July 2015 Horoscope – Taurus


For Taurus, your focus will be on your relatives, your community and neighbourhood, your siblings if you have them, on your immediate space, your conscious decisions and on matters that are directly in front of you. It’s how you listen to others and how you express yourself. You will probably hear from relatives or siblings, and be communicating more than normal with those in your immediate space. You may have friends coming to visit you, though these friends will not live too far away. Or, you could be the one making a lot of short trips to visit relatives or friends. Your home and your parents are also highlighted. You’ll find that there is a very good energy and harmony between you and the people in your home, wherever you live, whether you’ve become part of a new family (your own), where you have become part of a new home or you still live in your childhood home. There is a lot of activity happening within your ‘home. You may find that your space has become larger, that may be because someone may have left that environment, you may have found a new space that is now your own home, or if you’re a traveller then the world is your oyster, and you’ll find that you have more space around you. You will receive a gift within this ‘space’ that will please you immensely. You have your family’s support.From the 19th to the 24th, you’ll be thinking about some creative projects, or may even find true love or romance where or when you least expect it.There is plenty of energy and force in the activities around your immediate space and environment. You may find that there are a lot of things happening in your neighbourhood. You may actively become involved with events that include your community, such as volunteering. You will also find that you are actively making conscious decisions and may even be quite vocal about these decisions. Your mental faculties will be sharp and you’ll be pushing forth a lot of your ideas to make changes within your community. You can’t be all things to all people so take care that you don’t over-extend yourself.

Your thoughts and mind will also be on your income and material security for the first week or so. You’ll be thinking of what you can do to raise your income or whether you can fit everything in that you want with your current income. After the first week, you’ll notice that you’re running around doing a lot of errands taking care of loose ends. There will be a lot of communication, back and forth, within your community and within your family dynamic. Something about a journey or distance may come up in the conversation and could cause you some tension. And, later in the month, you may want to step back a little from all the activity and finding some ‘me’ time. The conversation will then be brought back to your home and parents. Early on in the month, you may hear some good news from a parent.

Venus and Uranus are retrograding this month, joining Saturn and Pluto in reverse motion. Retrograde periods sound scary but only because Mercury retrogrades affect us so strongly. As with all retrogrades, they ask us to rewind, review, and reassess the area in which they are slowing down and the matters concerned. It’s almost as though you will be able to experience those areas in your life in slow motion. If all is good, it will feel really good, if it’s not pleasant to you, it will feel a little uncomfortable.

Venus will retrograde in your 5th house of inner creativity, creative pursuits, finding your inner child, personal projects, and children or persons younger than you. Venus is digging in her heels and you may either be actively pursued, receive love messages or spend lots of romantic evenings. You may find the spark of love with someone you work closely with. You’ll be thinking about and trying new things to find what truly inspires you, whether creatively or romantically. You’ll be delving into what truly inspires you rather than simply entertaining you.

On the heels of the Venus retrograde, Uranus will also be slowing down and turning retrograde in your 12th house of repressed memories, your past, your creative source, and your unconscious desires. This is sort of a double whammy for you with this influence in your house of the unconscious and of regeneration. This influence will have you delving even deeper into your past t find how you can renew some of those ideas you had in a new and innovative way. This idea may be connected to something that will benefit humanity or your community. It will bring out the urge for freedom and change even more powerfully than you’ve gotten used to lately.

This month is about learning through interaction within your immediate environment, or from your siblings and relatives. You’ll be receiving from your community (can be the one you live in, or an internet community you belong to), whether it’s in the form of communication (emails or calls, notes, information). Your contribution will be to your community through self-expression and conscious thinking, as well as contributions, such as care packages, help or advice, to your siblings or relatives.

July 1-5. Interaction between your home and family dynamic, your immediate environment and communicating, relatives, your current mission, your material security and success.The first week of July starts on Wednesday on such a good note. When Jupiter is around, there is usually an expansion, and in the case of a home, it could be that you’re moving to a larger space, or because of people vacating a space you find that you have more for you.There is a full moon in Capricorn in your 9th house. You may feel as though your core beliefs and your outlook on life are tested now. You may be very public about your reactions to these examincations and may be vocal about your outlook. After a couple of weeks of dealing with different situations with reason and logic, it will feel as though you’ve been sure footed when suddenly everything will feel a little less so and you may feel as though you’ve lost your footing. Your adventurous side will come out now wanting some attention. With Capricorn in this house, you are naturally very cautious and aware of your own limitations when you get ‘out there.’

You will experience an awakening and this is a positive vibration that whatever is revealed will help you in some way. This is not a day to make any decisions, but rather to discuss and think about what you have discovered.

You may find that your friends are jealous of all the good things that are happening in your life with regard to your stability, abundance, and general good luck, you will have to let them deal with it. It is only transitory so this influence will not last. If you’re sharing your space with others and a new person enters the space, the other roommates may react unfavourably. You will feel caught in the middle because you do not feel the same. 

