June 2015 Horoscope – Pisces


The month of June will be a fantastic month, aspect-wise, and I hope you will all enjoy it as much as I think you will.

The focus for Pisces will be on your home, foundation, family dynamic, parents and on giving back. In the last week of June, the focus will shift to your creative pursuits, inner resourcefulness, romance, children, desire and on receiving. 

Your current mission (North Node) will also be quite important this month. It is stationed in your 8th house and is focused on bringing you lessons in intimacy, closeness, security through partners, learning to lean on others, and regeneration. Until November, this is your soul path and where you shall find balance and wherein lies your rewards and opportunities.

June 1 – 7. Interaction between home, family dynamic, joint resources, interconnection with others, security, intimacy, career, public life. ambition, health, work environment, and the North Node.

You begin the first week of June in your home and at work with influences at both ends bring a positive wave of energy into your life. Parents on the one end and coworkers or colleagues and your work on the other end are changing the dynamic of your home and work environment. The only tiny bit of opposition comes on Wednesday when some news you receive from your parents will throw you off by saying something and emotions will be all over the place. You’re also working at building greater intimacy with your partner or those close to you and learning to lean on them will bring you greater reward than thinking you can or must do it all on your own. Look to creative pursuits or hobbies to bring you greater satisfaction this week as well. 

June, 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-4/North Node-8) Your current mission resides in the 8th house of joint resources, intimacy, security through partners, and regeneration. It is also the house of deep analysis and with Mercury sending positive beams from your house of home and family dynamic, you are sure to hear news from your parents or regarding your home that will further your mission of learning to lean on others, to deepen your bonds with your partner, and to allow yourself to reach a deeper level of intimacy with your partner.

June 3. (Moon-10/Mars-4) There is a lot of activity in and around your home, changes in its dynamic, possibly involving your parents. The Moon is in Sagittarius which usually brings about a need for freedom and space, so you may be reacting emotionally to all this activity. It may also be that a parent is reacting emotionally to this assertive and charged energy. There is usually a lot of conversation around your home, and this week you’ll find that this is even more apparent.

(Moon-10/Jupiter-6) If you’re the authority in your career sector, you will react emotionally to the growth within your work environment. A younger person may be joining your work environment and will infuse the environment with a new sort of energy, a favourable one. The 6th house is also the house of being of service and a higher up (possibly someone younger than you) will recognize your generosity.

June 5. (Mars-4/Jupiter-6) The interaction between Mars and Jupiter is one where you will notice a burst of energy coming from your home or the family dynamic that helps you in your daily routine. On a practical level, it looks as though a male person connected to your ‘work family’ (colleague) is bringing positive energy to your work environment. Positive energy coming to you through the family dynamic is favourable to your health.

June 6. (Venus-5/Saturn-10) You may find that a hobby or creative pursuit will be brought to attention in your public life. The discipline you have to keep at this creative pursuit garners successful results.

June 8 – 14. Interaction between work environment, physical health, material security, Self and image, quality of life, home and family dynamic,  creative pursuits, children, and the North Node (your current mission.)

This week, abundance, luck, and the sun’s joyful rays will begin by shining its light on your work environment, the reasons why you enjoy your work, as well as your health, and from there will affect what makes you feel secure. Your home and family life is also in the mix as well as your ability to tap into your inner resourcefulness or creativity, your personal projects, your romantic life, as well as children. You will also touch upon lessons from your soul path to keep your soul in balance. Saturn will go retrograde at the end of the week so you are bound to feel a shift in the area of the structure of your faith, your outlook, and anything to do with long journeys and foreign cultures. Saturn asks that you review the lessons of the last 2/3 years when it spent its time here before it moved on in December. In Scorpio, Saturn’s lessons were harsh but in this reverse motion, the influence is inwardly and will be in a state of reassessment. If you learned the lessons well, you may not even feel this influence except to say, “Yep, I know how to handle that now, Thank you.” 

June 8. (Sun-4/Jupiter-6) The Sun’s focus is on your home and the family dynamic while Jupiter is in the house of work environment, physical health, and of your service to others. You may find yourself taking care of others with Jupiter’s location there, with your work involving a service in food or health. You may be doing this out of your home and this influence looks to be beneficial for all those involved.

You may also be taking care of a parent, most likely the head of the family. Someone older that you are involved in caring for may give you guidance.

(Mars-4/Uranus-2) The energy of Uranus in your house of material success, values and may bring some unexpected news.

You have a pioneering spirit with the energy, aptitude and practical ingenuity to make new ideas work. You may come up with an ingenuous idea to promote your material security through your home. This inspiration will seem to come out of nowhere, and will enhance your desires for financial freedom.

