July 2015 Horoscope – Virgo


For Virgo, the month of July will focus on your friendships, group associations, your hopes and wishes as well as your daydreams. It’s about how you function within a group or how you chair a committee, or mediate a meeting. It’s about your ideals and your personal goals, objectives that are not concerned with career but through which you can grow through interaction with friends. It’s your social life and who you socialize with. You’ll be passionate about your fellow man and what you can do to make things better for others. Is there a cause you’d like to participate in that you know will help others? You may also need your friends around you more during this month or find that they are calling you to come out and join them. It’s Summer in the Northern hemisphere so it’s the perfect time to get out and participate in outdoor activities with others. You’ll enjoy it as you usually do around this time of year. There will be lots to talk about and your thoughts will eventually shift from your work to more fun and personal topics. You might even begin putting down to paper those objectives that have future potential for you. You’ll be delving into your subconscious to tap into your creative source. Your dreams and your unconscious desires will surface and with Jupiter in this part of your chart this past year, has allowed you to tap into your more compassionate side, giving back to others selflessly without expecting anything back. You may have been going through a kind of spiritual renewal and getting ready for the abundance that is coming your way when Jupiter enters Virgo in August.

It’s the time of the year when you put to use the things you have learned and experienced during the past year. You are approaching the final chapter of your birthday year and this is where you get to share with your friends, enjoying the fruits of your labour with others, and getting in touch with your daydreams and your deepest desires.

Venus and Uranus are retrograding this month, joining Saturn and Pluto in reverse motion. Retrograde periods sound scary but only because Mercury retrogrades affect us so strongly. As with all retrogrades, they ask us to rewind, review, and reassess the area in which they are slowing down and the matters concerned. It’s almost as though you will be able to experience those areas in your life in slow motion. If all is good, it will feel really good, if it’s not pleasant to you, it will feel quite uncomfortable.

Venus retrogrades in your 1st house of Self, image, masks, and appearance. You’ll be reviewing how you come across to other people, the kind of people you’d like to attract will determine how you feel about this. It is not a time to make any changes but rather to think about it, to analyze how you would prefer to come across to others if you’re not happy with the way you are now. If you are thinking of changing your hairstyle or closet, it would be better to wait until September when Venus goes direct again.

On the heels of Venus, Uranus goes retrograde in your house of joint resources, intimacy, and financial support, public monies, and values involving partners. You’ll be reassessing investments and joint ventures, or delving more deeply into these matters as this is the house of analysis. Uranus is the planet of change and independence, so you will be seeking more independence through investments. You may either find yourself with a windfall or inheritance that will help with your plans for more independence. Inner self-discovery will mark this transit and with Uranus in retrograde motion, it may become even pronounced and obvious.

It’s a month focused on the security you feel and find through your association and collaboration with others. It is the support you receive from friends and groups and your contribution back to the friends and groups you associate with.

July 1-5. Your unconscious desires, memories, creative source, friendships, your current mission, joint resources, intimacy, partnerships, and ambitions.This week begins on a positive note. Venus and Jupiter will expand on your unconscious desires and dreams to bring harmony and balance to your emotional equilibrium. It’s a very subjective kind of energy and will happen on an inner level. There is also a full moon in your 5th house so you may see a project come to fulfillment.

Your friends may not agree with your values or current goals and they will be quite vocal about it. Also, think about whom you attract while in this kind of energy vibration.

A plan may come to you connected to your ambitions and you will have the back up you need, such as an investment, a loan, or a partner helping you to achieve it. The support you receive may come from an unexpected source.

Jupiter in the 12th may bring more of your unconscious desires to the forefront and you will want to spend time on your own to explore these desires. Jupiter will help you to get rid of negative patterns and self-destructive behaviour to allow abundance into your life.

A colleague may contradict your way of doing things or your list of priorities in the work environment and this will cause some distension within the group. If you appeal to someone who is wiser or to logical thinking or even to listening to your colleague(s), you will find the answer to resolving this tension or conflict.

July 1. (Venus-12/Jupiter-12) The week begins with Venus and Jupiter in your house of your subconscious, unconscious needs, or repressed desires.

