June 2015 Horoscope – Capricorn


June looks to be an amazing month for everyone. Even with your main focus on your work environment, colleagues and your health, you will not believe how wonderful this month will be in all areas of your life. Later in the month, your focus will shift to your relationships, partnerships, marriage, contracts and last but not least, love.

You will be focused on the balancing of Mind and Body in your day-to-day life and in the opposite spectrum, you will also be working on balancing your unconscious desires and dreams. 

Mercury is in the 6th house along with the Sun and Mars filling your daily routine with ideas, plans, and conversation, whether it’s about health routines,  your work environment, or with your colleagues. 

Venus will be in your house of relationships, a carry over from last month for the first week, and will shift to your house of commitments and joint resources on the 6th. Venus will join Jupiter in this house to bestow harmony, balance, and abundance into your life. 

June 1 – 7. Interaction between your work environment, your health, career, authority, joint resources, close interaction with others. 

This week you will be experiencing the beginnings of a series of wonderful aspects where the planets will be having harmonious conversations with each other. This will begin in your work environment with dialogue and brainstorming of ideas with colleagues, coworkers and clients. You may begin a new health routine if you feel you need to get more exercise or maintain your weight. Career and ambition is your soul path and those lessons that will bring you the greatest rewards and opportunities will feature. And, joining together with others, whether it’s through a business or personal commitment will be significant this month. There may be a commitment to a partner where you will join forces with them or you may decide to part ways: if it’s the latter it seems that it will be amicable. 

June 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-6/North Node-10) The month begins with direction from your day-to-day environment that directs you to your mission which is found in your 10th house of career, authority, and dealing with the public. It also deals with your mission to give back and your role within society.

Mercury will bring ideas and thoughts on how to direct your role in society. Communicating with colleagues or those who work for you will be beneficial.

The full moon brings culmination to some matters, and as it is entering your 12th house of endings, you will notice something crucial coming to an end. It could be the ending of a cycle of poor habits, or of defeating a part of yourself that had remained repressed, therefore you have conquered this intangible force that may have controlled you for a long time. 

Mercury will deliver information, thoughts and ideas, to move you forward in the direction of your current mission (which lasts until November) of focusing on your role in society and the public.

Like the mountain goat, you have been slowly climbing that mountain, and though you like recognition for hard work, and usually prefer to work alone, your lesson has been on learning to work with others. Learning to balance and perfect your role as an authority, or on how to deal with authority.

June 3. (Moon-12/Mars-6) The Moon is in Sagittarius in the area of your life that remains hidden, such as the subconscious and your dreams, and the things that you sacrifice for others, and of repressed dreams. Mars is in the opposite house of tangible and day-to-day routine, such as your work routine and environment. You will feel restless today because part of you is raring to go on your list of things to do, but your mind would prefer to remain in the land of dreams and memories. Something hidden or repressed may come to light and this may throw your a spanner into your routine. It will only last until Friday when the Moon will move out of this area of your life. It may feel a little disconcerting to you because Capricorn usually deals with concrete matters and with things that you can see and touch.

On another note, Saturn is in your 12th house and will be for the next couple of years. Saturn is methodically turning over every stone to make sure that you aren’t leaving any unturned from your past or your childhood. Saturn is your ruler so you are methodical so this works for you no matter how painful it is.

The Moon simply brings out the emotional aspect in these matters.

(Moon-12/Jupiter-8) The Moon is also sending out beams to Jupiter in your house of commitments, joint resources, intimacy, inheritances and public monies.

The balance between the repressed parts that need to be liberated are soothed by the good luck and psychological comfort of Jupiter’s rays. Your emotions will feel the relief of certain freedoms entering your subconscious. Perhaps you are ready to let go of past ideas.

Jupiter in the 8th brings luck and abundance to any joint endeavours, joint resources (resources that belong to the relationship), and commitments. Younger persons may figure.

June 5. Mars-6/Jupiter-8) You are quite busy at work or your day-to-day routine is bursting with activity. You may see some money in the form of a bonus come to you in recognition of all your hard work.

June 6 (Venus-8/Saturn-12) Venus bestows a gift to you, and it looks like it will come from a male or from someone in authority. This person may be someone who has worked behind the scenes for you to receive this bonus.

