June 2015 Horoscope – Taurus


The month of June will be one of the best month of the year! The aspects and influences are so positive and favourable. It will be quite a change from the most recent months that saw hard angles and oppositions between different sectors of your life. 

The planets that are found in the 2nd house are where we find material security, peace of mind, and talk to that which we become attached. The Sun, Mars and Mercury are in this house for the better part of the month, only to move on from here in the last week of June. You are concerned with the way you will build upon your material security and your possessions, and this usually involves your self-esteem and self-worth. The 2nd house also looks at how and what you value in your partner. 

The latter part of the month will turn its attention to different methods of communicating, including emails, letters, texts, and phone calls. Your community, neighbours, and extended family such as grandparents, aunts and uncles will be in the spotlight.

June 1 – 7. Interaction between material security, personal values, and your possessions, the North Node, home, family dynamic, joint ventures, interconnection with others, partnerships, and relationships.

The month begins with your focus on material security, personal values, and self-worth possibly in connection to your home and your parents. The family dynamic will come into play as well as any commitments in your life, and deep interconnections with your partner. Your partnership and close relationships will also be important during this week. The influences will be so positive this month, that you will feel as though you are making great strides toward the kind of life you are seeking. 

June 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-2/North Node-6) Your current mission or soul lessons until November 2015 are found in the area of your life that governs your health, your work environment, and daily routine.

if you have your North Node in the sixth house, explore healing, body image, nutrition, fitness and self discipline and the meaning of work in your life. Strive for work efficiency and productivity, and take part in organization and planning.Your lessons are to learn how you can be of service to others.

An idea, thought or plan you have to increase your material security will come from your path toward learning to serve others through the healing of the body and connected to health and/or nutrition.

June 3. (Moon-8/Mars-2) Your aggressive pursuit for material security is causing an emotional reaction with the Moon journeying through the opposite area of your chart that has to do with joint resources and ventures. Any commitment or partner will push against your aggressive actions. The 2nd house also deals with the way you value your partner, and you may be quite forceful in your desire to achieve material security that it is causing a ripple in your close relationships, or with current commitments you have.

(Moon-8/Jupiter-4) However, the abundance, luck and expansion on the home front and within the family dynamic especially in connection to older persons with whom you share joint resources.

(Mars-2/Jupiter-4) You will find that your passion and assertive attitude to achieving material security and to increasing your income will be closely connected to your home and the family dynamic. You will notice abundance in those areas of your life. You will be appreciative of the things you have and own.

June 6. (Venus-3/Saturn-8) Saturn in your house of joint resources, ventures and public monies will keep your generosity in balance because with your ruler Jupiter in the 8th house, you are quite generous in your commitments. With Venus in your 3rd house of community, you may see a gift or a reward from your community, sibling, or extended family as a result of your careful planning of joint resources.

June 8 – 14. Interaction between home, family dynamic, your unconscious or repressed dreams, friends, social objectives, future possibilities, your community, neighbours, siblings, extended family, and the North Node (your current mission). 

Your home, family dynamic, community, extended family and communications of all kinds will be a part of this week’s foray of events. Your social life is about to be activated and friends, groups and personal objectives will be part and parcel of this injection of energy into your 11th house. Your current mission in the 6th house is also highlighted where your future is pulling you toward being of service to others, to be involved in the area of health, of yours and of others. 

June 8, 9. (Sun-2/Jupiter-4) With the Sun’s focus on your material security, the things that you value most, and your attitude toward your significant other, your home life and the basic foundation of your where you feel you belong will all fall into place.

(Mars-2/Uranus-12) Your passion and assertive action in your 2nd house of material security will be congruent with your earlier repressed and unconscious dreams. Your 12th house is where you are breaking away from what you were told you couldn’t do when you were young. Your quest is to gain independence and freedom when those earlier instances of self-expression may have been pushed away. Your assertion may come from those hidden or intangible restrictions that you feel but have no way of knowing where they come from.

