New Moon Solar Eclipse

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In September, there will be a New Moon that will occur and influence us on the 12th, 13th, and 14th. New moons usually portend the beginning of a new cycle which usually runs until the Full Moon at the end of the month. This New Moon will be a whopper of a new moon because there will be a partial Solar Eclipse as well.
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Each month there is a cycle that follows the path of the moon. The New Moon is the beginning of the moon’s cycle, that grows (Waxing Crescent stage) until it reaches its first quarter cycle. Then, it will continue to wax (Waxing Gibbous stage) until it reaches its fullness (Full Moon) marking the end of its cycle. It will then beginning to recede (Waning Gibbous stage) until its last quarter. It will then begin its journey (Waning Crescent) toward darkness and a New Moon. The Waning and Waxing Crescent stages are when the Moon is moving toward darkness and back to light, and the Waning and Waxing Gibbous stages are when the Moon is moving toward lightness and back to darkness.
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The Moon is connected to your sensitivity, feelings, the hidden parts of yourself, your temperament, connection, feminine energy, change, imagination, intuition, instinct, the unconscious mind, and your psychic qualities. The Sun is connected to your ego, will, determination, masculine energy, self-confidence, aspirations, image, and power.
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New moons occur when the Moon is conjunct the Sun favouring new activity such as beginning a new routine, project, or cycle, and depending in which house this new moon is positioned, will determine which area of your life is affected. There is an instinct to move forward even if the path is not clear yet. If you have been planning prior to the New Moon, it will be a good time to begin putting your plan to action. With the Moon so close to the Sun, you are infused with its energy that activates and pushes you forward. New Moons are very powerful and, this month, because the Moon’s orbital path is crossing the ecliptic plane, there will be a partial Solar Eclipse as well. This event usually gives the New Moon a double whammy dose of ‘Wow!’ and you will most likely experience this in a remarkable way.
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Solar Eclipses mark turning points in the train of our lives, and they are sometimes major incidences, other times they are just slight and barely…

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