May 2015 Horoscope – Capricorn



I have changed the way I set up my monthly astrology horoscope into a weekly breakdown as you will see in the analysis of the month of May. The bold subtitles will give you at-a-glance narrative of the influences or trends affecting you during any particular week. I hope you will enjoy reading it in this format.

My hope is that through my detailed analysis you will learn to develop an intuitive link to the trends and influences happening in your life. I hope that grouping the influences within the context of a weekly format will help you to recognize the trends taking place.

As it is with trends and influences, they have a life cycle of their own (within the greater life cycle of the universe) and they intertwine and overlap each other sparking and spurring action or reaction in different parts of our lives. Life is a woven tapestry through which we try to make sense of the overlapping and interweaving of energies that influence us.

I would be grateful for any comments regarding my blog, or to the changes made to it, as I am always open to ideas on how to enhance your experience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Intuitive Link


In May, your focus will be on 5th house affairs, such as projects, children, your inner child, creativity, things that bring you pleasure, and your inner resourcefulness. Later in the month, the focus will then shift to the 6th house of your work environment, colleagues, people who work with you or for you, health and pets. The balance end of this focus is in your 11th house of friends, groups and associations, and your inner mental process, creativity, and things you may have sacrificed. 

(Moon-10/Uranus-4) The month begins at the end of the week with opposition between an emotional reaction to your career, an authority figure, or the public. Events taking place at home will begin the month leading the way to a period of challenges. A disruption on the home front may cause tensions at the office because you are not able to give them your full attention. This is not a time to begin any new projects. You may get some insight or inspiration on how to deal with an issue in career matters.

(Mercury-6/Saturn-12) This is not an easy aspect but with Saturn as your ruler, it will not seem as daunting as it might to another person. You are going through a time of self-examination, and in the 12th house, it will most likely be of a spiritual nature. In the house of self-undoing and sacrifice, you may be grappling with the idea of letting certain things go or coming to terms with the fact that you cannot control everything and surrendering to that notion.

With Mercury in your house of schedule and health, you may get some news or some insight into a health condition, or begin to put a plan together such as a new health or exercise regime. If you’ve had some bad habits or addictions, you will be trying to take control of these issues as Saturn is the planet of control and discipline.

The 12th house is also the house of dreams and imagination, so if you’re an artist, with Saturn in this house, you are more able to hone in on your dreams and imagined world and use it concretely, and giving real form to it through Saturn’s persistence, steadfastness and discipline. Mercury in the 6th house may find a way or present you with ideas for you to work this into your work routine. You may find that something artistic or creative becomes your new ‘order-of-the-day.’

May 4 – 10. Interaction between projects, children or your own child, creativity, leisure/activities that bring you pleasure, sacrifice/surrender, and your work environment. 

(Sun-5/Jupiter-8) You may start your week with the possibility of someone interested in investing in a personal project of yours. It could also be that someone with experience will give you advice regarding the direction you should take with a project, an investment or a child.

It is possible that a child may be asking you to help them with some money which may have to do with a hobby or a holiday. It could be you, too, that is looking for a way to go on a holiday.

Jupiter is usually connected to travel or career so I’m thinking that it will have to do with one of these areas. You may also get a loan or an investor if you’re trying to launch your project to the world.

This is a hard angle so it will be challenging but you will find a way as this kind of aspect moves you into action with its energy. It will prompt you to move ahead rather than stop.

The effects of Mercury/Saturn can still be felt at the beginning of the week with you wrestling with the things you can or can’t control and your day-to-day schedule or an idea that suddenly comes to mind or with news that you hear from a colleague. It may be that they are leaving and you must deal with the fact that there is no way to change their minds.

(Moon-12/Mars-6) You would much rather be spending time doing the things that you love but the opposition between the Moon and Mars are pulling at you to deal with work issues. Mars is rustling up your work environment with energy and a large work load, while the Moon is in your 12th house of dreams and imagination pulling you to examine your inner mind wishing you to escape your hectic daily schedule.

With the Moon in the sector of imagination and Mercury in your work environment, you may just get a flash of inspiration about how to change this situation to work in your favour. Mercury is usually a quick fix.

The weekend brings some new ideas to your soul path (North Node) currently in Libra in your house of career. The 10th house is ruled by Capricorn so this is a natural placement for you. Regardless, this is also the North Node placement until November 2015. It is not simply the lessons of relying on your career but also your role in society, your responsibility to the public, and to the world outside your home.

May 11 – 17. Interaction between investments, commitments, others’ influence, dreams, imagination, escape, and the North Node.

(Moon-2/Jupiter-8) Even with this opposition involving Jupiter you should enjoy a moment of success regarding your income, savings and investments. You may even get some very good advice concerning your money from someone more experienced, such as an accountant or a financial advisor.