June 9. (Moon-1/Neptune-1) The Moon and Neptune are in your sign and this will heighten your sensitivities, your strength and weaknesses, your thoughts or inspiring ideas or nature. This influence will make you dreamy and emotional but will help you to delve within yourself during this trend to uncover what makes you really tick. Dreams, artistic influences, and the mystical will be the order of the day. The 1st house is the first house of development and of discovering who you are and of your connection to the world.

June 10. (Sun-4/Uranus-2) The focus in on how you can achieve more independence and financial freedom and how it relates to your home, the family dynamic and your parents. If you’re younger, you may be thinking of ways into how you can get your own home and build on your material security to achieve independence. If older, you may look to your parents to find out how to do so. It may be that your parents now live with you and you’re trying to find ways to be able to make this dynamic work. Your material security and values comes from being able to achieve independence.

(Mercury-4/Venus-6th house) You may find a way or an idea on how to manage your daily work environment or health routine. Someone in your home may be the source of this information or idea, and you are open to this new way of going about your day. There will be plenty of chatter at home about issues related to work and health. These discussions will be fruitful and full of good ideas.

June 11. (Moon-2/North Node-8) You may run into a little snag on the emotional front with the Moon in your 2nd house. You may find that your self worth or esteem is a little low or conversely running really high and you will push against leaning against your partner or others. You may feel as though you can do it all yourself without anyone’s help or support. Your current mission is to work on balancing your independence together with leaning to lean on others and to feel secure through the support of others. You must learn to trust others in your life, especially your partner.

There may be a bit of blurring between what you feel belongs to you and what you feel belongs to the ‘other.’ This will hold true whether it’s joint resources with a significant other or with a business partner.

June 12. (Sun-4/Moon-2) This is a harmonious blend of energies between your self worth and material security, and the comfort you feel within your home and family dynamic.

Neptune, your ruler, turns retrograde until November, 2015. With your ruler going retrograde, you will go through a period of review, revisiting, and reassessing its influence in your 1st house. You may find that you are more accommodating to others during this influence. Do not forget to keep the balance of your Self and “being” with your adaptability to form yourself according to those around you.

(Sun-4/Mars-4) There is a powerful and passionate presence in your home and you will not be able to avoid it. You may also push forward with some of those plans to change your home, such as beginning a renovation. The 4th house is how you experience your home, your roots, your foundation, and your current home in relation to your significant other. After you leave your childhood home, the drive to build your own foundation is found here.

(Moon-2/Mars-4) Your mood and your comfort level will be congruent with the energy level that is influencing your home and family dynamic. You may have strong reactions but the mood is positive and adaptable. You may be quite headstrong with the presentation of your ideas especially within your home and within the family dynamic, which includes your significant other.

June 13. (Venus-6/North Node-8) Venus having joined Jupiter in your house of work and health is nearing the end of its journey through your houses of development for the year. Venus will bring harmony, reward and possibly a gift from a colleague showing their appreciation or for your hard work. You may also receive a bonus, a one-time payout. Venus and its influence plays right into the hand of your current mission that is to learn to lean on others, to trust in your interconnection with others, and to feel secure in your commitments.

June 14. Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

Saturn is retrograding back into you 9th house of learning. Saturn was in this sector of your sky for the better part of 2-3 years until it left in December 2014. Your Saturnian lessons during that time were connected to the structure of your beliefs or how you go about learning from experiencing the outer world. With the return of Saturn to this house, there will be a period of review, reassessment, and revisiting some of those lessons that you may have overlooked. If there was something you needed to learn but did not get to it, now is your chance as Saturn will give you the concentration and discipline you need to do so. 

There may be some legalities that you will have to go over again if they were not dealt with the first time around. And, if you’re travelling during the next few months, it will most likely be connected to your career. Saturn’s influence will be felt most strongly as it passes over the threshold between the two houses. 

June 15 – 21. Interaction between home and family dynamic, material security, values, how you value your partners, work environment and physical health, friends and social life, and your current mission.

This week you’ll find that you are somewhat attached to your material possessions, or at least you are assessing what is important to you, materially and emotionally. What do you really value? How do you value your partner? How is your attitude toward your significant other? These are the kinds of questions that will go through your mind. Your work environment and colleagues as well as your friends will be a part of your life this week, and you will be focused on what brings you happiness in those areas as well. You spend a lot of time on your own, so remember to reach out to your friends this week. You will also notice an expansion of services and income if you run your own business by uncovering or discovering your full potential. 

June 15. (Sun-4/Mars-4) This month the influence and atmosphere of your home and the energy level found within it and the family dynamic is high-powered and spirited. Be careful not to start projects only to leave them unfinished as your house is ruled by Gemini and Mercury, and is fickle and changeable. Discuss your ideas while Mars is in this position, and if you decide on an idea for your home, wait until the Sun and Mars have moved on to your fifth house of creative pursuits and of the sign of Cancer. You will have a much better idea of how you feel about those ideas regarding your home.

