June 2015 Horoscope – Virgo


June will bring achievements, glory as well as recognition in your career and public life. If you’ve been working diligently, it is about to be noticed by the higher ups. You are entering the last quarter of the sky at the time of year with your Sun at the top of your chart, employing that which you have learned and putting it work. If you’re younger, you may be starting a new job or just beginning your career, and if you are, this may be on of the most auspicious times to do so this year. In August, Jupiter will enter Virgo, and there you shall see yourself soar even further.

If you are offered a job, try to wait if you can until after June 11, and if you’re particular, at least until June 27 to make any major decisions about signing on the dotted line as Mercury will then be completely in the clear. You’ve got plenty of ideas and plans about your current or new career and with Mars alongside, you will also have the energy to carry them out. The only caution I would give is to temper your assertion, but Virgo is usually quite temperate in their demeanour that it’s probably safe to say that others will be quite surprised if not enthusiastic with your sudden vigour. 

Saturn will retrograde back into your house of communication which governs all forms, such as email, letters, news, and phone calls. Here Saturn is concerned with the written or spoken word. Neptune also turns retrograde until November and here you will see a trend where your perceptions will be even more acute than they already are. Some issues will surface and you will be cautioned to do this inner work within yourself to sort out what may seem illusive to you. You want to clear up any questions you have regarding contracts and alliances. Inspiration and intuition will be at your fingertips regarding anyone with whom you are in a close relation.

In the latter part of the month, your attention will be focused on your social life and objectives: your friends, groups you associate with, and creative (personal) potential. Friends and groups will be reaching out to you and you’ll find that your social life is picking up, You will find good cheer and good fun if you go get out and get together with friends. You will have many reasons to get out and celebrate!

June 1 – 7. Interaction between your North Node (your mission), career matters, authority, family, parents and parenting, friends and future possibilities, your subconscious, dreams, and Karma.

This week begins with your attention on your soul and karmic path, your current mission where you will find your greatest reward and opportunities. Your path is in your 2nd house of value: you must balance out your own material security with that of your partner’s, that is, for example, even if you are in a relationship where you are well taken care of as a result of your partner’s gains, it would still behoove you to carve out your own egg nest. In turn, this will satisfy your own feeling of self-worth and self-esteem. Virgo likes to have a bit of control over their own lives. This house is also about the attitude toward your partner and what you value about them. 

June 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-10/North Node-2) Your begin the month with ideas and plans geared toward your karmic future until November to create your own material security and success. This can be achieved by reaching out and creating a balance in your career, work environment, and figuring what you truly enjoy doing.

June 3. (Moon-4/Mars-10) Creating a balance in your public and home life will also be a part of the influence this week as you begin one of the best month in a long time. You may be pulled in both directions this week with emotions taking control of your home life while your energy is going full force in your career.

(Moon-4/Jupiter-12) You may get advice from someone and this advice will be related to your career. This person may be a woman in your family or a mother figure in your life. Take heed of this advice as it comes from their experience.

(Mars-10/Jupiter-12) Mars will be no holds barred in your career and Jupiter will be expanding any inner thought processes at this time to accommodate this energy. Jupiter expands whatever it shines its light upon. In your house of transcendence, self sacrifice, and service to humanity, your work will have to have meaning and value. In other words, you will want your efforts to make a difference.

June 6. (Venus-11/Saturn-4) You will gain most from remaining conservative and cautious, and it will be hard to do with Jupiter so prominent in the chart. Jupiter expands anything it sets its eyes on and with Venus is in the house of friends, groups, and future possibilities. Everything is golden!

June 8-14. Interaction between your Self and your unconscious, career and authority, joint resources, partnerships, siblings, conscious decision making, communication, and the North Node.

You’re the golden child in your career and authority figures and those with a greater knowledge than you will be noticing and pushing you to do even greater things. The 10th house is about giving back to society and you’re on a roll in this sector of your life. Joint resources, partnerships, contracts, conscious decisions and your own path toward material security and the things you value will feature this week. 

