June 2015 Horoscope – Cancer


[Sincere apologies for the lateness is posting your horoscope, but as you will see I had a lot to write!]

In June, your sun will spotlight the hidden parts of yourself, your unconscious desires and the repressed parts of your subconscious that may have been swept under a rug when you were very young. It is the last month in the year before your new birthday year and this is usually when you review, reassess, reevaluate and reflect upon the year that is nearing its completion. You are at the end of the experience wheel having learned the lessons of the first six houses, then applying your knowledge through the last six houses. 

The Sun is in the 12th house this month tying up loose ends, reviewing the previous year and planning the year ahead, and doing an inner mental review to see whether you’re where you want to be. You’ll be experiencing some revelatory dreams and some of your unconscious desires may bubble to the surface. 

You still have to contend with Mercury Retrograde until June 11th, and until then you will most likely have to deal with things going awry such as technology, travel (car), your communications, and contracts. If you read the previous’ month review, I have added a little bit more detail on Mercury Retrograde and the things you should try to avoid during this time. Some things are, of course, unavoidable and it would behoove you to check everything twice. Aside that, Mercury will bring out the things that are not working properly, the weaknesses in the fabric so to speak, and most times, these things are annoying, but it’s the universe looking out for you. If there are weaknesses in the system, it will force you to fix them, whether its your technology, your car, your appliances, your front door (my front door :-/). This is the universe’s way of looking out for you. As for the other stuff like signing contracts, the reason we say to avoid doing so during this aspect is that information may be hidden and the relationship in which you enter by signing on the dotted line may change after the fact. So, double-check everything. 

Saturn will be retrograding into your 5th house where it was ensconced for the past 2-3 years until December 2014. Here you will be reassessing and reviewing the lessons you were supposed to learn. Saturn can be a little harsh at times, but in the state of review, it may only be felt internally going over these matters to make sure you have learned how to handle them. The 5th house is the house of true love, romance, and your creative pursuits. Have you pushed aside the romance you desire in your life? Have you stopped looking for your true love?  Have you learned how to use your inner creative resourcefulness? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, Saturn is sure to have you go over these matters again. No, unfortunately, it does not let you off the hook. Remember that the journey in life comprises of balancing all aspects of your life. 

Jupiter is still in your 2nd house until August and has been bringing you all sorts of abundance and joy to your material security, the things you value in life, and has magnified how you treat others, especially partners. 

This month is an amazing month with easy-flowing aspects and only a couple of barely noticeable speed bumps that will disturb your world. In fact, I’m certain that you will barely notice them. And, even if you’ve pulled back slightly into your inner world, there is a lot of activity taking place and these will keep you busy and happily so! 

June 1 – 7. Interaction between your thoughts, your dreams, your subconscious, your current mission and life path, your material security, your Self and your daily work environment, such as colleagues and clientele. 

You’ll begin the month with ideas, thoughts and listening to your inner voice when it comes to following your current soul path. Your material security will also be at the forefront of your thoughts and plans, and you will be busy on the work front possibly putting new structures into place with regard to location, your colleagues or clientele.

June 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-12/North Node-4) Your subconscious may reveal an idea that is related to the current mission for Cancer to follow the path of their home, roots and family dynamic. Is there something from your early childhood that has been the result of your many reactions or decisions in life? The 12th house is one of the most intricate and complex areas of the chart and it is where we build inner strength to overcome limitations, sorrows and fears that may come from childhood or past experiences. It is where the individual adapts to the collective.

June 3. (Moon-6/Mars-12) You’ll be dealing with the issues of the health and services on the collective whole against that of the individual in the 6th house of health. You will most certainly have an emotional reaction to this in the act of making sense of it all. Thoughts regarding society versus the individual will come to the surface of your consciousness and you will charge against these thoughts. Mars in your 12th house will make you angry and assertive in your statements regarding these subjects.

(Moon-6/Jupiter-2) You’ll fair much better with these aspects if you switch your attention to that of the abundance you are receiving in your own life and to be grateful for it. This act will relieve the inner tension you are feeling.