New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 4th house of home, family dynamic and parents. 

If you have had any ideas or plans for your home, the next two weeks is a great time to get started on some of these plans. If you’re renovating, have your designer or renovator come up with a plan that you can work with.

If your parents need help, now is the time to get going on those plans to help. You may be looking into solutions to either move your parents into your home or into a home where they will be cared for, if your parents are older. If younger, you may be considering how you can help your parents around the house and contribute.

June 16. (Jupiter-6/Uranus-2) This week begins a long trend and influence of these two planets working together. Uranus brings you the desire for financial freedom and independence while Jupiter is enhancing your house of work. Abundance and luck in this part of your chart will bring you the work you need to achieve this goal. If you run your own business, you will receive many more clients and your work will boom. Venus in this house as well this month will bring more money and this will cater to your plan and desire for financial independence. You can’t get any better influence than this.

June 18. (Moon-5/Pluto-11) Unfortunately for a day or so, you will feel this opposing influence between your creative pursuits and identity, and your social life and objectives. Although you may want to hide and delve into your creativity or your own inner resourcefulness, you will need to get out there and mingle with friends or within new social circles. This will especially be true for those of you who are artists.

A piece of information that was missing from your project will surface and cause you some distress, but this will be fleeting. You will receive the knowledge you need by socializing and sharing with others.

June 19. (Mercury-4/North Node-8) Conversations, dialogue and discussions at home and with family will be deep and analytical. It may be regarding your embracing attitude toward a greater commitment to working with others, and if these discussions also bring about the growth of trust for others within you, the result and consequence will bring you peace and comfort.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between work environment, physical health, relationships, partnerships, friends, social life, intimacy, joint resources, security from partners, creative pursuits, and your current soul path.

This week will bring more abundance and luck to your work environment. Clients will be knocking down your door for your services and in turn this will elevate your feelings of self worth and confidence. You have been working hard at your plan and goal of achieving financial independence, and this month, you will finally see the rewards of all your hard work. 

June 23. (Moon-7/Pluto-11) You may have an emotional response to a close friend. If you’re single, it is possible that a friend changes the dynamic of your relationship with an admission of love for you.

Since Pluto entered your house of friends and social objectives and obligations, you have been doing a thorough overview of the list of people you consider as friends or acquaintances. There is a major overhaul in this area of your life as you ‘clean house’ so to speak. As you near the end of this influence, in 2023, you will realize that your circle of friends or groups you associate with will have completely changed.

There’s a revolution happening in your life and it involves abundance, luck, expansion, disruption, unexpected events over which you have no control. You have a unique perspective regarding money and what you value, and you are finally moving toward that financial independence you desire.

June 26. (Moon-8/Jupiter-6) Information or something previously hidden or unknown will be revealed during a connection with a partner, whether business or personal, that will shed some light and help matters connected with the work environment, a colleague, or a client.

Information that is revealed from a joint resource or venture will cause you a bit of distress especially if it concerns income or something that you value greatly.

June 27. (Sun-5/North Node-8) When the Sun is focused on your own inner resourcefulness, your creative pursuits, your children or your leisure time, it will hit a hard angle on this day with your current mission and lessons that are connected with working together with others or accepting the support you get from others. You may have to make the effort to put your own needs aside and work together with your partner to alleviate this conflict.

This influence will be felt for the next couple of days until the orb of this aspect weakens and the Sun moves on.

June 28. (Venus-6/Uranus-2) A gift or reward from your work environment, a colleague or a client will favour your desire for financial independence. You may acquire a new client or a new collaborator who is willing to invest a lot of money into your company or into the work that you do. This may come from an unexpected source.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between travel, core beliefs, dreams, expanding horizons, creative pursuits, children, projects, pleasure, material security, the things you value, your work environment, and your physical health. 

This has been a most amazing month with so many wonderful aspects and influences. You end the month with most of the different areas of your life interacting with one another. 

June 29. Venus and Jupiter are going to bestow upon you gifts, rewards and expansion so much so that you will be pinching yourself to make sure this is really happening.

Your unique perspective and values will bring about unexpected influences and will enhance your material security. Uranus is the revolutionary and the independent fearless leader who will take you to your goals and beyond. You will feel invincible and within reach of your need for independence and financial freedom.

June 30. (Venus-6/Jupiter6) Not only will Venus and Jupiter be reaching out to Uranus, but they will be doing it holding hand in hand in your work environment. You could not get a better set of aspects to end an already spectacular month!

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