(Mars-11/North Node-2) Your quest for your own material security may rub your friends the wrong way especially if you are so focused on this goal that they may feel like you’re ignoring them.
July 3. (Mercury-10/Uranus-8) This energy will be beneficial to your interaction with others especially when concerned with career, ambitions, and authority.
July 4. (Mercury-10/Jupiter-12) Ideas and plans in your career sector will appeal to your unconscious desires. Jupiter in your 12th denotes that these ideas or plans will be happening in the background or behind the scenes. Jupiter is like a guardian angel looking out for what is best for you.
July 5-6. (Moon-6/Jupiter-12) There may be some friction between your interactions with others at work and having to work with them when you would much rather be working on your own.
(Mercury-10/Venus-12) An idea or plan being hatched on the career front will appeal to your inner creative source. You will be open to new ideas or new creative source of ideas related to your ambitions which in turn will raise your level of excitement and good feeling.
July 6-12. Interaction between friendships and ideals, romance, creative pursuits, children, your current mission, joint resources, intimacy, career and ambition.You start off this week with some conflict because you may not agree with a course of action a group association or friend is taking and this will cause some tension. Listen to advice and to those people in your immediate environment for a way to dissipate this tension or challenge.

Your plans or ideas for your own material security and stability may be affected by information that is revealed to you regarding joint resources.

Mid-week you’ll find that everyone will be on the same page. The mood will flow perfectly together and with an ease that seems familiar to you.

A part of you may not be completely in tuned to new ideas presented by friends or groups you belong to. They may not sit right because of your current mission or goal. Look toward your collaborators or inner resourceful for the answer to release this inner tension.

July 6-7. (Sun-11/Pluto-5) There may be a feeling of power struggles between you and your creative ideas and those of the group(s) that you interact with socially and toward a creative group expression.
July 8. (Moon-8/North Node-2) There will be an emotional reaction to an issue related to joint resources or commitment that catches you by surprise.
July 10. (Moon-9/Mercury-11) There may be a collaboration of ideas or plans. with friends or groups, and these will be in synch.
July 11. (Mercury-11/North Node-2) Though these ideas appeal to your desire for freedom and higher learning, you may feel a bit of inner tension as they might not coincide with your current mission of focusing on your own material security and balance.
July 13-19. Interaction between friends, joint resources and ventures, intimacy, public monies, logical thinking and self-expression, and your unconscious desires.This week will be filled with conflicts and challenges.

Unexpected surprises or announcements will cause tension. It is one that is found with yourself and you are the only one who can release it. Look to your immediate environment, siblings and extended family, or even to what is directly in front of you and to your logic, to find your answer.

Don’t make any changes to your appearance. If you can wait until after the first week of September when Venus will turn direct, do so because you may change your mind about how you want to appear to others. Venus in the first house is a great attractor and others will be drawn to your magnetic personality during the week of the 19th to 25th.

July 13-14. (Sun-11/Uranus-8) Your social life  and interaction with friends is springing to life but this will be tempered if there are any unexpected surprises or news coming from them.

July 13-17. (Venus-12/Saturn-3) Venus in the 12th brings your inner creativity to the forefront but today it creates a hard aspect to your logical thinking mind, and to those in your immediate surrounding, such as neighbours, siblings and extended family. Someone may be working behind the scenes for you.
July 15-17. ((Mars-11/Pluto-5) Your friends or groups you relate to may oppose  the power you seem to hold over them in some way. This will cause some division or changes to the current situation.
July 16. (Sun-11/Moon-11) This is vibrant energy merging together to bring harmony of action and emotions to your day and life. Your personal ambitions are highlighted.
(Mercury-11/Mars-11) Mars in your 11th house of future potential will inject a lot of energy into the ideas you have for your own personal growth and potential. Your friends and groups are supportive of your ideas and direction.
(Mercury-11/Pluto-5) The only caveat will be that you may have to put aside your own personal inner creative pursuits during this time and may have difficulties separating what is yours and what belongs to the group. Put yours aside for now to avoid conflict of interests, if necessary.
July 19. (Moon-1/Venus-1) Venus has now moved into your 1st house and you will have a few days with Venus’ rays to make some changes to your appearance if you wish to change things up.
(Mercury-11/Uranus-8) You may hear some unexpected news or information from your friends or associates that may cause some tensions when it comes to any joint venture you may have with them.
July 20-26. Interaction between friendships and associations, communication and logical thinking, joint resources and ventures, and your current mission. This week is energetically more vibrant with positive energy. There is only one challenge for you to deal with this week and it could possibly come from your friends offering advice regarding joint resources when they shouldn’t be meddling.

