August Horoscope 2015 – Cancer


This month, I’ll only be featuring the monthly synopsis instead of the usual monthly, weekly and daily synopses because I am working on my website where these components will be available. Thank you for your patience.

For Cancer, your attention for the month of August will be on your material security. Your personal values, possessions, and income are highlighted and you will be thinking of ways to bring in more income. Your self-worth and attitude toward others will also be spotlighted.

Mars is in your 1st house at the beginning of the month ending its time there giving you the last bit of oomph and push to doing things for yourself that push you forward to your goals. Mars is the 1st house natural ruler so you felt on your game during its visit here. You will have its influence as you enter August until it crosses into your 2nd house where the focus will change from your personal needs to your material world. With all the fast-moving planets going through this sector, your material success and security will be very important to you. You’ll be coming up with plenty of ideas to bring more money in but you’ll also be spending a lot to further some of those plans you have.

Venus is in your 2nd house until October 8, staying here for all that time, but remember that the planet is in retrograde movement until September. This is not normally a good time to begin any new activity related to earnings or acquiring new or large items for yourself or your home. You may initially be excited about what you see and in a hurry to have it, only experience disappointment later. If you have a big-ticket item you want to get, do some window shopping this month and get quotes, think about it a little longer before rushing out and buying it. Of course, if it’s an item that needs replacement, such as a fridge or a car, you might not be able to wait it out. If that’s the case, make sure that you have all your information, facts and requirements before making the purchase.

Mercury begins in the 2nd house leading into this month with bringing you ideas and plans related to your possessions, ways to bring in more income, and things related to your self-worth. Mercury will then enter Virgo to your house of community, neighbours, and family members. You’ll find this month filled with chatter, communication, ideas, plans with those in your immediate surrounding or with family members, or both. At the end of the month, Mercury will be posited in your 4th house of home and there you will be thinking and planning projects or events in your home. You may hear from your parents as well when Mercury travels through this sector.

Jupiter is about to change signs from Leo to Virgo this month, and you’ll enjoy the first half of August with Jupiter still in your 2nd house helping you still to tie up loose ends with regard to the increase in material wealth, income, or possessions, such as your home. Usually a planet will award a gift before leaving a particular area of your life, so watch out for gifts, a reward, or something significant during the first half of August. Conversely, it could be you that is generous with your money. On the 11th, Jupiter will enter Virgo and your 3rd house of short trips, self-expression, communication, family members and your immediate surrounding, such as your neighbourhood. Expressing yourself will come easily to you and for the next year you’ll find that events and your interests will involve your community and neighbourhood. Things to do with learning, education, and writing are highlighted.

Saturn has been in retrograde but is about to go back to direct motion on August 2. It will still be in Scorpio until September 17 when it will re-enter Sagittarius making its way back to its original position before it went retrograde. Although now that it is back to direct motion, its influence will be less potent, you will still be reviewing the lessons learned when Saturn was in Scorpio. It is back to check whether you have done the necessary changes related to your leisure time, creative pursuits, and children, as well as your close relationships and partnerships. Have you put in place the necessary structure for spending more time with your children, or for letting someone else into your life? If not, you have until September to review this and to make the necessary alterations before Saturn returns to Sagittarius.

On July 31, there was a full moon in Aquarius affecting your 8th house of investments, business, joint ventures, and public monies. You may have seen the ending of a contract and the beginning of a new venture or investment. This full moon will influence the first half of August until you reach the new moon in Leo which will begin a brand new cycle with activity involving your material security.

For Cancer, August is about the feeling of security through self-worth, self-esteem, material possessions or income. You will receive during this time through you own hard work, passion, and values. Your contribution or service to society will come from your peace of mind and your own feelings of security, and from your attitude to those close to you. When you’re feeling good, those close to you benefit from this.


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