August Horoscope 2015 – Scorpio


This month, I’ll only be featuring the monthly synopsis instead of the usual monthly, weekly and daily synopses because I am working on my website where these components will be available. Thank you for your patience.

For Scorpio, your focus will be on your house of career and ambition. The sun will be shining its light at the top of your chart of ambition and public life. You will be dealing with authority or being the authority yourself. Your career is highlighted and you may even see yourself landing a new job, a new position, or a lucrative new business deal if you’re in business for yourself.

Mars begins in your 9th house at the beginning of the month where matters involving travel, foreign lands and cultures, your faith or core beliefs come into play. You’re looking for what you believe or can believe in, that is, your inner compass. You may just find what drives you or expands your mind while travelling. When Mars moves into your 10th house of ambition, the knowledge you received while on this trip will come in useful to you. Higher ups or clients will notice this drive and inner strength and this will be favourable to any deals or goals of moving up that you may envision.

Venus is also in your house of career, however she is still in retrograde motion. If you are looking to close a deal or snag a new client, make sure that you have all your information or be sure that this is really the sort of client you want. It may look rosy up front but you may change your mind afterward. It would be best to wait until Venus is back in direct motion (in September) before making a decision or deal but if you cannot wait, then make sure that you have all the facts and are aware of what you will have to take on, such as responsibilities or the type of business you will be taking on. This influence will be positive for business you already have because it promotes good working relationships, harmony and favourable results. Together with Mars there will be a good balance of energy and drive.

Mercury begins in your house of core beliefs, travel and the boundaries beyond your immediate reach. If you’re travelling, doing so will open your mind to new ideas and ways of seeing things. On the 7th, your thoughts and attention will return to career and your ambitions. There will be a lot of planning and discussions about projects during the rest of the month. You will be working closely with higher-ups and some important and significant projects. Higher ups will notice your hard work and be compensated for it. Kudos will be in order. This is a month when the sharing of ideas will see favourable results. Mercury will move on to your house of friendships, groups and personal future plans at the end of the month.

The big news is that Jupiter makes a major transition this month from Leo into Virgo on August 11. Jupiter has been in your house of ambition for the past year bringing you luck and abundance in your career and public life. It spends its last week there in August before leaving and moving into your house of friendships, group associations, causes and personal plans. With your career and ambitions on track, you can switch your focus on to your personal plans that are not connected to career or your social status. You’ll find that friends or groups you associate with are suddenly there to help you move forward with your dreams.

Saturn is retrograding in your 1st house of Self and connected to your 3rd house of conscious decisions and community, so the things that come back into focus and review will be about you and the conscious choices you make, the connection you have with your siblings, and matters involving your immediate surrounding. You’ll be reviewing whether you have completed the transformation concerning your reputation, how you present yourself, and how you have adjusted the way you communicate with others or interact with your siblings. This retrograde period gives you the opportunity to become aware of whether these changes are in place.

Last month, on July 31, there was a full moon in Aquarius in your house of home and you’ll notice that this influence will be there for the first two weeks of August. You’ll be spending time finding the balance between career and home. The previous two weeks involved new beginning new activities toward your ambitions or public matters, however this influence will bring your home to your attention. There will be things to get done and taken care of on the home front. This month it will present a challenge since your overall focus and attention will be on your career and ambitions. It will be imperative that you create a balance between the two sectors this month.

For Scorpio, August is about the actions you take toward your career, ambitions, and authority. This is your way of giving back to society, to those who live outside your home, or to the public. Your contribution will come from your public persona, the what you give to the world outside your home, and through your services, career, or work.


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