May 2015 Horoscope – Sagittarius



I have changed the way I set up my monthly astrology horoscope into a weekly breakdown as you will see in the analysis of the month of May. The bold subtitles will give you at-a-glance narrative of the influences or trends affecting you during any particular week. I hope you will enjoy reading it in this format.

My hope is that through my detailed analysis you will learn to develop an intuitive link to the trends and influences happening in your life. I hope that grouping the influences within the context of a weekly format will help you to recognize the trends taking place.

As it is with trends and influences, they have a life cycle of their own (within the greater life cycle of the universe) and they intertwine and overlap each other sparking and spurring action or reaction in different parts of our lives. Life is a woven tapestry through which we try to make sense of the overlapping and interweaving of energies that influence us.

I would be grateful for any comments regarding my blog, or to the changes made to it, as I am always open to ideas on how to enhance your experience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Intuitive Link


In May, your focus will be on your 6th house of work, service, and health. Later in the month, your focus will then shift to the 7th house of partnerships, marriage, close relationships, and contractual agreements. The balance end of this focus is in your 12th house of inner mental health, sacrifice, surrender and repressed dreams, and on your Self.

(Mercury-7/Saturn-1) The month begins at the end of the week with opposition and tension between your partnerships and the restrictions you are putting on yourself. Saturn is also the planet of health, and it is causing an upheaval to your entire being. This is ultimately a positive experience in the grand scheme of things as Saturn will help you to put order to your Self, your image, your outer experience, and how others perceive you. The opposition at the beginning of the month comes from news or information from your sector of partnerships which will shake you to your core.

When Saturn’s tour of your 1st house comes to an end, you will have come full circle and will have control over the parts of your Self that needed discipline, rules, and a new sense of responsibility to yourself will be apparent. You cannot forgo the lessons of Saturn.

May 4 – 10. Interaction between your core beliefs, responsibilities, limitations, partnerships, and the North Node.

The week begins with a full moon in Scorpio in your 12th house of self-undoing, sacrifice and endings. It’s a bit of a contradiction to begin a month with something coming to an end, but with endings come new beginnings. This could also signify the end of a negative pattern or habit. You may notice that areas of your life where you have had to sacrifice will come to an end. This month will prove to be quite challenging, but that usually comes along when you begin to take control of your life.

(Sun-6/Jupiter-9) The week begins with a hard angle between the area of your chart that deals with your work routine, day-to-day activities, and health. The hard angle is directed at the 9th house of travel, expansive ideas, and core beliefs. Jupiter went direct last month so this area of your chart has been raring to go again after six months of having the brakes on. This is where you may find tension on Monday when ideas or the wish to expand your knowledge or the wish to travel will be thwarted by the amount of work you have on your plate. Another scenario is that news you hear from afar may add more work to your plate. Watch that you don’t take on more than you can handle.

(Mercury-7/Saturn-1) News, information or an idea that comes from your partner or someone close will also cause some opposition especially if it encroaches on your cautious nature. You are normally more open to new ideas, but since 2014 you’ve probably noticed that you are more cautious and a little more obsessed with following rules and sticking to the plan.

(Moon/Mars-6/Mercury-7) The moon will begin opposite Mars with your work schedule taking on new proportions. You may feel a little emotional and may react subconsciously. Your drive and energy feels the need to be on the work front and you may find that you don’t have any time to spend on your inner self. You must make this time to create balance in your life.

However, you’ll most likely find that your intuition is bang on and will help you when it comes to how to handle all this work. You may also be inspired when it comes to handling your health, inner and outer.

May 11 – 17. Interaction between travel, core beliefs, responsibility, your cautious nature, partnerships, commitments, and the North Node.

The week begins with the moon in your 3rd house sitting opposite your house of travel and core beliefs. Siblings or extended family may create some opposition if they feel (challenged) by your new outlook or your wish to expand your life. If all is good in your world, then you may just be able to enjoy the rewards you will reap if you expand your mind and boundaries.

(Mars-7/Saturn-1) Saturn is the planet of limitation and caution and this week it will cause some challenges to your partnerships and close relationships. You may find that the energy level within your relationships is causing you some concern. Your partner’s exuberance may provoke your cautious side. With Saturn in your first house, you may find that you are focused on taking care of your health. Some situations may have come to light and you are in the frame of mind to get it under control. This influence will last until Saturday.

(Venus-8/North Node-11) You may find that you will benefit from a financial boost, a partner’s gains, or a further commitment to your partner but this will create a hard angle to the lessons you need to learn coming from the 11th house. The lessons of the 11th house is to learn compassion, connection, and intimacy from or through friends and from the groups you belong to — a universal kind of love.

Venus in your 8th house shows that the deeper union in your commitments and to your partnerships. It is important to create harmony in all parts of your chart.