June 5. (Mars-12/Jupiter-2) Your unconscious desires will feed the abundance with ideas and energy to move forward toward the material security you seek. Jupiter in the 2nd has blown this house wide open and you have been pulling in a lot more income to relieve your inner feelings of security which is extremely important to you. Venus close by moving from your 1st house to your 2nd on the 6th will bring even more influx of the things you value.

June 6. (Venus-2/Saturn-6) Venus will bring you a gift to that which you value and Saturn, who is usually serious and cautious, will also be doing the happy dance with you. It will most likely be a gift or an addition that enhances your work-related activities. Part of you wants to spend spend spend and the other part of you will be serious, cautious and holding back. If you do purchase or acquire something, you will feel better if it is related to your daily activity, whether it’s work or health related or both.

(Mars-12/Jupiter-2) Jupiter and the 2nd house also relates to your generosity in emotion, material, or spiritual and how you relate to others, and the 12th house involves how you relate to others on a psychological level. The results of these influences will take the intangible ideas and thoughts and allow you to see real and concrete results.

June 8 – 14. Interaction between your subconscious, unconscious, karmic existence, your material security and value system, your career and authority figures, your philosophy and outlook on life, journeys, and your Self and image. 

This week will be all about your unconscious desires, your karmic existence, the things you value the most, your material and career success, and your philosophy and outlook on life. 

June 8. (Sun-12/Jupiter-2) The sun is shining its warmest rays onto your house of material security and on an unconscious level you will revel in this influence because it makes you feel so very good. The unconscious desire to be free to pursue whatever you want in life comes to the surface and this is also tied to the independence you seek in your professional life. You’re excited because you may feel like you’re on the verge of making this happen.

(Mars-12/Uranus-10) This will be a day to be reckoned with as you have the two most powerful planets intertwined with each other. Mars is in your 12th house edging you to push the envelope into your unconscious desires and thoughts while Uranus is planning a revolution in your house of career. Your unconscious desire to create something unique and to deliver it to the public is foremost in your mind today, and you will feel this influence for the next couple of days. Can you make a difference and give back to the world? That is what you will be wrestling with while this aspect is at play. There is no avoiding this tumultuous (yet very positive) influence in your inner thoughts and in your public life (career and matters outside your home.)

June 9. (Moon-9/Neptune-9) This next day with the lingering power-packed influences of Mars and Uranus, the Moon and Neptune will ignite your daydreams and your intuition. Perhaps it’s a throwback of all the good vibrations you are feeling in your life. You will be dreaming of far away places, of journeying, or of moving from your current location. You will experience some serious intuition and inspiration from delving in things that are far away, from expanding your skills, or from dealing with others who come from a different culture.

June 10. (Sun-12/Uranus-10) You will be focused on creating that independence in your life through your career. With the Sun, this attention, focus and results are more concrete and you will notice some advancement toward this goal you seek.

(Mercury-12/Venus-2) You will come up with a lucrative idea that may change the face of how you deal with others, even if it’s only on a subconscious level.

June 11, Mercury goes direct today, however keep those cautionary measures in place as it is said that an influence is at its most powerful at the book ends of the changes. In this case, Mercury has stopped spinning and is in a stationary or paused state, back at the point it was when it began to retrograde. If you play pool or billiards, this can be equated to the moment after you have put a reverse spin on your cue ball, it stops for that split second before its momentum back to you. A very powerful momentum indeed!

June 11. (Moon-10/North Node-4) There will be an emotional response from an authority figure in your life, perhaps connected to your career, or even a parent, who voices their opposition over a decision you have made regarding your home or the family dynamic. This is a passing and transitory influence as it usually is with the Moon, however the Moon is in Aries, and so this emotional outburst will have its power pack and will still affect you regardless of whether it passes quickly. Don’t let this throw you off your game. This month is so positive in every aspect of your life, and neatly wraps up an amazing year of personal and professional strides.

June 12. (Sun-12/Moon-10) When the Sun and the Moon dance together, it is an aspect of marriage, love, and togetherness. It is your future dancing with your past, and where you feel as though all that you subconsciously desire is married and working together symbiotically with what you are feeling and experiencing. In this case, your unconscious desires are reflected in your career and public life and it could not get any better than this. Well, technically it could, but the feeling you will have with this influence is equivalent to that. This is the power pack of yin and yang energies to the fullest!

