Strong aspect: Sun sextile Neptune (Positive)

Sunday April 30:
 Woohoo, I have only 2 signs left to write! I can’t believe I was able to fit this in this month. (Actually, I had a week free from my novel while beta readers were reading, so I took advantage of it.)

Sun sextile Neptune: 
Keywords: Sunlight, imagination, intuition, inspiration, compassion, and charity.
Today the Sun’s vitality will connect with Neptune’s intuitive and sympathetic nature. You will feel a natural psychic connection in general and to your fellow humans. 
The only caveat is over-idealism and a teensy weensy bit of self-deception (like vague statements or clouded vision), but that’s not always bad. It’s good to dream!
It’s a good day to tune in to yourself and others today.


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