July 2015 Horoscope – Sagittarius


For Sagittarius, the month of July will be focused on renewal, beginnings and endings, commitment or separation, joint resources, and deep interaction with others. There will be a lot of activity this month connected either to joining forces with another or separating from them. You may be in the process of dividing property or moving in together with someone. Venus is in the 9th house of core beliefs, travel, wisdom, and knowledge. You will find your answers from looking beyond your immediate space. You may meet someone from another culture or away from the regular places you frequent, and they will open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing things. Your beliefs may change as a result of recent events and love, harmony and togetherness will come from looking beyond what’s directly in front of you.

Your core beliefs may expand and change.You will be energetic and find the strength to deal with any changes that might be taking place in your life. You may be charging ahead with a plan and be quite vocal about how you feel about the things that you are experiencing. Mars is one of the rulers of this house so the energy will be congruent with the matters of this house. Pluto is the other ruler of the 8th house and positioned in your 2nd house will give you the power to state what is yours and what is ‘theirs.’  Whatever you’ve got going, you have the power in your hand.

There will be a lot of conversation with close friends or partners during this month. The conversation and mood will be amicable and will help you concerning any emotional matters. You may be discussing with a partner or close relationship about some unconventional topics and will be quite surprised by what you hear and learn.

Venus and Uranus are retrograding this month, joining Saturn and Pluto in reverse motion. Retrograde periods sound scary but only because Mercury retrogrades affect us so strongly. As with all retrogrades, they ask us to rewind, review, and reassess the area in which they are slowing down and the matters concerned. It’s almost as though you will be able to experience those areas in your life in slow motion. If all is good, it will feel really good, if it’s not pleasant to you, it will feel quite uncomfortable.

With Venus retrograding, you’ll be reviewing and thinking about your career and whether you are still enjoying what you’re doing. But, by all means, do not quit your current employment, but rather take the time to reconnect with old or past connections, and send out your resume. You may find that you’re perfectly happy with the work you’re doing or you’ll reconnect with an old employer or colleague.

On the heels of Venus, Uranus goes retrograde in your 5th house of creative pursuits, your resourcefulness, and children. You have been suffering from some blindsiding events in your love life since Uranus moved into this house in 2011. When Uranus goes retrograde, the power behind the influence is even stronger. You will feel your romantic life being shaken up, as well as anything that involves your creative projects, such as seeing a project that ends up taking a completely different path than the one it’s on. If you have children you may have to deal with some unique events or sudden changes.

The month of July is about receiving, about your desires, and learning to rely on your intuition. You’ll be thinking about the kind of security you wan to receive through partnership, intimacy, the support you need from partners, and through unity with others. It may involve what you receive from a family heritage or public monies (such as insurance, loans, etc.)

July 1-5. Interaction between joint resources, your current goal or path, relationships or partnerships, your inner child, resourcefulness or creative pursuits, and journeys.This week, You may be thinking of moving or traveling, and if so, you will find what you need and more. You may find that a source of income comes to an end, but another door opens. Your current goal is to learn to interact with the group and to join with friends or group associations that will be beneficial to your personal growth. Don’t shy away from joining support groups.
You may meet someone who is a little eccentric or unique but may find that you become very close quite quickly. Be careful as Uranus denotes extremes and in this case, it may be that your heartfelt desires are not as balanced as they should be. Uranus in the 5th usually comes up in a nature that is unpredictable and capricious.
You may form a partnership with someone older, or your outlook on life may bring about changes to your current partnership. Conversely, you may be discussing with your partner the possibility of moving to another country or about going on a holiday.
A sibling may share some news and this will cause some division and anxiety. The 3rd house is the house of short trips versus long distance, and on a practical level, you may be concerned with wanting to stay close to home rather than going outside of your comfort zone.

July 1. (Venus-9/Jupiter-9) Venus, the planet of love and harmony will get together with Jupiter, the planet of giving, in the part of your chart that deals with matters that are at a distance. You will receive a priceless gift from someone older, wiser, or who lives at a distance. 