June 8 – 14. Interaction between your work routine, colleagues, coworkers, body & mind, family dynamic, parents, home, siblings, community, communication, joint resources, and commitments.

This week your daily work routine, colleagues and clients will be at the forefront as the sun is shining its rays in that area of your chart and life. There is plenty of dialogue and everyone seems to be in a talkative mood, sharing ideas, thoughts and ways to improve the work environment. 

June 8. (Sun-6/Jupiter-8) The week begins on such a wonderful note. All eyes are on you and Jupiter is there to lavish you with compliments and with more than you could imagine. A partner will have news about money or an inheritance. If there is a deeper commitment to your significant other or a business partner, the circumstances are auspicious. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a division of property, or parting ways with a business partner, you will be agreeable to the terms, and all should go quite well.

(Mars-6-Uranus-4) This is quite an energetic and revolutionary influence. You may be feeling quite passionate about the changes you would like to put in place at home. You are shaking up your home and family dynamic to accommodate your work routine.

The changes that are shaking your house of home and family dynamic has been in a turbulent state since it entered this house in 2011.

Mars and Uranus are in a good aspect, but it is possible that there may be some passionate words regardless. After all, you are dealing with two volatile influences.

June 9. (Moon-3/Neptune-3) The Moon is joining Neptune in your house of siblings, communication and community. It is one of the houses of relationships and learning and with this aspect, you may hear news from or about a sibling, your neighbourhood or community, and it will bring you a flash of inspiration. The Moon is in Pisces softens and Neptune is imagination, inspiration and beauty.

You may hear something that has previously been hidden or learn some information that was previously out of your grasp.

You will feel a blending of energies with others in your close environment, where words will flow like music to your ears.

June 10. (Sun-6/Uranus-4) On Wednesday, the atmosphere at work or amongst colleagues will be a bit chaotic and disruptive. You may feel rebellious and seeking to change the way that “things have always been done.” You might luck out and your colleagues will be in the same sort of mood.

Conversely, it could be that a colleague wants to change things up ‘at the office’, and you will be open to it. Saturn normally does not like to change things without proper and due course, however, you will be open to the idea if you’re the boss.

(Mercury-6/Venus-8) There will be plenty of creative ideas and with Venus in the house of intimacy, there may even be some sparks of love found in the work environment. At the very least, there will be an air of harmony and complicity amongst coworkers.

You may have news or a decision of a new commitment, taking a relationship to the next level, or a partner may have some ideas, news or information for you. This news comes on the heels of Mercury turning direct, so double-check this information because even though Mercury turns back direct, it will still be spinning in place as it gains its momentum.

An intuition idea may bring about a way to improve your work environment or a new method or strategy that brings in more money.

June 11. Mercury goes direct again in your 6th house. You should notice that those downright frustrating things that go bump when Mercury is in retrograde motion will finally begin to flow smoothly again.

(Moon-4/North Node-11) The Moon is in your house of home, parents and family dynamics and it will create a hard angle to your area of authority, career, and public life. These are usually fleeting aspects especially when they involve the Moon, but these are also the kind that will jump right in front of you and bring attention to a matter in a burst of emotion.

There have been many changes and disruptions within your home or within the family dynamic and coincidentally your mission or lessons are based in the opposite house of the public, and more specifically your role in society. This mission or lesson purports that you seek out your role within the public forum, and find out what it is that you can give back to society. This will bring you rewards and opportunities as well as creating a balanced life between your private and your public life.

June 12. (Sun-6/Moon-4) The energy of the Sun shining its light from the area that deals with your work environment, or health, is sending a beacon to the Moon in your home and private life. Your focus is on caring for yourself and experiencing what is good and healthy, and where you try to preserve each day. A shift in your day-to-day routine will benefit your family dynamic, and you on a private level. You will be able to take what you are learning in your work environment and bring it home ‘so to speak’ and experience it in that environment as well.

On an everyday level, you may experience an emotional reaction to something occurring in your home, or hear from your mother, a woman, or a younger person who is connected to your home. This may affect your routine but it will be positive as this is an easy aspect.

