May 2015 Horoscope – Cancer



I have changed the way I set up my monthly astrology horoscope into a weekly breakdown as you will see in the analysis of the month of May. The bold subtitles will give you at-a-glance narrative of the influences or trends affecting you during any particular week. I hope you will enjoy reading it in this format.

My hope is that through my detailed analysis you will learn to develop an intuitive link to the trends and influences happening in your life. I hope that grouping the influences within the context of a weekly format will help you to recognize the trends taking place.

As it is with trends and influences, they have a life cycle of their own (within the greater life cycle of the universe) and they intertwine and overlap each other sparking and spurring action or reaction in different parts of our lives. Life is a woven tapestry through which we try to make sense of the overlapping and interweaving of energies that influence us.

I would be grateful for any comments regarding my blog, or to the changes made to it, as I am always open to ideas on how to enhance your experience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Intuitive Link


In May, your focus will be on your friends, groups, hopes and wishes, and future potential. The focus will then shift to your inner world, repressed parts of your Self, your dreams, and general Karma. The balance end of this focus is to your inner resourcefulness, your creative projects, children, and things that give you pleasure, as well as your daily work environment and health. 

(Moon-4/Uranus-10) You begin the month with an emotional reaction to challenges taking place on the home and career front. Life at home will be influenced by activities and disruptions taking place outside your home, most likely on the career front or with those in authority.

(Mercury-12/Saturn-6) Messages and news, getting together with friends, dreams, and subconscious activity will be at the opposite end of the responsibilities you’re beholden to in your day-to-day routine. You would rather be with friends and delving into your own inner world but will have to be of service to others first.

May 4 – 10. Interaction between your material security, work schedule, inner psyche, and personal life.

This week, as I mentioned at the end of your previous month, is a tough week with some very tense and hard aspects touching the areas of your life to do with the dreams you may see as potential, and your need to expand your material security.

(Sun/Jupiter) An older or wiser person may have advice or information to help you with respect to this, but you’d rather be hanging with friends or going with your own gut instinct.

(Mercury/Saturn) You will find that your daily work schedule will require some quick thinking on your part, or you may hear some news from a client or a colleague that causes a struggle or that requires some quick thinking and caution in order to deal with this new information.

(Moon/Mercury/Mars)You’ll be driven to follow certain ideals or some association you have may be pushing you to a cause that has you in a bit of a quandary because you like to work on your own. A friend may be the cause of this tension because of the ideas they are sharing with you. However, your work schedule and your own ideas and feelings toward your daily responsibilities that are also associated with your material security are pulling you away from considering that option.

There is a possibility that someone in your work environment will say something that triggers a repressed memory or dream and this will cause you some inner tension.

(Mercury/North Node) The weekend will have your thoughts in sync with your North Node, the path you’re working on regarding your home and your life surrounding it. Your focus has been very segregated to your career lately that this will be a welcome transition. You will get help with this is either through a loan from a bank, or a family member will lend a hand. If the support you need is psychological, you will find the answer within yourself, as this area also deals with analysis. Enriching your personal life is where you will reap the rewards and growth from now until November 2015.

May 11 – 17. Interaction between material security, work schedule, responsibilities, rules and discipline. 

(Moon/Jupiter) You begin this week on a positive note even if the moon is in opposition because Jupiter always brings favourable vibes to any aspect. This opposition is taking place between your 8th and 2nd house, so someone, possibly an older individual may give you some advice or lend a hand, which in itself will probably bother you because you like to achieve things on your own, however, this support will move you closer to your plans for material security. The moon is usually a feminine influence, so your support will most likely come from a woman, and from behind the scenes. You’ll probably be dealing with this until mid-week, with no other planetary influences getting in the way, as all is quiet in the skies.

After a couple of days of quiet, you’ll find that the end of the week is busy and accompanied by varying degrees of tense moments. The waves of tension will seesaw between the yin and yang forces within yourself.

(Mars/Saturn) This is masculine driving force that hates being held back, but Saturn will not let go of the steering wheel with this aspect. Your subconscious and unconscious desires will go head-to-head against the responsibilities and restrictions within your work schedule and environment, clientele, and health. This will require a whole lot of discipline on your part to quell the raging force within your psyche.

If you do take the upper hand and are able to navigate through this unshakable influence and stay through the straight and narrow, you will be able to use all that energy to some good results. Otherwise, something may reach a boiling point and you will lose control.

Remember that Saturn is in retrograde and is therefore even more stubborn and determined for you to stick to the schedule and the plan. He will not let go. This will be the ultimate lesson between the struggle of your psyche and your ability to serve others.

