Daily Tarot Readings

Daily readings are a good way to tune in every day to your inner self for guidance. It’s a good way of centering and working on yourself. I choose a variant of the three card  of the day spread in that I add a fourth card: the overall message.

Card 1: The card of the day. The important aspects of the day ahead.

Card 2: Attending to these issues that will require your attention.

Card 3: What to look out for, for example, feelings, desires, events, or reactions that could arise.

Card 4: The overall message



Here is a sample of a daily read (cards above):

Card 1: (Card of the day) This is the versa side of the Knave of Pentacles.

The querent is ready to forge ahead with the news or information they have received. The sunset is beautiful and setting beyond the mountains. The sunset implying that he has gone through the day thinking, and the sunset shows that where he wants to go might just be beyond the mountains. The querent is willing to go the distance now, over hills and valleys, even mountains. Nature’s bullhorn (golden cornucopia) sits discarded behind him. He does not want to remain comfortable. He wants more. He has made his announcement and now will be on his way. He knows what he wants.

Card 2: (Attending to issues that require attention) The versa side of 9 of Swords.

The querent has been stalled until now with unfounded fears. Therefore, not moving forward nor making any decisions. The querent has kept himself imprisoned by his fears until now. As he sits on his bed, he sees the sunrise beyond the Swords (thoughts) that dangle in front of him. The sunrise through the window in his prison cell shows that a new day is here. He can step beyond his fears and free himself. The querent needs to step out of his or her own way to move forward. The shadow to the left may be remnant shadow work that still needs to be done, or someone that is in the background that is there for support or help.

Number 9 is a sign of unifying with strength, blending with your emotions rather than fighting against them, and going with the flow.

Card 3: (What to look out for: feelings, desires, etc.) The versa side of the 5 of Cups.

The figure in the card has Two of Cups sitting near him, but in front of him sits Three cups tipped over. The querent has the support he/she needs but may be hanging on to past disappointments. The figure is facing the darkness instead of turning toward the Moon. A red rose has been left at his/her feet in secret, showing that love is near, even if it isn’t outwardly shown. The two chalices show that there are still others with whom you can share your love, your attention. All is not gone.

Number 5 cards show changes coming ahead. It’s about adapting and adjusting to new circumstances. Challenging yourself, and shaking up the status quo, to begin taking the necessary steps.

Card 4: (The overall message) The versa side of the 3 of Cups.

This card shows a figure kneeling on the grass raising her cup to the sky where 13 doves are flying. There are two other maidens dancing and celebrating. Love is all around. This is a card of celebration. Enjoy your friends, your community, your life. Celebrate the bounty that you do have. Be happy!

Number 3s symbolize the idea of planning and preparing, setting intensions, rehearsing, and practicing. This is what you’ll want to keep doing to move forward.


Interestingly, the numbered cards are all odd numbered. Odd numbers are active, creative, thrusting, and cold (inwardly concerned with self). They are also all versa cards showing that you are ready to move forward and are done with contemplating the next move.

A couple of the cards show the image of the “rose” behind the querent, denoting love. Perhaps you aren’t aware of the “love” or support that you already have/receive from others. Sometimes insecurity play a role in this emotion. Don’t forget that there are others around to support and help you. You do not need to go it alone. Share with others. Bring others into your plans.

The main figures are all facing the horizon. This symbolism connects heaven and earth, the spiritual with the earthly. It foretells good luck and persistence in solving any challenges that may arise. It announces great changes that will change the face of your future for the better. There are new possibilities and opportunities available to you.


As you will see, the daily card readings will reveal some very important aspects to you, your inner you, where you are headed, and what you need to work on. They will also show you patterns, of behaviour, of thought, and even of pending events that will show up and ready you to deal with them.

This is an example of the kind of daily reading that I do for others. They are shorter, concise, but to the point. They are sometimes revealing, and pinpoint certain aspects that appear, or reappear, that need to be worked on.

Live your life with extraordinary intention,


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