August Horoscope 2015 – Aquarius


This month, I’ll only be featuring the monthly synopsis instead of the usual monthly, weekly and daily synopses because I am working on my website where these components will be available. Thank you for your patience.

For Aquarius, the month of August will be all about love, your closest relationships and partnerships. It will be a month when you will want to feel that feeling of togetherness with others around you.

You’ve just coming out of a very busy month of July and this will continue until the first week of August when Mars will enter your house of relationships. Mars joins the Sun and Venus in your 7th house of relationships and contracts. This is the month where you may have to sign a very important contract such as purchasing a home, or going into a business partnership, or even deciding to get married. You will need to make sure you have all your information before you make such an important decision.

With Venus still in retrograde in your house of relationships will see you reviewing your closest relationships and partnerships. You will have to take care of all your partnerships or close relationships. You will want it all and it will be about the “us” in your relationships and not just about what ‘you’ want in your relationships. If you’ve been thinking of parting ways with a partner, you may want to consider waiting until Venus is back in direct motion before making such a final decision. When Venus is not at its full form, it can make circumstances or situations seem worse than they are, or not as ‘pretty’ as you would like, and you may make a decision based on the feeling of the moment only to regret it later. This can go either way whether you’re entering into a relationship or getting out of one. You might think that you’ve met the ‘one’ only to realize (later) you were wearing rose-coloured glasses and did not notice the red flags. Conversely, you may be reacting rashly by deciding to break things off over something circumstantial and petty, only to regret your decision later.

Mercury will travel through your 7th, 8th and journeying into your 9th house by month’s end. Your thoughts, ideas and plans will span many areas of your life during this month beginning with your relationships. You will hear information and news on several different fronts this month. News coming from people close to you may be related to matters concerning career, your relatives or your community, and with things related to your core beliefs and you family. Some of this news may be surprising or interesting coming from your community, restricting, frustrating or authoritative coming from your career, but generally your outlook on life will come from your experiences and your mission to expand your boundaries and horizons.

The good news is that Jupiter makes a major move from Leo to Virgo on August 11. Jupiter begins the month in your 7th house where it has been for the past year. You most likely made many new connections over the last year with people from diverse backgrounds and with whom you were able to expand your knowledge base. You may have had the opportunity to cultivate rewarding relationships which have become quite important to you. It was a time when negotiations were your forte where fairness and harmony came easily. Working together with others was fruitful. Jupiter is making its début in Virgo and your 8th house this month where you will notice that these relationships and connections have now transitioned to commitments. You’ll enjoy a deeper connection with others and will enjoy the benefits from partnering with others or even with a partner. You may receive an insurance settlement, a considerable tax return or an inheritance during this transit that will last a year. This cycle usually indicates a new home or car. In the house of intimacy, you may see more opportunities and occasions in this area. There may even be an accumulation of wealth if you manage your investments well.

Saturn is still in your 10th house but will be turning direct and moving slowly back to its original position in your 11th house. While in your 10th house, you will still be reviewing the lessons of its earlier tour in this house, learning to be more organized and methodical. These are the lessons to secure your position of power in your career and for your future ambitions.

The full moon on July 31 was in your sign in the first house and you will experience a culmination and a beginning of a brand new cycle during the first two weeks of August.This trend should last until mid-August with the new moon on August 14 beginning a new cycle.

This month is about the actions you take toward or for your partnerships and close relationships  and the support you give through relating to your partners or your collaborations with them. This is true for personal or business partnerships. Working together with them will benefit you much more than working on your own.  It is about what you give back to your relationships that helps them to grow. Your contribution this month will be through the help or service you give to your partners and collaborators, and through the joining with others such as through signing contracts or business, specifically with those you are already in business with.


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