June 2015 Horoscope – Scorpio


June will be focused on the 8th house of new life and restoration. It places its attention on joint resources and income, partner’s money or successes, desires, security, public monies, interconnection with others, and commitments. The latter part of the month will then shift its awareness to the 9th house of learning, knowledge, extending boundaries and horizons, faith, core beliefs, exchange of ideas and distribution of thoughts such as publishing, and travel.

This month will bring you everything and more that you have hoped to accomplish concerning your life with matters closely connected to your future ambitions, your partners, and commitments (including joint ventures). Your horizons are broadening and your core beliefs and things that include the distribution of your thoughts, such as spreading your message beyond your immediate boundaries through publishing, which includes things like writing a blog.

People, your career and your creative source will be paramount to moving you forward in the direction that you wish to take in your life. This month seems to mark the beginning of a new way of life for you. Make the most of this truly wonderful month!

June 1 – 7. Interaction between joint resources, inheritance, security in commitments, public monies, interconnection with others, the North Node, thoughts, ideas, communication, plans, forward movement, action, material security, career and public life.

The first week of June will be about the things you own together, whether in business or in love, security in these commitments, as well as a closer connection to these partners as a result. You will also be balancing the lessons of your 2nd house of self-worth and security within yourself. This needs to be balanced in contrast to the security you feel within your partnership or other commitments. Your ambitions and plans will also be in the limelight and you may find yourself in the public eye as a result of your hard work. 

June 1, 2, 3. Mercury-8/North Node-12) Your current mission is located in your 12th house where dreams that were let go of when you were younger may come up for discussion with your partner.

June 3. You may also analyze these repressed dreams that are resurfacing, and you may have luck delving into what you may have let go.

(Moon-2/Mars-8) You may react emotionally to the security that is offered you from close interactions with your partner. Your partner may be wanting more commitment, but you’re still trying to pave the way for your own independent security. You may be up against someone else’s value system and are standing up to your own.

(Moon-2/Jupiter-10) You will react emotionally to the growth taking place in your career. You may get a raise and this will augment your material success, and raises your feelings of security.

June 5. (Mars-8/Jupiter-10) You will be driven to act upon the opportunities that come to you regarding your career. Working together with others will result in good outcomes when it comes to career and the higher ups will notice. There may be some minor pitfalls but the results will be tangible and concrete.

June 6. (Venus-10/Saturn-2) Venus in your house of career will bestow accolades and kudos to you for work well done, and for your creativity and discipline connected to practical vision. Saturn in your 2nd house makes you conservative, practical and disciplined and this will work well with the practical vision you need at work.

June 7, The appearance of Venus in your career house may bring you a raise in income, recognition, or standing in your public life. Saturn in your house of material security keeps you conservative and disciplined with your own money, so even if you receive a promotion in your career, you will maintain your limitations and keep a tight lid on your expenses.

June 8 – 14. Interaction between career, public life, joint resources, commitment, daily work environment and routine, and creative pursuits.

The week will involve your life outside your home, your career, and that which you give back to society. This may come in the form of actually doing something that helps others, or just simply your hard work being of benefit to others. The 10th house involves what we give back to society. You will be working together with colleagues and clients, as well as pursuing your creative source and tapping into your inner resourcefulness. It is such a good week where everything seems to fall into place and into your lap.

June 8. (Sun-8/Jupiter-10) You will have a deeper commitment in connection to your career and to working closely with others. The result of this commitment and joint venture will result in concrete and tangible consequences and outcome.

(Mars-8/Uranus-6) This energy has the potential to be volatile unless it is harnessed and put to good and positive use. The 8th house is all about growth and change, beginnings and endings and with Mars in this area as a pioneering force, will mark a beginning. Uranus is causing disruption in your 6th house, so you’ll find that your work environment is constantly changing.

June 9. (Moon-5/Neptune-5) You have the source of inspiration and intuition in your house of creative pursuits, pleasure, romance and children. This is the house where you delve in the activities that you enjoy and the things that you create. Security comes in the form of satisfying your ‘inner child’ and your cravings. The Moon will bring out things that were hidden and you will react emotionally to this insight.

June 10. (Mercury-8/Venus-10) Mercury in the house of analysis, desires, and joint resources brings ideas and plans almost intuitively and will bring words of encouragement and harmony. A woman or a promotion in your area of career will help to bring value to your career.

June 11. (Sun-8/Uranus-6) Unexpected developments or changes in the 6th house brings about results in the 8th house. The 8th house includes beginnings and endings and with the Sun in the 8th, there is a new beginning as the result of the end of a situation.