(Moon-11/Neptune-11) As the Moon journeys through your 11th house and  joins forces with Neptune, you may have a moment of clarity and experience an inspirational thought or idea that will feel like music to your ears, or art to your senses. Your social objectives are usually a little vague and the people you attract are usually like-minded and through whom you receive deep insight and inspiration. The energy directed toward the people you associate with or the groups you belong to help you to define yourself on a personal level. With Neptune in this area, you have a tendency to have the selfless desire to help your friends or groups.

June 10. (Mercury-2/Venus-3) An idea you have or contribution that you make will be beneficial to your community, your siblings, or extended family and you will receive a gift, recognition or reward for your generosity and idea.

June 11. (Sun-2/Uranus-12) The Sun’s focus is on your material security, your most precious values, and your possessions. The Sun sends its rays to Uranus in your 12th house and illuminates that which was pushed away or diminished. You will have an unexpected a-ha moment that uncovers some of your deepest unconscious desires.

(Moon-12/North Node-6) Knowledge or hidden information that is revealed will bring about an emotional reaction within you and may detract from your soul path and lessons of the 6th house of health, service to others, and your work routine. Do not allow this to distract you for too long as the Moon’s influence is fleeting. A few days from now Venus will soothe your thoughts and get you back on tract.

June 12. (Sun-2/Moon-12) The Sun will again illuminate the 12th house and the Moon. This time emotions that surface will bring you peace of mind. You will have inspiring thoughts and you will feel as though your repressed dreams are on the verge of being fulfilled. Your dreams will be congruent with your dreams of material security.

June 13. (Venus-4/North Node-6) Venus entered into the 4th house and brings harmony to your home, family dynamic and foundation. This influence affects favourably your soul path of being of service to others and to explore the meaning of your work.

Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

Saturn retrogrades back into your 7th house of relationships and partnership. The lessons that you learned during the 2-3 years it was stationed there are back for review and reassessment. This will be the last time that Saturn has to make sure that the lessons have been learned. The influence is back only in the form of a review rather than inciting the harsh events of its longer and previous visit to this part of your chart.

June 15 – 21. Interaction between material security, values, community, communication, siblings, extended family, your unconscious desires, home, family, roots, and the North Node.

This week will focus on your material security, the things you love and cherish, how you feel about your possessions, and your attitude toward your partner or those you love. If you have siblings, they will also partake in this week, or you are sure to hear from them. There may be a gathering in your home or your parents home. And, last but not least, from your unconscious desires, dreams and past, the path will lead you to your future karma. 

New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 2nd house of material security and feelings, the things you value, your self-worth and self-esteem, and your attitude toward your partner.

June 16. (Jupiter-4/Uranus-12) It seems that your home or family dynamic is expanding, so either your home is about to get bigger, or you may have some family moving into your space. Or, if you’re younger, you may just have found a new place to live, thus giving you more space. You may also have moved to another country which would be Jupiter’s influence as it involves distance, travel, and foreign cultures. Uranus is a mixed bag and with it’s influence in your 12th house, you may also be tapping into hidden potential, unconscious desires or repressed dreams you may have had to put aside until now.

June 18. (Moon-3/Pluto-9) There is a division of emotions and reactions to the opposition of your wanting or needing to be close to home against the transformation in your life concerning changes in your core beliefs, matters that are at a distance, the desire to travel and see the world in order to gather experiences to enhance your knowledge. Your emotions, reactions or fears (or even siblings and extended family) would probably prefer you do this closer to home. You could be thinking, “What am I doing so far away from home?” This is a fleeting influence with the Moon only staying a few days in each sector before moving on. You may see this influence by way of emails, letters, or phone calls. If you settle their feelings or yours by realizing that this transformation is inevitable and necessary to your growth as a person, you will restore the balance in their or your own fears.

(Mercury-2/North Node-6) Ideas on how to increase your income or reach a level of material security will come to you through activity in your work environment. Your path until November is to learn how to reach others and be of service to them. Some examples of how you may do this would be through health or holistic means, by serving your customers or clients promptly, taking into account your customers or clients when making day-to-day decisions.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between home, family dynamic, unconscious desires, creative pursuits, romance, children, travel, learning, core beliefs, outlook on life, and the North Node.