With regard to health, you may be pushing yourself too hard, and your health may suffer a little from this. Be careful to temper your drive this week! You may think you can handle more than you are actually able to. This week, something may come up to remind you of your limitations. Mars will not be patient with it, but you will have to be.

(Venus/North Node/Moon) You may also find that your wish to purchase something for your home that you may consider to be a symbol of your material success or security, is causing you or your ego some distress, either because of the cost or having to juggle your funds to do so.

However, on Sunday, good times with friends will take away your focus on your money and material world.

May 18 – 24. Interaction between your subconscious, inner drive, ego and control, close relationships, and discipline.

This week begins with a new moon in Taurus. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place at the cusp of your 11th house and 12th house of friendships, groups, ideals, future potential and inner psyche. You may meet new people who help you with plans you have on the go. These people will be cautious. These new friendships may usher in a new way of looking at the dreams you have and the potential to make them come true. Just remember that Mercury goes retrograde so take that into account and plan ahead and make sure that you have all your information.

Mercury goes retrograde this week until June 11th so you may see some things begin to feel like they have slowed to a crawl. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini in your 12th house of self undoing, psyche, and repressed potential. You may hear some news or information that will send some mixed signals to your psyche bringing up some memories of things you left repressed, unsaid, or left behind.

Back up all your information, make sure you look over anything that you may have to sign or have your lawyer look at it, don’t purchase any big ticket items (with moving parts) if you can help it,  and don’t sign any contracts or agreements before going through everything twice unless it is a commitment with someone you have dealt with previously, like an employer or a client you have done business with. If you do sign, be aware that the circumstances may change as some information may be obscured at this time.

It will be a quiet beginning to the week for most unless your personal chart indicates other influences. You may have a strong feminine influence for the better part of the week, or some strong emotional reactions to changes taking place.

(Moon/North Node) Your subconscious, and emotional psyche will be in sync with how you feel about your material security. When you feel secure financially, you generally tend to feel good in all parts of your life. However, this will shift come Friday because your ego will have some issues with the changes taking place in matters related to career or authority figures. You have also been trying to gain independence through career and to be your own authority and this may impact the way you come across to others.

(Venus/Pluto) You will notice a tendency to the need to be in control and this may cause some issues within your close relationships. On another note, your ego may be acting up as a result of someone in your life trying to control you.

The weekend will bring a slew of different aspects see-sawing between opposition and passiveness where things are working for you.

(Sun/Moon) A lot of yin and yang energy is working together to bring some beneficial influence into your weekend. You will feel in sync and on the path toward greater financial independence, but be careful to not become self-indulgent as a result.

A part of you will still feel the responsibility of being at service to others but will also feel that you are sacrificing too much for this. Try to keep the balance between the two without letting one get the upper hand on the other.

There may be a female influence in the background, possibly working behind the scenes, to help you with this. You may feel good as a result of your lessons in discipline since it is contributing to your material success.

Be wary again of those controlling issues as they might impact your close relationship with others.

(Mars/North Node) Your inner drive will be focused on creating that financial nest egg where you feel most secure. Remember to keep the balance in all areas of your life. Karma could be problematic as a result.

May 25 – 31. Interaction between Self, career matters, intuition, inner drive, your home and personal life.

(Venus/Uranus) The week begins with tensions between your ego and authority figures or career matters. Disruption from authority figures or matters concerning career could be troublesome and you may get your back up at the instability you are experiencing. A feminine influence may be the source of this unpredictable wave of energy.

By Wednesday, your ideas, thoughts and inner drive will be working well together to help you move ahead. With the moon in Virgo you’ll also be detailed and discerning which helps while Mercury is in retrograde.

As you approach the end of the week, you’ll notice that earlier tensions have dissipated and the going will feel a little easier.

(Moon/Saturn)The moon will be in diplomatic and harmonious Libra until the 31st allowing your emotional world to relax a bit and enjoy the good moments. You will actually enjoy the discipline and concentration needed to go through your schedule this weekend, as opposed to other times when you feel restricted by it.

(Mercury/North Node) Your inner psyche and subconscious world is also feeling in the groove as your plans for financial independence and material security seem to be headed in the direction you want. You may even feel compelled to direct your attention to your home and personal life as you end the month.

You’ll be glad that you have come out on top after this month that has been tugging and pulling at you in all different directions concerning your career and home/personal life, friendships, inner psyche, and your Self. You’ll be looking forward to the month of June which, by far, looks to be the best month of the entire year when it comes to positive aspects in all parts of your chart!


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