Mercury retrograde is over and the influences that caused things to go askew are now going back to direct motion.

(Moon-6/North Node-12) The moon is journeying through the 6th house where you will feel certain emotions. You may have a me-first reaction to something you learn in your work environment. This emotional reaction will push you to change things up in your daily work routine. Someone older may give you some advice that goes against your soul path which is focused in your 12th house. Your current mission is about receiving, learning and coming to terms with the culmination of circumstances in your life. You are to uncover some of those dreams or creativity that has remained repressed and bring them out to light. You will find great reward and opportunity if you do.

June 12. (Sun-8/Moon-6) You may meet someone with whom you work very well together. There is also a possibility that you will make a commitment to a health or work routine. This development will bring about great results.

Neptune goes retrograde until November in your 5th house. This will magnify its influence in the house of creative pursuits. Your intuition and inspiration will be even more potent during this influence. You will be able to go to places through your imagination like never before.

(Sun-8/Mars-8) You have the energy to bring about the results you would like to achieve regarding joint resources, researching, interconnecting with others, or anything to do with public monies, such as money owed or received.

(Moon-6/Mars-8) The Moon is in your work environment means you will react emotionally to something that happens there, however, Mars will come up with a solution. Your exuberance may come across as assertive and slightly aggressive but all should end well given that the influences are positive.

June 13. (Venus-10/North Node-12) Communication between these two areas of your life is excellent and so is the cooperation. Developments taking place in your career house may give you the confidence to tap into that hidden potential of yours. The results will be tangible and visible.

June 14. Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

Saturn retrogrades into your first house where it was before December 2014 ensconced there for almost 3 years. It will be a period of revisiting, reviewing, and reassessing your Self, how you come across to others, your self-discipline and the things that you consider to be of value to your quality of life. 

June 15 – 21. Interaction between joint resources, commitment, security, inheritance, partner’s money, and interconnection with others.

This week focuses again on a new direction in your life, your joint resources and ventures as well as your deepest commitments. You will feel as though you are at the threshold of a completely new way of living, partnering and moving forward into the future. There will be ideas, and new and innovative ways of going about your work routine, You will be lucky and feel the abundance flowing toward your career and ambitions. 

June 15. (Sun-8/Mars-8) Focus and energy are in the house of joint resources, commitment, and security in the joining of resources. The actions that are taken will result in favourable results. A partner may be quite persuasive in his commitment to join forces and resources.

June 16. New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 8th house of revitalization, new life, joint resources, and deep interconnection with others. In the house of beginning and conclusion of affairs, you will notice that if and when one door closes, a new one shall open up for you.

June 16. (Jupiter-10/Uranus-6) The influences of these two planets are connected to the development in the area of your work environment and an expansion in the area of career, public life, and practical vision. Look to the house of material security to see where you will also benefit from the influences of these forces.

June 18. (Moon-9/Pluto-3) Amidst this wonderful month, you will feel just a feather of a glitch when the Moon crosses your 9th house and opposes Pluto in your 3rd house. It is the opposition between the knowledge you gather from afar, or from being around people of a different culture and the education or information you amass from your immediate community. You may feel divided between the influences from these two areas of your life.

(Mercury-8/North Node-12) You will garner information from deep within to help you uncover or discover your current mission or soul path, found in the 12th house. The 8th house is about regeneration and change, and you may experience a sudden change as in a change in consciousness or thought through your interaction with others. The 12th house is where you unlock the secret or hidden part of you that sometimes lays dormant until you awaken it.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between daily work environment, career, authority, friends, groups, future possibilities, community, siblings, communication, subconscious, dreams, sacrifice and North Node. 

This week brings forth attention on your environments that involves others, career and matters of authority, friends and support groups, community and siblings/extended family, as well as the things you do for others, the sacrifice you make for others, such as the time you give to help another. You may also find your dreams or unconscious desires drifting to the surface, and with your North Node in the 12th house, it will behoove you to pay attention to these dreams or prompts, as you may have repressed or pushed them aside. The North Node asks that you pay attention to the area of your life in which it is placed because this is where you will find your true purpose. 

June 22. Jupiter-10/Uranus-6) Your ambitions and personal status has Jupiter at its back providing you with the resources to give back to society, whether through elevated status, authority, or by cooperating with others. Uranus in your 6th house is the source of disruption and unexpected circumstances within your work environment, whether it affects you directly or indirectly. In this case, this influence will impact your career because you are able to deal with these disruptions in a professional manner.

