June 2015 Horoscope – Leo


In June, Jupiter will be reaching out to Uranus for the better part of the month, you will notice that the focus on on you and with matters that are connected with travel, distance and foreign cultures. It will also bring more of this into your sphere, such as being abroad, dealing with people from afar, or dealing with people from a different culture in your back yard. You will be connected to this abundance and will reap from it personally with Jupiter in your 1st house. Jupiter is also the planet of travel and of widening your horizons and learning from experience. 

The Sun is in your 11th house of social life including friends and groups you belong to. Mars is also close by and will amp up your social life. The energy in this sector will be overwhelming, such as you have not seen in quite a while even though Leo is a very sociable sign. 

June 1 – 7. Interaction between the North Node, friends, groups, future possibilities, romance, children, projects, enjoyment, Self, image, and how others see you.

You begin the week with the journey toward your North Node where it is your current mission to learn its lessons of taking notes, learning and noticing what is in front of you. You will begin the month with the possibility of pursuing your inner resourcefulness and creativity. Romance, children, projects and enjoying your life is part and parcel of the influences this week. 

June 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-11/North Node-3) Your future possibilities may come from the work or plans you have to improve your immediate environment. It may also involve a new path of learning which is your mission until November 2015. A friend or a group you belong to may give you an idea of how to go about this.

You may take this aspect and influence for granted because it seems all too easy, however, it will benefit you to take heed of this idea or plan. There are huge possibilities for you if you take advantage of this influence. With the moon in Sagittarius in your 5th house, this idea may very well enhance a personal project that you’re working on. With the moon being a full moon, you may see the culmination of a project, and it will be well received!

June 3. (Moon-5/Mars-11) On Wednesday, you’ll be working together with friends and plenty of energy will be coming forth from that area of your life. You may be getting together with friends and groups you associate with (such as sports clubs or reading groups), so much so that your romantic partner or children (people younger than you) may be feeling a little neglected.

This will definitely not be lost on you and you will try to make the time for them as well and in doing so you will reap the abundance coming back to you. Thursday is a quiet day, and you may use this wisely to assuage your romantic partner or children by suggesting a fun activity to do together.

June 5. (Mars-11/Jupiter-1) Mars is in Gemini in your 11th house creating a flurry of activity with friends, and your social life will be abuzz! Jupiter is in your 1st house and so attention on YOU is abundant. It’s all about you this month! Mars in your friendship sector and you will see your friends coming  and going in droves to visit you, or calling you to get together, or even connecting via email.

The moon is in Capricorn in your 6th house so some of your focus will be on work. If you play too hard, you might suffer a little for it, like coming down with a cold because your immune system is lowered from lack of sleep. Try not to overdo it, but by all means, enjoy this flurry of activity and get out there with your friends, and widening social circles.

June 6. (Venus-1/Saturn-5) A creative passion will need your perseverance and discipline. Money is also on your mind and a personal project may just be the way to achieve this.

June 7. (Venus-1/Saturn-5) Venus, the planet of love is glad that cautious Saturn is watching over her. It’s not in a bad way either. He knows what she wants and he’s there to make sure she gets what she wants.

While you’re out in your neighbourhood and enjoying the company of those within your community or communicating with (this could be an online forum, etc.) Saturn is casting its watchful eye over your interactions. Leo tends to love falling in love, and in my view this even extends to people (even non-romantic liaisons, things and places.

With Venus in the 1st house, you are suddenly the bees knees and everyone wants you, wants to be you, or wants to be near you. Of course, it’s a generalization, but if you think deeply you’ll realize that if you’re a Leo, or have Leo ascending, you’ll either crave to be the centre of attention, or it just happens without you even trying. For good or for bad. Now, Venus is here to stay for about a month.

You will find that you’re more put together this month and will not have to try so hard! You may also meet a new romantic interest who is quite serious and disciplined by nature.

June 8 – 14. Interaction between your subconscious, your Self, how others see you, money, travel and foreign shores, joint resources, friends and groups, and the North Node. 

This week will involve your Self, your personality, how others see you, and this will be linked with things to do with matters at a distance, travel may be involved, joint ventures and commitments, as well as getting together with your friends and groups. You may also hear from siblings or your extended family.

June 8. (Sun-11/Jupiter-1) Friends old and new, associations, and future possibilities are on the radar and with Jupiter in your 1st house, you cannot believe the abundance you are receiving. Luck and being at the right place at the right time is on your side. Things are coming together and easily for you, and you are not alone as you have others (friends and new associations) in your corner offering unsolicited advice to help you.


(Mars-11/Uranus-9) While travelling or if not travelling but dealing with others at a distance, you’ll find that the energy level coming from them is high level. These people are quite different than you and offer a variety if not unique set of circumstances by which to learn about the world at large. Your horizons and boundaries are widening.

