June 2015 Horoscope – Gemini


Happy Birthday, Gemini!

This is going to be a spectacular month because it is filled with easy aspects, harmony and with just some spot days where a hard aspect will pop up, but I wouldn’t worry about those too much.

Mercury is still in retrograde motion until June 11. And, the very next day, Neptune turns retrograde until November, where dreams, inspiration, intuition, as well as vagueness, uncertainties, addictions, self-undoing, and sacrifice or surrender will be felt in the undercurrent of your life.

Mars is in Gemini until the 24th and this will have you revved up to go-go-go in the part of your chart that is all about You, your appearance, and how the world sees you. Until the 11th, with Mercury in retrograde in Gemini as well, I would make sure to have all your information before moving forward on any ideas or plans simply because you may not have all the facts yet. 

There are three slow moving planets in retrograde. Saturn and Pluto are already in retrograde, and Neptune is due to join them on June 12. You will not feel these influences as overtly as you would feel them with a faster moving planet, such as Mercury or Venus. Nevertheless, they are there and will influence your life in the background, so to speak. 

June 1 – 7. Interaction between the North Node (life plan), Self, image, work routine, material security, communication, community, and siblings.

You begin this wonderful month on a Monday. June ushers in the season of Summer and you should make the most of this month because it won’t get any better than this. We haven’t had a month that was this good in a long time.

June 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-1/North Node-5) You will have new ideas on how to follow your life path. Some news may come to you that has to do with a project, a child, or a way to enjoy your life a little better. This is an easy aspect requiring not much effort and will last until Wednesday.

The moon will be in Scorpio in your 6th house on Monday and will have you delving deeply into your work routine. Scorpio is known to be quite determined and if you have something you want to accomplish, you will do so and then some.

June 3. The moon will then move on to  Sagittarius in your 7th house, where you may find that you want to spend some time with friends or doing something with your partner that involves activity.

(Moon-7/Mars-1) You might feel some opposition coming from your close relationships or partnerships mid-week.You may be revved up and a little more assertive or passionate and this may throw your partner for a loop. You are feeling good about yourself so don’t let this mar your day.

(Moon-7/Jupiter-3) You may want to hang out with siblings or extended family, such as cousins, midweek especially if partners are becoming too emotional for you. You may have an emotional reaction concerning some of your close friends. Someone younger than you, most likely a female, will be in your sphere and might give you some good advice. Or, they will be out and about with you in the neighbourhood. This may be a sibling or a female that you know quite well.

June 5. Friday and the weekend will bring a period of activity for you, especially out and around your neighbourhood and community.

(Mars-1/Jupiter-3) There is a lot happening around your neighbourhood or community, or with siblings and extended family, and this will bring out your ability to take charge. Those around you will work together with you as you take the lead. This aspect will be beneficial and will work for you.

You will be pleased with this level of energy, as it will boost your confidence.

June 6. (Venus-2/Saturn-5) You may just find a source of income while about your neighbourhood. You may also find something of value or something you have wanted to buy while you’re out.

You will also need to be disciplined and show a measure of responsibilities to a child or someone younger than you, or to a project on which you are working.

June 8 – 14. Interaction between your Self, image, how the world sees you, communication, siblings, extended family, neighbourhood, friends, groups, material security, personal values, and your North Node (life path).

This week you will be conscious of the image you present to the world, your Self and your personality. Everyone will be looking and taking notice of you. You will be in contact with people in your neighbourhood, your siblings and cousins, or grandparents, aunts or uncles. You will also be focused on your material security, how and what you want to do with your money, your self-esteem and worth. Your life path or current mission is located in your house of true love, or creative pursuits, projects, or children. This is the area of your life that you need to balance and that will lead you forward to your future. 

June 8. (Sun-1/Jupiter-3) With the Sun in the 1st house, it’s all about you, and this week starts off with your focus on how you appear to others, your ego, and anything that comes back to you. Jupiter brings abundance, luck, and usually more of what you’re already getting. Communication is on your side, so it could be that others in your community are talking about you or getting in touch with you. You may be running a lot of errands, but you will yield positive results from whatever you’re dealing with today. Your siblings may be there to lend a hand or provide you with the help you need.