There will be a positive dynamic within your home and family (those who live with you become your ‘family’). Romance is also in the air, and you may even meet someone while on holiday. Your core beliefs and outlook on life is going through a major transformation. You will be inspired by your dreams to follow your creative pursuits or your inner resourcefulness. If you have children, they will be a part of your enjoyment this week with fun activities around the house, and may even have the chance for some leisure time.

(Jupiter-4/Uranus-12) You continue to have Jupiter and Uranus at your back, bringing you the abundance, the space, the luck, the education and the support you need to feel secure within your space while Uranus injects some unexpected but positive twists and turns along the way to awaken your hidden talents and to bring your unconscious dreams to the surface.

You also have someone older or more knowledgeable who will provide you with guidance.

June 22. (Moon-5/Pluto-9) This is the house of true love and creative pursuits,as well as people younger than you, or children. The Moon will uncover something hidden, perhaps you’ll find out that someone has a crush on you, or you will get an inspiration to create something musical or artistic. Your inner resourcefulness will surface and be apparent even if you don’t think you have any artistic or musical talents. This inspiration or intuition you receive will help you in your quest or journey toward expanding your knowledge, broadening your horizons, and rebuilding your core beliefs.

June 26. (Moon-6/Jupiter-4)There may be a reaction within your work environment that will carry through into your home. Perhaps you decide to entertain some of your colleagues at your home. You will have all of the abilities to do so and it will be successful. Communication at home and at work are flowing and you may get some advice from someone you live with on how to manage any kind of emotional reaction you may experience on the work front.

(Moon-6/Uranus-12) There may be an emotional reaction from you on the work front because of a unique way of handling matters. You may feel a bit of contradiction within yourself or your colleagues may react to this unique point of view or manner of handling your work schedule.

June 27. (Sun-3/North Node-6) The sun is shining its light on your immediate environment, where you live, participate with siblings and extended family, neighbours, and communication. You may receive an email, letter, or phone call from your sibling that may have you concerned, and wondering whether you have chosen the right path for the kind of work you are doing.

June 28. (Sun-2/North Node-6) You may have a couple of days where the activity taking place in your community is taking precedence to your being of service to others. It may be that you are unable to communicate clearly what it is you would like to say regarding an issue within your work environment or to a colleague.

Interestingly, the Sun caught between the South and North node represents a pressing issue in the path from your past to your future that was skipped. In this case, it would seem that you were caught in the world of your unconscious and subconscious, dealing with your own self-undoing or repressed life, and now in this lifetime, your karmic highway is leading you to being more conscious, more ‘here’ and physical. The Sun in a square to the North Node from the house of communication is probably pointing to an issue with voicing your feelings and remaining in the repressed state of the 12th house. This inner tension is what may be causing some conflict within you.

(Venus-4/Uranus-12) The conflict between the Sun and the North Node is tempered with all the other positive aspects surrounding it. Venus represents harmony, love, togetherness, and comfort and you will find that in your home, most likely from your mother (or a female you live with) and this good feeling coming from them will release some of that tension. You may even receive a beautiful gift.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between partnerships, close relationships, home family dynamic, and unconscious desires.

The beginning of the week marks the final days of the month and these two days are so very wonderful and impacted by the interactions between you and your partner, close friends or alliances, your deepest unconscious desires, and good news coming from your home.

June 29. (Venus-4/Uranus-12) You may receive an unexpected gift that will enlighten the subconscious and unsconcious desires within you.

June 30. (Venus-4/Jupiter-4) The last day of the month will bring great reward and abundance to your home. You will be able to build a strong foundation from these beneficial influences.

You will have to pinch yourself to wonder where all this abundance is coming from. Jupiter the giver of abundance and Venus the giver of love and harmony, and also gifts, in the form of art, music and money.

A gift of knowledge and wisdom may come from an older woman. And, even though this positive influence comes from you home base, it may have something to do with your career, which sits directly opposite, and thus is also impacted from this wonderful aspect. Suffice it to say that this gift will be appreciated and completely unexpected.

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