Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars in Gemini (Positive)

If you find that your energy is spiking or that your emotions are revved up that is because Mars is the planet of energy, force, aggression, and action. Though it is a positive influence, be cautious that you don't come on too strong.

The Moon is instinctive, intuitive, and brings inspiration. In Gemini, your thoughts will zig zag because Gemini is mercurial. You'll know what to say during this transit. Though you might be a bit rash. Think things through before dashing off. Mercury trine Saturn should help with that.

Mars is action, energy, and force. If you have an idea that you think is good, run with it, share it, but tone it down, and think things through first.

You might find yourself to be unusually talkative or communicative.

Have a wonderful day, (chatting, texting, calling others LOL)

Cheers to all,



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