(Mars-1/Uranus-11) You’re more outgoing than usual and getting together with friends. You may even be surprised by some news from a friend. Changes taking place with your group of friends will be beneficial to you in some way. It may cause some disruption but you have the energy to deal with this.

Your urge to make changes to yourself, to change your environment, or do something different will be activated and Mars will provide the energy to put this into place. Uranus is about independence and doing something unique and Mars is all about doing.

June 9. (Moon-10/Neptune-10) Tuesday will also bring about a feminine influence, with women rallying to your side. There may be an emotional response to career matters, or an inspiration will open your eyes to something you may not have thought of regarding career. This influence will be felt on a deeply inner level and may not show itself to the outside world. Nevertheless, you will feel inspired and whatever you feel or experience will be deeply personal.

June 10. (Sun-1/Uranus-11) With this influence, you will be able to get a view of your life from an objective standpoint. You may suddenly realize what you need to remove from your life to achieve the personal or financial independence you seek. Unfortunately, it may be that you need to cut some alliances that may not be beneficial to your life. If this is not the case, you may have some unique vision or approach to this matter.

You may also meet some new friends who are unique and unusual, who will provide you with a new approach to your situation.

(Mercury-1/Venus-3) With the Moon in Pisces lending you some inspiration, your thoughts will be centred on the love you feel for others, specifically the women or woman in your life. You may even be inspired to write a note, card  or letter to let them know just how you feel. This holds for both males and females. It may also be you who receives an email, card, or letter letting you know how they feel about you.

If you’re single, you may meet someone who is quite the romantic while you’re out and about your neighbourhood.

June 11. (Moon-11/North Node-5) There will be a little snag that creeps into your day on Thursday however this opposition will not be overwhelming because the Moon’s transits are fleeting. The way it may surface is that your friends may be a bit moody because of the time you spend with your sweetheart or on a project that they are not a part of. There may also be a bit of gossip with a friend revealing something to you about someone else, perhaps about a new romantic interest (if you’re not in a long term relationship).

They may also change plans on you, for example if you had an event planned with them. This may irk you and make you realize that they have done this to you before. It will activate the part of you that is seeking to remove those people that you no longer need.

This influence won’t last long but it will be a revelation that you will have to deal with.

Mercury has gone direct again in your first house. So, any plans that you may have will have the support of the women in your life. They may also involve some short trips, or having to communicate with others, this will all go very well for you.

June 12. (Sun-1/Moon-11) Friday will bring out your friends again, this time it will most likely be your female friends who get together with you. If not female friends, then it will definitely be the friends with whom you share an affinity, or are emotionally involved with. It may also be persons who are younger than you. You may learn a secret or receives some information that was hidden from you or unknown to you, such as the revelation of someone’s feelings about you.

(Sun-1/Mars-1)You will feel very driven and have a lot of energy to expend on Friday even though it’s the end of a busy week spent with others. You may get together with friends and do a physical sport, or get together with friends and go dancing — after all it’s Friday night! The people surrounding you will be energetic and the mood will be boisterous and loud!

(Moon-11/Mars-1)Even so, it will be a very good ‘feeling’ day, where your friends are open and honest and communication will be sparkling even if it is a little assertive. You will be feeling great and your energy level at an all time high!

June 14. Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

Saturn re-enters Scorpio while in retrograde motion and you will notice that your responsibilities will again be focused on your work environment and to what you need to do to advance your work routine and health. Even if it is Sunday, you will notice that your attention has reverted back to your daily work routine. You are able to deal with this because of the energy level and drive you have this month.

(Venus-3/North Node-5) Your sibling(s) or extended family may be of help to you regarding the lessons you are to learn while the North Node is transiting your 5th house of younger people/children, personal projects, or regarding the things that you enjoy. You might even come up with an idea on how to make money doing something you enjoy! It may even involve doing something together with a sibling.

