June 2015 Horoscope – Aries


In June, your focus will be on your immediate environment, your community, your siblings and extended family, your conscious decisions, your present life (what’s directly in front of you), as well as communication of all kinds.

This is going to be a wonderful month filled with activity in your community and family, as well as neighbours. 

This month ends the first quarter of your process of realizing and actualizing who you are. It’s about finding out what you stand for, what means the most to you, your attitude toward others, and how you express yourself. 

The Sun is passing through the very bottom of your chart representing a focus on matters that ground you, your roots, your structure and foundation, and your family. 

There will be a lot of action, energy, ideas, thoughts and dialogue in this area of your life including siblings, other members of your family, your parents, and those who live with you. 

In the latter part of the month, the focus will shift and move into your home and the family dynamic, which includes your parents. If you’re younger, this is your parents’ home, childhood, and beginnings. 

This is a month with lots to look forward to and you will be amazed by all the positive influences and fun activities that will fill this month with great memories to keep for a long time!

June 1 – 7. Interaction between your community, siblings, North Node, creativity, inner resourcefulness, projects and children, home and family and your core beliefs. 

The first week will begin with interaction within your community. Your siblings, neighbours and extended family may be a part of your connections. Your outlook on life and your inner resourcefulness will help you out when it comes to relating to others, when working on your creative ideas and dealing with children. 

June 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-3/North Node-7) You will begin this week with plenty of ideas coming from your immediate environment that will give you the means to direct your attention to your current mission of learning the lessons of your 7th house. This is the house of relationships and your current mission is to focus your attention on those closest to you, those that love and nurture you, and those you share your life with. Your attention to this part of your life and to those people will bring great reward and opportunities for your personal growth. It is a house of ‘giving’ and in giving more to this part of your life will result in you receiving more from those you love and whom you share your intimate life with.

The full moon on the 2nd will bring a matter concerning journeys, learning, or a legal matter to culmination.

June 3. (Moon-9/Mars-3) You will feel the desire to travel, to reach out to the world, but the energy in your immediate environment is pulling you back. You will feel this pull between reaching out to the stuff that’s ‘out there’ and the things you need to deal with that are right in front of you.

June 5. (Mars-3/Jupiter-5) Jupiter is expanding and growing your creative and inner resourcefulness. Your house of creativity will get an infusion of energy and passion.

You may be growing your family with the addition of children. Your children will be bringing you much joy and happiness. You may be out and about your community with your children taking part in activities, such as sports and events that get you out together and enjoying each other.

June 6. (Venus-5/Saturn-9) Venus brings love, harmony, togetherness and gifts to the part of your chart that you are in the process of structuring your experience gained from reaching out to different cultures and people. Your creative identity will gain from this influx of support and love.

Venus will bring someone new through some leisurely activity which may develop into a romance. This person might seem wise beyond their years. With Venus entering your house of true love, you will be feeling quite romantic, ready to meet someone new if you’re single. You will most definitely hear words of love, tenderness and togetherness.

June 8 – 14. Interaction between your immediate environment, your Self, your dreams and core beliefs, your home, and your North Node. 

This week includes siblings, neighbours, community, where you live and how you express yourself. Your Self, your subconscious aspirations and unconscious desires will fill your dreams. Your home, family dynamic and your current mission will be a part of this week’s influence. 

June 8. (Sun-3/Jupiter-5) The Sun is shining its rays upon your inner child, your inner resourcefulness, your creative identity and projects. Jupiter will open up this part of your life during this week and bring abundance, joy and wisdom to you. You may receive some wisdom or knowledge from someone older or wiser which may be an a-ha moment for you.

(Mars-3/Uranus-1) Your independence and unique qualities will surface and benefit your personal environment and your self expression. You will find that those whom you attract into your immediate environment at the people who appreciate your unique qualities.

June 9. (Moon-12/Neptune) The Moon and Neptune are in a part of your life that involve your unconscious desires, the hidden parts of yourself, as well as the repressed parts of yourself. Neptune will bring intuition and inspiration to illuminate your inner creativity.