This weekend, if you feel something is missing, it may be that your partnership or marriage is going very well and reaching a higher level, but that you also need to reach out to your friends, or to groups that will help you to feel less alone with your struggles: your support cannot come just from one person and reaching out to others can help you tremendously. Therein, you will find your strength and your balance.

May 18 – 24. Interaction between the North Node, your inner resourcefulness, creativity and your inner child, things that bring you pleasure, material security, and your responsibilities. 

This week begins with a new moon in Taurus. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place at the cusp of your 6th house and 7th house of day-today work routine and health, and partnerships. This will be a great time to begin a new routine and physical health regime but make sure that you balance your inner health as well. Partners and close friends will figure prominently in this new direction. You may also find that you make a deal with them or even yourself to achieve some kind of goal. Perhaps, that goal is to have a better relationship to yourself, your body, and your mind. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde so take that into account and plan ahead and make sure that you have all your information.

Mercury goes retrograde this week until June 11 so you may see some things begin to feel like they have slowed to a crawl. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini in your 7th house of partnerships. Be careful that you do not misconstrue what your partner or close friends are saying and see the whole picture for what it is. Ask questions and don’t take for granted that you understand everything your partner or those close to you are saying. Ask for clarification.

Mercury Retrograde Disclaimer:
Back up all your information, make sure you look over anything that you may have to sign or have your lawyer look at it, don’t purchase any big ticket items (with moving parts) if you can help it,  and don’t sign any contracts or agreements before going through everything twice unless it is a commitment with someone you have dealt with previously, like an employer or a client you have done business with. If you do sign, be aware that the circumstances may change as some information may be obscured at this time.

This week, you begin with your feelings and your emotions in sync with the lessons you need to learn while the North Node is in Libra in your 11th house. The moon is in Gemini and lends an airy and intellectual air to your mood.

(Moon-8/Uranus-5) When the moon moves to the sign of Cancer, you may feel a little more introspective and emotional regarding your past and your commitments, and Uranus will be shaking up your inner child. This is a feminine influence and so I’ll venture to say that women will be in the mix from Friday onward and through to the end of this week. It could also be that children cause some disruption as in changes in plans, etc. They may not be the cause of it, but simply a part of the disruption. This may bring up the past for you and cause some opposition for you deep down. For example, if your childhood was disrupted often, this influence may bring up some painful memories, however this aspect can also give you the tools to help you to get past that.

You may feel a bit of a power struggle between the influence coming from a gain through relationships and your own plans and transformation regarding your material security.

(Sun-7/Moon-9) Focus on your partnership or close relationships may help you on your quest to widening your horizons. You may hear from a friend who lives far away and plan to get together. This will feed your emotional need to broaden your perspective and will in turn boost the dynamic of your close relationships. A partner may suggest a trip and this will be good for your heart and soul.

There may be a wave of underlying struggle between partnerships and the newfound responsibility you are feeling for yourself and how you appear to others. On the other hand, partnerships may suffer a little because of the limitations you are setting for yourself. Try to remember limitations, responsibility and discipline is important but not at the cost of causing disruptions in your relationships. It’s all about balancing your responsibilities to yourself and to others.

(Mars-7/North Node-11) As the weekend draws near its close, you may feel a surge to take part or be a part of a group that will help you in some way. It may be your partner that suggests that you join a group, and this will also help you to reach out to others that are like-minded or going through the same things you are.

May 25 – 31. Interaction between romance, your own inner child, your pleasure centre, commitments, growth, change, and the North Node.

(Venus-8/Uranus-5th) The week begins with disruption within your house of children, inner child, projects, and what brings you pleasure. Commitments you have made to others, and quite possibly the financial gains you will receive from your interactions with others or from partner will be added to the mix. Commitments and deeper bonding between you and your partner may cause some issues for the children in your life, as they might be feeling left out. Again, balance is key.

Once you get to mid-week, you’ll notice that things are getting better and you seem to be headed out of the roller-coaster aspects of this past month. You’re right because the cosmos will be cooperating during the month of June.

(Mercury-7/Mars-7) Thoughts, ideas and the passion you share with your partner are suddenly at par, even with Mercury is retrograde. It could be that you and your partner (or close friends) are reviewing and going over a plan and you seem to be on the same page. You will share the same passionate energy to go through this together and come out on top.

(Sun-7/North Node-11) The weekend will bring some favourable aspects when dealing with your current life path lessons. Your focus and your thoughts/ideas are on the right path, and you will find that reaching out to others and to groups that share the same ideas/thoughts or thought processes as you will be beneficial to you.

You’ll be glad that you have come out on top after this month that has been tugging and pulling at you with regard to the lessons the 11th house, your close relationships/partnerships, children/projects, and balancing all these areas of your life. You’ll be happy to know that the month of June, by far, looks to be the best month of the entire year when it comes to positive aspects in all parts of your chart!


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