June 15 – 21. Interaction between your Self, your image, friends, groups, future potential, neighbourhood  or community, siblings or cousins, joint ventures, and the North Node.

This week will bring your Self, your friends, groups, and inventive nature, as well as your community, involvement with extended family (such as siblings, cousins, grandparents) into the mix. Your joint resources, ventures and deep interconnection with others will feature as well as your current mission to focus on balancing that part of your that involves your creative pursuits, true love, projects and persons younger than you, or children. 

New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 1st house of self, image and how the world sees you. If you want to change the way others see you, this will be the time to take advantage of working on this. 

June 16. (Sun-1/Mars-1) This week continues with the focus on your Self and with an abundant lot of energy. Be careful only to temper this assertiveness so you’re not pushing others too hard. However, I wouldn’t worry too much now with Mercury direct again, your exuberance will be received in a positive light. People will not misread you as they may have at the beginning of the month. Gemini is an ideas person, but with Mars in the mix, it will turn you into a doer this month! You will be able to achieve a lot more than usual, and you should take advantage of this positive energy to do so! You won’t get a better month to take care of this than the month of June. It will feel like it’s your birthday all month long!

June 16-30 (Jupiter-3/Uranus-11) You will be making lots of short trips to visit friends, or friends will come visit you. You may be helping out your friends or dishing out advice because of all the changes taking place in their lives. They will most likely come to you for help. If you’re the one needing guidance, these same people will be there to support and help you.

This influence will last until the end of the month so don’t be surprised if you find that your social life is abuzz and that you’re making a lot of short trips here and there in your community and neighbourhood. Abundance, luck, gifts and guidance will come from your 3rd house of communication (via email, letters, phone calls), and extended family such as siblings, cousins, grandparents. Making yourself visible within your community will bring all sorts of abundance, luck and goodies to you.

June 17. On Wednesday, the moon will shift to Cancer in your 2nd house of material security. You will be concentrating your efforts toward it, and you may also feel more tied to your possessions, or to wanting to achieve a greater feeling of security.

You may feel a little moody but your sunny disposition and energy level will temper this little blip you’re feeling. No worries though because you have it going this month.

June 18. (Moon-2/Pluto-8) Another little warble in your day will be focused on your emotional ties to your possessions or to the material security you seek, and to your commitments such as loans, bills, or even your joint resources. With Pluto in retrograde in your 8th house, the transformations that are taking place with your joint resources, insurance, monies owed and due to be received, are being felt a lot more deeply than when Pluto is direct. You will feel this momentarily as the Moon passes over Pluto, and you may simply have a passing emotional reaction to this. It will be mostly felt in an inwardly manner though, not visible to others. Pluto is in your 8th house until 2023 so the transformation will be a long process but once you get through this, the changes you will see will be remarkable. The 8th house also deals with depth of interaction with others as well as your commitments to them. There is no in-between for you during this long transit.

(Mercury-1/North Node-5)  Ideas and news regarding projects or children will be plentiful with the Sun and Mars close by!

June 20. You may be planning how you would like to spend your leisure time and these ideas will be congruent with the direction you should be taking to find positive results. This may also have to do with children or with people younger than you. You are focused on a plan and it will be the right direction to take. Some of these ideas could very well involve a hobby.

Children or those younger than you will have good news for you! Conversely, it may be you that is the bearer of good news to your children.

June 21. (Jupiter-3/Uranus-11) The week ends with luck and abundance that can be found through friends or through a surprise breakthrough involving future potential.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between the community, communication/news, siblings, friends/groups, home, joint resources, projects, children, and the North Node.

You will be involved in your community, with your siblings, cousins, and grandparents, as well as with your commitments and will experience a deep interconnection with your partner. Joint resources or public monies will feature, such as loans or grants. Creative pursuits and children will feature as well as your lessons in structure and discipline within your house of work and health. You may begin a new health routine that will have long term benefits. 