Now that Mercury has turned direct, it’s Neptune’s turn to go retrograde until November, albeit for a little longer time than Mercury, because it’s a slower moving planet. Neptune retrograde in your 3rd house will give you the time to review, rethink, reassess your way of communicating with other, dynamic with siblings, and where you live. Your intuition will be even more honed in and accurate, so listen to your inner voice for guidance when it comes to your way of communicating with others. You will get some very clear insight into your community, siblings and neighbourhood.

(Sun-6/Mars-6) Energy galore is found in your work environment, it will be a busy day at work. Your schedule will be overflowing with a list of things to do and accomplish. You have the energy to carry it all out successfully! Be careful to temper your energy or it may come off as being aggressive or a tad too assertive. However, it seems that the mood is at a high octane level amongst your colleagues as well and everyone is ready to get things done! You can accomplish a lot together!

(Moon-4/Mars-6) Emotions or hidden information involving your home, your family dynamic or a parent may affect or temper your energy level at work. Someone at home may be reacting emotionally to all the time you’re spending at work, or they may decide to come and help you out, this would be the case if you run your own business. Or, they may offer you assistance to help you complete those services that need to be completed.

June 13, 14. (Venus-8/North Node-10) Venus in a house of wealth with a good aspect to the North Node is always good news. You will receive some monies or recognition for your role in giving back to society. If you have done something that helps others within your community, you will get some monetary reward, or more business coming back to you. Accolades and kudos will come your way.

Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017. You will be dealing with limitations due to restrictions or rules placed on you by your friends, your associations or conversely the rules and limitations you are imposing on your friends or the type of friends you associate with.

With its entrance back into your 11th house, you will be reviewing, reassessing, or revisiting the discipline and the lessons of this house.

June 15 – 21. Interaction between work, cooperation, service to others, partnership, home, family dynamic, joint resources, interconnection, Self, personality, and the North Node (your mission).

June 15. The week’s focal point will be your work environment, cooperation, and you or your business’ service to others. You will experience why you enjoy your work and what to do to make it even more enjoyable. There will be a deeper level of commitment to others, in joint resources as well as coping with unexpected events on the home front. Your soul path and mission is what you can give back to society and this is where you will find your greatest reward and opportunities. Ideas will spring forth directly from your work environment.

(Sun-6/Mars-6) You will begin the week with plenty of energy and interaction with your colleagues and/or clients. This energy (synergy) will flow and work in your favour as you will get a lot done. Everyone will be cooperative and working together, though I would only caution to not push so hard that you hit a wall. This is your house of health and Mars can push the limits at times.

June 16. This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 6th house of daily work, work environment including colleagues or clients, service to others, and physical health.

With the new moon influence in your 6th house, this will be a power packed week in your work environment. You may begin new procedures or change up your pattern at work to improve your ‘service to others.’

June 16-30. (Jupiter-8/Uranus-4) Abundance and disruption will influence your area of joint resources, interconnection with others, the cycle of beginnings and endings and unexpected events taking place within the home and family dynamic.

For example, you may decide that you are ready for a deeper commitment with your partner and would like them to move in with you. Another scenario is that you may be starting a new business and will want to set up a home office to incorporate this.

There may be decisions to make regarding a parent and this month has the best influence in order to make those decisions for them. Conversely, your parents may have some change of plan, but it just happens to work for you.

June 18. (Moon-7/Pluto-1) On Thursday, the Moon is journeying through your area of relationships and you or your partner may have an emotional reaction to the major transformation taking place to your self, your personality. You are undergoing a major overhaul to your Self, your trademark, your appearance and personality. It is also the house of the quality of your life. You began to transition this influence since Pluto entered your 1st house in 2008.

Your partner or those close to you may notice something outwardly different or changed about you and will react to it. It is transitory because the Moon moves fairly quickly through each area. This area is influenced by Cancer and and the Moon, which tends to hang on to memories, the past and the ‘old’ way of doing things, a little longer than most. It is this reaction that you will experience, either within yourself or from those close to you.

“Remember how we used to take our RV and just take off for the weekend?”

“Yes, well now we’re doing it on our motorcycles.”

You get the picture. There are periods of adjustments.