July 1. (Mars-8/North Node-11) There will also be tension between commitments or the way you interact closely with others and the lessons regarding matters that are pulling you to your future (aka your soul path or current mission.)
July 3. (Mercury-7/Uranus-5) Your partner, spouse or someone close to you will have an idea that may be like an unexpected bit of information that supports your inner creativity. You are open to new ideas and this surprising news or information will help you tremendously.
July 4. (Mercury-7/Jupiter-9) You may hear from or get advice from someone who is based far away from you or who is from a different culture than yours. If you meet anyone new they will be from a foreign culture, and they may appeal to your mind. You are open to new ideas and those that are very different than the ones you have been founded with will appeal to you.
July 5-6. (Moon-3/Jupiter-9) There is a feminine influence and opposition arising from your house of communication, immediate environment, and siblings. The 9th house is the house of higher learning and faith.
(Mercury-7/Venus-9) Love may arise among conversation and discussions with someone from a different culture than yours. You are open to new ideas even those that are foreign to you as it will bring harmony to the way you view partnerships. You may try something very different to help your partnership reach a level of harmony.
July 6-12. Interaction between joint resources, intimacy, public monies, income, material security, self-worth, friendships, future potential, partnerships, relationships, home, your unconscious desires.This week brings a mix bag of challenges and obstables. The 8th house is the house of endings, so it is possible that this is occurring because of a separation. This will cause anxiety and insecurity but if you seek others to help you with this process, you will be able to achieve a balance and get what is rightfully yours.

You may be overwhelmed when surrounded by others and would prefer to deal with things on your own, not knowing whether your heartfelt desires are yours or someone else projecting theirs upon you. Look to what you value most in order to find the answer.

You may find a source of money, such as a loan to help you out. You are open to new learning and this idea will be beneficial to you. Any action taken will yield solid results.

July 6-7. (Sun-8/Pluto-2) There will be opposition between your house of commitment, interaction with others, and joint resources which will affect your personal ambitions for material security. You may have trouble separating what is yours and what is theirs, or may have to deal with dividing material possessions.
July 8. (Moon-5/North Node-11) There is tension between your heartfelt desires and your soul path which is to join together with your friends or groups.
July 10. (Moon-6/Mercury-8) Your spouse or a close friend may help you when it comes to you daily routine, work, or matters concerning your health. They may come up with an idea that really helps you keep up with your tasks of things to do today.
July 11. (Mercury-8/North Node-11) Your friends or a support group will help you to find the answers to your questions. The 8th house is also the house of analysis and digging deep will get you the answers you need.
July 12. A good day for agreements of any kind, 
July 13-19. Interaction between romantic interests, creative projects, joint resources, intimacy, your unconscious desires, income and material wealth. This week will begin with some inner conflict and the rest of the week will be challenging, however there will be a bit of respite between your areas of material security and joint resources.

You may suffer from a matter coming to an end because of unpredictable events or our own heartfelt desires not matching in vibration. Look to your friends or your own personal values to help you through this challenge.

If you have not taken care of matters in the area of your unconscious desires and dreams, these matters will resurface so that you take care to finally dot your i’s and cross your t’s this time around. Saturn is the planet of lessons to help you place structure and discipline in your life. If you had any issues with negative patterns, bad habits, or addictions, this influence will place an emphasis on realigning yourself before it moves forward again and back into your 1st house. With Venus in your 9th house, you may be having trouble with what you think you deserve as far as love is concerned.

You may feel overwhelmed by the energy this week that may cause some tension within you, especially if you have to deal with separating what is yours from what is ‘theirs.’ There is a higher vibration of harmony during this time, however, and if you get help from friends or family, you should be able to balance this energy within yourself.

You may be hanging on to the memories tightly as Cancer is wont to do, but you will be in a better place as your emotions are in tuned and in synch with the energies of the 8th house. You are able to deal with the powers that others have over you and as a result will see concrete results from matters related to joint resources, whether joining or separating from them.

Toward the end go the week, if you are actively pursuing getting a loan, you will be quite assertive and may just get what you need from the bank, because of your enthusiasm. There is also positive energy in your world and an opportunity will arise in your career that will cause you to feel very good about where things are going.

July 13-14. (Sun-8/Uranus-5) The unpredictable influence from your house of inner resources may affect your focus on joint matters.