June 22. (Jupiter-3/Uranus-11) More of the same influence coming from your community, siblings, neighbourhood, and surprises coming from your sphere of friends and group associations as well as any of your dreams for future potential. The 11th house if the house of humanitarian causes, where the changes that you make affects the greater good for others, for your society. It is also the house of your dreams and goals that are personal and not associated with career.

June 23. (Moon-4/Pluto-8) The moon is in your 4th house of home where you will find some positive emotional reactions surrounding your home especially when it comes to joint resources, dealings or ventures. There will be no effort required as this aspect is favourable. The feelings and emotions that are experiences will be deeply felt. You may be deepening the bond between you and someone you live with, or you might even be considering living with your partner. This is not something that needs to happen right away. You’re in the process and the moon is giving you a nudge to see just how you feel about it.

June 26. (Moon-5/Jupiter-3) Feelings of harmony connected to children, people younger than you, or personal projects and tied to things that are said or written, your community, or siblings will leave you feeling happy and amazing. Conscious decisions you make will be coupled with the feeling of abundance, of having more in your life.

(Moon-5/Uranus-11) These good feelings that you are experiencing personally connected to enjoying your life or your children or personal projects may affect your friends or the groups you belong to. You may get a moment of inspiration either about your friends or your friend may share this idea or inspiration with you. There may be some surprising news from a friend and this may jostle your own good feelings. This feeling will be fleeting so don’t get too disturbed by it. You can’t control everything. Let this opposition pass and enjoy this wonderful month.

June 28. (Sun-2/North Node-5) As you get to the end of this month, your path or your mission will come into focus. You will feel a little bit of tension because you may be too focused on your Self that you have put aside the lessons and the mission you are meant to achieve with the North Node in Libra. Don’t be too hard on yourself. This tension demands action and therefore if you turn your attention to concentrating on your mission, this hard angle will dissipate. For example, if you’re pulled to deal with helping a friend, or a group cause, or a humanitarian ideal, refocus your attention to your own projects, or children, or spend some time just relaxing and enjoying the moment. This will alleviate the tension arising from your reaction to what is happening globally and to your world.

(Venus-3/Uranus-11) You will be in a harmonious and diplomatic mood when it comes to rapport with others in your community, your siblings or extended family. Your short trips will put you in contact with others as Venus is a sociable influence. Your friends will provide you with surprises, good ones as I can see with this influence, and there will be fun conversations that may border on the strange.

(Jupiter-3/Uranus-11) With Venus close by, Jupiter will be generously giving forth abundance, good luck and good cheer all around. Your friends may surprise you with news, or surprise visits. Plans may be erratic, unconventional, and disruptive but you’re in a good mood and open to change this weekend.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between work routine, health, colleagues, friends, groups, potential plans or dreams, and education. 

Your daily routine and health may involve dealing with new clients. Colleagues, friends, groups and your personal potential will be in the picture. Your dreams, future potential and education will also be the centre of attention. 

June 29, (Moon-6/SaturnRx-6) The week begins with your mind on your day-to-day work routine. Saturn has returned to this part of Gemini’s chart while in retrograde, to make sure that you learned your lessons in discipline, caution, and perseverance. You will recognize this trend as you hosted Saturn in this part of your life for almost three years. It is now back but in the form of a review to make sure that you have covered all the bases while it was there. Saturn places a structure to the part of the chart it is placed in. In your case, it has returned to make sure that you have learned the lessons of putting structure and discipline into your work routine and health.


(Venus-3/Uranus-11) You may be pleasantly surprised by some friends, or one of them may have a unique idea to share with you that will help you with something connected to money, an object of your desire, or about something you would like to learn.

June 30. (Venus-3/Jupiter-3) Venus is now rubbing shoulders with Jupiter to end off the month on the most positive note ever! You will have visions of success that relate to your career, money, and education. You may get help from a friend, a sibling or extended family in relation to this direction in your life.

The moon is in Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter so you will enjoy the freedom you’re feeling that comes along with the abundance you are receiving.

This has been a wonderful month of June filled with a lot going on and will feel invigorated and renewed to move forward with your life.


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