You may hear from siblings, or from someone in your immediate environment, and something they say may throw you off balance to reconsider your new outlook on life or realize just how much your core beliefs have changed. 

July 1. (Venus-4/Jupiter-4) Good news, gifts, harmony and love can be found in your home at the beginning of this week. Your home seems to be expanding or will be in the course of its sojourn in this part of your chart.

July 1. (Mars-3/North Node-6) You will have a busy day with errands to run, people to visit, calls to make, and emails to write, and this may cause some irritation because you’d rather be spending it on learning and getting to the regular routine of your day. If you’re able to get all of the things needed early in the day, you may be able to catch up with your work as well.
July 3. (Mercury-2/Uranus-12) Some information or unexpected news that has been hidden or repressed may surface and this will affect your personal values and how you feel about your possessions.
July 4. (Mercury-2/Jupiter-4) The news that you hear may be connected to your home. Your parents may have some news or information that will open up a whole new way of thinking on your part. You are able to take this all in objectively. Someone older or wiser may give you some advice about money.
July 5-6. (Moon-11/Jupiter-4) You are intuitive and imaginative during this time. Though with this influence and with the Moon reaching out to Jupiter in opposition, you may see some of your friends reacting emotionally to news that you may have for them concerning your home or your family dynamic.
(Mercury-2/Venus-4) You may receive a gift from your family that makes you feel appreciated and fills your pocket book. Conversely, you may be the one offering the gift to someone in your family, and it will be greatly appreciated for its beauty and your generosity. Things have been so well this past year within your home and you want to give back.
July 6-12. Interaction with your community, your relatives, your core beliefs and outlook, your current mission, and your material security.This week you may question whether you truly enjoy this new path you’re on, but these are where your lessons lie and where you will receive your greatest rewards and opportunities. The North Node in the 6th house asks that you serve others and to be aware of your personal integration in to the world of ‘others.’ Your way of doing this may be through helping them with health issues, their diets and physical activity. You will most likely have noticed that you also have been focused on these matters in your life and have changed your habits drastically since the North Node has been in this sector.

You will be open to new ideas and learning and it will be obvious today. You will also notice a rise in communication such as emails and calls with messages from friends or family.

An idea. news, or information you receive may detract from your current mission or soul path and cause some inner tension because it will touch upon what you need to learn as opposed to what you already know.

July 6-7. (Sun-3/Pluto-9) There has been a transformation taking place in your core beliefs and outlook on life and this will affect you on this day because your attention will be divided between what’s in front of you and in your immediate environment and your expanding boundaries and knowledge.
July 8. (Moon-12/North Node-6) You will react subconsciously to the overwhelming activity taking place in your 6th house of work, colleagues and clients as opposed to your current mission of focusing on your daily routine, physical health and work environment.
July 10. (Moon-1/Mercury-3) You will be happy to participate with others in your immediate environment today. Your heart is on your sleeve and those around you will feel your good feelings toward them.
July 11. (Mercury-3/North Node-6) You will be busy exchanging information and communicating with others today and this may create a bit of tension as it might interfere with your routine. You may lack a bit of discipline today preferring to be connecting with others rather than being stuck at work.
July 13-19. Interaction between short trips, your unconscious desires, partnerships, your higher learning, core beliefs, your home, and journeys.This week there will be a few challenges but these will balance out with the good ones. You may prefer to hide in your own space and focus on your inner self.  You’ve been out and about so much lately that your need to focus on your inner mind and peace surfaces today. Get some exercise and do some meditation to release this tension.Saturn is in retrograde motion in your house of partnerships and this will be a time for reviewing and re-evaluating what you want out of your relationships and partnerships, and how you structure and set limitations within your relationships, as well as your responsibilities to those close to you.

You may hear from siblings or extended family and may feel caught in the middle of putting your energy toward them and your need to extend your boundaries. You will feel a power struggle between these two opposing houses: the logical mind and conscious decisions versus your core beliefs and (higher) knowledge.

You will also see plans moving very quickly and you will be in forward movement to get them going. There may be an element of surprise but it is a harmonious influence and your intuition is bang on. Listen to your inner voice and all should go well.

July 13-14. (Sun-3/Uranus-12) You are focused on what’s in front of you, your immediate surroundings, and busy with errands, short trips, communicating with others through email or phone calls, and your subconscious or unconscious dreams may take precedence today and you will not really feel like doing all that.