June 8. (Sun-10/Jupiter- 12) The Sun is at the top of your chart highlighting all that has to do with matters outside your home such as career, vocation, big business, authority, and your ambitions. You are soaring and nothing can stop you from achieving that which you wish to attain. Authority figures will be watching you and will be on your side. This influence is extremely beneficial.

Remember that Mercury is still in retrograde motion, so plan carefully, but don’t sign on the dotted line to anything (if you can hold off on it) until after June 11.

(Mars-10/Uranus-8) Mars is the planet of energy, passion, action and advancement. It is the ignitor, the warrior who goes fearlessly forward into the future, and this is his placement this month until the 25th, at the top of your chart, in your house of ambition. Uranus is in your house of joint resources, commitments and interaction with others. He brings restlessness and disruption and unexpected circumstances. But, these should play right into your hands. You could not have planned these things any better. It will behoove you to take advantage of this energy to move forward with some of those plans you’ve had. Again, do not rush forward before checking everything and every detail, and preferably, wait until after June 11 or next week, to solidify any plans.

Mars and Uranus are in a good aspect, but it is possible that there may be some passionate words regardless. After all, you are dealing with two volatile influences.

June 9. Moon-7/Neptune-7) The Moon is sidling up to Neptune in your relationship sector on Tuesday, and you may feel dreamy and romantic. You will be inspired and imaginative in your partnership, and with all the positive aspects surrounding you, I can only see words of love surrounded by music and art. Your partner or you will be extra loving and kind, even if you are wearing rose coloured glasses on this day. Enjoy the moment! You’ll be so busy this month with plans, and things being larger than life, and running hither and yon, and getting matters in hand and in place.

June 10. (Mercury-10/Venus-12) On Wednesday, Mercury joins Venus in a dance of ideas, money, creativity and harmony. You may receive news, an idea, a gift or an opportunity to follow the ambition you want. The flow of energy from Venus in your house of creative roots and subconscious will infuse you with ideas of how to go about achieving those ambitions.

Venus transiting the 12th house is also where your talents may be kept hidden, but this month you will be able to tap into this and they will be recognized by higher ups.

You may find that you are working alone or in solitude, or that you prefer to work alone during this transition.

June 11. (Moon-8/North Node-2) The Moon is journeying through your 8th house for the next 2 days, and in doing so will bring some emotional reactions to matters of commitments, joint resources, and others’ values system. The North Node in Libra is currently in your 2nd house until November, and your mission until then is to learn the lessons of the 2nd house, such as achieving material security on your own, becoming clear in your personal value system and the value of possessions and money in your life, and security from within.

June 12. (Sun-10/Moon-8) The focus will be on career matters, events taking place at work or, in general, outside your home. Good feelings and help will come from joint resources, commitments, and interaction with others. This is the aspect of marriage and/or yin yang forces at work. You may begin a new business under this aspect or a new commitment. This represents harmony when working together to achieve similar goals.

Neptune turns retrograde and you shall notice this in an inner level, where you may question some of your closest alliances.

(Sun-10/Mars-10) Your focus on career matters and your ambitions is boosted by the energy of the warrior planet Mars. Mars is action, energy, activity, and forward movement.

(Moon-8/Mars-10) At the same time as working together with others, you will notice that your emotions are all powerful. This is also a beneficial force that will move things forward while working together with others. The results thereof will be concrete and tangible.

June 13. (Venus-12/North Node-2) Venus is again working from behind the scenes to help you with your 2nd house mission. Harmony coming from within your unconscious will benefit your work to becoming secure from within. Creativity from within will create an atmosphere of inner synchronicity. The results of this harmony and this inner work will be beneficial and tangible.

June 14. Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

If you remember back to the last 3 years before last summer’s move into Sagittarius, it will feel like déjà vu, where the struggles and the lessons in 3rd house matters will come back to haunt you — but it won’t be as horrible as it was the first time around. This is Saturn’s way of pulling out the clipboard and checking off whether or not you learned those lessons before completely pulling out of there. Saturn is a taskmaster and if he feels you are still lagging in some of those lessons, he has come back to go over them again to make sure that you got them down pat. It is a bit of a pain, however, this time around he will be in revisit, review, and reassessment mode. You’ll feel the tug and pull but not as aggressive as when you were in the actual throes of those lessons.
You will feel its re-entry this weekend, as you may hear news from a sibling, or have to deal with unfinished business related to siblings or extended family. There may be more papers to sign, etc. You feel it most when planets are (re)entering or leaving a sign, and thereafter the influence is somewhat more dissipated and in this case of retrograde motion, will be felt mostly in an inward manner.

