May 2015 Horoscope – Aries



I have changed the way I set up my monthly astrology horoscope into a weekly breakdown as you will see in the analysis of the month of May. The bold subtitles will give you at-a-glance narrative of the influences or trends affecting you during any particular week. I hope you will enjoy reading it in this format.

My hope is that through my detailed analysis you will learn to develop an intuitive link to the trends and influences happening in your life. I hope that grouping the influences within the context of a weekly format will help you to recognize the trends taking place.

As it is with trends and influences, they have a life cycle of their own (within the greater life cycle of the universe) and they intertwine and overlap each other sparking and spurring action or reaction in different parts of our lives. Life is a woven tapestry through which we try to make sense of the overlapping and interweaving of energies that influence us.

I would be grateful for any comments regarding my blog, or to the changes made to it, as I am always open to ideas on how to enhance your experience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Intuitive Link


In May, your focus will be on your 2nd house of personal values, property, possessions, and attitudes toward  your partner(s). The focus will then shift to your community, close environment, siblings, communication, conscious decisions, and short trips. The opposite end of this focus will be on commitments, joint resources, and looking beyond your immediate boundaries. 

(Moon/Uranus) The month starts off on a Friday with opposition between your closest relationships and your quest for more independence. Your partner or a close relationship may be vying for your attention, and while normally you would be willing to give them your full attention, it seems that this causes you some tension at the beginning of the month.

(Mercury/Saturn) Not only that but news or some kind of information you receive that has to do with your community or one of your siblings may require some quick thinking, and some added responsibility or hard work on your part.

There may also be something you need to add to your learning experience but with Saturn in your 9th house, it is in the perfect position for you to give you the discipline you require to do so.

May 4 – 10. interaction between romance, children, faith or learning, siblings/neighbours, news, joint resources.

(Sun/Jupiter) You’ll begin with a bit of tension between your 5th and 2nd house. A child may need a major purchase for an activity he or she is involved in. If you don’t have children, a personal project or hobby will require you to put some money into it, and you may not be too thrilled about this, however you will find the funds for this.

You may get some advice regarding your career and some ideas on how to bring in more money.

Your attitude toward a new romance may create a bit of tension as a stubborn streak may show itself.

The full moon will bring culmination in the area of other’s people money, joint matters, and commitment. Events such as a loan or joint venture may be coming to an end, such as paying off a mortgage or loan, or a commitment may deepen.

You will still be dealing with news or information you received last week from a sibling that required discipline and some responsibility on your part.

Your ego or attitude toward close relationships is causing you some grief. You may get some advice on how to deal with this. Your possessions may be on your mind as you assess what they mean to you. If you were planning a way to enjoy yourself, you may find that you have to spend a little more money than you like.

A romantic partner or child may need or demand your attention but your mind is focused on making money. Mars near the Sun is finding you having to dish out more than you are bringing in and this may be causing you some aggravation.

(Moon/Mars/Mercury) You will find that you have the drive to meet your income goals however an opposition to your ideas may be coming from those with whom you share joint resources.

Mercury has shifted to your 3rd house giving your siblings (or neighbours) a voice and an opinion. It could be that partners will contradict some of your ideas. You may want to keep your business running closer to home, but they may want to expand. You seem cautious about this but not altogether against it.

(Mercury/North Node) The weekend brings you some relief as your thoughts and ideas, or the messages you are imparting on your loved ones are well received. You’ll find that you are able to do this fairly easily and without any resistance. Don’t take this natural ability of yours for granted as your lessons (until November) are to balance this area of your life: creating harmony, being diplomatic and paying more attention to your close relationships and partnerships.

Finding an activity to do that is close to home or even in your own neighbourhood will boost and enhance your relationships. Your partners and close friends will react favourably to your suggestions.

Your North Node is dealing with 7th house lessons where you need to balance and take into account the needs of your partner’s or people you deal with closely. Take what you instinctually know regarding your independence, self-reliance and standing on your own, and work on being able to exist within a true partnership. Therein you will find opportunities, growth and rewards. This will be apparent on the weekend and the vibes will be positive and conducive to this goal.

May 11 – 17. Interaction between romance, children, responsibilities, siblings, communication, and your life path.

(Moon/Jupiter) A friend, a romantic interest or a child may need your help. You may feel some opposition between a friend and a romantic interest. Your friend or friends may feel that you’re not paying enough attention to them. You may also hear someone’s opinion or feeling regarding a romantic interest, or a friend may make a comment about your child. This may cause you some irritation or make you feel uncertain or anxious.

On a completely different tangent, it is possible that you may hear some great news regarding a child which brings you much satisfaction.

Mid-week to Saturday, you may feel caught between having to make a lot of short trips and running a lot of errands around your neighbourhood and your responsibilities but you’ll also find that you’ll have a lot of energy and are able to accomplish all that you have on your list of things to do.

