July 2015 Horoscope – Scorpio


For Scorpio, the month of July is about your core beliefs and the world beyond your immediate scope. It’s about journeys whether you’re travelling or sitting in your chair surfing the net, or getting in touch with people who live far from you, or just simply reaching out to the world, through forums, online conventions, or through blogging. It’s about how you spread the word, disseminate information, and publishing. This may include publishing a book, a blog, a video blog, journaling and articles. It’s also about knowledge and wisdom and experiences gathered while connecting with the outside world. This is the higher state of learning, your philosophy, your outlook on life, your beliefs and belief systems. Your immediate space is changing and evolving and this month you get to test the waters by reaching out that what lies outside of this sphere. You’re going through a thorough overhaul of discipline and structure within your self and how you want to present yourself. This will be connected to how you connect to those in your immediate core, and this month will also affect the message you get out to the world.

Your attention will also be on your career and ambitions. Higher ups will notice you and you should be experiencing a lot of abundance in this sector with Jupiter. You’ve been busy setting up your foothold in your career or job and next month, when Jupiter journeys to your 11th house, you’ll be busy schmoozing with others and you’ll find that working together with them will bring you plenty of opportunities and rewards.

Venus and Uranus are retrograding this month, joining Saturn and Pluto in reverse motion. Retrograde periods sound scary but only because Mercury retrogrades affect us so strongly. As with all retrogrades, they ask us to rewind, review, and reassess the area in which they are slowing down and the matters concerned. It’s almost as though you will be able to experience those areas in your life in slow motion. If all is good, it will feel really good, if it’s not pleasant to you, it will feel quite uncomfortable.

Before you get to all that schmoozin’ and dealin’ with your friends and group associations, you’ll probably be doing some reviewing of the people whom you surround yourself with. Do you have the right kind of people around you who support you and whom are a positive influence? What kind of people do you want to attract into your world? What groups would you like to associate with? Are you furthering any good causes? Until September, these are the kinds of questions that will cross your mind. And, with your current mission on the things you can do for others selflessly, you want to make sure that you’re spending your energy in the right places.

Uranus is retrograding in your 6th house of work, routine and physical health. You’ve been dealing with inconsistent work routines since about 2011 if you’ve been in the work force since then. Your physical health has made leaps and bounds while you have disrupted your normal activities in lieu of focusing on your physical health. You are seeking for independence in your work or wanting to be recognized for a unique purpose.  Keep yourself open to whatever comes along and not be too rigid lest something comes up out of the blue to throw a wrench in your spoke, or for something that might change the course of your normal activities. Find ways to be fluid and flexible with your routine, whether work or health and you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.

This month is about learning and knowledge found through the outer world beyond your immediate boundaries and your beliefs. It’s about receiving from from foreign cultures, faith, and guidance. And, you’ll be contributing and paying service to the world and humanity through your knowledge. This is more apparent now with the advent of the internet with so many more ways to contribute and reach out to the world.

July 1-5. Interaction between your career and ambitions, your current mission, core beliefs, journeys and your outlook on life, your daily routine and physical health.This week you may land yourself a wonderful new assignment, job offer, or rise in position. You will also see something in your immediate environment that will culminate, if you were involved in something to do with a sibling or a cousin, whatever was going on will end and a new cycle will begin. If you’re a writer, a writing project may be completed at this time.A full moon takes place in your 3rd house of communication, short trips, siblings and extended family. The full moon will have you catching up with errands, emails that need to be written, calls that need to be made, so that you can free up your time again for the more fun things in your life.The North Node in the 12th asks that you reflect on your inner self, that you balance your mental and physical health, be kind to yourself, and listen to your own inner voice. You may be looking too far outside yourself to find your inner creative source when it is already right there inside of you!

Increase in responsibilities in your career may be encroaching in on your home life and this might feel a little overwhelming. As well, there may also be a coming together of minds to help you achieve your ambitions in the form of a contract or a commitment.

July 1. (Venus-10/Jupiter-10) You begin the week with a whopper of excitement, abundance, luck and possibly a raise or praise in your house of career. Authority figures will notice your great work and you will hear about it.

