July 2015 Horoscope – Pisces


For July, your focus will be on true love and romance, what you want from your romantic encounters, your special projects, projects that mean something to you, your inner creativity and resourcefulness, and children, that is people younger than you, or you may be thinking of having them, or if you already have them, you may be quite involved with them this month.Venus has gone ahead of you and is spending her time in your 6th house where you will find that she lights up your work environment with harmony and a positive work conditions. Your work projects will be fun to work on and you will get to use your creativity. You may receive kudos or gifts from your colleagues or clients. Venus will stay here until around the 19th when she will move on to shine her beautiful rays of delight in your house of partnerships, marriage, or close relationships. With the Sun in the 5th house of true love, your love life should light up, and this should make you very happy!

From the 19th to the 24th, you’ll have a week where you will feel on top of the world, in love, or in harmony with all those close to you. You may even hear or receive a proposal, whether its romantic or business, to join with another for life, or to work on a creative project if you don’t have anyone special in your life right now.

If you are single, this week will give lots of opportunities to meet a new romantic interest. So get out and go to the places or events that you enjoy and you will have more success in finding someone in that environment who shares similar enjoyment of these activities. Enjoy this week because Venus turns retrograde from the 25th until September and you will turn your attention again to your work or creative projects. So take advantage of that week if you can!

Mars will be in your 5th house along with the Sun and together they make a power-packed pair working together on creative projects or to find whatever brings you fun! Finding your inner child is not hard with Mars and there will be lots of activities centred upon activities (such as sports) that bring you much pleasure, with children or that bring back the child within you.

You’ll have Mercury in your home for the first week and you’ll probably find yourself in the process of planning something for your home and this may be tied to one of those creative projects you have going on. There will be lots of conversation and ideas dying around within the family dynamic, whether it’s your own family or your parents. It doesn’t matter what age you are, it seems your parents will have their ideas and opinions to share with you. You may also be looking back to your childhood when planning the renovation of your home or thinking about the atmosphere of your home. Do you want to recreate the atmosphere of your childhood home or the opposite? Mercury will then move on to the 5th house, joining the Sun and Mars, bringing a flurry of ideas to the mix.

Venus and Uranus are retrograding this month, joining Saturn and Pluto in reverse motion. Retrograde periods sound bad but only because Mercury retrogrades affect us so strongly. As with all retrogrades, they ask us to rewind, review, and reassess the area in which it is slowing down and regarding the matters concerned.

On the 25th, Venus will go retrograde in your 7th house of relationships where you will find that you will reassess your closest relationships. If you’re married or in a partnership and everything has been going smoothly, you will not feel this retrograde as deeply as some whose relationships are unsteady. The retrograde period will bring the weaknesses to the surface to be mended and dealt with. Retrogrades are also for the most part an internal or underlying process. Does your partner or spouse support your goals? Are you satisfied and happy with your relationships the way it is? If not, what can you do to change this? Are you receiving or giving enough to this relationship? These are the kinds of questions you may be asking yourself during this cycle. With this internal process going on, don’t forget to look to your Self, your needs and your own behaviour to the table while reviewing this area of your life.

Uranus, right behind Venus, turns retrograde the very next day until December 2015. Since 2011 you’ve had Uranus in your 2nd house of income and material security. It’s probably been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs filled with sometimes happy surprises and at other times, unexpected expenses. Uranus in retrograde will magnify this trend, and it is suggested that you always keep a buffer (in your savings account, for example) for those rainy days or unanticipated events, and especially so for the latter portion of this year.

For Pisces, this is a month focused on peace of mind found within your own creativity, art, music and children; receiving attention that increases your feelings of self-worth and gratification from the pleasure you gain from these activities, as well as from paying attention to your inner child; and contribution to yourself through your creativity, to your children with the attention you give them, and to your quality of life.

