July 2015 Horoscope – Capricorn


The spotlight for Capricorn this month is on your marriage, partnerships, close relationships and contracts of any kind. Following a month of having Venus in this area of your life, you’re now focused on what you can bring to your relationships, especially those new ones that were built during last month’s schmooze fest in this area of your life. It’s not just about bringing them into your life, it’s also about keeping them. This month you will focus on this aspect, creating a longevity effect within your collaborations. You want these people to stay for a while, so what can you offer so that they do stick around?

Commitments, intimacy, and joint ventures are favourably influenced this month, and this will help you budding relationships tremendously. You may begin a new venture in collaboration with others and this will expand an entirely new world for you. You’ll also notice that you receive an abundance of gifts and rewards from investments and words of gratitude and encouragement.

Energy, passion, action and physical energy will influence your area of relationships so if you’re not arm wrestling your partners, you’ll definitely be very physically active with them. In your marriage or partnership, this may bring out the animal in you and you’ll be seeking a lot more physical love from your partner. Be aware of combativeness, competitiveness or impatience during this influence.

Your day-to-day environment will be brimming with ideas coming up with new concepts regarding your personal habits, daily routine, and physical health. These new concepts will then touch upon your relationships opening up a dialogue on how to integrate these new concepts into your interactions with others. Toward the end of the month, you will be ready to commit to these new concepts and merge them into your joint partnerships. You may also have some ideas regarding new ventures or investments. Everything in your world is expanding and joint ventures are harmonious.

Venus and Uranus are retrograding this month, joining Saturn and Pluto in reverse motion. Retrograde periods sound scary but only because Mercury retrogrades affect us so strongly. As with all retrogrades, they ask us to rewind, review, and reassess the area in which they are slowing down and the matters concerned. It’s almost as though you will be able to experience those areas in your life in slow motion. If all is good, it will feel really good, if it’s not pleasant to you, it will feel a little uncomfortable.

Venus will turn retrograde in your house of core beliefs, journeys, higher learning and reaching out to a larger audience. If you’re travelling for work or pleasure, you will revisit a place you’ve been to previously and will reconnect with the people from that place. It’s not really an influence that pushes to go to new places as you won’t get as much out of it since there is no feeling of reconnecting. You are revisiting what brought you happiness and joy. It is possible to make new and lasting connections during this time with people from foreign cultures. You may be attracted to learning new things that take you to a higher plane of existence. You’ll be able to tune in to your spiritual existence more than at other times.

Uranus retrogrades the very next day after Venus in your house of home, foundations, and family dynamic. Your home and/or family dynamic may be changing and with Uranus this occurs in fits and starts, not gradually or over time. These sorts of changes are sudden and jarring, but that allows for new life to be breathed into its environment. Your home could be your second ‘home’ — the one you build at work with your colleagues. There will be some unexpected events that may blindside you, but if you remain fluid and open to change, you should be able to navigate these waters.

This month is about action taken toward or for your partnerships and support for or relating to a partner (love or business.) It’s also about collaborating with partners and close alliances. The theme is giving support and love to others, your partners, your collaborators, and your close relationships. Your contribution to this sphere is to your partner(s) and keeping and being loyal to your contracts or agreements. The more you give, the more you get back!

July 1-5. Interconnectivity between joint resources and ventures, your current mission, partners and close relationships, your home and family dynamic.

This week begins on such a positive note. The good vibrations of Venus and Jupiter will temper the full moon in Capricorn in your first house It will feel a little like a dichotomy because with full moons usually come an end to a cycle, pattern and rhythm, or sequence of events. You have been focused on others a lot lately with Venus having passed through your 7th house of service, and now Mars was there last month taking over the reins with energy and gusto. You may have some underlying “what about me?” feelings at this full moon. Your emotions are on your sleeve so take care to take others into consideration before saying anything. However, do put your own needs first during the next couple of weeks, while still respecting others. It’s all about balance. Something is sure to be revealed to you during this time.

You will reach out and interact with others, the things you do together, and the commitment you have with each other. It is also the house of regeneration and rebirth as well as public monies.

Your North Node in Libra is in your house of ambition, authority and career. It is your current mission and what is pulling you to your future and it is the path that you should follow and where you will reap its greatest rewards. These are the lessons you need to learn. In the past, you have relied on your family, built your home and foundation, and now all in keeping your family responsibilities, your lessons or goal are to focus on your achievements and public life.

