July 2015 Horoscope – Gemini


For Gemini, the focus for the month of July will be on your income, material security, what you value most, your self-exteem and your attitude towards your partners. You will be filled with active mental energy which will begin in your house of Self, and will then shift to your material security and values after the first week. Your planning skills and ideas churning factory will then be in your 2nd house, joining Mars and the Sun to come up with some new goals to upgrade your financial security. These may come in the form of putting together a viable savings plan or setting up a structure that will help you feel more secure financially. Balancing this area is Pluto in your opposite 8th house of joint resources, there for the long haul to rebuild your trust in working together with others, forging strong alliances with partners, getting rid of what is not needed, and gaining much more power through working together with others. Venus and Jupiter, the planets of money, luck and abundance are in your 3rd house of community, siblings, extended family and communication. You may get some help from any of these people and you may not have to go very far from home to find that extra income you’re seeking. You may also get news of money coming in to help you out with those plans. Saturn went retrograde in March and, in June, reentered your 6th house of work, routine, and health, and will go over the steps you may have missed the first time it was in that area of your life. It will help you to reset your goals, put some structure into your routine where it is missing, and will guide you regarding the discipline you will need to move forward in your life. These lessons from Saturn (to your house of work and health) are ones that you take forward with you for a very long time. It’s a good month with a lot of emphasis on abundance, ideas, and excitement regarding new ideas. There are some challenges but none which are overwhelming.

Venus and Uranus are retrograding this month, joining Saturn and Pluto. Retrograde periods sound bad but only because Mercury retrogrades affect us so strongly.

Venus retrograde in your 4th house will give you the time to reconnect with family and with what makes you feel safe and secure. It will give you the time to better understand what your own needs are. It is not a time to renovate your home, but is a good time to think of ideas and a good planning time toward this if you have plans to do so.

Uranus retrograde in your 11th house will focus on your social status and connections. While these have been in a state of flux since 2011, this retrograde time will make you realize that you cannot and must not rely so heavily on them to support you because they may be there one day and not the next. Uranus influences are beyond your control and changes or events may happen when you least expect it. Just as quickly as the social contacts have disappeared, they will reappear. This may throw you off at times, but if you don’t depend on them, you will be able to go with the flow as these varying waves happen. Remember that everyone has Uranus retrograding in some part of their charts and they too have no control over these disruptive influences.

The vibration of this month is on receiving from your focus on financial security and your attitude to your partners, as well as to your community, siblings and extended family. Contributing to these will bring you peace of mind, security, feelings of self-worth.

July 1-5. Community, siblings, extended family, financial security, values, your current mission, friends, social circles, career or life aspirations.The week begins with a full moon in Capricorn, influenced by its ruler Saturn, will bring culmination to a matter concerning resources received from outside of your own income, such as loans, grants, etc. You may hear news of a loan that has been granted to you. This news regarding money will be positive with Venus and Jupiter in the mix, and will be connected to life aspirations/career and doing something you will enjoy! If you’re going back to school, this will be the news you have been waiting to hear. The vibrations from a full moon can last about 2 weeks, so you will hear this news within this timeframe.

You will feel invigorated to concentrate on your financial security, moving ahead with plans to increase your income and your knowledge, but this may go against your current mission which is to enjoy your creative pursuits, personal projects, romance in your life, and children. Your pursuit of material security may diminish your focus toward your current soul path, but you can overcome this by creating a balance between the two areas of your life. It’s all about balancing the resources in your life, inner and outer.

You may hear some unexpected or surprising information or a unique idea from your social circle of friends. Be open to what you hear as it may just be the information you need to move forward with your career or life aspirations.

Abundance, luck, surprises, good news, money, love, harmony are all yours this week!

July 1-3. (Venus-3/Jupiter-3) You will experience some intense merging of ideas, energies, self-expression between people you love and are close to (possibly female) and these will bring you luck and abundance if you tap into these energies. You will experience love within the community, with siblings and extended family, and abundance from drawing from these energies.

(Mars-2/North Node-5) Action taken toward your financial security may go against your current mission of enjoying yourself, your romantic partner, children, or creative pursuits.

