June 2015 Horoscope – Sagittarius


In June, Your focus will be on your marriage, partnerships, close relationships, contracts, anything that involves living, working or partnering with someone else, or any kind of binding contract, which in essence is a relationship, such as a lawyer, agent, or even an accountant.

Your focus will then shift to your interaction with others, your commitments, beginnings and endings, life cycles, joint resources and ventures, and other people’s money, which includes, banks, money owed, loans, bills, insurance, taxes.

This is the part of the solar year where you build on your experiences and on responsive processes. This is how you process and think about organizational dynamics — the patterns of interaction between people — for example, patterns of dependency or conformity.

This month is an amazing and positive month for everyone. There hasn’t been a month filled with such positive and sweet aspects in a long time. You will want to take advantage of its encouraging influences. I’m so happy to report such a good month for everyone. There are some adverse influences, of course, but these will feel like a breeze in comparison to the difficult influences that we have all been dealing with lately. 

June 1 – 7. Interaction between the North Node (your current mission), marriage or partnerships, Self, travel, legal matters, and your outlook on life.

The first week of June will focus on your current mission in your 11th house of social objectives: friendships, groups or associations. It is also the house of humanitarian causes. This is your soul path and is where you will receive support, rewards, and opportunities if you balance this area of your life. This is the path that pulls you toward your future, forces you to get outside your level of comfort (which lies in your 5th house of inner resourcefulness) and has you reaching out to others. This is where you find your true self outside of your romantic liaisons, where you will form your future by inventing something using your creativity, and where you may find your soul mates (in friendship and love.) This current life work will be yours to balance until November 2015 when it will shift to your 10th house. 

Remember that your natal North Node is most likely different than this transitory one. For example, my current mission lies in the 2nd house of material security, self-worth, and security from within, while my natal North Node is in Cancer in the 11th house of social objectives: friendships and support groups as well as future possibilities. These are the two areas that I have to work on that will pull me toward my future. 

June 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-7/North Node-11) Again you will see the influence of this aspect and perhaps in a different manner during the month of June. You or your partner may come up with an idea on how your partnership will evolve. This may involve joining a group or groups that will help you achieve these ideas. The North Node is your mission to join with others and that is where you will find your greatest reward. It could be a reading group, an exercise or yoga class, a meditation group, or simply a group of people that are going through the same things as you.

If you and/or your partner needs to get counselling, this influence or aspect shows me that you are both open to this and your partnership will reap the benefits.

Your partner may have some news for you, or you may have some for them. It is a ease aspect so I’m seeing positive returns on this news, however with Mars nearby, this news may have a touch of the confrontational or be quite assertive. In other words, though this news may be positive, it is one which will demand some kind of action. However, you or your partner will seem to be open to this course of action!

On the 2nd, there is a full moon which will bring a culmination to affairs or to a cycle. with positive influences around, this may be a step in the right direction, which will end a previous cycle of frustration.

Your focus will now be to yourself and what is best for you!

June 3. (Moon-1/Mars-7) You may be reacting emotionally and feeling some opposition to your partner’s assertiveness. He or she may be a little pushy or coming up with ideas for you.

(Moon-1/Jupiter-9) You may be feeling good about yourself and be in contact with others that are at a distance.

June 5. (Mars-7/Jupiter-9) The energy of your relationship would do well by stretching its boundaries, whether it’s your relationship to yourself or to your partner. You will feel a great surge of energy either from you, your partner, or your synergy together.

June 6. With Mercury close to your Sun and Mars, there will be much discussion within your relationships and partners, as well as alliances through contracts.You will find a great deal of abundance coming from these relationships.

(Venus-9/Saturn-1) The discipline and restrictions placed on your Self are rewarded with some gift or recompense will come from widening your horizons, from a distance, or from someone of a different culture of your own.

In connection with your career, you may get an offer from afar.

June 8 – 14. Travel, international liaisons, romance, projects, children, partnerships, close relationships, home or parents, and the North Node.

This week will bring forth thoughts of travel and going beyond your immediate boundaries. Romance, your creative source, children and partnerships will also  be on your mind. Your home environment and your current mission will also feature and bring you a most wonderful atmosphere to your life. The hardships of last month will seem to melt away with all these positive vibrations. If there was not enough romance in your partnerships, you will experience this. You will feel inspired and also feel a real connection with your children or with younger persons in your life. Your parents or a parent will be there to support you.