(Mars-6/Saturn-12) This 6th-12th house opposition is felt again when Mars ramps up its energy and power into your daily work schedule. One force struggles to gain the upper hand on the other. It may be a case of your daily work load trying to get the upper hand on you wanting to escape into your dreams and imagination. Mars is unleashed energy and Saturn is all about control, so you can very well see where the opposition is causing great tension within you. You may need to temper your physical energy or it may deplete with the amount of work you have, and mentally you could go into overload and hit a wall. This will be the favour of this week until Saturday. Try to balance your work schedule with some time on your inner self, your dreams and imagination. You will not be of great service to others or yourself if you don’t.

(Venus-7/North Node-10) Tensions between the lessons of learning to deal with the public and your partnership/close alliances/contractual agreements may be at an impasse. Your partner or collaborators may want some one-on-one time but you’re busy trying to forge a connection to the world outside your home, your career, or the public. Thus, your relationship may be taking a back seat to this. Conversely, you may want to be spending more time with your loved ones at home, but the world beckons you. Again, this is all about creating balance in your life.

(Venus-7/Moon-5) You will have the chance to spend an enjoyable day with your romantic partner or close friends/alliance or doing fun activities with your children. It will be good for you to take this break and enjoy yourself. Women, dance, art, music, inspiration will figure in the mix.

May 18 – 24. Interaction between areas of Self, sacrifice and surrender, and the North Node.

This week begins with a new moon in Taurus. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place at the cusp of your 5th house and 6th house of projects, children or your own inner child, things that bring you pleasure, as well as work schedule, colleagues, and health. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde so take that into account and plan ahead and make sure that you have all your information.

Mercury goes retrograde this week until June 11 so you may see some things begin to feel like they have slowed to a crawl at work. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini in your 6th house of work environment, health and being of service to others. Messages and communication may go haywire and information may be misconstrued. Check everything three times.

Mercury Retrograde Disclaimer:
Back up all your information, make sure you look over anything that you may have to sign or have your lawyer look at it, don’t purchase any big ticket items (with moving parts) if you can help it,  and don’t sign any contracts or agreements before going through everything twice unless it is a commitment with someone you have dealt with previously, like an employer or a client you have done business with. If you do sign, be aware that the circumstances may change as some information may be obscured at this time.

(Moon-6/North Node-10) Even with Mercury switching to retrograde motion, things will go well in your work environment and with dealings with the public. You may get some inspiration on how to deal with your clients or suppliers that will bode well for business. Interactions with colleagues will go well. This influence should last until Friday.

(Moon-7/Uranus-4) Tensions at home may climax, especially if there is any kind of disruption in your home. Someone may be reacting to the challenges that have surfaced this month.

(Venus-7/Pluto-1) There may be a bit of a power struggle within your close relationships. If this struggle is within you, the transformations that are taking place or that you are working on to do with how you present yourself to the world may be causing some tension with close relations or partners. They may be unsure of what you are trying to achieve.

(Sun-6/Moon-7) Your focus will be on your schedule and work, but your partner or close friends will provide some distraction. You may find that you are going down memory lane, or discussing the possibilities of further commitment. This influence will be a positive one for you. Your loved ones will realize just how hard you have been working.

(Sun-6/Saturn-12) There is also an opposition to the responsibilities or overhaul you are experiencing in your spiritual or inner world. You may want to spend the day by yourself but your schedule won’t allow it. You may have to sacrifice some of your time on the weekend toward work.

(Mars-6/North Node-10) Even if it is Saturday, you may find that your day is busy and you’ll be dealing with a lot of people. This will be conducive to the lessons you need to learn with the North Node in your 10th house of dealing with career matters, the public, and affairs outside of your home.

May 25 – 31. Interaction between home, the family dynamic, and a busy schedule.

This week ushers in some positive aspects and influences which will lead you into the month of June’s many positive aspects.

(Venus-7/Uranus-4) During the beginning of the week, you will still be reeling from tensions between partners or close alliances because of disruptions at home or within the family dynamic. However, this will dissipate once you work your way through the last few days of the month.

(Mercury-6/Mars-6) You’ll be full of ideas and energy at work and this will garner good results. Matters have been topsy turvy all month but now you’re finally seeing and feeling more positive vibes in all areas. An idea may just take off, but make sure you have all the details because Mercury is still in retrograde motion.

(Sun-6/Mercury-6/North Node-10) The weekend will bring some really positive experiences especially if you are focused on your schedule, your ideas and communication with your colleagues or clientele. If you own your own business, this weekend will bring clients knocking on your door. Your ideas will be very well received by others, at work, by your bosses, or by the public.

You may also hear some news that will bring a smile to your face regarding your work, your schedule or even your health, so take advantage of this wonderful weekend and enjoy it!

You’ll be glad that you have come out on top after this month that has been tugging and pulling at you in all directions. You’ll be looking forward to the month of June which, by far, looks to be the best month of the entire year when it comes to positive aspects in all parts of your chart!


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