June 10. (Sun-3/Uranus-12) The Sun will shine its light upon your unique qualities, your desire for independence, and the revolution that is happening in in your subsconcious to find your creative source. You may use this creative idea to give back to your immediate environment, or siblings, or extended family.

(Mercury-3/Venus-5) An idea or news or gift you receive from someone in your immediate environment will touch your heart. It will be a message of love that will inspire you.

June 11. (Moon-1/North Node-7) You will feel a little bit of opposition when the Moon is journeying the 1st house because you will enjoy the attention that is focused on you. Your current mission and soul path is in the opposite house or marriage, partners, and close relationships and that is where you know deep down that you will come face to face with your true soul purpose and that is to share with others, to give to your partners, and in doing so you will benefit and receive the rewards of a loving life, and harmonious relationships.

June 13. (Venus-5/North Node-7) This is the ultimate combination of true love, romance, music, art, beautiful things combined and intertwined with soul matters, partnerships, close connections, and marriage. You will definitely feel as though you are on the right path and it will feel like so much more than you ever imagined. The world is your oyster on this day! You will love and feel loved, and the feelings of togetherness and peace will fill your world.

Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

Saturn turns retrograde and goes back into your 8th house of beginnings and endings, of joint resources and ventures, of carnal desires and interconnection with others, of security in your partnerships, and of regeneration. 

Saturn’s return to this part of your chart will feel familiar to you since you hosted Saturn here for the better part of 3 years until it moved on to Sagittarius and your 9th house in December 2014. Saturn is returning to your 8th house of joint resources and ventures, intimacy (such as experiences of love and sex) , public monies, and regeneration (beginnings and endings.) Saturn is structure, discipline and limitations and these are the formations that Saturn used to teach you to take control of the 8th house matters. Saturn is back to review and revisit one last time before moving on for good to make sure that you have learned to overcome your limitations and the structures that are needed to achieve balance in this area of your life. If any stone was left unturned, Saturn will make sure to bring it to turn it over. You will be reviewing these matters mostly on an internal level and the experiences involved will not be as overtly difficult (because Saturn is difficult, strict and likes you to follow the rules) as they were during his first visit. 

June 15 – 21. Interaction between your community, neighbours, siblings, self-expression, Self and personality, how others see you, romance and true love, creativity, projects, children, and things that bring you pleasure and joy, and your North Node. 

This week you will be dealing with your community and the people who interact with you in that environment. Your siblings and extended family will also be in the picture. A romantic interest or someone creative will be attracted to your independence and unique personality. Lessons from the North Node (your current mission or soul path) will also be a part of this week’s influence.

June 15. (Sun-3/Mars-3) The week will begin with a lot of activity in your neighbourhood. You may be taking part in an event that is taking place in your community. You will have a lot of energy and may even be quite assertive and competitive, especially if this event is a sport. You are becoming much more involved with the world that is right in front of you — your community and neighbourhood.

June 16. New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 3rd house. If you have not been involved very much in your community, this will be the perfect time to get out there and begin. You will have many opportunities to do so, and if you’re the one who has to come up with the ideas, Mercury is in the vicinity to help you with planning and executing these community events. You’ll be very expressive and you may make some new connections as a result. 

(Jupiter-5/Uranus-1) This is the beginning of an influence that will last until the end of the month. Your unique personality and independent streak will work well with your inner resourcefulness or creativity. You will find your creative voice and identity and the results will be extraordinary! The third spoke of this trine points to your outlook on life. You will be tempted to deliver your unique perspective to the world through some artistic form.

June 18. (Moon-4/Pluto-10) There is a very deep and profound change taking place in your house of career and authority. The way you have dealt with authority or your own authoritarian manner is evolving. Pluto entered this area of your life in 2008, so you may have noticed a subtle shift by now since we’re about halfway through its transit in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn is the ruler of this part of your chart and is usually known for its adherence to structure, rules, and limitations. The moment Pluto entered this house, there was a major shift though it may only have been felt deeply by you because Pluto does nothing superficially. Your ambitions for success and to achieve the status that you wish to reach are unwavering.