June 8. (Sun-7/Jupiter-9) The focus on your closest relationships and partnership will bring you expansive rewards, abundance and happiness. If you’re not in a relationship, partnership, or marriage, you may meet someone while you’re on a trip or someone from a different culture.

(Mars-7/Uranus-5) The energy coming from your relationships and partnerships will animate your personal projects, your children, or helping you find a way to enjoy the things in life that you love. You realize that working with others close to you will bring you joy and positive returns.

Uranus may bring you a surprise from a child: a visit or a message from them will brighten your day!

June 9. (Moon-4/Neptune-4) This is a feminine and intuitive influence. Though this is a positive aspect, there are many nuances to the Moon and Neptune. There are several different kinds of ways this can play out.

You will be finely in tune with the energy of your home and this may bring you some deeply moving inspiration for you to deal with some of the memories that come up from your childhood.

You may have been dealing with some compromising habits or patterns and you will get a burst of inspiration on how to deal with this! This is an energy that blends with you and you will find positive people to surround yourself with. These people could even feel like an extended family.

June 11. (Moon-5/North Node-11) There may be some opposition from your need to spend with projects and children, and your own personal creative resources, but remember that your friends and outside groups also provide you with balance. Your mission to lean on others will cause you a bit of tension today, but it is only temporary and will last only a couple of days.

(Mercury-7/Venus-9) You will hear from friends who live afar, and it may be some great news! You may get an idea from a close relationship or partner regarding travel, things from afar, or about expanding your boundaries.

June 12. (Sun-7/Moon-5) Your focus is on your close relationships, and some of these close relationships may include your children. You will notice some real and concrete consequences as a result of the effort in this area of your life.

Neptune goes retrograde in your house of home and parents today and this influence will last until November 2015. In general, the influence taking place in this area of your life will magnify or highlight matters connected to imagination, intuition, inspiration, art, music ideas, ideals, trends, mysticism, and dreams.

It may also bring up the weaker aspects of this planet such as escapism, addiction, compromising habits, hidden matters, or deception.

This will be your chance to review, analyze and evaluate the influences that help or compromise you. You will be that much stronger and further ahead by the time that Neptune goes back to direct motion in November. Listen to your inner voice and mind and grab those inspirational moments with both hands. If you have been subconsciously sabotaging your self or your family life, take control of that and deal with those ideas and rise above them. 

(Sun-7/Mars-7) You will metaphorically grab the bull by its horns. Your relationships will give you energy and confidence.

(Moon-5/Mars-7) The energy in your relationships will also send positive vibes to your personal projects and/or children. If you’re enjoying some leisurely moments with those close to you, it may be going to a sporting event, or enjoying something physical, such as enjoying a bike ride together, or working on a project together, or doing something with your children to bring you closer.

June 13. (Venus-7/North Node-11) Your friends, most likely female friends, will want to get together and this will be very good for your mission, for the lessons of the 11th house you are meant to learn until November. The moon is in Taurus lending a balanced mood, and ruled by Venus as well, will infuse your day with gifts, laughter, harmony, and love. Your friends will be there for you, and you will feel their love and support.

June 14. Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

Saturn reenters your 12th house of your unconscious desires, sacrifice, repressed dreams, mental well-being. Until September, Saturn will be back to review, reassess, and revisit the themes that were a part of your life for 2-3 years until December 2014. You may be thinking “Oh no, not again!” This will be a time where you will review how far you’ve come with the lessons and tribulations you had to deal with. Retrogrades are usually felt more on an inner level and therefore in this period of review, you will go over the structures that you put into place during that time, and if you missed any area, this will be the time to set it in place once and for all. An example of this could be that if there were any parts of you that you kept repressed from your childhood and it still hasn’t fully come out above the surface, such as something you’ve always wanted to do, this will be your moment to look into it further. This is your house of undiscovered potential so make sure that you have not pushed that under a stone before Saturn takes its final leave.

June 15 – 21. Interaction between partnerships, love, travel, expanding boundaries, surprises, children, romance, enjoyment, personal values, and your mission.

This week you will enjoy all of the interaction with partners, close relationships, children, projects, and activities you enjoy. These will be the focus for the week. It is another very positive week during an already amazing month, with only one tiny opposition to deal with between your personal values and material security, and the commitments you have, such as joint resources, bills, insurance, or loans. This opposition will be fleeting to last only about a day and half. You may have a bill to pay but you will find the means to come up with this money. Your help may come from your partner or someone close to you will lend you the money if needed.

New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 7th house of marriage, partners, close relationships, and contractual matters. 

