August Horoscope 2015 – Virgo


This month, I’ll only be featuring the monthly synopsis instead of the usual monthly, weekly and daily synopses because I am working on my website where these components will be available. Thank you for your patience.

Virgo, this is the last month before you begin a new birthday year! The last month of a birthday year is also a time when you review the year that has passed and you’ll be planning how you want the next year to go. You’ll be assessing your past goals and making new ones.

You’ll have Venus and Mars in that house to help you find the sort of balance you need with your inner thought processes. Mercury will also be in the 12th house for the first week and will bring lots of ideas of how you can be of service to yourself, to your inner self, and how you can give back to those who may need help.

Mercury will travel from the 12th house of your inner self, through the 1st house of your outer self and ego, and will end up in the 2nd house of material security and personal values and self-worth by the end of the month. You’ll go through most of the month with your thoughts delving into the hidden parts of yourself, your unconscious desires, and your deepest desires. You’ll then be focused on your Self, your reputation, that which you want others to see and how you present yourself, and as you progress through the month, you’ll be conscious of your self-worth and whether you have confidence in yourself.

Venus will spend her time in your 12th house heralding a time when you’re thinking about what is best for you. What is it that makes you truly happy? Do you beat yourself up too much? Do you do too much for others and not enough for you? This is the best time to reconnect with your inner mind and listen to your intuition. It is also a time to build your trust in things unseen and to let go of trying to control everything. Venus is still in retrograde motion and will only turn direct on September 6.

Mars will begin in your 11th house where it has been since last month, and as it enters your 12th house it will bring its energy to that sector. You may feel impatient at times to get moving on some things that you are working on. But, it will serve you well to sit back and observe during this month before moving ahead with plans. Mars will help if you work on the strategies and foundation of your plan. You may also get help from people who are working for you behind the scenes.

Saturn has been in retrograde motion in your 3rd house of communication, community, siblings and relatives, conscious decisions, and self-expression and is due to go direct on August 2. In retrograde motion, you were reminded and had a review of the lessons you had learned during the last 2-3 years until December 2014.
Saturn went back into this house in June and in doing so, has been checking in with a fine tooth comb to make sure that you have grasped the knowledge it wanted to impart upon you. You most likely noticed that you wanted people to take your writing, your message, or simply to take ‘you’ more seriously, and during this period, you were able to hone in on your skills of discipline and organization.
If you needed to sharpen these skills, Saturn made sure to bring you the opportunities to do so. Saturn will go back to its original place in September, and until then you’ll be tested and these skills will be reviewed to make sure you have learned them. Saturn slows things down so that you have the time, for example to take courses to hone in on that expertise.

On July 31, there was a full moon in your 6th house bring some work projects or a cycle to culmination.  Your schedule will likely be affected and you might be thinking of changing the way you go about your day, especially if the way you are going about things needs some tweaking. You may also start a new health routine as a result of ending a bad habit. For example, if you’re a smoker, you may just kick the habit once and for all and start a new exercise routine. Or, if you have not been eating well, you’ll put your foot down and start eating healthy and change your eating habits.

This will also set you up with putting the finishing touches, winding down, regrouping yourself and readying yourself for the next onslaught of activity that are on its way. This will be the influence during the first two weeks of August as the Moon travels across the top part of your chart, through your partnerships, commitments, core beliefs, career, group associations, and finally joining your Sun in the 12th house of endings. The new moon in Leo on August 14 will see you beginning new activities all over again.

The big news is that Jupiter is going into Virgo this month on August 11 and you will be the star of the universe. For the next year, until September 9, 2016, Jupiter will be highlighting and showcasing you. Jupiter will bring luck, abundance, wealth, and a bunch of goodies to you this year. Opportunities, rewards, and major events will come into your life this year, and depending on which cycle of Jupiter you’re on, you’ll be ready for all that it has to bring you. It will be a year of expansion, so you may have to watch your waistband for those moments when you are indulging in the good life!

August is about learning to listen to your inner voice and reconnecting with your creative source. It is about receiving from following your instincts, your true dreams, and your intuition. Your contribution will come from giving to humanitarian causes, to spending time on your own inner mental health, and through your own creative source.


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