June 2015 Horoscope – Libra


The month of June is a month filled with goodies, offerings, and positive vibes. It will be focused on travel, learning, expanding your horizons and boundaries, abundance, and luck. Later in the month, the focus will shift to your career, discipline, public life, and practical vision. 

You’ll be dealing with thoughts, ideas, exchanging of information and knowledge and, especially, with extending your boundaries. Your relationships, both with partners and close friends, will be highlighted through their support and investment (whether time or contribution). It will be a month where giving and giving back will be highlighted, but where the rewards will be tenfold.

You will see that your friends and partners have your back, willing to help you in your growth. Receiving valuable information or the exchange of ideas will be extravagant and will benefit all areas of your life. You may even begin a publishing project or begin a new blog to share your ideas with the world. Personal goals will also be highlighted and supported by your network of associations. There is almost nothing you can do this month that will not turn to gold for you.

June 1 – 7. Interaction between the North Node (your mission), travel, learning, abundance, distribution of thought, ideas, action, passion, friends, groups, future possibilities, and communication. 

This week’s influence is in what you receive from the interaction between the different areas of your life. What you learn and experience will be beneficial to your growth, how you deal with your support network, your desires, how and who you communicate with, your career and public life.

June 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-9/North Node-1) You will begin the week with the possibility of receiving some ideas, plans or visions that have to do with your current mission. You may be seeking a better quality of life, reaching for your own individual and authentic self, finding a clearer vision of who you are and your self-worth. Mercury in Gemini will allow for the flow of ideas and vision to help you in this quest. You may hear from afar, from someone who lives at a distance or from a different culture. This might be just the ‘stuff’ you need to hear.

June 3. (Moon-3/Mars-9) The Moon is journeying through your 3rd house of communication, learning, siblings, and your community, and sitting exactly opposite Mars on Wednesday. The busy-ness that is taking place in your house of journeys, travel, and distribution of thought (publishing) may be taking away some of your time from taking part in your local community and of what is right in front of you. Your siblings, extended family, or even neighbours may react emotionally to your absence.

However, your friends, groups and your social circle is in your corner. It’s true that you cannot be in all places at the same time, and that balance is what we all try to achieve. This is the time for you to extend your boundaries despite the restrictions, rules and the lessons (Saturn) in discipline in your 3rd house.

Saturn is teaching you to make conscious decision while thinking logically. The moon traversing this house will mess up this lesson as it is all about feelings and thinking from the heart and not from the head.

Jupiter in your house of friends, groups and social contacts has opened up the area of your life of gathering, of getting together and creating a support system, and of joining groups with like minds. The Moon in the 3rd will attract you to find this within your immediate neighbourhood. You may uncover the perfect group of like-minded individuals close to home.

June 5. (Mars-9/Jupiter-11) Even though the Moon (your emotions) was at loggerheads with Mars a couple of days ago, the passion and activity coming from Mars in your 9th will push for you to make contacts, whether through friends or at a distance, to begin working on some of those future possibilities that have opened up for you with Jupiter bringing opportunities to you.

Mars gives you the energy and the gusto to march forward, to begin working on those ideas, to take advantage of the opportunity, and to pioneer toward that which you wish to bring into your life. Jupiter is there dancing around you bringing you the right set of circumstances into your life to make this happen. You will feel on top of the world this month!

June 6. (Venus-11/Saturn-3) Even Saturn can’t help but smile especially on a day like today when Venus brings news of favourable circumstances regarding money or a valuable gift from your social contacts. Saturn in your 3rd house is also about being careful and choosing your words correctly, and making sure that you’re disseminating your thoughts with accuracy. That’s what Saturn is all about… while its in your 3rd house. You need to be taken seriously at your word and Saturn is there to help you with this. Saturn in the 3rd house is where you gain confidence in your ability to make sense of sights, sounds, and impressions of the world. Finding balance within your world of ideas or within your community. If you are a writer or deal with the written word, this influence is extremely valuable.

Just as Venus transits to your 11th house, a gift offered to you by your friends or social circle (a favourable comment or a valuable contact made) will emphasize your natural talents and will give you exactly what you need to realize that you are being taken seriously.

June 8 – 14. Interaction between affairs at a distance, abundance and luck, your social circle, your partnership or close relationships, your daily work routine, colleagues, health, and the North Node. 

This week’s influence is in what you receive from the areas of your life that involve your core beliefs, the abundance you are receiving, your work environment, colleagues or your good health. This will provide you with the energy to give back to your Self, and to the desires you seek within the security of your friends, groups and future possibilities. 

June 8. (Sun-9/Jupiter-11) The Sun and Jupiter are doing the happy dance. Friends, groups and other associations that are at a distance from you will be significant at the start of this week. The abundance and luck you will feel may even be overwhelming and you will want to pinch yourself to realize that it’s all real and actually happening. The influence of Jupiter this month has you dancing and smiling at the beginning of the week. Anything that has to do with travel, higher learning or even publishing (the distribution and exchange of thought) will be favourable.