You are establishing yourself on a grand scale and while touching upon the energy of regeneration you are helping others in a meaningful way. Collaboration with others is paramount and is soaring to new heights. You may also find that you’re almost psychic as you will be able to tap intuitively into those who are around you in your immediate environment.

July 1. (Venus-8/Jupiter-8) The planet of love and harmony and the planet of abundance, growth, and wisdom are in your house of commitment, intimacy and joint resources and ventures.

July 1. (Mars-7/North Node-10) There may be a bit of inner tension or stress between your house of partners and your career sector. These energies do not vibrate well with a water sign in your partnership house and air in your career. This aspect will bode most likely with business partners more so than with your spouse or partner.

July 3. (Mercury-6/Uranus-4) You may have some unconventional ideas about how to build a strong foundation, and Mercury will bring lots of ideas about how to construct a new kind of ‘home’ outside of your home. We spend the majority of our daily lives at the ‘office’, your home away from home.

July 4. (Mercury-6/Jupiter-8) The ideas that are surging forth from your work environment, colleagues and even clients are expanding your interaction with others.

July 5-6. (Moon-3/Jupiter-8) The moon is journeying through your house of communication and you may come across as a little vague or dreamy today. This will cause a bit of opposition from your house of joint matters as you may not bring your ideas across as clearly as you would like. This is only transitory.

(Mercury-6/Venus-8) You will find that your interaction with those in your work environment is harmonious and will yield great results if you work together collaboratively. There will be lots of chatter and ideas.

July 6-12. Interconnectivity between your partners and close relationships, your Self, your current mission, your home and children, and your work environment.

This week will be a challenging one beginning with an opposition between your partners needs and your own. You may experience a bit of a power struggle and you will feel caught in the middle.

If you are hiding how you really feel about something, your partner or those close to you will be able to tell. You may be trying to take control of a situation that involves others close to you and they may push back.

Your private and public life may be in contradiction with each other and you should look to your partner or spouse or those close to you and to what you really want to overcome this challenge.

You and your partner may have lots to talk about and messages of love will definitely be a part of the mix. You may also be discussing how you would like to proceed with a particular project or how you feel about having children, or what to do with them, or even about what brings you pleasure. July 6-7. (Sun-7/Pluto-1) There may be some opposition between your house of partners, contracts and committed love and your house of the Self, your needs, and what you want out of life.

July 8. (Moon-4/North Node-10) Oppositions are felt between your home and family dynamic and your house of ambition and authority. You may experience some outbursts in the home and feel some division between your two worlds (private and public) as this aspect surfaces.

July 10. (Moon-5/Mercury-7) The moon highlights your house of true love and creativity while Mercury brings about conversations with your partner, spouse, or relationships with anyone close to you.

July 11. (Mercury-7/North Node-10) There may be more conflicts or stress when the topic of your ambitions come up with partners. You may not be seeing eye to eye and they may not be on the same page. Communication and looking to what it is that you value most will help to calm your inner stress.

July 13-19. Interconnectivity between your partnerships, your home, parents or family dynamic, friendships and groups, and your Self.

This week is an even mix of challenges and good aspects. You’ll be reviewing your friendships if you find that some of them are no longer on the same page as you.

These days situations and interactions may feel a little out of whack, but if you remain objective and try to see the other point of views, you should be able to navigate through these uncertain waters with success.

Your relationship is doing well this week even with passionate words that may be shared. You are feeling frisky and this may translate to physical passion. Concentrating on your partner will bring you happiness and you will feel the rewards of the relationships with your partners or those close to you. Sometimes you need to put your work aside to interact with those you love.

If you’re not travelling, you may be connecting with others through means such as phone calls, the internet, facebook, etc. They may also be of a different culture than your own.

July 13-14. (Sun-7/Uranus-4) Your focus is on your closest relationships and partners and you may hear some unexpected news or information about your home or within the family dynamic. Uranus likes to shake things up so this may throw you off or blindside you a little. Look to friends and associations or your inner unconscious or repressed desires or needs to balance this inner stress or tension.

July 13-17. (Venus-8/Saturn-11) Saturn has travelled back into your 11th house of friendships, groups and ideals in Scorpio. You don’t do anything halfway and your friendships are deep but with Saturn returning here, you will find that you are reviewing or reassessing some of your associations or attachments to those associations. Venus in your house of contracts and commitments (also the house of Scorpio) means that you are known to be an all or nothing kind of person. If someone is not completely ‘in’, you will review whether they are conducive to your cause.

July 15-17. ((Mars-7/Pluto-1) Take care that you don’t create an atmosphere where you are trying to gain control when it comes to your partners or close relationships or you will experience some assertiveness or aggression (push back) from them.