June 15 – 21. Interaction between your career, authority, public life, ambitions, subconscious and unconscious desires, creative source, joint resources, commitments.

Your career is highlighted for most of this month, and you will see plenty of activity in this area. You may get some plum assignments that will show off your knowledge and your abilities. With Venus entering your 12th house of subconscious and repressed dreams, she will wake up a part of you that may have remained dormant, and with Jupiter’s expansive rays, this will be magnified. You may, for example, awaken a skill you knew you had but put aside because it was shied upon. You may even discover an artistic skill and begin to use it. With Pluto in your 5th house of creative pursuits and hobbies, don’t be surprised if this revelation in your subconscious changes the fabric of your creative life.

June 15. (Sun-10/Mars-10) Your career will be highlighted this week in a major way. You will be busy at work, most likely beginning new projects that are sure to bring you acclaim. Higher ups will notice your contribution and you will receive kudos for your work. Mercury is now direct, so you should begin to see the wheels spinning even more quickly now and to the end of this month.

June 16. New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 10th house of career, authority, and public life.

June 16-30. (Jupiter-12/Uranus-8) This week begins a trend to last until the end of the month with Jupiter and Uranus reaching out to each other.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, freedom, travel, distance, publishing, success, celebrations, vocation, and wisdom while Uranus is disruption, revolution, surprise, unexpected circumstances, freedom, independence, and innovation.

This is an easy aspect to deal with and even the unexpected will be received with open arms. Normally, Uranus is quite disruptive and hard to deal with but this month, the influences will bring unexpected circumstances which will be cause for celebration.

Be ready for surprises, a turn of events that works in your favour, and even a completely different path than the one you were on. The 12th house is the house of Karma and the 8th house is about regeneration and new beginnings. If you’ve been good, things are about to become very very good! Be sure to take note of the last two weeks of this month as it will be the moment that you mark down as the big turnaround in your life.

June 18. (Moon-11/Pluto-5) The Moon is traversing your 11th house of friends, groups, associations, and future possibilities. While going through this area of friends, you may find that they are reacting to the changes and the transformation that is taking place in the area of your creative expression, children, projects, or the way you enjoy your life.

For example, if your life has been transformed with the arrival of a child, the things you are enjoying now might differ from your life previous to this event. Your friends who are not yet experiencing the same things may react emotionally and in opposition to this. They might be getting used to the fact that you can’t just go out with them whenever they call. Remember that it is only their uncertainty reacting and that this influence is fleeting as the Moon moves quite rapidly through the different areas of your life during the course of a month.

Another scenario that could be playing out is that you are consumed by a new project and would rather be spending time on your own to concentrate on it, while your friends are wondering where you’ve disappeared to. Don’t let their insecurities get the upper hand. But, do remember to acknowledge those emotional reactions with some words of support and encouragement.

(Mercury-10/North Node-2) At the end of this week, you may hear news from higher ups that will please you and may even benefit your mission and focus on securing your material success. In other words, you may hear news of a raise at work which will boost your financial situation. This week will be focused on the path toward your material success and your ideas will be completely in sync with those goals.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between your subconscious, dreams, Karma, joint resources, commitments, interaction with others, your personality and how you appear to others, and your material security. 

This week brings more positive and favourable influence to some major areas of your life. Your focus on Career has now shifted to your social life, friends, groups, future possibilities, and personal goals.

With Jupiter still in the mix and sending beams to Uranus, you will still notice matters connected to your career influencing your week. There may be unexpected events that change and shift the nature of your work environment. Inner wisdom will help direct you to make the best decisions for yourself. Abundance and luck will be working on your behalf from behind the scenes. 

Emotionally you will feel in sync with yourself, how others see you, and with your own creative resourcefulness. If you have children, you will feel good and be emotionally involved in helping them transform their lives. 