July 13-17. (Venus-4/Saturn-7) Someone close to you, possibly a feminine influence, will be the cause of some distress today. You may feel restricted by your responsibilities to your close relationships or partnerships.
July 15-17. ((Mars-3/Pluto-9) For the next two days, you will feel opposition between what’s in your immediate environment and what is at a distance.
July 16. (Sun-3/Moon-3) This is a positive influence and vibrations are high, however it is personal and emotional. You and your emotions, and your way of expressing them will ring true to how you feel today.
(Mercury-3/Mars-3) Mercury, planet of communication and logical thinking has entered the part of your chart that rules logical thinking and conscious decision-making and in conjunction to Mars will bring energy to your ideas and thoughts.
(Mercury-3/Pluto-9) You will again feel the opposition between the house of communication and conscious thinking contradicting your core beliefs and experience. Pluto is the dominant planet and as it is power packed you will feel the power struggle while it tries to gain the upper hand. You may be confused between what you think is logical and what your core beliefs are telling you. Look to your friends and family to help you if you feel stuck regarding making a decision about a specific matter.
July 19. (Moon-5/Venus-5) Venus journeys to your 5th house and joins the Moon in your house of creativity, your inner child, projects, and your own children if you have any. This is a lovely aspect where harmony, love, intuition, imagination and sensitivity will influence your creativity.
(Mercury-3/Uranus-12) At the same time, news, information or ideas involving your immediate environment will send a hard missive to your unconscious or repressed desires. You have been trying to break free and follow those dreams that were once repressed and that have resided deep within you for a long time. Try to get out of your own way and ways of thinking. Look to your core beliefs or your expanding boundaries and incorporate these repressed desires into your daily routine to alleviate the inner tension this is causing you.
July 20-26. Interconnectivity between your community, commnication, short trips, partners, relationships, material security, and your current mission.This week is a little less challenging and begins where your attentiveness, discipline, structure and responsibility toward your fellow partner(s) feels very natural to you during the next few days. You may hear good news or a plan concerning someone in your family or your community.

Taking a moment for yourself this week by meditating or pampering yourself may help overcome this overwhelming stimulation of activity.

You may come up with some good ideas on how to promote your service to your colleagues and your customers and you will see some real rewards and opportunities open up to you if you follow this path. You are focused and disciplined.

Venus turns retrograde in your 5th house of creative pursuits and it will bring a period where your creativity will be more inwardly focused. You may find that you are working on your own or in your own mind.

You will also realize that you have chosen the kind of work that suits you for now. With the Moon in Sagittarius, you will feel emotionally free as a result of this day’s influences and vibrations.

Uranus turns retrograde in your 12th house and you will delve deeper and review that which you wish to pursue that you left repressed or hidden, even from yourself. You will have quite a few a-ha moments under this influence that will last until December 25.

July 21-22. (Sun-3/Saturn-7) Your focus on your immediate environment and those around you will work well with Saturn’s return to your 7th house.
July 23-24. (Sun-3/Mercury-3) Focus on your immediate surrounding, siblings, and extended family will combine well with any communication you may hear from that environment.
July 23. (Mercury-3/Saturn-7) Good news will come from a partner or someone close to you. The vibrations of the day including luck, discipline and intuition are high and will work in your favour.
July 24-26. (Mars-3/Uranus-12) Spending too much energy on short trips, daily to do list, running of errands, writing emails and making phone calls will cause you some inner tension as you would much rather be spending the day under cover and focusing on your inner mind and balance.
July 25. (Mercury-3/North Node-6) Talking about your ideas with those in your immediate environment will be conducive to your current mission of connecting with others and being of service to them.
July 26-27. (Sun-4/North Node-6) You will be focusing on your home and your family and you will have their support in the type of work you have chosen to do.You will be open to new ideas, things, and people.
July 27-31. Interconnectivity with journeys, people at a distance, your core beliefs, your current mission, your home or family dynamic, and your partners or close alliances.This last week you realize that the work you are involved in may not be your career vocation but it may just lead you to where you need to go, and your current soul path is to be of service to others, to be in the best physical health, and to learn new things while working with others. So you’re probably on the right path toward finding your true vocation.You may feel a little alone if your close relationships and friends feel a little insecure due to your expanding world that is becoming your home. They may feel left out and you should extend words of confidence to make sure they don’t feel as though you are leaving them behind.

Saturn, in the meantime, has retrograded back to your 7th house of relationships, bringing those relationships under the microscope and most specifically your responsibilities to those close to you. Saturn is back in this part of your chart to remind you and to make sure you understand your responsibilities within your relationships and partnerships.

You end the month with a full moon in your 10th house coming full circle and where you will now be called to the front and centre and where career matters will be in the limelight. Everyone will notice you now so take care in your presentation and show off your competences. You may get a job opportunity or assistance with regard to career, home or property matters, especially if you’re buying or selling. You will have to take charge and rely on your responsible nature.

July 28. The Moon sends positive reflective vibrations to Jupiter and you should sense a moment of gratitude for all the good things in your life.
July 29. (Moon-9/North Node-6) Your work and the kind of work you are drawn to is important to you, but today you may feel like it is a challenge and you would rather escape to a beach somewhere to get away from it all. This is a source of inner tension that may come from fear or stress about whether you have made the right decision.
July 30-31. (Jupiter-4/Saturn-7)  Your home base and life is expanding continuously. Your home base has expanded and could involve travel or being in a bigger space. This influence is one that can be relieved by being active and releasing your inner stress. There is a full moon in Aquarius where you will see a cycle ending and another beginning in your career sector.

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