June 2015 Horoscope – Aquarius


June is going to be a great month for you! Romance, true love, creative pursuits, leisure activities, personal projects and children are all going to be a part of your month. Does that sound like fun? You bet. Mercury will infuse your creative pursuits with ideas. 

If you’re looking for love, the stars are revved up to help you do so. You may receive messages of love or you’ll be the assertive one this month letting that special someone know that you are interested in getting to know them better. For some of you, this someone may even be someone you work with.

Venus is moving into your house of partnership and contracts, you may be thinking of becoming more serious with your current romantic interest. 

If you’re a musician or an artist, this month will feature conversation and ideas about your creations. You’ll be filled with ideas and inspiration for new projects that you’d like to get started on. Mars is close by providing you with the energy you need. 

Saturn retrogrades back into your career sector, so you may notice a slow down, or you may have to go over previous work with a fine tooth comb and fill in the cracks. Saturn is about structure and discipline so you will be reviewing both those notions. You had Saturn in this area for the past 2-3 years until it changed signs to Sagittarius last December. So you’re used to this influence. 

Neptune will turn retrograde as well midway through the month in your 2nd house of values, material security, and your attitude toward your partner or close relationships. It is also the house of feelings so it is possible that you become almost psychic and will know what those close to you are feeling. 

Later on in the month, you’ll be back concentrating on the work front with a very busy schedule, so enjoy the first three weeks of June! Live it up! Take advantage of the fun times before having to get down to brass tacks.

June 1 – 7. Interaction with romantic interests, creative pursuits, children, widening your horizons, expanding your knowledge, travel, friends, groups, social objectives, as well as your hopes and wishes.

This week will begin a period of doing activities that bring you pleasure, romantic possibilities, and finding true love. If you’re already with a significant other, you or your partner will make some very romantic gestures. You will be interested in increasing your knowledge and traveling so it’s possible that you will be planning a trip. Your social life is taking off and you’ll be getting together with friends or groups you belong to. 

June 1, 2, 3. (Mercury-5/North Node-9) You may be planning or talking about going on a holiday which will involve going to foreign lands. If you’re not going anywhere you may come into contact with people who are from far away or from a different culture. A new romantic interest may be from a different culture than your own.

Your current mission is to expand and widen your horizons, learning from experience which can come from traveling and going beyond your comfort zones.

June 3. (Moon-11/Mars-5) Your friends or someone younger in your group of friends will be getting in touch with you, or may reveal something to you that may dampen your plans. This may cause some opposition because you may have had some plans already in place and this emotional outburst will rub you the wrong way. Not to worry as this is transitory and the moon will move on in a couple of days and everything will go back to being hunky dory.

(Moon-11/Jupiter-7) On the other hand, Jupiter in your house of relationships, there may be some celebrations. You may hear some hidden information that you did not previously know. An example of this may be an emotional revelation from a close friend. It’s an easy aspect so you may be pleased with what you hear.

June 5. (Mars-5/Jupiter-7) Abundance, luck and knowledge from your area of relationships is doing the happy dance with assertive Mars in your house of creative pursuits and pleasure. Your partner or close friends will most likely be joining you in whichever fun activities you have going on. If you need some advice on which course of action to take regarding a personal creative project, your partner will be supportive and will most likely have the advice that you need to hear.

June 6. (Venus-7/Saturn-11) Venus will have just moved into your house of relationships. You will feel very loving and generous in your display of affection to your significant other, or to your very close friends. If you’ve been dating someone for a long time, you may just feel ready to move to the next level.

If you’re single, your close friends will be very serious about helping you to meet someone. Conversely, if you meet someone through friends it is possible that they are quite cautious or shy.

June 8 – 14. Interaction between your partnerships and close relationships, contracts, romance, creative pursuits, siblings, communication, local community, your material security and the things that you value. 

The house of true love is about your personal objectives. This is where you derive the things that give you personal pleasure and the source of the things you indulge in. Romance, finding true love, music, art, your inner child, and your children are all part of this area of your life. 

If you don’t have a significant other and are out there looking for your true love, this month will shine its bright light upon this area, and it will be one of the best times in the year for you to meet someone new. With Jupiter joining the Sun, you have all the luck to do so, so get out there and let yourself be seen. 

June 8. (Mars-5/Uranus-3) You may hear some unexpected news related to your neighbourhood or your close family. There may be a lot of short trips for your creative pursuits. You’re raring to go on a personal project and may have to make some conscious decisions regarding its direction.

June 9. (Moon-2/Neptune-2) Neptune in your house of material security will bring you intuition and inspiration. In the house of feeling, I can imagine that this influence will make you eerily psychic, especially where it involves your significant other. The moon will add an emotional influence in this placement. There may be something revealed or you will have an emotional reaction to something you value greatly. You may find out that something you own is worth a lot more than you previously thought. With the moon in this sector, you may suddenly feel attached to your ‘things.’

