August Horoscope 2015 – Sagittarius


This month, I’ll only be featuring the monthly synopsis instead of the usual monthly, weekly and daily synopses because I am working on my website where these components will be available. Thank you for your patience.

In August, Sagittarius is focused on things related to travel, boundaries, higher learning and core beliefs, and your outlook on life. The 9th house is normally ruled by Jupiter and is the house of Sagittarius so you will feel in your element this month.

Mars begins the month in your 8th house where there was an increase in activity especially dealing with the beginning or the end of an intimate relationship. If a situation was not positive, you had the drive and were able to take action to deal with it. This will carry through to the first week of August as you are probably still dealing with the repercussions of those circumstances. On the 8th, Mars will move on to the 9th house of travel. Mars can be boisterous so take care of any physical activities you may be involved with while travelling.

Venus is already in the house of travel and expansive boundaries and bring its harmonious influence to the mix. However, she is still in retrograde motion so you’re still in the midst of reviewing your philosophy, your core beliefs and opening yourself up to experiencing so much more in your life. You may find that you’re a lot more sociable this month and coming into connection with people from another culture will open your eyes and your mind to new experiences.

Mercury begins the month in the 9th house sidling alongside Venus, Mars and Jupiter. You’ll be filled with ideas and receive plenty of information that will be helpful in your growth, spiritually, mentally and physically, especially if you’re on vacation at some point this month. Mercury will then move on to your house of career and ambitions, and you may find that you’re thinking of changing jobs or of following your ambitions more than ever. It would be best not to make any major decisions until you’re sure of what you want. Venus is still in retrograde and it’s not usually a good time to begin something new. You may see a previous employer come back to you for work. Mercury will end the month in your 11th house of friendships, group connections, and future possibilities. You’ll probably be getting in touch with friends or groups, and chatting it up and discussing your plans, or about what you can do  to help others. You may find that it is your friends that are reaching out to you instead and you will benefit from the information or news you receive from them.

And the good news is that Jupiter makes a major transition from Leo to Virgo this month. Jupiter has been in your 9th house of travel, core beliefs, philosophy and outlook on life during this past year. You may find that you spent the year focused on these issues or that these matters surfaced in your life and seem to take precedence. Jupiter is your ruler so some of those matters that seem natural to you were ever-present. This may have caused other issues to surface because Sagittarius is about things that are larger than life, adventure, expanding the boundaries, thinking outside the box, and freedom. If for any reason, you found yourself stuck, restricted or bound by rules you may have revolted against this, even if it was on an internal level. This month Jupiter will move out and into your house of career and ambition. You will notice increased activity in this area of your life starting this month and this will last a year, until September 2016. Opportunities to expand your career or business will present themselves this year. You may be thinking of ways to be independent and free while pursuing your career and ambitions.

Saturn is just turning back to direct motion but still going through your 12th house and back toward its original position before it went retrograde. You’ll still be going back over grounds that you dealt with while Saturn was touring this sector (the past 2-3 years) involving matters such as your inner mind and voice, sacrifice and letting go, addictions or bad habits, as well as negative patterns and thought processes. This is the house of unconscious desires and repressed wants. While Saturn takes one last tour of this sector, it will deal with any stone that was left unturned, present the challenges to you, help you to deal with them and put them to rest before moving on.

On July 31st, there was a full moon in Aquarius in your 3rd house and you may have seen a change and an ending in your immediate environment. You may have moved and relocated to another place. You will be dealing with this influence during the first two weeks of August. You’ll find that errands need to be run, paperwork that needs to be taken care of, and getting in touch with people. Taking a short trip will be part of the picture, or you may receive an important document during this time. You’ll want to find some balance and your equilibrium again.

August is about the learning found through the outer world beyond your immediate boundaries, connecting back to your faith and core beliefs. You will receive benefits from foreign cultures, faith and guidance. Your contribution will be your service to the world in general, to humanity, and through the sharing of information.


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