June 9. (Moon-8/Neptune-8) Neptune is in your 8th house for the long haul (until 2025). On Tuesday, your joint activities and ventures will seem a little fluid and ill-defined and will cause you a bit of uneasiness, but trust in your gut instinct and that little voice to guide you.

At the same time, the depth of your interactions with others is enhanced by an almost super power of inspiration, imagination and intuition. You will intuitively know whether someone is yanking your chain or being sincere with you. It’s like you have an x-ray machine into others’ motivations.

June 10. (Sun-11/Uranus-9) You are experiencing a revolution in your boundaries, your moral values, or your outlook on life. Or, you may simply be travelling a LOT, in other words your world at large is in constant change, your boundaries keep shifting, or you may be increasingly more in contact with people from a different culture than your own.

You may receive news or a surprise quite unexpectedly from a friend, a new friend or an association you’re a part of. This will come from left field and you won’t expect it, and this aspect is favourable so the news will make you happy. With the moon in Pisces, it may bring in a new beginning that you hadn’t imagined.

(Mercury-11/Venus-1) You will hear good news or a compliment from a friend or a new acquaintance that will make you feel on top of the world! It may even be an idea on how to bring in more money, or they may offer you a gift to show their appreciation. It will be easy for you to communicate and to make new friends at this time. And, Mercury is almost direct again the next day (11th) so be ready for the wheels to begin spinning rapidly again.

June 11. Your mission is to learn to look at what is in front of you, to live in and focus on the now and not the abstract, listen to other opinions, and take notes. Don’t look to where you may think the grass is greener when what you need is right in front of you.

June 12. (Sun-11/Moon-9) The Sun is highlighting your sector of friendships and associations and the Moon is in the part of your chart dealing with things from afar, on foreign shores, or on travel. You may have an emotional reaction to events happening in the world at large and to the ever broadening of your horizons in a most positive way. New friends and alliances that you meet while travelling, or who come from a different culture, will work well together with you. You may even meet a new romantic interest while travelling, or when dealing with someone who lives in a different country.

Now that Mercury has turned direct, it’s Neptune’s turn to go retrograde until November, albeit for a little longer time because it’s a slower moving planet. Neptune retrograde in the 8th house will give you the time to review, rethink, reassess joint resources or ventures or the way you interact with others. Your intuition will be even more honed in and accurate, so listen to your inner voice for guidance when it comes to your interaction with others. You will get some very clear insight into your commitments and the motivations of your current alliances, in connection with your contracts, commitments or people who you interact with very closely.

(Sun-11/Mars11) You are more assertive and driven during this time. Venus is in the 1st house giving you glamour and all eyes on you. The Sun and Mars are in a chatty mood and you will not be as timid to approach those you would like to have in your sphere, whether it’s a group you want to join or new friends you would like to have.


(Moon-9/Mars-11) With Mars in your sector of future possibilities and the Moon in your travel sector, you may be feeling as though the world is your oyster. Possibilities are endless and you have the energy to begin putting some of these plans into place. It may be that the current position or job you have is merely a stepping stone to bigger and better things. This will become clear to you, and you will begin to see the way.

June 13. (Venus-1/North Node-3) Good timing concerning positive and harmonious energy with things concerning your mission and lessons of the 3rd house. You may reap some rewards or opportunities with Venus sending good beams to the North Node. You may find money or love right under your very nose — meeting them in your neighbourhood, through siblings or extended family.


June 14. (Sun-11/Mars-11) You have more energy to devote to your friends or group activities. You will find you are going out and getting together with friends a lot this month. You will be meeting new people who share the same kind of energy as you. You will feel as though your world is open to all kinds of possibilities.

Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

You will be dealing with limitations due to restrictions or rules placed on you by others. With its entrance back into your 5th house, you will be reviewing, reassessing, or revisiting your discipline, your home routine, your responsibilities to your parents, and the limitations that were placed on your by your parents and during your childhood.

June 15 – 21. Interaction between friends, groups, your social life, Self, travel and outlook on life, your subconscious desires, transformation in your daily routine, and lessons of the North Node.

Your social life will come alive during this week with you as the centre of attention. Your world is your oyster and you’re ready to take on the world. Your are the epitome of energy this week especially with a busy week at work. Your lessons are to look at what is in front of you and learn from it. 

June 15. (Sun-11/Mars-11) There is a triple whammie of the Sun, Mars and the Moon in Gemini, all in your sector of friends, associations, and your social life. There will be a cornucopia of social activity, new people entering your social world, and a flurry of activity involving getting out and socializing. Ideas will abound as Gemini is full of them, and with Mercury having gone back to direct motion, nothing can stop you.

