakingly learned the meaning of each card and taught myself to read the cards at that young age. But it wasn’t until my early twenties when a friend of mine in Art School, approached me and said, “We should read tarot cards to people in the cafeteria!” (No! What? Read actual people?)

And, so we did. We did it for a couple of months but then stopped because I found it draining. And I needed my energy for those all nighters to finish up my homework—paintings, designs, sculptures, you name it. I did not know yet about protecting myself from other people’s energies. I do now.

Then, I left my cards for a while when my children were born and growing up. I didn’t want any errant energies disturbing them. It didn’t work. My son saw ghosts, and both my children spoke to each other in weird languages. I still waited until they were grown to dust off my cards. My cards. My beloved cards. They had never failed me. There they were, and I started reading again. And I haven’t stopped.

I have bought new decks because, like tattoos, they become addictive. The artwork on the decks draws me in, and I just have to have them. I only really use one essential tarot deck for my regular readings. I recently purchased a deck called the ViceVersa deck and it is the one that I use for my reads. It is a regular tarot deck, but I find that they are enriched, including both sides of the story. I have never read the cards upside down (reversed) because I always like to “see” all sides to a card anyway. These Versa cards are depicted on both sides, giving you a double-sided view into situations, persons, and events. These are my cards.

I can read them in front of you (Skype, that is), I can read them at distance (without you there), or you can just send me an email with your request, and I will type out your reading and send it to you. The cards have never failed me.

Today, I will begin giving paid readings. But be on the lookout for my discount and ‘free’ days.

Live your life with intent,
❤ CC


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