June 10. (Sun-5/Uranus-3) You may be working on or planning a get together with your siblings and extended family, and with Uranus in the mix, it will be quite a unique occasion. If you’ve gotten together with your siblings, there may be unanticipated news. In any case, this news will most likely disrupt your 5th house activities. For example if you’re traveling, you may have to come home. Another scenario is that you meet a new romantic liaison while you’re about your neighbourhood or through siblings.

(Mercury-5/Venus-7) Mercury in your 5th house of pleasure, you may be discussing having children with your significant other or doing something special for your children.

If you don’t have children, then you’re discussing a new project that may involve music or art. With Venus close by, you may receive a gift or compliment that has you soaring especially if it’s about something you’ve created.

June 11. (Moon-3/North Node-9) Someone in your personal environment is at odds with your current mission or soul path about reaching out to widen your horizons, seeking experiences from afar to broaden your knowledge, or regarding your outlook on life. With the Moon close to Uranus in close proximity, you may even witness an emotional outburst from this person. This house rules siblings, and extended family (such as cousins, uncles, and grandparents.) Remember that this is only transitory if you experience this scenario since the Moon moves on pretty quickly.

June 12. (Sun-5/Moon-3) There will also be some good influences from your close environment. You may be wanting to stay away from that group as they have been causing you a little bit of grief, however there is someone younger from that group of persons who is emotionally bonded to you and who supports you. If your family has been pushing back against some creative personal plan that you have, this person will be on board with you. Another example is say you’ve met someone new (say, from a different culture or just very different from the clan), the people in your close environment may be a little taken aback (yes, sure it still exist that families prefer us to stay within their own ideals,) but this younger person will defend you.

If none of this pertains to you, it could be that one of your children is the reason why you are so passionate in your reaction. Someone may be making comments regarding a child and you’re adamant that they mind their own business. Your child is thriving perfectly well in the environment that you’re creating for them. It could be an activity you’re involving your child in that your family is questioning, such as involving them in a sport that is quite physical. As I mentioned previously, the Moon is transitory and sometimes a tad emotional, so this is influencing those around you. Suffice it to say that there is a lot of yin and yang energy around you, although most of it is positive.

Mars will make you quite assertive about the things that you want in your life and you will be quite vocal and emotional about it. Your words will ring loud and clear and if you’re true to your heart, you will be heard. Be careful to temper your words because even though the Moon is at your back, she is in your 3rd house that is also ruled by Mars. So, words on either end will be emotionally charged and passionate. However, this is a positive influence and the results will be favourable no matter how charged the atmosphere is.

June 13. (Venus-7/North Node-9) Your partner or close alliances, most likely a woman, will have a hand in helping you with your current mission of extending your knowledge beyond the boundaries of your domain. You are more usually more comfortable within your own close proximate world, however it is your current mission to move beyond that in order to create a balance in your life. This is the current path that will bring great reward to your personal growth and opportunities to seize.

Saturn in retrograde motion re-enters Scorpio on Sunday to stay until September 17, and then will re-enter Sagittarius to stay until December 2017.

Saturn is returning to your house of career until September to review, reassess, and revisit that which you may have missed the first time around when it was stationed here. You hosted Saturn in this house during the last three years when it was in Scorpio. Planets that are significant in their influences have a tendency to retrograde back from whence they came in order to make sure that their lessons have stuck with you. As you are becoming more aware of these influences, you will notice that these lessons are all a part of your growth as an individual in your journey through life. 

Saturn’s return will review what has been overlooked and will give you the time to make those changes. If you were disciplined and really did take those lessons seriously the first time around, you will be able to take these next months until September in stride. These lessons are about creating structure, being disciplined, and setting cautious limitations or learning to work within the limitations set by authority figures.

June 15 – 21. Interaction between your creative pursuits, your partners, spouses or close relationships, siblings, extended family, neighbours, colleagues, and your unconscious desires, dreams, and achilles heel. 

This week will be a wonderful week involve people from all spheres of your life that are associated with your close environment, your partnerships, your romantic interests, and last but not least your colleagues or clients. If you own your own business, then this also includes those who work for you. Everyone will be working together with you creating a wonderful atmosphere of balance and harmony.

The only little snag that I see this week may come from an emotional reaction (probably felt as inner tension) between the work that you do and the unconscious desires that you may have. This may have to do with some repressed desires that you may not have yet dealt with. For example, you may have a dream of owning your own business or to do or work something entirely different than what you do. This may come up for you this week but it will be fleeting. You have had Pluto in this sector who is tending to these unconscious desires or dreams and is slowly but surely transforming them into reality. It may not be as quickly as you desire but you will only feel this frustration for this fleeting moment. 

June 16. New Moon: This week hosts a new moon in Gemini. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place in your 5th house of creative pursuits.

This is the time to begin those plans you have been making with Mercury in tow. With new moons come the auspicious moments to begin new plans or creative projects. If you have a new painting you’re wanting to begin, now’s the moment as you will have the energy, the inspiration and the power behind you to create something great. If you’re doing something like renovating your home, this will also be the perfect time to do so. This influence is beneficial to beginning new projects.