(Mercury-6/North Node-10) You believe in fairness and a balanced approach in  your position of authority, or you will find that your bosses are usually quite fair, but at times, a tad indecisive because they want the best for everyone involved. Your mission is to learn those qualities and to make a contribution to society (whether you personal society or the society of the world at large). Mercury in your work environment this month will supply you with plenty of ideas, plans and conversations. Your 6th house is the house which influences how you are of service to those around you, whether your colleagues, your customers, or your clients. You will be able to translate this influence to a larger audience thus leading to your current mission of giving back to society. In doing so, you will see the greatest rewards, opportunities, and recognition.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between your home life, family dynamic, Self, personality, quality of life, travel, horizons/extended boundaries, career, public life, relationships, and the your current mission. 

June 22. Surprises on the home front that are a result of the deeper connection you are forging to your commitments will be in your favour. The family dynamic may be changing but it will be to your and your family’s benefit. You will be taking a good look at yourself as an emotional reaction will cause you to do so. Are you living your life to its truest level? What is there that you would still like to make improvements upon in order to be your truest authentic self? These are some questions that you may be asking yourself this week.

(Jupiter-8/Uranus-4) There is focus on the influences taking place in your 8th and 4th houses. Jupiter, the benefactor, will offer the commitment, the loan, the inheritance, the approval, or the business you need to make the necessary changes on the home front. Some examples on how Uranian influences could be playing out on the home front are: your parents are moving in to your home, your children are moving out of your home, you have just moved to a new home, you are renovating your home, or you have added an office to your home, etc.

Interestingly, these forces will also influence your personal values and material security as well as your career or public life.

June 23. (Moon-9/Pluto-1) You will want to expand your mind and body by extending your boundaries, either by traveling or surfing the internet, or or taking a course or program to learn new things. This is all part of your growth and your wish to transform your quality of life. As with all influences, these will touch upon your close relationships, as well as your immediate surrounding.

June 26. (Moon-10/Uranus-4) The Moon has now transitioned to your career house and the emotional experience taking place in that sector will push against the dramatic changes taking place in your private life or home. You may feel a bit of contradiction between these two areas such as reaching out to a larger audience but wanting or needing to keep your home life within its own walls of privacy. The more you get out and reach others, the more you may feel that you lose the privacy you also love. This feeling will be transitory and fleeting as it is with the Moon. It may make you a little moody and changeable but it will not last long.

June 27. (Sun-7/North Node-10) Your current mission and close relationships will be at a loggerhead with this hard angle. Not only were you reacting to your growing audience or popularity in your public life, but now your close relationships are reacting to it. Your time is being divided and your partners or close relations want more time with you, or you want more time with them, but your commitments to the outside world is gaining momentum. You will feel this influence for the better part of a week, and thereafter its influence will soften.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between friends, groups, personal goals, joint ventures, commitments, interconnection with others, and home life.

The beginning of this week will lead the end of one of the best months this year. Your social life will be booming with friends and groups getting in touch with you. You will be reminded of the reasons you kept in touch with the friends you have. Joint ventures and a deeper interconnection with others will bring you great satisfaction. And, even the mild chaos taking place in your home life is easy to deal with at the beginning of the week. You have Jupiter at your back with your significant other and partners giving you a shoulder to lean on this week.

June 29. (Moon-11/Saturn-11) You will share some good moments and good times with friends. Saturn has retrograded back to this area of your life to remind of the lessons you were meant to learn when it was ensconced here for almost three years prior to December 2014.

June 30. (Venus-8/Jupiter-8) You may hear news of money coming to you whether it’s from a bonus, a jackpot or lottery win, an inheritance, a business, or a change in your partner’s financial situation. It may also be a significant gift that you receive from a close alliance.

(Venus-8/Uranus-4) You will feel very good at home and within your family dynamic. They may also be unexpected news that comes from someone at home, or about your home. If you are in the process of selling your home, you may receive asking price or there may be a bidding war and you end up with more than you expected. You may also receive news that changes the landscape of your home environment such as a new roommate if you’ve been looking for one or your partner may decide to move in with you.

You could not get better news or gift than this to end this delightful month!

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