New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 11th house of social circles, new activity, hopes and wishes, and future possibilities. This is a good time to begin any new project or activity.

June 16. (Jupiter-1/Uranus-9) New activity or innovative ideas will bring abundance to you through travel or connected to foreign lands, and will benefit you greatly at this time. Abundance and surprise will fill these days. You may feel a flutter of butterflies in your belly because of the good vibes surrounding you right now. Yes, some of it might take you by surprise, or you may be the director of these surprises because of your need for independence.

June 18. (Moon-12/Pluto-6) Your inner psychology and emotions is going against the plutonian transformations taking place in your work and day-to-day routine. You may be looking at your work environment and doing a major overhaul if you’re not happy with it, your colleagues will notice (perhaps not overtly) your transformation when they look back to how you were and where you are now, and your health routine may also be going through a major transformation.

Another angle is that you may also be changing the way you are of service to others. With this in consideration, you may be reacting emotionally to your own inner psychology or way of processing matters within your own subconscious. They may not yet be in alignment or balance with the opposite end of how you are of service to others.

(Mercury-11/North Node-3) Your friends and group associations and the way that you interact with these groups will help you with the lessons of the 3rd house and your current mission that lasts until November.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between Self, travel, new horizons, work environment, immediate neighbourhood or siblings, friends or group associations and future possibilities.

You will be involved with people this week from all parts of your life: your friends, your work mates, clients, customers, and from your community, you will come in contact with or hear from your neighbours, siblings or extended family. You will be surrounded by friends and your social objectives will be at the forefront of your mind. 

June 22. (Jupiter-1/Uranus-9) By the time, you get to this week, you will feel as though the abundance of focus on you may seem over the top, but I would enjoy it while you can. Just be aware of the tendency to be self-indulgent when so much attention is bestowed upon you and you’ll be fine. It’s all about balance.

You will reap from the benefits of all this attention on you and you will be pleasantly surprised by most of it. You will get a surprise or unexpected news from afar and this news will please you.

June 23. (Moon-2/Pluto-6) Inner reaction to transformation taking place in your day-to-day routine. This aspect is self-indulgent and requires no effort on your part. You are able to pick apart your reaction to these changes, and feel somewhat comforted by this fact.

June 26. (Moon-3/Jupiter-1) Your mood is balanced and you are in a loving frame of mind, and others will be feeling that way toward you. You may hear some declaration of love or receive a gift from someone to show you just how much you mean to them. You may receive a beautiful message from a sibling.

(Moon-3/Uranus-9) Despite these loving feelings, you may feel some tension especially if you are far away from family and friends. Changes and surprises taking place at a distance may make you feel a little sentimental or melancholic.

June 27. (Sun-12/North Node-3) The focus has now shifted to your inner thought processes and you will begin to review your life and your year leading up to the last month of your birthday year. The end of June and most of July will usher in a period where you will be looking back to see how far you’ve come. You may not feel as though you’re following your mission today as you delve into your inner mind and subconscious. You might just want to lay low during the next couple of days. It’s the kind of tension that will make you take action —perhaps you haven’t been looking at what is right in front of you, or taking proper notes, and might have been living life looking ahead. It’s time to take stock of what is in front of you, though it may be hard when the focus is on your inner mind, memories, and your subconscious.

June 28. (Venus-1/Uranus-9) Love, money and surprises, Unexpected meetings and rendez-vous, and a unique gift. The next few days will bring some unanticipated news, gifts, or words of love from an unexpected source.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between home, parents, Self, travel, and distance.

This week you will experience emotions, structure, harmony, love, unexpected events, abundance in your life. You will hear from your home, your parents, and you will be involved with matters at a distance, learning through experience, foreign shores, and travel. 

(Moon-4/Saturn-4) The Moon has shifted to Scorpio and your 4th house, so you may be feeling a little guilty for having such a good time and leaving your responsibilities behind. Saturn will be there to remind you of them, but it won’t feel so bad. On the other hand, it might put some balance back into your life to be able to take care of some of those responsibilities again after such a wondrous month of fun and activity.

(Venus-1/Uranus-9) You will receive an unexpected compliment and this could happen while you’re travelling or on holiday. You will feel very good about yourself and there will be a general feeling of well-being.

(Venus-1/Jupiter-1) Wow, what a day this will be for you to finish off such a wonderful month! It may be the last day of this amazing month but it will end on such a bang that your head will be spinning! Venus in Sagittarius will have you running and aiming that bow and arrow up in the air and running after it. Jupiter will be overflowing your world with abundance and good feeling. You will be feeling good about your world no matter where you happen to be, but I’ll bet that you’ll most likely be travelling or dealing with people from afar, or from foreign cultures. Your world will be your oyster!


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