(Mars-9/Uranus-7) You will feel the drive to be different and unique with this influence. With the volatility and the unpredictable nature in your closest relationships, you take solace in being active with reaching for your highest self, through receiving and through the distribution of your thoughts to the outer world. If you write a blog, you may use this vehicle to share with others your experiences.

June 9. (Moon-6/Neptune-6) On Tuesday, you will feel quite emotional and this influence is one where intuition and inspiration will fill your imagination. You will be in a dreamy mood may not be able to grasp the reality of the day. It’s a day where you would rather be dreaming than dealing with the daily routine.

June 10. (Sun-9/Uranus-7) on Wednesday, your focus will be on your outlook on life, travel or distance, and learning. This will be a day of receiving, such as thoughts, ideas and plans. You will receive an unexpected bit of news from someone in a close relationship, friend or from your partnership.

(Mercury-9/Venus-11) An exchange of thoughts with a friend, most likely a female, will feed your mind with ideas for a publishing project, or that is related to travel, higher learning or to have a new outlook on life if you’re not able to leave. This house is about broadening the mind, the intellectual, and this can be seen as learning done by travelling, or broadening your mind through your imagination.

June 11. (Moon-7/North Node-1) The pull between your partner or close relationship(s) and the mission to getting to know yourself is again at odds with each other. Something in your relationship is causing you to react emotionally. You more easily give to your relationship than you do to yourself and this realization may become apparent to you.

June 12. (Sun-9/Moon7) There will be a marriage of emotions and endeavour under this influence. These are the forces of yin and yang energies working together to expand the horizons within your relationships or partnership. This is about beginnings and cooperation between you and your partner or close alliances.

(Sun-9/Mars-9) There is a lot of energy taking place in your mind, and in your house of distance, learning, and publishing. There may be a legal matter to contend with as well. Mars is action and the influence of beginning new things, and so you may see a project that deals with matters at a distance come your way.

(Moon-7/Mars-9) With the Moon close by in your partnership and relationship sector you may notice a lot of activity and camaraderie especially in working together to achieve something more concrete in your plans. Your emotion will blend well with all this energy that is present at the top of your chart.

June 13. (Venus-11/North Node-1) Your friends will be helping you toward your mission of finding your voice, your vision of yourself, and finding your true authentic self by offering your a gift. This gift may be extremely valuable to your well being such as an invitation or paying for a weekend vacation. Or, it could simply be that their support is so effective and crucial to realize your self worth and your true authentic self.

June 14. Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

Saturn retrogrades into your 2nd house of values, material security, and possessions. The things and matters that mean a lot to you will suddenly come under Saturn’s focus again. Saturn is the taskmaster and he is back to review, reassess, and revisit your area of finance and material success to check that you learned the lessons that were to be acquired during its 2-3 year stay. You’re probably thinking “Oh no! not again!” however this time it won’t be as intense. Saturn is back to make sure that you have crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s. And, if you’ve missed something it’s sure to come up during his revisit to this part of your chart.

June 15 – 21. Interaction between distant matters, broadening your horizons and boundaries, beginning a new project dealing with publishing, ideas, plans, partnership, friends, the family dynamic, home, career and your North Node.

This week seems to be packed with action in all parts of your life. everything seems to be linked and the results are so good that you’ll be pinching yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. The week’s influence is in what you give back to each area of your life with which you are interacting. Your focus in on the areas of your life where action is required, that is the areas of your Self, your home, your relationships, and your career. To balance this giving influence, you will receive information and direction from afar or from broadening your mind to supply those areas.

June 16. New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 9th house of horizons, travel, publishing, legal matters, and your outlook on life.

June 16. (Jupiter-11/Uranus-7) Unexpected events in your area of partnership or close relationship will favour future possibilities or your dreams. This unexpected event may be related to things happening in your partner’s life that keep changing the landscape of your life. This month is such a positive month, and the influences and the atmosphere is favourably charged that even unexpected events are taken in stride. Jupiter brings abundance and support from your area of friendships, groups, and associations. Your hopes, wishes and future possibilities are given a boost.

June 18. (Moon-10/Pluto-4) You will most likely have a deep emotional reaction to matters related to your home or your parents. This will surface as insecurities or struggles to come to terms with the changes or transformation taking place in this area. Pluto is not an outwardly sort of influence, nevertheless its impact is felt and whether the changes are minute or monumental, they are the kind that cannot be reversed. In other words, you will not be able to go back to the way it was before, and this is what you may be reacting to. It’s a good thing that its emotional impact will be fleeting and will only be present until the end of the week.

(Mercury-9/North Node-1) Conversations or exchanges with those from afar, who have a different philosophy or outlook than you do, or widening your intellectual/mental horizons (done by learning) will be invaluable to the path toward your most authentic self, and to a better quality of life. A better quality of life arises from self worth, confidence in yourself, and with the image of yourself coinciding with how others see you. You are a positive being and the relationship to yourself is just as integral to the balance that needs to exist within you if you want your other relationships to flourish. It all begins within you and it impacts your relationships to the other areas of your life: such as your relationships to people, to wealth and abundance, to the work you do, to your creative pursuits, and to your soul path.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between relationships, friends, your subconscious dreams or unconscious desires, your home and family dynamic, your Self, your career or practical vision, and giving. 