June 13. (Venus-2/North Node-4) Your North Node is in your 4th house which speaks to what will pull you to your future. This is the path that will bring you personal growth, as well as rewards and opportunities. Venus is the giver of gifts, whether material or emotional, and she will bestow a gift to you on your path to your future. It may be a compliment, or an actual material gift, or it might even be that you find your true soul mate right in your very home. As strange as this sounds, it may be that someone who enters your home, or that you meet at a family get-together, is a true soul mate. It is said that if you follow your current mission or soul path you are given the opportunity to meet your soul mates. In this case, if you remain ensconced and your attention is solely on your career or your public life, you may just miss this opportunity. Of course, it’s not your last opportunity, But, why not take advantage of this moment as you won’t have to go very far from your home to do so.

If on the off chance this does not happen, you will still reap from the wonderful influence of Venus as she is all about love, harmony and togetherness. You will find all of these elements of good will right in your own home.

June 14. Saturn in retrograde motion goes back to the house of Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

Until September, Saturn is back to review that which might have fallen through the cracks while it was here previously. Saturn likes structure, discipline and rules, and in your house of true love. If you haven’t set down on paper the things you are looking for in your true love, the universe will not know what to bring to you, and thus will wait until you do know. If you live with someone and are not receiving that which you wish in matters of romance, you should do the same.

On another note, the 5th house is also the house of creativity, inner resourcefulness and children. Some of you may have to learn the lessons of restrictions and of working around those to find that place where you can enjoy the fruits of your labour (literally, if you have children.) If you don’t have children and are considering adding one of these wonderful treasures to your life, Saturn will help you overcome the limitations that you imagine you will encounter by making this monumental decision.

In connection to your creativity, inner child and resourcefulness, you will deal with whatever it is that is restricting you from reaching out to this essential part of your being. You will have to get over these kinds of questions: What if I’m not good enough at this skill? What if nothing comes of all the hard work I have put into it? Why can’t I seem to write, or play music, or enjoy my leisure time? If you’re honest with yourself, Saturn will help you to find these answers and help you over that hurdle, all the while directing you with precision, caution, discipline and structure.

June 15 – 21. Interaction between your unconscious desires, dreams, karmic life, career, authority, independence, uniqueness, material security and success, and your North Node.

The week will be focused on your desires, your career, your independence and the dreams you’ve held about how you want your life to be. Authority figure or parents will be in the mix helping you to achieve that which you wish. Your uniqueness will be apparent and if you follow your soul path it will bring wonderful rewards. 

June 15. (Sun-12/Mars-12) This begins an influence that lasts until Wednesday where your attention and energy will be on matters that deal with your unconscious desires, as well as the collective consciousness. The 12th house is a big house that deals with all those desires that are hidden (in that you hide them from others) or that you repress (they have become hidden from you.)

June 16. New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 12th house of the subconscious, dreams, unconscious desires, and karma. The 12th house is generally known as the house of endings since it is the last house in the zodiac wheel before you begin the journey of the new birthday year. It’s sort of apt that this new moon should fall in this house as it will give you the chance to create new beginnings or at least put things into motion.

(Jupiter-2/Uranus-10) Tuesday also marks the beginning of this influence that will last until the end of the month. Jupiter, planet of abundance, luck and joy will dance a happy dance with Uranus, planet of disruption, independence, revolution, remarkable events and circumstances, as well as surprises.

There will be much interplay between your house of material success and security as well as your values and your attitude toward others, and the independence and unique career path you seek. They will work together in tandem, whether it’s a sudden influx in your income that allows you to follow the career path you wish, or whether the results of following the path you desire that will bring an influx and abundance to satiate your intentions for material security and/or success.

On a basic level, your unique approach to reaching out to the public will bring an influx of business to you and thus fill your coffer with goodies, income and give you the means of acquiring the things that make you feel good and valued. Your feelings of self-worth will soar.