July 16. (Sun-7/Moon-7) You will love the surprise, love and harmony this day brings to you. You may be in the mood to put your work aside for a bit today and concentrate on your relationship.

(Mercury-7/Mars-7) There may be some passionate and emotional words shared with your partners, but they are words that you can both act upon because they will bring you forward in your partnership. Physical passion is more than likely along with a merging of thoughts.

(Mercury-7/Pluto-1) It’s a day mixed with all sorts of passion, energy, and power struggles.

July 17. A good day for agreements.

July 19. (Moon-9/Venus-9) Venus has journeyed to the 9th house where the Moon will join her in an intense merging of experiences. You may find love if you are travelling or at least like-minded people who share the same passions.

(Mercury-7/Uranus-4) There is conflict within your home or family dynamic and communication may reveal unusual information or ideas. This sort of influence can be relieved by looking to your own needs and ambitions.

July 20-26. Interconnectivity between your partners, friends, your work environment and colleagues, your home and family dynamic, and your current mission.

You will find that this week will be less challenging. You may be reviewing your personal goals and wishes, and that joining forces with others (such as friends or groups) may be the answer to achieving them. This is your chance to go over the details with a fine tooth comb.

This week hosts a hard aspect between Mars and Uranus and there will surely be some harsh words or explosive reactions, especially within the family dynamic.

Venus and Uranus go retrograde at the end of the week, and this will affect your core beliefs and travel plans, inner journeys and your home or family dynamic. You’ll be reviewing both these areas of your life and the influences of these two planets magnified in retrograde motion.

July 21-22. (Sun-7/Saturn-11) Those close to you may have been putting some restrictions on you and forcing you to be more disciplined in your approach. Your partners or close alliances may want a deeper connection with you, within your partnership.

July 23-24. (Sun-7/Mercury-7) There will be lots of conversation, dialogue and a sharing of ideas with your partner, spouse or those close to you.

July 23. (Mercury-8/Saturn-11) Discussions around commitments and joint ventures may come from your friends. Someone may suggest joining forces for a cause.

July 24-26. (Mars-7/Uranus-4) You may want to lay low today as passion and unexpected events will surface to day in your home, or with regards to your home, or within the family dynamic. Mars and Uranus are like an explosion of dynamite and they are at odds today.

July 25. (Mercury-8/North Node-10) Talks, contracts, commitments, and alliances are the talk of the day, and this will feed directly into your current mission or goal toward your ambitions, life aspirations and public life. It may also involve looking into how you can be more effective as a leader.

Your current mission is to your 10th house of career, public connections, authority and ambitions and focusing on this aspect of your life will bring you rewards and opportunities.

July 26-27. (Sun-7/North Node-10) You partner, spouse, or close alliances with whom you join forces will be helpful in your current mission and lessons of the 10th house. You will be open to new ideas, things, people.

July 27-31. Interconnectivity between your Self, your current mission, joint resources and matters, and friends and group associations.

This last week ends the month with some hard aspects and challenges. You begin the week. You’ll be wanting to focus on your Self and your own needs but your current mission and lessons are to your partners and close relationships and this will cause some inner tension within you. Your lessons are to focus on your ambitions and you just want to focus on your Self.

Another conflict will take place with joint matters and ventures and the responsibilities you feel toward your ideals or to humanitarian causes.

The week ends on the second full moon of the month. This full moon is in Aquarius in your 2nd house of material success and security, self-worth, and your attitude toward others. There will be a culmination of a cycle with your source of income such as a project coming to an end and payment coming in. The full moon in this area of your life deals with the give and take of intimacy and what you value, and your comfort zones. It’s time to take care of your own needs.

July 27. A good day for agreements – Take care to review relationship first.

The Moon sends positive reflective vibrations to Jupiter and you should sense a moment of gratitude for all the good things in your life.

July 29. (Moon-1/North Node-10) Following a couple of days of positive steps toward the goals of your North Node, today you may feel a little emotional and need some attention on yourself. This may not be conducive to dealing publicly with others, so take the day for yourself and focus on your own needs. This will alleviate the inner tension you are experiencing.

July 30-31. (Jupiter-8/Saturn-11) You may also be feeling the yin and yang of abundance and restriction today within your commitments to the groups to which you belong and it will cause some inner stress. The flow of energy in these areas will be a little bumpy on this day. Look to your home base and your inner creativity to calm those sources of inner tension. Look inside your self and be creative! This influence is one that can be relieved by being active and releasing your inner stress.


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