June 15, June 16. You can use or take advantage of this new moon to begin a new cycle in your partnerships, marriage or close alliances. This influence is in effect for up to two weeks and is a great time to begin new projects and new activities. If your relationships need your focus or a boost, these days are perfect for spending more time with those closest to you.

June 16-30. You will feel abundance. luck, and good vibes and you may even receive a surprise message from one of your children or your romantic interest or true love! If this abundance is related to your work, your creative resourcefulness will be recognized and you may even get a surprise request where a hobby may turn into a new source of abundance in your life.

June 18. (Moon-8/Pluto-2) The moon will cross your 8th house during the next couple of days and there may be an emotional reaction to a commitment you have made. If this commitment, whether it’s a bill, a loan, or even something related to a joint venture, it may not coincide with your big plan regarding material security. This opposition may be felt for example if you’re saving for a holiday, or for a downpayment to a house, this bill or loan will feel like a thorn in your side for a few hours. No worries, it’s such a good month that this will be a fleeting source of tension as you will find the means to take care of it.

June 18-20. (Mercury-7/North Node-11) An idea from a close friend or alliance will bring positive vibes and a favourable outcome to your mission, or the lessons from your 11th house of friends, alliances and groups. Remember that you do not have to go it alone. Join with others and reap the rewards and the opportunities that present themselves to you.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between romance, creativity, children, projects, travel, distant lands, foreign cultures, broadening horizons, career, material security, personal values, friends, and the North Node.

This week will bring a joyous note of abundance, expansion, and more surprises in your area of romance, tapping into your creative source, and children. It will feel like an expansive week with things bursting to life in all areas of your life. Your emotions regarding your career will feel in sync with your plans for material security where you may come up with an unconventional idea of how to promote a product that you sell or offer. All these influences will be beneficial to you, even the unanticipated circumstances.

June 23. (Moon-10/Pluto-2) The Moon is crossing your career house where there will be an emotional reaction to your career or working life. Your emotions are in sync with the material security you seek. At some point, the Moon will cross the star Denebola and will bring some unconventional ideas or a different way of seeing the world. This unconventional idea that helps you may come from a change in or addition to your work routine.

June 26. (Moon-11/Jupiter-9) The Moon is now journeying through your sector of friendship, groups and future potential. On Friday, it will aspect Jupiter which will bring abundance, a spreading of goodwill and luck, and a new outlook on life. Some hidden matters may come to light, especially from your friends or groups, but this is something that will be advantageous to you.

(Moon-11/Uranus-5) At the same time, you may experience a little bit of tension, again fleeting, of the unpredictable aspect coming from romantic interests, children, projects or leisure time. Time spent with friends or groups may encroach on your own personal time. This will only last until tomorrow, when the Moon will then move to your 12th house of your subconscious.

June 28. (Sun-8/North Node-11) The Sun is in Cancer in your 8th house of commitment, joint resources, as beginnings and endings. The focus shifts from your partnerships to the joint resources you have together, whether it’s personal or business. There is now more of a push toward commitment, perhaps a deeper and more bonded commitment to those close to you. This focus may make you feel a little tense, as Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, however this tension is coming from your commitments to your friends and groups. You may feel a little claustrophobic as a result but your mission or lesson is to overcome this feeling and realize that great potential, results and opportunities can come from this very area of your life.

(Venus-9/Uranus-5) Balance between your outlook on life, your faith, or purpose and your inner creative resourcefulness comes as a result of your personality and how others see you. Your connection to those of a different culture or who live at a distance will enhance your creative inner mind. You may expand your boundaries and release any ideas that does not consent to building a good relationship with your children.

There may be some surprising but pleasing news about or from a romantic interest or from your children. It may be connected to travel or legal matters.

With Jupiter in cohorts with Uranus, I can see that this news, although surprising and unexpected, will enhance your life and your outlook on life.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between your Self, a romantic interest, personal projects, children, leisurely activities, and travel or foreign cultures.

Monday and Tuesday of this week mark the end of the month of June. The beginning of this week could not end on a better or brighter note! It’s been a month where self-indulgence could have become the norm in your life. Such good and positive vibes and events have resulted from all the favourable aspects that took place.

It has been a month of happy surprises, unpredictable events, joyful moments, and supportive friendships and groups. Your life is filled with encouragement and a growing and caring network of people.

The end of the month is reinforced with positive news and messages from friends, from near and far. Your ruling planet Jupiter has been by your side all month bringing you abundance, luck and joy!

You will be able to keep the positive flow of good feelings coming out of this month for a very long time!

© ccdailly


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