May 2015 Horoscope – Taurus



I have changed the way I set up my monthly astrology horoscope into a weekly breakdown as you will see in the analysis of the month of May. The bold subtitles will give you at-a-glance narrative of the influences or trends affecting you during any particular week. I hope you will enjoy reading it in this format.

My hope is that through my detailed analysis you will learn to develop an intuitive link to the trends and influences happening in your life. I hope that grouping the influences within the context of a weekly format will help you to recognize the trends taking place.

As it is with trends and influences, they have a life cycle of their own (within the greater life cycle of the universe) and they intertwine and overlap each other sparking and spurring action or reaction in different parts of our lives. Life is a woven tapestry through which we try to make sense of the overlapping and interweaving of energies that influence us.

I would be grateful for any comments regarding my blog, or to the changes made to it, as I am always open to ideas on how to enhance your experience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Intuitive Link


Happy Birthday Taurus!

In May, your focus will be on your Self, your image, how you come across to people, and including your outer appearance. The focus will then shift to your personal values, material security, your possessions, and your attitude toward others. The opposite end of this focus is on building relationships and to your responsibilities regarding commitments you have made.

(Moon-6/Uranus-12) The first weekend of the month will be tense with oppositions coming from trying to fit everything into your schedule. You’re trying to wrap things up but you keep getting disruptions.

(Mercury-2/Saturn-8) There are some things that you need to take care of regarding your income and with Saturn in your 8th house makes you feel quite responsible toward your commitments and investments. You may have an idea of what to do with some of your possessions or savings, but your cautious nature will make you feel a little uneasy.

May 4 – 10. Interaction between family and home, responsibilities,  commitments, communication/news, and your drive and energy level.

(Sun-1/Jupiter-4) Your personality and the dynamic at home will carry you through this first week of tense aspects. Jupiter in your house of home will amplify the positive aspects within, and since Jupiter is luck, travel, and knowledge, your home will be wherever you go, and your knowledge will be the result of your experiences. Whether you are actually travelling or expanding your mind. Your family and its dynamic will also be affected, and this may be the only source of tension for you. However, you have all the luck with you.

(Moon-7/Mars-2/Mercury-2) Your close relationships or partners may be feeling a little emotional and your energetic and exuberant attitude or ideas may be disconcerting. And, Venus alongside in the 2nd house is creating a lot of opportunities for you. People close to you might not agree or may be a little envious of your drive or ideas regarding values, money or possessions. No worries, they might simply be feeling a little left behind. With Mars in the mix, you may be driving so fast forward that you don’t realize that some can’t keep up with you.

(Mercury-2/North Node-6) The weekend brings some direction, news and messages that you are on the right track. Your soul lessons are in the 6th house of service, colleagues, work environment, and physical health. You will be aware of the growth, rewards and opportunities by following this path. It will feel right to you because it leans toward how you can be of service to others.

May 11 – 17. Interaction between home and family dynamic, responsibilities to commitments and investments, beginnings/endings, and your North Node. 

(Moon-10/Jupiter-4) You will get some good advice from a woman in authority, most likely a mother figure, to help you with some uncertainties, fears or tensions you may have about a career direction and your home or family dynamic.

(Mars-2/Saturn-8) Your energy, drive and push in the area of income, material security and how you relate to others will cause some tensions this week when it comes to close interactions with others. This will be the influence you are dealing with for most of the work week. As you push forward with your own agenda for material security, you may find yourself estranged from others. You will also be experiencing the beginning and ending of matters this week. You will have the drive and the perseverance to go after the things that you want.

There will be struggles this week, but look to others to help you achieve some balance.

(Venus-3/North Node-6) The weekend will bring another set of experiences which will make you question some of your decisions, however this month is fraught with challenges so give everything a chance to play out and next month you’ll be pleased to see that these challenges were simply part of the package. Changes are part and parcel with the shake-up taking place in your 12th house of repressed dreams and sacrifice (the things you have given up.)

You may not be feeling very much at par with the learning to be done in your 6th house of service, feeling good within your own skin (physical being), and your health. But, a woman or a sibling (or a gift you receive) will be the bearer of some deep insight into yourself that will remind you what your real and true values are.

May 18 – 24. Interaction between the North Node (your lessons), repressed parts of yourself/inner mind, transformation/learning/foreign cultures, and interaction with others.

This week begins with a new moon in Taurus. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place at the cusp of your 1st house and 2nd house of self, how you appear to others, your ego, and personal values, material security and attitude toward partners/close friends. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde so take that into account and plan ahead and make sure that you have all your information.

