July 2015 Horoscope – Leo


For Leo, The focus is on the hidden parts of your Self, your psyche and your unconscious. It is the last month before your birthday year begins again and you are looking backwards to the past year. It is a month or period of review, reassessment, evaluation. This is the house of endings and regeneration as well as the service you pay to yourself, that which feeds the outer realm — your unconscious desires. Although the Sun is spotlighting this area of your life during this month, it reminds you to always listen to your inner voice, to trust in your instincts, and to be kind to yourself. This house is ruled by Cancer and you tend to hold on tight to the things that have hurt you in the past. You must also get passed the hurt and anger to reach that which has been repressed in you. It is the time in your birthday year to review all that you have learned and experienced so that you are ready and can move forward into your new birthday year next month. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself and to nurture the part of yourself to refill the the well that gives to others unconditionally. If you don’t give to yourself, you don’t have anything to give to others.

During the first week of July, your social circle and friends will be there to help you uncover some of the repressed desires within you through discussions and dialogue and, with Mars in this sector, his energy will help you move some of those dreams forward. Mars, the planet of energy and passion, may also trigger some aggressive reactions within you though they will be felt inwardly. Take note of what these triggers are while this influence is affecting this part of your chart. It will help you to know so that if they occur again, you can prevent the inner tension they cause. Venus in your house of the Self and the ego will help to balance this tension.

Mercury moves into the 12th house of the unconscious and you will notice that you may remember your dreams more than usual. Write down any dreams that you remember during this time because they may hold the answers to the questions you have been asking yourself.

Venus is already ahead of you, and in the first house, is paving the way toward the new birthday year. Venus focuses on your desires, your image, and the love you seek and bring into your life. Everyone will notice you and with Jupiter in the same house, you won’t believe the luck and abundance that is coming your way. As Jupiter is the sign of expansion, be careful to watch your waistline as well if you’re mindful of such influences, though powerful Pluto is in your 6th house of physical health and is transforming how you take care of your body. The first house is about giving to yourself as well as to others. It also concerns the quality of your life and with Venus and Jupiter close by, many opportunities will present themselves to you.

Venus and Uranus are retrograding this month, joining Saturn and Pluto. Retrograde periods sound bad but only because Mercury retrogrades affect us so strongly. As with all retrogrades, they ask us to rewind, review, and reassess the area in which it is slowing down or the matters concerned.

Venus is retrograding in Virgo your 2nd house of financial and material security, the things you value the most, your material desires, self worth and confidence, as well as your attitude toward others, such as partners. In retrograde motion, Venus suggests you review your plans for savings and how you spend your money. Think about how you have or have not been giving to your partners and those close to you. It is a time to reassess what means most to you and to readjust your values if they have gone awry.

Uranus has turned retrograde in Aries in your 9th house of learning, wisdom, journeys, and faith. You may have noticed that your growth of wisdom and experiences have not been gradual but taken and received in leaps and bounds, with periods where this is coming at you from unexpected sources. In retrograde motion, you will review the learning you have done and the knowledge you are gathering sometimes at lightning speed.

July is a month focused on learning from listening to your inner voice and tapping into your creative source. It is about receiving from following your instincts, dreams and intuition. Your contribution and service this month will be toward humanitarian causes, to your own inner mental health, through being kind to yourself so that you can be kind to others, and to your creative source.

July 1-5. Interaction between your Self, your image, your needs, personal expression, repressed energy, your current mission or goal, your dreams and unconscious desires. The first week will begin with an intense merging of Venus and Jupiter in your 1st house. Love, luck, abundance and harmony are yours. Ideas will flow freely and will be shared with your social circles and some of them may be downright unconventional. You may receive some surprising news from a friend. Your repressed energy or some triggers may cause some inner conflict with matters pertaining to your current mission or goal of focusing on what’s right in from of you: your community or matters involving neighbours, siblings or extended family. Remember that wherever you are is where your community is as it is in your immediate surrounding. Your ‘community’ may also involve any groups you belong to.

July 1-3. (Venus-1/Jupiter-1) This is an intense merging of powerful forces of love, harmony, abundance, and luck and they are all taking place in your 1st house of self, image and how you project yourself to the world.