June 23. (Moon- 11/Pluto-3) Pluto in your 3rd house of self expression has given you the power to delve deeply into any sort of learning you can accomplish through your involvement with your community. The Moon journeying through your house of social objectives, you may hear something from a friend or an acquaintance that will bring to light a piece of information that may have been missing from your awareness of your immediate surrounding.

June 26. (Moon-12/Jupiter-10) On Friday, the moon has left your house of social objectives and has entered your house of your subconscious and you will feel this by your mood and your wish to withdraw within yourself and your dreams. This is the house of inspiration so although you turn inwardly to get your knowledge, this intuitive feeling or inspiring thought will help you in your career. Your inspired thinking will be appreciated by higher ups and may further your ambitions.

At the same time, the Moon will oppose and cause some division or uncertainty within you to the changeability of the circumstances of the 6th house caused by Uranus’ presence. Though this is transitory since the influence is coming from the moon, and therefore your mood or emotion, you may feel a little tired by the daily grind. You may be pushing yourself a little too hard, despite the positive influences of this wonderful month. It’s the end of the week, so try to slow down and recoup your energy. There may be a sudden development that raises some issue in your consciousness. You may be searching for that unique perspective and this incident may make you feel stifled. But, this is transitory with the effect causing a minor ripple in your emotions.

Jupiter in your house of ambition, status, and career still has your back and you can turn this sudden development in your favour.

June 27. On Saturday, you will again feel a hard angle to the North Node and your current mission with the Sun placing your energy and focus in your house of dreams, travel and higher learning. These are both houses of learning, and yet they are at a hard angle to one another. When planets are placed within, they cause a certain amount of tension that forces us to act upon the circumstances or thoughts that are creating this unease. Your philosophy or outlook in life may not be congruent with your unconscious desires and therefore you need to look within yourself to see where the discrepancy lies.

June 28. (Venus-10/Uranus-6) Your wish to make a difference or to be unique in your approach in your daily work routine will earn you kudos from someone in authority. The 6th house of the house of physical health, and this approach may be linked to a new routine you have discovered to boost your health. This praise may come from a female or may be a gift that will further your ambitions. Remember that you still have the influence of Jupiter at your back in your house of aspirations. What you wish for will expand.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between Self, image, personality, restriction, change, discipline, career and work environment.

The last week of June ends with the last two days of June. It has been an awesome month filled with positive vibrations, amazing results, and heart-warming connections with others. 

June 29. (Moon-1/Saturn-1) Saturn will sidle up to the Moon, having journeyed back to your 1st house to stay from June 14 until September. On Monday, you will feel Saturn’s influence on an emotional level. It is a transitory feeling nevertheless you will feel its impact.

You may be thinking “Oh my gosh, do I really have to go through these lessons again?” Well, whenever a major planet has done its work in a certain area of your life, it will come back to review, reassess and revisit this area to make sure that you have really learned those lessons. If there are any holes or stones left unturned, this will be the time when they are uncovered and dealt with one last time.

For Scorpio it was in the area of your Self, your image, the way others perceive you or the way you want to be perceived. The quality of your life is important to you and Saturn is here to help you put those structures into place. And, yes, Saturn’s lessons and authoritative ways are a little harsh but they bring you to a much higher level of consciousness and discipline. However, as a revisit to this area, the tests are not as harsh. This will be for your benefit in the long voyage of your life’s lessons to help you on your journey.

(Venus-10/Uranus-6) Uranus and Venus will have your back this week when it comes to your career and your daily work routine and health. You will be able to handle any glitches or disturbances in your routine or from your colleagues and have it work to your advantage. These circumstances may be unexpected but they will be favourable in outcome as authority figures will notice your hard work and professionalism.

June 30. (Venus-10/Jupiter-10) This will be a day when you will pinch yourself to find out whether the good things that are taking place are truly happening. Venus and Jupiter are dancing hand in hand and you could not ask for a more abundant and love-filled day. The last day of the month, even though it falls on a Tuesday, will bring praise, a raise in status whether by promotion or money or a new job, good news, harmony, love, luck, and abundance! This will spread to all parts of your chart as it touches the part of your chart that deals with ambition, aspirations, your career and what you can give back to society as a result. The act of giving back to others results in more coming back to you!

You will most definitely feel this influence as the month of June comes to an end. The moon in Sagittarius in your 2nd house will boost your feelings of material security with this influence. You like to be self sufficient and to be your own boss, Sagittarius represents freedom, and therefore any sort of influence which furthers this ability will make you soar to the heights of happiness.

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