Pluto is extremely powerful and relentless. You will feel its power of transformation at times when another planet crosses its path or aspect touches it. The Moon journeying through your 4th house of home and the family dynamic will set off an emotional reaction or outburst as a response to this influence. If you’ve made some changes, they’re made and Pluto will be steadfast in its implementation. There is no way you are going to go back to the way it was before.

If you’re the boss, your workers (the working family) will react to your changing its foundation in whichever significant way you have chosen. This is only transitory especially with the Moon at play. People do not like change and it is always painful when there is no choice.

June 19. (Mercury-3/North Node-7) It’s all about your mission to build on your partnerships and close relationships. You will receive news from someone in your immediate environment, like siblings or neighbours that will feel like a pat to your back. Your attitude has shifted to create a balance on the axis of the ‘me’ versus the ‘other’: your partner, your close friends, your business partners. This is the path that will bring you rewards and opportunities, of support, of love and of a strong foundation in your partnership and relationships with others.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between your romantic life, your inner resourcefulness, creative identity, projects and children, your career, your ambitions, your unique personality, your independent nature, and your North Node. 

This influences this week will strongly emphasize your unique and independent nature that will come through and be apparent through your inner resourcefulness and creativity. If you have children, your attention will be directed toward them and the activities that you plan together will be unique and fun and interesting, to say the least. Jupiter is all about extravagance and this is what you’ll be all about when you’re out looking for fun, entertainment, and enjoying your life.

This week will mostly be about the people around you whether it’s your neighbours, siblings, family romantic partner, children and the activities will be centred around having fun and enjoyment. 

June 23. (Moon-6/Pluto-10) Your ambitions and your career objectives will be strongly emphasized when the Moon aspects Pluto again but this time from the 6th house of your work environment and routine. Things should be going extremely well and you will have the support of your colleagues or from the people who work for you.

June 26. (Moon-7/Jupiter-5) This will be an emotional day for you and your partner or other close relationships. You will be thankful for all that Jupiter is offering in your area of creativity, projects, and children. You may hear news that you’re expecting a child. If this isn’t the case for you then your partner will be very supportive of a project that you’re working on. This will mean a lot to you.

Uranus will be playing a big part during the next few days touching on your close relationships and your inner child and creative pursuits. You will be displaying your unique personality and independent nature.

June 27. (Sun-4/North Node-7) For a month that has been smooth sailing for the most part, this is probably the only really hard aspect that will create some inner tension for you. Your home, your parents or your family dynamic may be the source of this tension and it may be a result of your current mission of following your soul path. Your partnership is taking precedence in your life and your parents may be concerned that you are spending less time focused on the family. It may be a parent who reacts to this precedence in your life and will voice their concern. They probably afraid of being cast aside as a result, and you should do your best to allay their worries.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between your commitments, matter of intimacy, joint resources and ventures, your unique and independent personality, and your inner resourcefulness and creativity. 

The last two day of the month begin this week and you will be focused on your commitments, reviewing 8th house matters such as intimacy and interconnections. Your source of inspiration and creativity will feed your unique personality and perspective.

June 29. (Venus-5/Uranus-1) Love, money, and romance will enhance your unusual and unique personality and you will feel accepted exactly as you are. Your drive for independence will open doors for your inner creativity to come out.

June 30. This is the last day of the month and it will be a spectacular day for you. Love, romance, children, personal projects, leisurely activities, creative pursuits, abundance, joy, luck will all be yours on this day. You will hear wonderful news from a romantic interest or a child. Love and romance will be in the air and you will hear magnanimous words of love. You will be flabbergasted by the good vibrations of this most amazing day. What better way to end a month than a day filled with goodies, love, abundance, joy, and luck!

© ccdailly


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