July 1. (Mars-9/North Node-12) You are forging ahead and pushing to expand your horizons and your experiences. This may come from travel or from interacting with others from a different culture. This aspect is at a hard angle to your current soul path and journey to delving into your own inner creative source in order to transform yourself. 
July 3. (Mercury-8/Uranus-6) Ideas for partnerships, joint resources and ventures will be shared with whom you are working with closely in your daily work environment. An idea will surface to help you with keeping a routine that works for you. A partner may be helpful with this.
July 4. (Mercury-8/Jupiter-10) An idea that has surfaced could pay off in connection to your career or your ambitions. 
July 5-6. (Moon-5/Jupiter-10) An opposition where the two areas are fighting for attention: your home and your public life.
(Mercury-8/Venus-10) However, ideas and plans and an influx of money or praise or a rise in status will make you feel very good.
July 6-12. Interaction between your immediate space, communication and logical thinking processes, journeys and core beliefs, your current mission, and joint resources.This week will begin with you reaching out to the world ‘out there’ but try to look at what is directly in front of you and learn from there. Take the time to listen carefully to your inner voice. The Moon in your 6th house may be pushing you to do things that you think you need to be doing, whereas you ought to be stopping yourself, taking a step back and taking a deep breath, looking inside and checking in with yourself before moving forward.
You will be open to new ideas and plans that will lead to experiencing a better quality of life within your partnership.
July 6-7. (Sun-9/Pluto-3) You have been in the process of transforming your immediate environment, the way you communicate, your conscious decision making and thought processes but your focus this month in the 9th house of reaching out to foreign shores or outside of your immediate realm will cause some detraction to this process.
July 8. (Moon-6/North Node-12) There may be too much activity taking place in your day-to-day life that is taking away time for you to concentrate on your inner self, dreams and desires. You may have difficulty separating what you think you should be doing from what your inner voice is telling you. 
July 10. (Moon-7/Mercury-9) Emotional satisfaction in your relationship or partnership will make you feel good and you will enjoy the experience of this beneficial influence.
July 11. (Mercury-9/North Node-12) Again, you should pay heed to your inner voice as your mind goes a little awry reaching out to boundaries that are beyond your immediate grasp. The challenge with this influence is that your ideas are within yourself already and you don’t need to search or ‘go away’ to find your inner creative source.
July 12. A good day for agreements of any kind.
July 13-19. Interaction between foreign shores, journeys, core beliefs, your daily routine and physical health, your image and Self, friendships and groups, your conscious decisions and immediate environment. On a practical level, you may be overwhelmed with changes taking place in your day-to-day life (unpredictable events) and may be changing your mind as to what you want to be learning in order to broaden your experiences. Take care of the unpredictable schedule that has been your day-to-day experience of late and you will be able to handle anything, even the feelings of wanting to expand your boundaries.

You will get a bit of a break from the restrictions placed by Saturn in your 2nd house of income with a review of your Self and your needs to make sure that you took care of all those matters that pertained to your image and your Self. Are you projecting the image that which you decided you wanted, that made the most sense to you, or are you still grappling with what that image is? Are your needs being met?

Saturn will help you hone in on it if there are still some grey areas for you. You need to look within yourself to release the tension of this influence. If you look toward your home and family and your partnerships, you may be able to offset this tension within yourself.Your ambitions may be tested because you are placing too many restrictions on what you value and on yourself. You may have to deal with power struggles where the people around you try to override your dreams. Don’t let them detract from the path you’re on if what they want does not resonating with you. Remember that it is your path and life and those are your dreams.

Toward the end of the week, your friends will be there to support you and you will feel emotional about this. You will experience togetherness, love, support and harmony when getting together with your friends.

It may be a challenge to focus on your list of things to do, even with simple things like housework, exercise, laundry etc. when you’re so busy following your dreams. Make sure to balance your passion of making your dreams a reality with the practical side of life.

July 13-14. (Sun-9/Uranus-6) You may feel restricted by the changes in your daily routine and work environment when all you want to be doing is going away or planning a vacation.