July 1. (Mars-2/North Node-5) You will begin the month feeling an opposing energy between your values and your current mission. Your current mission is to learn how to enjoy the things that bring you pleasure, such as creative pursuits, romance and children. Mars wants to kick action into your house of material security. Your emotional and material needs are coming to the forefront to ascertain that you can truly enjoy your leisure moments.
July 3. (Mercury-1/Uranus-11) You will be open to new ideas, plans and thoughts about how to improve yourself or your image and these unusual ideas may come from a friend or a group you associate with. You may have an a-ha moment and receive some unexpected but good news from your social group.
July 4. (Mercury-1/Jupiter-3) You will be sharing ideas, plans, and thoughts with people in your community, possibly with siblings or extended family (such as cousins or grandparents), or even neighbours. You may get some good advice from someone wiser, older or more knowledgeable.
July 5-6. (Moon-10/Jupiter-3) The Moon opposes Jupiter and is at a challenging aspect to Saturn. Your emotions may get the better of you as you may feel overstimulated by all the influx of positive and high energies surrounding you within your immediate environment. Gemini likes to stay ‘close to home’ so these energies flow well with you, however there may be too much activity going on and your energies may feel scattered as a result. Take a deep breath and relax and accept the abundance coming into your life.
(Mercury-1/Venus-3) Someone in your immediate environment will be very generous with you and may even help you out with some of those ideas that you have. You will be open to these new ideas or plans. You may even receive a gift or some money.
July 6-12. Career, life aspirations, community, joint resources, ideas, information or news, your current purpose or goal.This week will bring some opposing and jarring influences to the areas of your life connected to career, joint efforts, emotions, and your current lessons, goals or intentions. The challenges you face start with an opposition between your own goals for financial security (or perhaps you want to purchase or invest in something) that goes against the joint goals you have with someone. You may be confusing what you want and what someone else wants.

You may notice that your friends are reacting to you as you rely more on your own inner resourcefulness rather than asking for help from them.

It is a week of ideas, excitement, activity in your area of personal values and material security but these will oppose your current purpose and lessons and your longer plans creating some power struggles.

July 6-7. (Sun-2/Pluto-8) Your focus will be on your material security. This influence signifies any action that you take toward making changes in your life to working toward that which you envision in and for your life. There may be some opposition or power struggles between the two — joint resources versus your own personal resources.
July 8. (Moon-11/North Node-5) Your friends may react to your need to rely on your own inner resourcefulness when they want to be a part of your life. You may feel caught in the middle of this tug-of-war between your own personal projects and the ones that you share with your friends. Your current mission is to rely on your own inner resourcefulness and creativity — this is where you will reap the rewards and the opportunity you seek. Leave your social life for another time.
July 10. (Moon-12/Mercury-2) You are open to the new ideas that you will receive from your own inner values and needs for material security. An idea you are presented with will connect to your inner psyche and you will feel good and open to it. It will pertain to a particular skill you have and will feel comfortable with the suggestion.
July 11. (Mercury-2/North Node-5) Again, you will feel some diverse energies in these two areas of your life. This will present itself as a bit of a challenge between your desire for material security and your current mission of using your own inner resourcefulness to achieve this security. You may feel a little insecure about relying on yourself. This influence requires action on your part to alleviate this uncertainty and anxiety and gain confidence in yourself.
July 13-19. Interaction between your financial needs and security, friends, groups, personal goals, work routine and environment, immediate surrounding, home, family dynamic, commitments, and interaction with others. This week will bring some conflicts to the forefront between what you want and what others seem to want. The challenge will be with your interactions with others: your friends, your family, your colleagues, and your partners. The trials you may go through this week are with merging or sharing your ideas with others. You may realize that the friends you have been keeping are not on the same page anymore and you need to reassess your values in that area of your life.

You may hear about, witness, or experience an unexpected or surprising event or situation that changes your view of things concerning those around you, most specifically your friends. You may just find out who your friends really are. You may meet some unusual people or your friends may share some unconventional ideas that make you think.

You will also be faced with what you believe are your limitations and will have to face them directly in order to open the path to a better quality of life for yourself. You will come face to face with the things that are holding you back. The course of removing these obstacles once and for all are in the actions you take toward overcoming them.

Financial security will feature and you will begin to wonder whether those ideas toward building a more secure foundation are yours or someone else’s ideas. Are you being true to your self and your own ideas?

At the same time, you will also feel a pull and a powerful merging of your goals and your emotions. And, toward the end of the week, you will finally feel some respite from an arduous and challenging week when someone in your family or home will support you in your ideas, plans and decisions.   

July 13-14. (Sun-2/Uranus-11) This influence involves balancing your financial security and the groups or friends you associate with. Your needs for material success may not be congruent with the people you associate with and this influence will bring this challenge to the surface for you.

