August Horoscope 2015 – Gemini


This month, I’ll only be featuring the monthly synopsis instead of the usual monthly, weekly and daily synopses because I am working on my website where these components will be available. Thank you for your patience.

For Gemini, the focus will be on your immediate surroundings, your neighbourhood, your community and the people within it, your siblings, cousins and any extended family. It will also be on communication and how you communicate with others, and the method in which you choose to do so, such as writing, email, phoning, or through technology such as blogging or forums. You’ll be running a lot of errands and paying visits to your friends, neighbours or community involvement. You’ll be getting ready for school or be preparing for your education, whether you’re going back to school or starting a new program.

Venus is in the 3rd house and will bring harmony and diplomacy.  She will be in retrograde motion for the entire month, however, but with this aspect you’ll notice that her influence is even more potent in some ways. She will make you more aware of what you want or she will have the right guidance to lead you to knowing what it is. In this house, it’s about reconnecting with those around you,  such as your siblings, and if there have been any severed ties, this will be the moment to take advantage of repairing those connections.

Mars is in your 2nd house until the 2nd giving you the drive for material security, to save or get your ducks in a row. You may have to spend some money related to some training you’ll need or something that will make you more efficient during your day. Mars will then transition to your 3rd house where your energy and drive will then be focused on making yourself heard, getting in touch with others, and getting things done. You’ll be ready to start that program or course. You’ll also be busy out and about your community or neighbourhood, running errands or visiting friends.

Jupiter makes a major move this month from Leo to Virgo. Jupiter is in your 3rd house for the last leg of its tour before it moves on to your 4th house of home, foundation and family. In the 3rd house, you prepared yourself and the opportunity for new learning or advanced study presented themselves.  During its stay in the 3rd house, if you’re younger or just thinking of upgrading your skills, you probably realized what it was that you wanted to learn and the opportunities became available. On the 11th, Jupiter will journey to your 4th house to stay until September 9, 2016. During this next year, the things that will come into play and expand are right at home. You’ll be setting up or planning your foundation and what makes you feel secure. Opportunities may come from home or from meeting someone who will act as a mentor to show you the way. This person may take on the role of a parental figure to you and you will have respect for them and the knowledge they have.

Mercury will begin in the 3rd house injecting plans, ideas, information and clear logical thinking to your decisions. Mercury is your ruler and Gemini normally rules the 3rd house so you’ll feel on your game during the first week. Quick thinking will help you to make decisions that may need to be made on the spot. With Leo and the Sun in this house during this month, you’ll surely be investigating, researching, asking a lot of questions, and exchanging a lot of information, ideas and thoughts with others. Mercury will move on to the 4th house on the 7th and there you will see that you’re discussing a lot at home and with family.  Your family may have a lot of ideas or have some information for you that will help. You may be thinking about how you’d like to set up your home and its foundations. You may also be thinking of moving. Or, it may be that your thoughts are going back to your childhood and your parents. This trend will last a couple of weeks until Mercury again moves on to Libra and your 5th house on the 27th. You’ll notice that your attention will shift to your projects, inner resourcefulness and children if you have any.

Saturn turns direct on the 2nd of August but remains in your 6th house until September to help you organize your schedule and your daily routine. It retrograded into your 6th house for its last leg of its tour there to go over and remind you of the organization and discipline needed to accomplish that which you wish to achieve. Gemini sometimes likes to cut corners and skip steps because they are impatient, but this influence has taught you that sometimes it is simply better to follow the path because you end up exactly where you want when you do so. Your health is also set to improve once Saturn turns direct again. If you were pushing yourself too hard, it was sure to slow you down. Saturn teaches you that it is better to do things well once rather than having to go over your steps again and redo work that should already have been completed.

The influence of the full moon on July 31st, a blue moon (because it was the 2nd full moon within the same month) will be felt mostly in August because it’s influence usually spans about two weeks until the new moon. This full moon was in your 9th house and there you may experience a bit of a crisis where your core or personal beliefs are tested. You may be feeling a little down about the fact that you still have work to do before you get to have fun. You’ll be asking yourself what your true purpose is during this time. You must realize that a cycle will end and a new one will begin so don’t despair and look to your immediate surrounding because that is where you’ll find your answers. Your time for fun will come and the rewards will be far-reaching.

This month is about your mental attitude, your self-expression, communication and your relatives.It’s about learning through your immediate environment, guidance, siblings and relatives. This is where you’ll receive opportunities from interaction within your community. This could be the physical one you live in or an internet community, or any sort of ‘community’ you belong to. Your contribution or service will be to it as well, to others in your environment, to helping your siblings or relatives. This is where you will find your rewards and opportunities. 


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