July 1. (Mars-12/North Node-3) Your current purpose and lessons are found in the 3rd house of logical thinking, communication, community, immediate environment, siblings, and extended family. Your subconscious or repressed unconscious desires are creating a challenge to this path and purpose. You will have to look deeper into your inner psyche to find out why. It may be a reaction to something you hear or read.
July 3. (Mercury-11/Uranus-9) Ideas, information or news that you may receive  from your circle of friends will be connected to broadening your horizons, your knowledge, and your outlook on life.
July 4. (Mercury-11/Jupiter-1) News or information you hear from your social circle will bring a smile to your face. Compliments will get you everywhere!
July 5-6. (Moon-8/Jupiter-1) There will be opposing feelings between how you feel you interact with others and what they think and do for you. You may get some advice that helps you sort out this contradictory feeling.
(Mercury-11/Venus-1) You will feel in perfect harmony with your image and how you feel about yourself and this will match how others see you. You will most likely find this out in the form of a compliment or information given to you from your peers.
July 6-12. Interaction between your unconscious desires, your daily schedule, your work environment and colleagues, the satisfaction your get from the type of work you do, and your current mission.   This week you will be focused on your inner desires as they connect with your day-to-day world, your work environment and to the satisfaction you derive from the work you do. You may feel some conflicting thoughts and feelings this week as you struggle with your unconscious desires and the power struggles in your work environment. Is the knowledge you are gathering helping you toward your current mission of focusing on what’s in front of you? Do you feel as though you are giving back to your ‘community’ the way you would like to? These are some of the questions you will be grappling with this week. There will be lots of discussions and communicating with friends about your life aspirations. You are open-minded this week so take notes of what you hear. You may see some hidden matters come to the surface.
July 6-7. (Sun-12/Pluto-6) This is a powerful opposition between the unconscious and power struggles taking place in your area of your day-to-day life, including work and physical health, and the parts of you that are hidden, such as your psyche and unconscious that concern habits, patterns and repressed desires. Are you really doing the kind of work you love?
July 8. (Moon-9/North Node-3) You are meant to learn the lessons of seeing and noticing what’s in front of you, taking notes, listening carefully to those in your immediate environment, but today, you probably just want to get away, to go on a vacation, to escape! This feeling will pass.
July 10. (Moon-10/Mercury-11) The Moon is now focused on your life aspirations and there might be a lot of talk and discussions with friends or groups associations. You are open to new ideas.
July 11. (Mercury-12/North Node-3) This will be a challenging day when Mercury enters your house of hidden matters and repressed desires. It will cause a hard angle to to your current mission, your soul path.
July 13-19. Interactions with your unconscious desires, dreams, burst of information and knowledge, outlook on life, surprises, unanticipated events while travelling, responsibilities to your home and family, discipline and structure, and material security.This week is fraught with challenges and inner conflict in a number of areas in your life. You begin the week with a spotlight on some information or surprising news that triggers some conflict to your inner desires. You may also experience a feeling of loneliness and feeling far away from your family, missing their love and affection. You may also be feeling a lack of confidence with Saturn challenging Venus. Changes and reformation taking place in your work or daily schedule is probably pushing some of those triggers and you might be questioning whether you made the right choices. On Friday, Venus moves into your house of material security, quite possibly bearing gifts and rewards. You may also buy yourself something of value or beauty. Your mind might also feel restless and urging you to expand your knowledge or experiences by heading out to foreign shores.July 13-14. (Sun-12/Uranus-9) You may have an a-ha moment when something that has been hidden will come to light unexpectedly either from your subconscious or from afar, from a distant land, or from something you learn, especially concerning your core beliefs. This will create a challenge from which you must take action to overcome.
July 13-17. (Venus-1/Saturn-4) You face another challenging sort of energy today between, your Self, and the obligations you feel toward your home, family dynamic, or your parents. You are in a good place and abundance is your however you can’t help but feel responsible for your home or parents. You may feel a little lonely.
July 15-17. ((Mars-12/Pluto-6) This is one of those days when you may feel restless and caught in the middle of wanting to concentrate on your own inner world but your daily routine is pulling you in another direction. You have to deal with it and with colleagues and the outside world when you would much rather just hide away to recoup.
July 16. (Sun-12/Moon-12) This is definitely a day when the energies of the Sun and the Moon are merged in a cohesive ball of energy. It’s yin yang energy at its highest. Your mind (the hidden parts whether it’s what you keep hidden or parts which are hidden from you such as repressed desires) and your emotions are enmeshed. 