July 1-5.  Interconnectivity between work or day-to-day environment, daily routine, physical heatlh, romance, children, creative pursuits, your current lessons or goal, your home or family dynamic, self-worth and material security.   You begin the first week of July in a good place. Things seem to be working out for you in your work or day-to-day environment with Venus bringing harmony and good feelings amongst colleagues and clients. You may see your list of clients growing. You may even meet someone of interest through your work with Venus bring along her charms to this area of your life.

Mars and the Moon will bring the only challenges this week. First with Mars who will be pushing to go-go-go in your zone of pleasure and fun-seeking part of yourself, while pushing against your current lessons and goals in keeping balance in your public monies. Be careful not to live on too much credit to pursue fun activities. The Moon in Pisces later in the week will cause you to wear your heart on your sleeve and you may have an emotional outburst when overwhelmed with too much work caused by Jupiter expanding your work load. The rest of the week outside of those challenges brings openness to new ideas, harmony, productivity, and a great working environment, and practical ideas to raising your income level or material security.

July 1. (Venus-6/Jupiter-6) Love, harmony, and good will is yours on the work front and with colleagues. Your health is glowing as well, and with Jupiter in this area of your life, you will find that you are very busy in your day-to-day matters. You may find love in the work environment.

July 1. (Mars-5/North Node-8) You may be aggressively tapping into your inner resourcefulness to further something you are committed to or to a partner but instead it may be presenting itself as a challenge. Your partner may not be on board with the idea you have. Your soul path is to learn to work with others and to lean on them more through trust. This is the house of life cycles and you must learn to go with the flow.
July 3. (Mercury-4/Uranus-2) You are open to new ideas and you may be coming up with new ways to improve your home, but it may cost you a bit. Be aware of the budget as Uranus has been putting a spanner into your house of material security and your confidence.
Ideas springing from your roots and family may be affecting your confidence level. A parent may be discussing your rollercoaster income or financial security with you bringing you some new ideas on how to bring in more income.
July 4. (Mercury-4/Jupiter-6) A parent or your home could be the bearer of good news concerning your work, or your home could be the place where you work and you will see an influx of work coming in. This signals an openness to new ideas and ways of thinking.
July 5-6. (Moon-12/Jupiter-6) At the same time, this news that lights up your sector of work and the type of work you do may feel a little overwhelming the next couple of days and you may worry that you are no longer sure whether these ideas are yours or a projection of other people’s ideas.
(Mercury-4/Venus-6) You’ll be getting plenty of ideas from your colleagues or clients or about what they think of the work environment. Your work environment may be your home in this case, or your work environment may feel like a home setting, and your customers may feel like they are your family. You will receive much love and harmony from them.
July 6-12. Interconnectivity between romantic interest, true love, children, projects, friendship and group associations, home and family dynamic, and your current lessons or goal.You will experience challenges this week in the area of creative expression, a tug-of-war between your own creative expression and that of the ‘group.’ You may feel caught in the middle where you will want to express yourself more personally but your association or friends are pushing their ideas forward.There are sweeping changes taking place in your social life and with friends where it’s not apparent or noticeable, however by the end of Pluto’s cycle in this sector, you will find yourself surrounded by very different people. Your feelings about your current material security may not jive with the lessons to work together and join forces with others.

You may feel as though you have to do it all yourself. You must work on trusting your partner (or others you interact with very closely) because sometimes two heads are better than one. Conversely, you may be feeling very tied to your possessions and feel challenged when having to share them with someone else. You end the week with a ‘handshake day’, a good day to secure or sign a contract or begin a new agreement with someone else.