With Saturn retrograde in your house of communication and immediate environment, it could be that your siblings or relatives are visiting you. Talks and discussions may take on a serious tone but they will be positive.

Some of the ideas that the Sun brings to your house of future potential and wishes in its last day in that area of your life will be quite valuable to you and you will be able to take these into account and spend some time pondering over them when the Sun moves into and highlights the hidden part of your life the very next day.

There is a hard aspect created by Uranus reaching out to Mars may cause some disruptions or reactions from friends if these changes affect your life and therefore your friendships.

The Sun has moved into the 12th house of your subconscious to join Jupiter, you will notice that you’ve removed yourself from the outer world and begin to delve into the realms of your inner mind and dreams. The Sun will spotlight this area from now until August marking the end of your birthday year cycle.

Your current mission is to your 2nd house of material security, values and attitude toward your partners, and focusing on this will bring you rewards and opportunities.

Venus retrogrades in your 1st house this week and you will begin to revisit how you want others to see you and what will attract others to you. Uranus turns retrograde in your 8th house and this will bring unexpected inheritance or financial gain through unusual sources or partners. It may not be immediately apparent on the surface how this unexpected event will shape your life.

July 21-22. (Sun-11/Saturn-3) Your social circle seems to be lighting up your life these days and you don’t have to go far to meet up with them.
July 23-24. (Sun-11/Mercury-11) On the last day that the Sun will spend in your house of your social circle and friends, a lot of talk will take place and ideas will be spinning your head around.
July 23. (Mercury-11/Saturn-3) You will enjoy discussing ideas and plans with your friends while taking into account the limitations, restrictions or discipline needed to put the ideas to work. Saturn is all about structure and discipline.
July 24-26. (Mars-11/Uranus-8) Mars remains in your house of social circles, friends, and personal future potential keeping this area vibrant and energetic while Uranus will bring forth some unexpected news or change to your area of joint resources.
July 25. (Mercury-11/North Node-2) Interacting with your friends will bring new ideas or plans to how you go about setting up your material stability and security. You are open to new ideas or plans. Plans you may have for your own personal growth are also positively aspected to help you set up your nest egg.
July 26-27. (Sun-12/North Node-2) There is a positive energy where your inner desires reflect your desires for material security. You will be able to reach into your inner resources and subconscious to find the skills necessary to achieve this balance. You will be open to new ideas, things, people.
July 27-31. Interaction between your current goal and mission,  your creative pursuits, your unconscious desires, and your logical thinking processes and self-expression.This week’s influences bring some hard angles and conflicting emotions. Sometimes spending a little on your creativity brings you back exactly what you need so view it as an investment toward your security even if at the moment it seems like you’re digging deep into your pockets for this.

With this influence, staying away from gambling and any other speculative ventures may be wise as it may detract from your focus on creating material stability in your life.

Your dream life may be rich and rewarding but Saturn likes things that are tangible and real, so you may fighting within yourself for what you wish and what is realistic at the moment.

Venus in retrograde still will reenter your 12th house where for the next few months, you may suddenly question or re-evaluate what it is that you truly want. It will seem illusive to you but will allow you to re-evaluate and explore your deepest desires.

The Moon sends positive reflective vibrations to Jupiter and you should sense a moment of gratitude for all the good things in your life.
July 29. (Moon-5/North Node-2) A project may end up costing a little more money than you thought and this may cause a hard angle to your plans toward material security.
July 30-31. (Jupiter-12/Saturn-12) The month may end on a bit of a hard angle between your unconscious desires, inner creativity and dreams, and Saturn’s disciplinarian stronghold on your logical thought process.This influence is one that can be relieved by being active and releasing your inner stress.

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