(Mercury-12/Mars-12) Your mind, thoughts, ideas, or memories will bring about some feelings of restlessness and visor to the surface. Though this energy is positive, it is also subjective. You will want to put some of those ideas that have surfaced to action. Be careful as this energy is fluid and impulsive.
(Mercury-12/Pluto-6) A third opposition between these two areas of your life in less than two weeks. This time, it’s your mental capacity that you need to balance against the forces that are changing your area of daily work, routine, and health. There will be overstimulation from the area of your day-to-day routine that causes a challenge to your inner mental peace of mind. 
July 19. (Moon-2/Venus-2) This is a good day regarding your material or financial security, money, harmony and how you feel about where you’re at. You’re usually a stickler for detail when it comes to your money, and today you may even receive a gift, an intuitive idea, or a surprise that will boost your self confidence. Venus, the planet of love, harmony and money moves into your house of material security and values.
(Mercury-12/Uranus-9) Your thoughts, ideas, and repressed desires are stirring the craving or the need to take wings and fly away. You will feel quite restless! This is the kind of aspect that shows where your energies need to be released to build upon a new structure in your life.
July 20-26. Interaction between your Self, responsibilities, respect, discipline, structure, unconscious desires and dreams, hidden passions, and your current mission.This week you will realize that you are your own person and responsible for your own happiness. You are the master of your universe and are in control of your level of discipline, the way your life is structures and to the responsibilities that are yours to uphold. The only challenge or adversity this week will be how unanticipated changes in travel or news you receive from far away will set off some triggers and aggressive reactions within you. Look to what’s front of you and get some physical exercise to release these inner stresses. The rest of the week is filled with positive vibrations where you will feel at peace with your decisions, with the direction your life is taking, to the new challenges that you face each day.
July 21-22. (Sun-12/Saturn-4) The planet of discipline, structure and responsibility is tugging at your subconscious and unconscious nature when it comes to the responsibilities you feel toward your home and your parents. This week, however, you are able to blend these energies and are able to assuage your feelings of guilt. You are becoming your own person.
July 23-24. (Sun-12/Mercury-12) This is the last day before the Sun leaves your hidden and regenerative area of your life. Your thoughts, ideas, and imagination combine and blend well with what you have been able to pull out of your subconscious. You know what you need to do to get to where you want to be.
July 23. (Mercury-12/Saturn-4) You are at peace with your inner mental Self and your ideas and thoughts regarding the responsibilities you feel toward your home and parents. This past year you have listened to your inner voice and followed it and you are exactly where you want to be.
July 24-26. (Mars-12/Uranus-9) Mars, planet of action and energy, is still ensconced in the hidden part of your chart agitating you to put some of your hidden and/or repressed desires to work. This is a nervous and restless sort of energy and action on your part is needed to quell the challenges that may surface.
July 25. (Mercury-12/North Node-3) Your current mission is to your 3rd house of community and immediate environment pulling you to your future and personal growth and focusing on this will bring you rewards and opportunities. Mercury will bring order to your thoughts and will ask you to delve into your unconscious to really think about what it is you would like to bring to your way of communicating with others.
July 26-27. (Sun-1/North Node-3) The Sun’s focus is now on you, your ego, your image and how you present yourself to others and to the world. This influence is positive for aligning yourself to looking at what is directly in front of you, of taking notes, and of learning to listen to others. You will be open to new ideas, things, people.
July 27-31. Interaction between your daily schedule, your current goal or mission, you Self and image, your quality of life, and your responsibilities.The last week of July will bring some challenges to the surface concerning your current goals and an emotional reaction to what is happening in your work environment. You may feel a little lonely and miss your family even while you’re enjoying the expansion in your personal life. Have faith and listen to your inner voice to deal with the challenges and inner conflicts you may be experiencing.
The Moon sends positive reflective vibrations to Jupiter and you should sense a moment of gratitude for all the good things in your life.
July 29. (Moon-6/North Node-3) Your daily routine and your list of things to do will require your attention and this will cause some inner tension to following your soul path. You need to balance these two areas as they both deal with your self-growth, in terms of communicating with others and figuring out whether your work brings you the satisfaction you need. 
July 30-31. (Jupiter-1/Saturn-4) Someone at home or within the family dynamic may offer advice or say something that causes you some inner tension that has been pent up or will be released. This may be your father and whatever comes up will bring up some conflicting emotions concerning your responsibilities and concerns for them. If you’re not living at home anymore, this tension may come from someone you share your home with. It may spring from jealousy or envy.This influence is one that can be relieved by being active and releasing your inner stress.

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