July 6-7. (Sun-5/Pluto-11) The Sun is illuminating the pleasure centre of your life, your inner child and creativity, projects and children. The next couple of days will feel challenging as there may be some power struggles from your social circle because you may be having trouble separating your ideas from theirs or, vice versa, your ideas may suddenly become their idea.
July 8. (Moon-2/North Node-8) You may be making quick decisions or having knee-jerk reactions to the lessons you need to learn focused on merging your resources with others, or accepting someone else’s values.
July 10. (Moon-3/Mercury-5) This is a good vibration and your feelings for your community will bring about some creative ideas on how to give back to it. You may have some ideas for your siblings or neighbours and they will be open to them. You may want to begin a project with them and they are open to this idea.
July 11. (Mercury-5/North Node-8) There may be a lot of communication and discussion from a romantic interest who would like to deepen your commitment to each other. This seems to be causing you some conflict, however this sort of aspect usually denotes that some action needs to be taken on your part to alleviate this inner tension you are feeling.
July 13-19.  Interconnectivity between your material security and peace of mind, faith or outlook on life, and friendships and associations.This week unfortunately seem to bring more challenges to the table. You’ll be dealing with trying to achieve peace of mind through your financial plans or stability. Something may come up to throw this off such as a necessary purchase, possibly linked to a child, or a creative project that you’d like to begin.Saturn is retrograde still but now in Scorpio back in your 9th house where you hosted it for 2-3 years until December 2014.

Those lessons are coming back to roost and Saturn is back to check whether you learned them or not. If you have not set in place structure or discipline to your set of beliefs or how you assimilate knowledge, you will be reminded of this with Saturn’s return to this house. You may re-encounter difficulties with foreign cultures. This is your chance to mend this before Saturn leaves again in September.If you’re an artist or musician, it could be that a group you’re affiliated with does not want to follow your creative guidance or path and you will come to the conclusion that you must break this relationship in order to follow what is truly yours to follow to find your own true inner self-expression.

If you do not separate yourself from them, you will need to reach out to them and find a middle road to gain the upper hand in this situation.You end the week on a good note with love and harmony in your relationships but with the possibly of having to spend more money than you’d like or plan more efficiently for something that you’d like to get off the ground.

July 13-14. (Sun-5/Uranus-2) With the Sun and Mars in your 5th house of creativity, you are full of ideas and are raring to begin putting them into place, however your fluctuating income may be causing you some concern. Look to your partnerships for help to follow the best course of action.

July 13-17. (Venus-6/Saturn-9) You may be revisiting an old issue or colleague (or an old flame) from a recent past with Venus in your work sector and Saturn revisiting your 9th house of travel and people from afar. You may also be reconsidering whether you still love what you are doing and whether it is still bringing you the knowledge that you need or broadening your horizons as you dreamed it would.
July 15-17. ((Mars-5/Pluto-11) Another challenge will present itself in the next couple of days while you want to push forward some of these creative ideas or projects of yours, and the challenge may come in the form of a power struggle from a friend or a group you belong to. This is a case where you may end a friendship or an association because of this opposition.
July 16. (Sun-5/Moon-5) This is a perfect merging of yin and yang energies. In your 5th house of creativity, you may just create your opus today! You will be able to express your emotions so clearly and distinctly that it will put its mark on your masterpiece.
(Mercury-5/Mars-5) Your idea factory is churning them out rapidly today, and you will have the energy and the assertiveness to get some of these ideas off the ground.
(Mercury-5/Pluto-11) You may nevertheless feel some opposition and challenges from your friends or group associations but don’t let that deter you from doing your own thing.
July 19. (Moon-7/Venus-7) Venus is now in your house of partnerships and close relationships, so anyone you merge with today will bring good results. You will hear some kind words and words of support from your partner, spouse or those close to you. It’s a day of love, harmony, and good will.
(Mercury-5/Uranus-2) You may hear some unexpected news or information regarding your finances in connection to your projects that might blindside you a little today. You must rely on your intuition to come up with a course of action that will take care of this challenge and alleviate your inner tension. You may have to spend more than you thought on something connected to your project.
July 20-26. Interaction between romance, projects, children, core beliefs, journeys, foreign cultures, outlook on life, material security, your self-worth, and your current lessons or goal.The last full week of July will focus on your self-expression and your core beliefs. with Saturn in retrograde motion in this area of your life, you are questioning whether your beliefs are working for you or against you. Most likely you will feel in synch with your beliefs at the beginning of this week, and may even be a little self-indulgent. Look to yourself and your inner child for your inspiration. Take care not to over-exert yourself to exhaustion.Ideas for your projects or how to help a child will flow freely and you’ll have abundance, perfect timing, intuition and imagination on your side. This week your personality and how others see you will be the driving force to achieving your creative dreams.

