August Horoscope 2015 – Capricorn


This month, I’ll only be featuring the monthly synopsis instead of the usual monthly, weekly and daily synopses because I am working on my website where these components will be available. Thank you for your patience.

For Capricorn, the month’s focus will be on the things that affect you deeply. Intimacy, collaboration, transformation, sex, joint resources, and public monies. You’ll be focused on the things you do with your partner or business collaborators.

Mars, who has travelled through your 7th house injecting a zest of energy and possibly a good amount of drive in that area will leave to infuse its force in your house of intimacy. Whether committed emotionally or not to another, you’ll find that you’re physically more affectionate or frisky during this time, allowing yourself to enjoy some physical pleasures. With Venus in the same house, you’ll also be enjoying your partners on a deeper level than usual. Mars is one of Scorpio’s rulers and this is the house of all things Scorpio, and this energy is congruent and feels at home here. It will feel torrential, a bit of the all or nothing attitude will come over you, and this may overwhelm Capricorn who is usually quite methodical in its way of dealing with circumstances.

Venus is in your house of commitments, intimacy, joint ventures or matters, and public monies. You may get a windfall or a prize from events such as sweepstakes, your investments, or a tax return. You may see money coming from an inheritance, whether it’s from your own family or your partner’s. Intimacy will be deep and meaningful and your connections will be harmonious and you will have a sense of togetherness from all your partnerships during this time. The only warning is that Venus is in retrograde motion, so this influence will play out well with the people you already have in your life. It won’t the best time to create new partnerships or business. In other words, it’s best to stick to what and who you know during this period, that will last until September 6 when Venus turns direct.

Mercury will be journeying through starting with your 8th house of intimacy and endings, then your 9th house of core beliefs, and finally into your 10th house of career and ambition. You’ll begin by receiving information or news in your house of intimacy that is revealing, emotionally or materially. After the first week, your thoughts will shift to the bigger picture and you will feel the need to widen your horizons and to reach out to what is beyond your immediate scope. Your philosophy or you will find yourself scrutinizing the way you look at life, and lastly, as the month ends, your ideas and plans will then turn to your career and ambitions.

The good news is that Jupiter makes a major transition from Leo to Virgo this month. Jupiter is crossing the threshold between the 8th and 9th house. If you are involved in any legal proceedings, you should also see this coming to an end. You may be negotiating an attractive business deal that looks to bring you a large sum of money or an increase in investments. If you’ve been owed money, you may just see it coming to you this month. Jupiter is in its last leg of touring this house, so you may see this windfall or payment during the first week just when Jupiter crosses into Virgo.

Venus will bring harmony, good will, and a strong female influence to your collaborative deals, intimate connections, and joint ventures. If you’re married or in a serious relationship, you will have your partner’s support. Conversely, you may also be seeing the end of a relationship marked by an agreement to part ways amicably. If this is a divorce, the proceedings will be cordial and fair.

Saturn has been in retrograde motion and is about to turn direct on August 2. Connections that involved friendships or group associations may have decreased or were culled during this time if you felt that certain associations did not fit your personal goals or ideals any longer. Are your future goals in line with your own deep inner core?

With the full moon on July 31 in Aquarius, you’ll be feeling its influence during the first two weeks in August. You’ll be concerned with balancing the give and take within your partnerships and your attitude toward others. With the Sun also in the opposite house of joint resources, you’ll be emotionally tied to what is yours as well as where your comfort zones are. Now’s the time to take care of your own needs for security.

All in all, it will be quite a dramatic month filled with strong influences that will shake you to the very core of your being in every way.

August is about security that comes through partnership, your sexual needs, support from your partners, and through the feeling of unity. It is also about receiving from partners by proxy, through your family, and from public monies, such as investments. Your contribution or service to society will be through your own contributions through public monies such as charity.


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