Another scenario could involve your children, so if you’ve been wanting to begin a new activity with them, now is also the time to start.

(Jupiter-7/Uranus-3) Jupiter and Uranus are reaching out to each other for almost two weeks and this aspect (because of Jupiter) will be favourable despite the unexpected twists and turns thanks to Uranus’ influence.

There will be surprising news coming from those in your close environment and extended family (that don’t include your parents) that will affect the nature of your relationships to them.

You may also receiving surprising news from your partner or spouse concerning a decision they have made, which could involve a group they belong to or a group they would like to join, such as a support group. You will be supportive of your partner in this quest.

This influence will involve the people in your community, your partner or spouse, and friends or support groups.

June 18. (Moon-6/Pluto-12) This is the little snag I mentioned in the opening paragraph where something that happens in your work environment may bring up some repressed or unconscious desire that sits opposite to this.

If it’s that you’re not exactly fulfilled in the work that you are doing, it will bring this up. Another scenario involves the balance between your physical and mental health. Pluto is ensconced in the part of your chart that deals with mental well-being transforming you and your understanding of it, but you may have been ignoring your physical health. The Moon in this area will remind you of this. It may cause you a slight irritation (yea yea I know I haven’t been to the gym lately.) but it will be short-lived. You can catch up on the weekend and next month when the Sun transits to the 6th house of health.

June 19, (Mercury-5/North Node-9) One of your creative pursuits may involve traveling a distance, picking up a new skill, developing a hobby into a business, or taking your hobby and disseminating it to the world, such as a blog, your music, or anything that you enjoy and through which you get a lot of pleasure.

You may be gathering experience while dealing with others who come from a different culture, or who has a different outlook on life. This is broaden your mind and give you a different insight into the world.

June 22 – 28. Interaction between your partnership, close relationships, your community, siblings and extended family, communication, your unconscious desires, commitments, joint resources. 

This week will highlight your partnerships and close relationships, your siblings and extended family, and the communication between them, as well as your unconscious desires, commitments and joint ventures. It will be a week filled with intense emotions and experiences. 

You will experience new beginnings in partnerships and abundance in all that involves commitments and joint ventures and resources. You will also go through a deep connection with the powers of regeneration and renewal. 

At the end of the week, your attention will shift to your work environment, your colleagues and clientele. 

June 22. (Jupiter-7/Uranus-3) Jupiter in your 7th house of brings abundance, luck and joy to your partnerships. You may be getting married or starting a business partnership. This is the house of contracts, and you may be about to sign on the dotted line.

With Venus in proximity, you have the best possible omen and you will receive the best of circumstances for love, harmony and togetherness.

June 23. (Moon-8/Pluto-12) There will be a deep connection between your interconnections and your deepest desires. At its most intense meaning, you will feel deeply the connection between the things that have to do with regeneration, beginnings and endings, the past, and your unconscious desires. This is quite an intense aspect and influence and you are sure to have an emotional response to it.

June 26. (Moon-9/Jupiter-7) With the Moon in the house of journeys, you will most likely feel like spreading your wings or traveling with your partner. You may also be thinking of moving, perhaps at a distance from where you are presently living. This is a transitory and fleeting emotion but you will have the support of your partner.

The 7th and the 9th house are also connected through contracts and legal matters. It is possible that you are seeking counsel before signing on the dotted line.

(Moon-9/Uranus-3) For a few hours, you will feel the opposition between your desires to travel and to the changing environment in your neighbourhood.

June 27. (Sun-6/North Node-9) You are experiencing a rise in activity in your work environment with the Sun and Mars both in this sector this week. You will be busy working with colleagues and clients. However, this will cause some inner tension to the lessons and the path that is pulling you to your future. This path is the one where experience will come from broadening your horizons.

June 28. (Venus-7/Uranus-3) You will experience harmony, good will, balance between your close relations and your partner. You may also receive quite a unique gift from your partner.

June 29 – 30. Interaction between your career, your partnership, and your community, neighbourhood or close relations such as siblings, cousins or grandparents. 

The last two days of the month begin a new week that will lead into the month of July. You will be dealing with your career, your love relationships, and your close environment that includes your siblings, and extended family. These last two days will be filled with love, affection, and harmony like you haven’t experienced in a very long time! 

June 29. (Venus-7/Uranus-3) If you are single, you will have a surprise encounter with a unique individual in your community which will most likely turn your head. You may never have met someone quite like them and you will be enthralled.

You may receive an unexpected surprise or gift from a sibling or close family member or even from your community.

June 30. (Venus-7/Jupiter-7) This will be a day that stands out as a day of reckoning when it comes to true love and partnerships! You will feel more than loved and your heart will be filled with abundance and joy for all that you have in your life. You will have to pinch yourself to make sure that this is real and how wonderful your partnership is and your life in togetherness and all those to whom you are very close. What a way to end the month with such joyful union and bliss.

© ccdailly


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