From the 24th to 26th, Mars will be pushing you to move forward on a project but in order to do so you may have to dip into your pocketbook and this will cause you some distress. If you’re not able to move forward, it may be an unexpected expense in another area of your life that may take precedence.Your current lesson of learning to trust and work closely with others receives some good advancement this week and you will consider sharing ideas and working on a project together with your partner or someone close to you.

This week is impacted by the influence of Venus and Uranus digging their hells in and turning to retrograde motion in your relationship and financial sector. You will begin a time of reviewing both those areas in order to upgrade the quality of your life. 

July 21-22. (Sun-5/Saturn-9) The Sun’s rays are upon your house of creativity and finding your inner child. It’s an easy day when it comes to accessing your natural talents and Saturn will see to it that you have a measure of discipline and structure to your day.
July 23-24. (Sun-5/Mercury-5) Ideas will come to the forefront and it will feel as though you’re doing exactly what you want and how you want it. You’ll be disciplined and will work around your limitations.
July 23. (Mercury-5/Saturn-9) Ideas will pass the Saturnian test and you will be able to move forward with them as long as you remain disciplined and focused.
July 24-26. (Mars-5/Uranus-2) You will still have to deal with your changeable and fluctuating income again in the next couple of days. Again, some unexpected expense may come at the cost of pushing forward some of your creative ideas and projects.
July 25. (Mercury-5/North Node-8) Your current mission is to your 8th house of commitment, interaction with others, joint resources and ventures, and focusing on this area of your life will bring you rewards and opportunities. You may just find an investor for your creative ideas!
July 26-27. (Sun-6/North Node-8) With the Sun moving into your sector of work, work environment, and daily routine, your projects will begin to move forward and you will find yourself very busy with them. You may find someone who is willing to invest in your idea! This may even be a customer or client. You will be open to new ideas, things, people.
July 27-31. Interaction between your friendships and associations, your current lessons and goals, your core beliefs, and your day-to-day or work environment. This last week ends the month of July dealing with some hard aspects in connection with your friendships and associations, your current lessons, your expanding work load, and your core beliefs. In the sector of friends, you may feel blocked to join your resources with them because of an emotional reaction to something they say or something that surfaces that you did not know about previously. You will have to look within yourself to take action to find relief from this inner tension.

Moving along in the course of the week, Saturn’s return to your house of core beliefs will highlight the challenges you face concerning your work projects and dealing with people from afar. You may have some preconceived notions of a culture that is different from your own especially if some of your clients are from another country. This influence is one that can be relieved by being proactive and releasing your inner stress through changing or adjusting your own core beliefs.

The week ends on the second full moon of the month, this time in Aquarius and your 12th house of endings. You will see a cycle coming to an end, and you will need to review the development, growth and outcome of this cycle, especially in connection to your personal growth. 

July 28. The Moon sends positive reflective vibrations to Jupiter and you should sense a moment of gratitude for all the good things in your life.
July 29. (Moon-11/North Node-8) If you are in business with a friend or an association, or interact closely with them, you will find that you are not able to merge your energies today. You will realize that you’re not in synch with their emotional reactions or their need to control you.
July 30-31. (Jupiter-6/Saturn-9) You will find today that certain limitations that are occurring in your sector of dealing with foreign cultures and people or with expanding your knowledge is blocked today and the challenge lies within yourself.

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