July 13-17. (Venus-10/Saturn-1) Saturn has returned to your 1st house to re-evaluate the changes and the new and improved self that you were working on during the last 2-3 years before Saturn left to enter your 2nd house of material security. Venus in your career sector brings accolades, a rise in status or money, and attention on you from authority figures but this may be distracting you from what it is you truly want for your Self.
July 15-17. ((Mars-9/Pluto-3) Mars is pushing you to reach beyond your boundaries and are strongly motivated to search for truth and to form your (new) philosophy and outlook. Be careful not to be too fanatic and projecting your beliefs on others, especially those in your immediate environment. They may be supportive of you but not necessarily ready to embrace your philosophy as theirs. 
July 16. (Sun-9/Moon-9) Your inner and outer focus and emotions are on the same page today and this creates a balance against the challenge regarding your image and your career. 
(Mercury-9/Mars-9) Your plans and ideas are at par with your motivation to search for that ‘truth’ that is forming your new philosophy and outlook on life. You may be communicating with others of like minds and this will confirm that you’re on the right path for yourself.
(Mercury-9/Pluto-9) You will have more luck communicating with those based afar than the people who are in your immediate environment. Your siblings and other family members may be having a difficult time adjusting to your new philosophy and outlook so try to be patient with them. 
July 17. A good day for agreements of any kind. 
July 19. (Moon-11/Venus-11) Venus has finally moved on to enter the sphere of your social life, personal ambitions, and groups. If you are involved in any social activity you will find that plans are working out exactly as you imagined.
(Mercury-9/Uranus-6) Be aware that your ideas and plans that are connected to your dreams and of broadening your mind may affect your work environment or your daily routine.
July 20-26. Interaction between your core beliefs, journeys, Self and needs, your daily routine, and your current mission.This week your discipline, new approach, structures, and new image will work in your favour and you may even be approached by someone in authority who may help you in the direction of your career and ambitions. This influence requires no effort on your part as it comes naturally to you. The Sun enters your career sector and ambitions just as Venus has taken her leave the previous week. Venus’ touch upon this sector has left you glowing in the eyes of the higher ups while you pick up the reins at the end of this month and into the month of August.Your current mission is to your 12th house of inner mental work, listening to your inner voice and unconscious desires will bring you rewards and opportunities while you remain on this path.

Venus and Uranus both turn retrograde this week marking the beginning of a period of review in your area of friendships and future potential, as well as your daily routine and work environment. You may be rethinking the kind of work that you would enjoy doing. 

July 21-22. (Sun-9/Saturn-1) The week begins with your focus and the Sun’s rays spotlighting your 9th house of core beliefs and outlook on life. Your outlook on life may affect your career, job or ambition in a positive way but be careful not to restrict yourself too much.
July 23-24. (Sun-cusp-9-10/Mercury-9) Your plans and ideas are at par with the focus on your broadening experiences. You will be able to communicate your plans with precision and balance as the Sun progresses into your house of career and ambitions.
July 23. (Mercury-9/Saturn-1) Your disciplined and structured attitude and projection will be conducive to your plans and your expression, especially the way you disseminate the knowledge you have to the world. 
July 24-26. (Mars-9/Uranus-6) Your push toward your dreams and expanding boundaries of knowledge may be marred by the unpredictable quality of your day-to-day experiences. You may have to put that aside while you deal with the reality of taking care of ordinary tasks of day-to-day life.
July 25. (Mercury-9/North Node-12) Your growing knowledge and your dissemination of it to the world through venues such as your writing, your blog, or through connections with others at large fits like a glove when it comes to your inner and unconscious desires to help others.
July 26-27. (Sun-?/North Node-?) You will be open to new ideas, things, people.
July 27-31. Interaction with your community, siblings or relatives, your current mission, your career and ambitions, and your Self.Someone in our immediate space — a sibling, cousin or grandparent — may be the source of oppression and the reason why some of your unconscious dreams or desires have been repressed. You will react to this perceived source of restriction and limitation. Keep to your own and don’t let anyone put roadblocks to your own inner happiness, dreams and desires.You may be getting more responsibility connected to your current job and this may be detracting you from your life’s aspirations that go beyond your current occupation or job. Look to your own resourcefulness and creativity to relieve the tensions created by the responsibilities in your career as opposed to the responsibilities of following your path and needs.

A good day for any kind of agreement – Take care to review relationship first.

The Moon sends positive reflective vibrations to Jupiter and you should sense a moment of gratitude for all the good things in your life. 
July 29. (Moon-3/North Node-12) There may be someone challenging you in your immediate environment — a sibling, a cousin or even a grandparent. 
July 30-31. (Jupiter-10/Saturn-1) There may also be some kind of challenge coming from your career sector and in connection to your own feelings of limitations and restrictions. This influence is one that can be relieved by being active and releasing your inner stress.

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