Mercury goes retrograde this week until June 11th so you may see some things begin to feel like they have slowed to a crawl. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini in your 2nd house of personal values, material security and attitude toward partners/close friends. Messages or information may get misconstrued.

Mercury Retrograde Disclaimer:
Back up all your information, make sure you look over anything that you may have to sign or have your lawyer look at it, don’t purchase any big ticket items (with moving parts) if you can help it,  and don’t sign any contracts or agreements before going through everything twice unless it is a commitment with someone you have dealt with previously, like an employer or a client you have done business with. If you do sign, be aware that the circumstances may change as some information may be obscured at this time.

If you’re travelling this month, make sure you have all your paperwork in place.

(Moon-2/North Node-6) This is a challenging week but it begins with you feeling good about the path you’re on. Your attitude is positive and you will feel completely in harmony with the 6th house lessons of being of service to others, feeling good about your physical ‘self’, and your health. Until Thursday, this will be the trend, and a couple of days where you can bounce back before the next wave of challenging aspects. Remember that challenges are there to teach you, and some challenges are actually beneficial.

(Moon-3/Uranus-12) You may be feeling a little guilty about siblings because of you may feel like you’re escaping your responsibilities, but there is a revolution happening in this area of your life, and Uranus likes to bring to light that which needs to be changed. You may have been sacrificing too much of yourself and Uranus has shown up to point this out to you.

(Venus-3/Pluto-9) Another opposition will arise between your love of community, your siblings, extended family, and area of conscious decisions in contrast to foreign cultures, distance, and experience. If you are travelling, abroad or dealing with things at a distance, you may be feeling a little tension. You may realize for example, that it is not as easy as you thought to communicate from afar, or you may feel cut off because you are so far away. Try to find some different ways to communicate or interact with siblings and your ‘community’, and you will feel better!

(Sun-2/Moon-4) You may hear from your mother or a mother-figure and this will put your focus back on what you seek in terms of values, material security, and give you some insight into your attitude toward others.

(Sun-2/Saturn-8) With a serious focus on beginnings and endings, you may question or feel a little insecure or unsure about your value system, your search for material security, or of your attitude toward others. Your commitment to others will also come into play.

(Moon-4/Saturn-8) A female figure within the family dynamic or mother figure may reach out to you to remind you that all is good and that your responsibilities are to yourself. The commitment to be the best person for yourself will result in a positive outcome and consequence concerning your interaction with others. The saying goes, if you are happy and at peace with yourself, you are able to give more to others.

(Mars-2/North Node-6) This week, your drive and energy will be a positive trend for your 6th house lessons. You value passion, energy, forward motion, and your ability to serve others in the best possible way, and these values that you feel passionate about will fuel your good feeling and cheer.

May 25 – 31. Interaction between your inner mind/sacrifice or surrender, personal drive and ambition, ideas/information/news, and the North Node (your soul path.)

This week will usher in the positive influences and aspect that will lead into the very positive month of June.

(Venus-3/Uranus-12) You begin the week with trailing influences of the challenges that have surfaced this month. You will be dealing with your psyche, the repressed parts of yourself, and with the things you have sacrificed for others, especially with regard to siblings or your community. Uranus has moved into your house of sacrifice and self-undoing to shake you up (causing a minor revolution) and to help you to make changes. Feelings of guilt or possibly a feeling of having escaped will make you feel guilty, but moving forward will help you to find your way back to you. This is your chance to go for the things you have always wanted, to find the independence and the freedom to do that.

The rest of the week from Wednesday onward will bring in the positive trends and influences that will last on into June!

(Mercury-2/Mars-2) Your thoughts, ideas and news regarding income, and a general good attitude toward others will spur the drive to create the material security you seek. Your personal values and what you hold dear to you will be in full focus. The Moon in Libra in your 6th house will bring good cheer and camaraderie in your work environment. Things are beginning to look up. Your responsibilities to the commitments in your life will be in full force, and within this new and positive environment, it will not be difficult for you.

(Sun-2/Mercury-2/North Node) You will feel on your mark and going in the direction that you have planned. The challenges of the month will feel far away from you as you near the end of the month. You’re riding a much better wave. News you receive will just add to this wonderful new feeling and you will feel positive about the road ahead. You have found your niche!

You’ll be glad that you have come out on top after this month that has been tugging and pulling at you in all directions. You’ll be looking forward to the month of June which, by far, looks to be the best month of the entire year when it comes to positive aspects in all parts of your chart!


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