There may be some legal issues you have to tend to that may have to do with your siblings, neighbours, or something taking place in your community.

The week ends with tensions between things happening at home and with family matters pitted against things to do with your partnership, marriage, or other close relationships. Venus will help with trying to smooth things over, but you may feel as though the attention or work needed on your close relationships or partnerships is mired by events taking place within your family.

You’ll be happy to note that Sunday will bring a bit of peace and it will most likely come from the women in your life.

May 18 – 24. interaction between your Self, ego, career, legal matters, outlook on life, and partnerships.

This week begins with a new moon in Taurus. New moons usually bring new beginnings and opportunities for growth. This new moon takes place at the cusp of your 2nd house and 3rd house of material security, values, and possessions as well as siblings, close environment and short trips. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde so take that into account and plan ahead and make sure that you have all your information.

Mercury goes retrograde this week until June 11th so you may see some things begin to feel like they have slowed to a crawl. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini in your 3rd house of siblings, close environment, and short trips.

Mercury Retrograde Disclaimer:
Back up all your information, make sure you look over anything that you may have to sign or have your lawyer look at it, don’t purchase any big ticket items (with moving parts) if you can help it,  and don’t sign any contracts or agreements before going through everything twice unless it is a commitment with someone you have dealt with previously, like an employer or a client you have done business with. If you do sign, be aware that the circumstances may change as some information may be obscured at this time.

I’m afraid that this week is not any easier than the first two weeks of this month, however it will be tempered with easier aspects. It looks like there’s quite the buzz close to home and in your neighbourhood, and with these frequent short trips, make sure your car is working well, and be aware of any aggressive driving thanks to Mars.

Siblings and neighbours will feature this week, as will family and your home. Your partner if you’re in a loving relationship will be of great help to you or you to them, beginning this week, and this will strengthen your relationship. You may hear a confession from a partner or someone close to you that will help your efforts to building solid relationships with those around you.

By Friday, however, you may hear some criticism from another woman, possibly your mother, as the moon is in your 4th house, who may have a thing or two to say about your appearance or character. This disapproval is something you can work on and you’ll find it useful to the changes that are taking place on this end. It may cause of bit of insecurity or a struggle but you may get help from another feminine influence, someone in an authoritative position, who can give you the information or strength you need to make these changes. There may also be a power struggle, but if you use your charm you could put it to good use.

The weekend will be full of activity stemming from siblings, and with a lot of short trips out and about your community. People will be talking and/or gossiping so be careful of what you say because, with Mercury just recently in retrograde, you might say something that is taken the wrong way.

There may be some legal issues that you have to contend with, these may involve neighbours or siblings. On the other hand, your new outlook on life may be hard on your siblings to come to terms with. You are undergoing a lot of changes (Uranus) and these might make those around you a little uneasy or insecure.

Your romantic partner or children, on the other hand, are benefitting from these changes and are at par with your new outlook and philosophy. You will still feel a major power struggle between the harmony you seek at home with a power figure in your work environment. However, you’re hell bent on working on your personal relationships and partnerships that you will not let this deter you.

May 25 – 31. Interaction between your Self/ego, independence, family dynamic, siblings/news/conscious decisions, and outlook on life.

Evidently this month is filled with the good and the frustrating. The beginning of this week is no different, however the end of the month will end on a much brighter note than the month you are leaving behind.

Tensions will be obvious between the harmony you seek at home or within the family dynamic and the changes you are making to your Self. Since 2011 and until 2018, you will notice that you are more rebellious and your natural streak of independence is even more obvious, and you are undergoing a major change in how you present yourself to the world, or your appearance, and the way others perceive you as a result.

On Monday and Tuesday, you may find you mat be hitting a wall with the women in your life connected to these changes that are taking place with your self. They may be finding it hard to deal with these changes and you will feel it. I see this coming from the family dynamic mostly. Just remember that people have trouble with change and especially if they have been used to dealing with you in a certain way. They now have to adjust to this new “you.”

Wednesday will find your environment buzzing with ideas and news and high energy. You may be quite forceful with your opinions, thoughts, or ideas. Partners and people close to you will be in sync with you and accepting of these ideas and thoughts.

The rest of the week and last few days of the month portend to bring the beginnings of the currents of the month of June. The last weekend of May will be much easier going for you and you will feel some relief as communication will be easier with siblings and neighbours. Things with your partner or others close to you will require no additional effort now and will flow more toward the path you should be on regarding them. You will be positive and full of ideas!

You’ll be glad that you have come out on top after this month that has been tugging and pulling at you with regard to your family, siblings, your close environment, your new outlook on life and your partnerships. You’ll be looking forward to the month of June which, by far, looks to be the best month of the entire year when it comes to positive aspects in all parts of your chart!


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