July 13-17. (Venus-9/Saturn-12) Saturn has been in retrograde since March, but since last month, it retrograded back into your 12th house of your inner mind, self-undoing or sacrifice, your subconscious, and repressed dreams.
July 15-17. ((Mars-8/Pluto-2) There is an emphasis and active energy concerning the opposition between your personal possessions and joint resources.
July 16. (Sun-8/Moon-8) This is the influence of yin and yang energies in your house of endings and transformations. You will realize that the changes taking place are for your benefit in the long run.
(Mercury-8/Mars-8) Discussion concerning joint matters may be heated and there may some aggression or assertiveness coming from partners over them, but you will have the power this time, and will be able to stand your ground over what is rightfully yours.
(Mercury-8/Pluto-2) Ideas regarding commitment, joint resources, or about an inheritance or concerning your intimacy or lack of it will cause some opposition or anxiety to your house of material security or in your attitude toward your partners.
July 17. A good day for agreements of any kind.
July 19. (Moon-10/Venus-10) There is excitement, and an intense merging of energies in your area of career and in your aspirations.
(Mercury-8/Uranus-5) You will have an awakening and a unique creative idea that may bring up some tension to your commitments or interaction with others because it may hand you the freedom from previous expectations or those set about by others. Look to yourself and what you really want to help you deal with this tension.
July 20-26. Your unconscious desires, joint resources, beginnings and endings, ideas and planning, romance or creative pursuits, children, and your current mission.This week brings better energy and influences with only one challenge that you may face.

The Sun is spending its last days in the house of endings and transformation, and Saturn has returned to the house of endings. You will accept the changes and the endings that are occurring in your life because you know that you will begin anew again. When one door closes, another opens and a new cycle begins.

You will get a clearer picture of where you’re going and this will be in synch with what you are imagining for yourself. Ideas and plans are in place for you to move forward. You may have been putting aside your own desires for someone else’s plans and now you’re going to focus on your own.

Keep a balanced perspective while making your choices. You will conversely have all the energy you need to put some of those creative ideas to work, and may even interact with others in order to pursue them more actively.

Your current mission is to your 11th house of friends and group associations and interaction with them will bring you rewards and opportunities. These associations will be good for your personal growth.

Venus turns retrograde in your house of aspirations and career until September 6. This summer will be spend with your redefining your status, the quality of your life outside the home, or your reputation. This will be the time to plant the seeds to achieve that which you value in this realm. You need to know what you want in order to achieve it. When a planet is retrograde, the energies are usually turned inwardly and so this analysis and redefining of your nature will most likely take place in the undercurrent of your life and mind.

Uranus turns retrograde in your 5th house until December 25 and this will turn its energy inwardly. You will go through a period where you will delve into your desires and whether you are being true to yourself, especially with regard to your inner creativity and resourcefulness. Are you expressing your true self? You will also delve more deeply into your interactions with children — are you spending the quality time you should be with them?

July 21-22. (Sun-8/Saturn-12) The influence and vibration today will be easy and flowing between what you are focused upon and the discipline within you.
July 23-24. (Sun-8/Mercury-8) You will have plenty of discussions and ideas for the next step in your transformation during the Sun’s last day in your house of commitments and endings.
July 23. (Mercury-8/Saturn-12) Some of those repressed desires that surface are a part of this transformation you are experiencing to change your life to be more in synch with them.
July 24-26. (Mars-8/Uranus-5) This energy is one where you may be pushing to invest more money into your unique and zany ideas but you may be going beyond that which you can control.
July 25. (Mercury-8/North Node-11) Ideas will abound and your mind will be incisive and able to delve deeply into any research or analysis you undertake. You will be able to share these findings with close friends or groups you belong to.
July 26-27. (Sun-9/North Node-11) Your friends will be a part of your finding new faith in your life, in expanding that which had detracted, and embracing a new outlook in your life. You will be open to new ideas, things, people or ways of doing things. Your 9th house is the area of faith, higher learning and freedom.
July 27-31. Your current mission, material security, income, travel, and your unconscious desires.The week begins with the Moon sends positive reflective vibrations to Jupiter and you should sense a moment of gratitude for all the good things in your life.

You may be concerned with the cost of joining activities with your social groups because it is higher than you are able to spend right now. Your emotional reaction or attitude toward those close to you may suffer a little today if you’re on edge or if your values do not match theirs.

Don’t be afraid to face the limitations that your subconscious pushes back with and try to to rid yourself of them in order to open up a brand new world or way of life. This influence is one that can be relieved by being active and releasing your inner stress.

There is a full moon in your house of communication, siblings and community. Something in this area of your life will culminate. A cycle will come to an end allowing for a new one to begin.

July 29. (Moon-2/North Node-11) You may have to dig deep into your pocket if you want to participate in activities with your friends or to join the groups you wish.
July 30-31. (Jupiter-9/Saturn-12) Your need for freedom or a new lease on life may be restricted by your unconscious triggers, the very thoughts that make you feel guilty for wanting those things.

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