August Horoscope 2015 – Taurus


This month, I’ll only be featuring the monthly synopsis instead of the usual monthly, weekly and daily synopses because I am working on my website where these components will be available. Thank you for your patience.

For Taurus, August will be about your home, your family dynamic, and your foundation. It will be about your interaction with those you live with and their influence on you. Your parents will figure prominently, even if you’re on your own and have your own family or live far away from them. The family dynamic will also be called into play and there will be plenty of interaction.

Mars begins in your 3rd house where it’s been for most of the month of July and you’ll see this influence continue into the first week of August. You have probably been quite busy, out and about your neighbourhood, or busy learning a new skill as this is the house of learning, education and tests. When Mars moves into your 4th house, you’ll notice increased activity in your home. Venus is also in this same sector and so the activity will most likely involve a lot of socializing, possibly a party thrown at your home, and some sort of celebration that is taking place within your family.

Venus is quite happy at home and you’ll find that the atmosphere is jovial and fun and you will feel secure in the good feeling that surrounds you. Mars may cause some friction but only because of the high energy level it brings with it. You will notice a good balance between the yin and yang energies around your home. You should experience laughter and merry times and with Jupiter in your this area, you may also see people from afar visiting you.

Mercury begins in this part of your chart and you be full of ideas of how to expand and make your home a better place both physically and emotionally. You might be making plans to renovate or be in the midst of it, though I would be careful to start anything under the retrograde Venus. It may be better to wait until next month. Do your planning this month but don’t start your projects until Venus is back to direct motion in September. You may like the idea of something now only to change your mind later. Your partner may help to slow you down as well which will most likely end up being a positive thing even though in the moment you may think that they are against your ideas. Mercury then moves into your 5th house of creative pursuits and children. You’ll have plenty of creative ideas for the numerous projects you have in mind. If you have children or deal with people younger than you, there will be plenty of plans or ideas about what to do with them in mind, such as planning fun activities that you can do together. By month’s end, Mercury will have moved into your 6th house of work, service and health. Your thoughts will turn to your work projects and how you can be of service to others, and you may also be planning or thinking about a new regime or exercise plan.

Jupiter has been in your house of home for an entire year and you have benefitted from its long stay in this area. Luck and abundance came from interactions with those people you live with in your home. You may also have seen your home expand through moving to a bigger house or renovations. Jupiter makes a major move this month out of your house of home and into your house of creative pursuits, personal projects and children on August 11th. Your dreams, your inner child or inner resourcefulness and creativity will see a surge when Jupiter moves into Virgo. With Mercury there for the better part of the month, your ideas will soar and you will have to watch for some exaggeration as you will experience optimism and good luck. It will seem as though nothing can go wrong with your plans or ideas. It would still be better to wait until September when Venus will be on board again.

Saturn was retrograde and is turning direct on August 2, but is still in your 7th house and slowly gaining traction on its way back to its original position. In the meantime, it will give you the time to review your relationships and what you want from them, what restricts you and how you can better organize your time within your relationships.

On July 31st there was a full (blue) moon in Aquarius, in your 10th house of career, authority and ambitions. You may have seen something in your career reach culmination or you may have completed a step or cycle in your career. A sudden opportunity or someone willing to help you in your career may appear and this will help you to take charge and show your responsible nature. This influence will last the first two weeks of August so look out for something that comes up during that time.

August is about action taken within your home, such as renovations, taking care or helping parents, and your general attitude toward your parents. It will be about giving and giving back to your parents or your heritage for all they have done for you. You can do this by contributing in some way to your home, the harmony in your family dynamic or doing something for your parents that helps them or makes them realize how much you appreciate them. This is where you will receive your rewards and opportunities to show how you feel.


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