July 13-17. (Venus-3/Saturn-6) There will be a challenge between your immediate surrounding and your work environment. Energies need to be released in these two areas to achieve balance. Your emotions are opposed and your self-expression and routine will be compromised. You may fear going outside of your immediate environment when it comes to a change in your routine.
July 15-17. ((Mars-2/Pluto-8) You may have difficulty in separating someone else’s idea of what material security is to your own. The challenge comes from overstimulation in the area of joint associations, and feeling caught in the middle.
July 16. (Sun-2/Moon-2) This influence is usually a powerful merging of focus and emotions. This will take place in your area of material security, values, and attitude toward your partnerships. A good day for manifesting and taking steps toward your goals.
(Mercury-2/Mars-2) This is an intense combination of putting your plans to action. You will be assertive in your personal expression of the things you want in your life. Think of the quality of life you seek and keep that in mind.
(Mercury-2/Pluto-8) There may be a challenge or much activity pulling you in two directions — your plans versus your partner’s plans, whether business or personal. To overcome this conflict, try to separate what is your plan from what is theirs, and you should be able to balance out this influence to your advantage.
July 19. (Moon-4/Venus-4) You will have the support of the people in your home  or women in your life, and including support from your parents. The effect is one of an intense merging of emotions and love (of partner, of family, of life).
(Mercury-2/Uranus-11) There will be a challenge or confrontation of ideas amongst your friends or groups you associate with. This discussion requires action on your part, whether it is to be more open to these ideas or to agree to disagree. This idea or plan may be quite unique or even outrageous.
July 20-26. Interaction between your daily routine, health, financial goals and plans, your life path and current mission.A positive week overall when it comes to your attitude toward partners, financial picture, as well as ideas and plans to bring in more income. This week will bring only one major obstacle from your circle of friends where someone may say or do something quite surprising that will cause you some inner tension. 

You will be disciplined, structured and you may not have any choice in the matter as the area that Saturn has returned to is in your house of daily routine and work. It is more likely that you are working and this influence will help you structure your time and day. You will actually enjoy a strict routine. If you’re not too busy, it may be a good time to put together a plan in place to structure your day, your finances and map out a health plan before you get busy again.

Your mind is an idea churning factory during this week again as Mercury influences and has you thinking about your finances and your mission and goals toward finding your own creative spark or outlet.

The end of this week marks two major influences affecting everyone with Venus and Uranus turning retrograde one after the other. You will feel these shifts most strongly at the book ends of these aspects. Venus will retrograde in your 3rd house of home and family dynamic.

July 21-22. (Sun-2/Saturn-6) Your focus is on your material security and your daily routine will pose no challenges.
July 23-24. (Sun-2/Mercury-2) Mercury is working at helping you by bringing you ideas and a new plan to attain the financial security you wish to have in your life.
July 23. (Mercury-2/Saturn-6) Mercury will also be sending positive influences to your work environment giving you ideas on how to structure your work routine and finding the type of work you truly enjoy in order to satisfy your needs for security. Discipline in your routine is key.
July 24-26. (Mars-2/Uranus-11) You will be assertive when it comes to your plans toward your own material security. Your attitude toward your partners may be quite passionate, so watch your assertiveness as it may come across as aggression. Uranus may bring some surprising or unexpected news from your circle of friends and this may throw you off a little and bring a few challenges.
July 25. (Mercury-2/North Node-5) Energies between your area of material security, personal values, and attitude toward partners will send positive rays of sunshine to your house of true love, creative pursuits, the things that bring you pleasure and children. Your current mission is to your 5th house of inner resourcefulness and focusing on this will bring you rewards and opportunities.
July 26-27. (Sun-3/North Node-5) Your focal point is on what’s in front of you and your immediate environment and this will be in connection to your current mission of learning to focus on bringing romance into or back into your life, pursuing that which brings you pleasure, such as creative pursuits, projects, and children if you have any. You will be open to new ideas, things, people.
July 27-31. Your current mission, communication, siblings, extended family (such as uncles, aunts, and grandparents), daily routine and health.During the last week of July, you will feel some inner stress and conflict between your emotions, where your future is pulling you, your immediate surrounding including communication (such as emails, letters, conversations,) siblings and extended family, and your community. You will also experience challenges in your close interaction with others, joint ventures, and your daily schedule. You may feel restricted by your routine or your environment and in order to balance or overcome this stress or inner tension, you should look to your attitude toward your partners, your personal daily routine, what you value most, and to your unconscious desires. In order to make changes, you must change something you’re doing that is blocking your forward movement. You cannot keep the same routine or way of thinking and expect things to change.

There is a high vibration of abundance, luck and wisdom that will send some good energy your way even if you’re a little low on discipline and structure.

The Moon sends positive reflective vibrations to Jupiter and you should sense a moment of gratitude for all the good things in your life.
July 29. (Moon-8/North Node-5) The Moon is in Capricorn and this will bring a challenge to the current focus toward your soul path. This is the path that pulls you forward to your future where you will reap rewards and opportunities if you follow it. This is the path until November 2015 when it will then shift to your 4th house of home. Listen to your intuition.
July 30-31. (Jupiter-3/Saturn-6) This influence ends the month on a bit of a challenging note with the divergent and opposing energies of bountifulness and limitations. You may have to help out a sibling or extended family and your routine will have to change. Conversely, you may have to ask for a sibling’s help and this will cause you some deep inner stress. You may also hear some information or advice that will help to set some structure to your schedule but will make you feel its limitations. This influence is one that can be relieved by being active to releasing your inner stress. You can’t sit back and expect things to change if you don’t work at it.

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