June 18. (Moon-1/Pluto-7) There will be another opposition to bring you back down to earth for a few hours at least. There has been transformation taking place in your house of marriage and relationships (whether personal or business) since Pluto entered this house. If the transformation is in your partner’s life, it affects you as well. Pluto is a slow moving planet so these changes are not always apparent, however when a faster moving planet such as the Moon crosses its path, it will highlight or bring out an aspect of it. In this circumstance, you will react emotionally to something that is revealed that you previously may not have known. Even with this transitory aspect, it will be something that affects you deeply especially because Pluto is involved. You may feel some shifting within yourself as a result, however if you face whatever you learned head on, you’ll get the results you need to move forward.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between your career, your material security and success, your neighbourhood, siblings or extended family, your marriage, partnerships, or close relationships, and your North Node.

If you’ve read this far down, you’ll be thinking “Wow, there’s more?” Yes, this week brings you more of all the good things that you were experiencing last week. This month just keeps giving and you’ll keep receiving! 

June 23. (Moon-3/Pluto-7) You will experience a deep connection to others for the next couple of days while the Moon transits your 3rd house of your community, siblings and extended family. If you meet someone new this week while this aspect is in play, this person may just simply blow open your entire world in a most amazing way. This person will not be a flight and fanciful sort, and will have a depth to them that takes your breath away. You are looking for transformational relationships in your life. You want the people close to you to mean something very deeply and to share the deeper meanings of life. Yes, it’s all very intense, but that’s the way it is with Pluto in your house of relationships. It’s all or nothing now as far as you’re concerned. This includes the relationship with yourself, which is the most important one. Remember that you cannot help or give to others, if you’re running out of oxygen. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about: When you’re in a plane, one of the cautionary rules you hear before the plane takes off is “Make sure to set the oxygen mask on yourself before you help someone else.” If you don’t do that, you won’t be good for very long to anyone else or yourself.

June 26. (Moon-4/Jupiter-2) Your home is about to be connected to a bountiful of abundance. You will hear some great news regarding your home, or you will receive some very good advice about it.

June 27. (Sun-1/North Node-4) The Sun has shifted to your house of Self (as of the 22nd actually) and this first aspect to your North Node will cause a bit of inner tension. With the Sun shining its attention on your Self and how you appear to the world and with the world’s attention on you, it will be difficult to focus your attention on your soul path. You might be thinking, “Well that’s a lot to focus on when I’m enjoying the focus on myself for once!” But, remember I’m only here to let you know that there are influences that cross your path every day and these are influences that you can either take advantage of or not. Free will can be a wily fox, you catch sight of it and then it disappears.

In this case, you will simply need to remember that the path to your future lies within your home, your roots, your family heritage, and where you’re located, where you build its foundation. At least until November where at that point your path will change to your neighbourhood and community. [So, technically if you don’t meet your soul mate close to home, you’ll have to go a little further out into your neighbourhood and community and there they will be! 🙂 Hmm, that is a stretch.] In either case, this (your home or your community) is where you will be your happiest and where you will reap rewards and opportunity.

June 28 (Venus-2/Uranus-10) You will end the week with another gift or surprise from the universe that will come from an unexpected source in your career sector.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between your creativity, inner resourcefulness, projects or children, career or authority figures, your material security or success, and your own unique way of approaching the public. 

This last week brings the last two days of the month and you’ll probably be thinking that this is one of the best months you’ve had in a long time. You’re governed by the Moon (feelings and the past) and this will be a month that you will keep in your coffer of memories for a while. This month will mark the end and the beginning to a whole new life for you. It will be one of those months and moments that you mark in the calendar of your life as being remarkable. 

June 29. (Moon-5/Saturn-5) You will put some new structures in place that will remain for a long time as Saturn is all about stability, structure and discipline.

June 30. You will end the month on a day that you will remember as quite possibly being the most wonderful day of the year. Venus and Jupiter are dancing the happy dance in your house of values, possessions, and material security and success. Venus bring love, harmony and an influx of material goods (such as money) and Jupiter is full of abundance, luck and generosity.

The house of possessions includes real estate (investment) and you will reap great value from this end, whether you’re selling or buying a house or any other item of value. If you’re investing or saving, you will also receive some great returns on those investments.

You may not believe the month you’ve had as you reach the last day and you will be asking yourself whether everything that happened this month really did happen! You won’t have to look far to get your answer as the consequences will be apparent and concrete and the results will be tangible and real.

© ccdailly


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