On Friday, you may feel the only tiny little glitch of opposition between your goals of being self-sufficient and materially secure through your own means, and that coming from your commitments and partners. The news will be positive, regardless, but you will feel a little bit of insecurity or division in wanting to do it yourself. 

Enjoy the abundance in your life and allow the good vibes to flow into your life.

June 22. (Jupiter-12/Uranus-8) This is the trend that began last week where unexpected surprises and uncovering of deep unconscious desires work in your favour. You’ll note that the third wheel of this trend is you home, and these two areas will shake up that part of your chart as well. You may be thinking of selling your home or renovating it or transforming it to accommodate this unexpected turn of events which may include coming into money through a partnership. Saturn’s return to your 3rd house on the 16th removes it’s limiting structure from your home sector until September, so whatever plans you may have, whether buying a home or selling it, it will be open season and you will be free to carry through these plans with less restrictions.

June 23. (Moon-1/Pluto-5) Your inner creative resourcefulness, creativity, or children will bring you happiness and harmony this week. Others will be able to see you better through your projects or hobbies and will react favourably. Conversely, you will feel as though you are able to show your truest self through your creative projects. They will be a reflection of everything that you are.

June 26. (Moon-2/Jupiter-12) Financially, this is a great aspect and abundance or wisdom will come from behind the scenes, such as someone helping you to achieve what you need.

Even though you may also feel attached to your belongings, you may nevertheless donate to help others, such as giving donations, food or clothes.

(Moon-2/Uranus-8) You may have an emotional reaction to some unexpected news regarding joint resources, venture, or a commitment such as a loan, a payment, or monies owed to you. Behind-the-scene luck will temper this opposition.

June 27. (Sun-11/North Node-2) With the Sun now in your sector of social life, friends, groups, and associations, you may find it hard to maintain your focus on your mission to being materially secure by your own means. However, you may make some important new contacts or acquaintances which going forward will be conducive to the balance you need to achieve in your mission toward learning 2nd house lessons.

June 28. (Venus-12/Uranus-8) Venus working behind the scenes will send favourable beams to Uranus in the 8th house, or vice versa. You will see an increase in finances coming from other people’s money, including inheritances, winning a jackpot, or money coming from a partner. You will be extremely pleased with this development in your life.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between siblings, your community, communication, responsibilities, discipline, creativity, subconscious, vocation, inner creativity and balance, and joint resources.

The last days of this most amazing month fall at the beginning of this week leading into July on Wednesday. You will be in touch with siblings, neighbours and extended family, whether it’s phone calls, emails, or short visits. They may be calling to congratulate you on your latest accomplishments! On Tuesday, you may just experience the most wonderful day of the year when Venus dances with Jupiter. You will reap the benefits of Karma and will feel extremely lucky and thankful for all that you receive.

June 29. (Moon-3/Saturn-3) The Moon and Saturn find each other in the 3rd house of communication, siblings and community. You may hear news from a sibling, most likely a sister, with some news that may bring back some hard memories or hidden information to the surface. It will be an emotional start to the end of a wonderful month.

(Venus-12/Uranus-8) Venus is in your 12th house working behind the scenes to bring harmony to your subconscious thoughts. Love , harmony, and a balanced state of mind will be achieved with unexpected news coming from partners regarding joint resources.

Jupiter is also in the 12th house within Venus’ reach and lucky for you this is such a favourable aspect that the unexpected news you may receive may just blow your socks off! Jupiter is also dancing with Uranus so it will most definitely seem incredible. Believe it because this month has been so packed with good news, you’ll be pinching yourself to make sure it’s all real.

(Venus-12/Jupiter-12) It’s all very real with Venus taking Jupiter by the hand on the last day of the month to end the month with a bang! You could not get any luckier than this, and it could all be happening behind the scenes on your behalf, but you will feel its benefits to the fullest!

The Moon is in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, so you will enjoy and be celebrating this bountiful abundance, luck, joy and good cheer!

Venus and Uranus are still dancing together as well, and the unexpected news you hear may be tied to that hidden creative talent that you have. You will have carte blanche to feeling a little self-indulgent as you end this awesome month, even if it is only Tuesday.

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