This week’s influence is on giving back to the areas of your life that govern relationships, that is your Self, your home and family, and your partnerships. To help you with this, you will benefit from receiving valuable input, exchange and information from your friends, groups and from your own subconscious and intuition. 

June 22. (Jupiter-11/Uranus-7) There is a natural flow of abundance coming from your friends, groups, and your desires for security, which make it easy for you to deal with the challenges or unexpected circumstances in your relationships and partnership. In fact these challenges will be taken in stride as you achieve balance with the security of being able to follow your own dreams and desires. This opens you up to accepting the unexpected in your relationships.

June 23. Moon-12/Pluto-4) The Moon journeying through your 12th house of memories, the past, your subconscious and intuition will give you the sensitivity and the willingness to make certain sacrifices when it comes to matters and changes that are occurring within your home or the family dynamic.

June 26. (Moon-1/Jupiter-11) Jupiter in your 11th house of friends and desires are sending positive abundance to the Moon in your 1st house. You will bask in all this good luck and abundance coming from friends, groups you associate with and from being able to follow your own desires. This will reflect so favourably upon you and will encourage you in so many positive ways you can imagine.

(Moon-1/Uranus-7) The only snag with this passing transit (Moon) is that it will cause a bit of disturbance within the dynamic in your partnership or your close relationships. Your positive or radiant personality may cause some insecurity in your partner, and may contradict your growing confidence. Don’t let this bother you too much as this is a fleeting reaction and sensation that should not deter you from delighting in the good things that are happening to you. As quickly as this little grey cloud has rolled in, it will blow over quickly, and you may actually not even notice this trend except as a passing commentary resembling insecurity.

June 27. (Sun-10/North Node-1) This is the only other little blemish on this most perfect landscape of your life during this most wonderful month. As your focus has shifted from the learning of the 9th house to the active part of your chart dealing with your career and practical plans and vision, you may feel as though your Self is being pushed out of the way again. You will have to step back out and handle the public and society at large with giving back to others when you would rather be concentrating on giving back to your Self. This hard angle, a square, is one where you will be forced to action to alleviate this inner tension within yourself. Relax, and remember that you have been receiving so much abundance this month, that spending time and giving back to your outer world will only bring more to you. It’s all about balance. The more you give the more you receive!

June 28. (Venus-11/Uranus-7) Your friends, groups, or future possibilities will offer you a gift of abundance, freedom, and growth upon that which you desire in your life. This is usually related to the things that provide you with security such as a supportive network of people and friends. Your friends will provide this security you seek by investing in you and your ideas. With the influence of Uranus and unexpected circumstances in your area dealing with partnerships and close relationships, you may even receive an offer from a friend or a group to form a partnership with you that will allow you to achieve some of those personal goals that you hold dear to your heart.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between your personal values, material security, friends, future potential, relationships, and partnerships.

This week’s trend will be on receiving the influences and on the desires for security in your life, which come from funding and endorsement, in this case, income and a supportive network of friends. This may bring offers of partnerships, and in any case will benefit your current partnerships. This area of your life has been undergoing a tremendous shift given that Uranus has been causing a disturbance and a feeling of unrest since it entered your house of relationships in 2011. There’s been a sort of revolution going on in your house of relationships, where independence and finding a unique way of handling them has been the flavour of your life. It’s not always being felt otherwise you’d go crazy trying to handle all the disruptions, but when another planet or influence crosses this influence, you’ll notice. 

June 29. (Moon-2/Saturn-2) With Saturn’s retrograde and return into your 2nd house of material security and the Moon journeying through the same house at the end of the month, you’ll notice this by way of something hidden coming to the surface. It’s a positive influence, and if not, then in the long run it will garner positive results. For example, a payment may have been missed toward an investment you’re involved in and it comes up at this time. It may feel like a thorn in your side this week, but in the long run, you’ll be happy it was caught instead of causing you heartache further down the road. Or, on a happier note, you may uncover a way to save money in a more effective way and will begin by putting this into place.

(Venus-11/Uranus-7) Again, an element of surprise may be in the works at the beginning of the week. If you didn’t get that offer to form a partnership last week, you may hear of it this week. Or, it may be that you’re still mulling over it and will make a decision this week regarding this new development. It seems to have come at a most opportune time, so consider it seriously as it may be the very thing you’ve been waiting for, even if it hasn’t come in the form you expected.

June 30. (Venus-11/Jupiter-11) Considering that this has been a month of awesomeness, you will really be pinching yourself on its last day because of all its positive and amazing trends.

A gift or payoff coming from your area of friendships, groups and desires, will fall in your lap just as you end off the month. It may be tied to this generous offer you receive that forms a new partnership for you. In any case, this contribution will be generous and abundant in nature.

As you come to the end of this amazing month filled with goodies, you will be thankful for the enrichment you have received from all areas of your life. It’s been a month largely of giving back and with the rewards coming back to you will be abundant. It really is a month where the meaning of giving and receiving will be emphasized.

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