April 2015 Horoscope – Taurus


For Taurus, the month of April will be a review of the past year: looking back to see where you’ve been, what you have achieved, and how far you’ve come. You’ll be dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s before you get to the month of May when you’ll be looking ahead. Your thoughts, ideas, reflection will be at the forefront of your mind as you do some inner work to gauge where you are. Some of this unconscious work will bring up some rebellious ideas because Uranus has been in your 12th house since 2011 and this transit has brought about a need for freedom from earlier expectations, and restrictions set about by others. You may have some childhood memories of times of wishes and dreams that have been repressed and with Uranus in this area of your life, you are ‘rebelling’ against this pent-up energy that is fighting to get out.

Your heart and energy are in your 1st house of your personality and your appearance and you are attracting a lot of energy into your life this month. You will attract money, love and good energy will come to you this month despite the challenges you may face at times. You are attracting what you want into your life!

There are a few trends that are taking place this month. On April 8th, Jupiter will go direct in your house of home, family matters and dynamic, and parents, which is good news because it is the planet of luck and abundance, and, on April 16th, Pluto will go retrograde in your 9th house of travel, foreign lands and cultures, and your broadening education, placing a more concentrated effort and energy into the transformation taking place in that area of your life.

The month will begin in the most hidden part of your Self, that remains hidden from others, and will slowly bloom toward your most outer self, the one that everyone sees, including your appearance and your personality.

April 1. The Sun in your 12th house opposes the North Node in your 6th house. The Sun is in the reflective part of your self focusing on your inner mental state. It is the last month before your birthday month and you will be looking back at the past year to see how far you’ve gotten and to review what you may have missed on with respect to your goals in the area your relationships, your career or education, your health, your resources and your resourcefulness. This analysis and appraisal time takes you away from your life path and area of your life lessons involving 6th house themes including: your work and the type of work you are actually drawn to, your service to others, and your physical health. You begin the month feeling resistance and antagonism from both areas as you try to balance your attention to both.

April 2. The Sun in your 12th house trine Jupiter in your 4th house. The Sun is in the area of your life where you feel your most vulnerable, but also where you escape to when things aren’t going your way. Such has been the equilibrium of your life path transit with the North Node in Libra since February 2014. You have been more comfortable with the inner workings of your own mind, and sacrificing certain parts of yourself has been easier to do in order to escape the outer challenges. Jupiter in your 4th house until the summer has given you some respite this year where family members have been more generous with you, but where in turn you have had to be generous with your time especially concerning a parent. You have felt a certain psychological comfort in being able to help the family matrix.

The Moon in your 5th house trine Pluto in your 9th house. The moon reaches out to Pluto at the beginning of the month and you will find that you are reaching much more deeply into your self to figure out where you really get the most pleasure and how it fits into your outlook on life, your philosophy or where you’d like to travel and do your learning.

April 4. Mercury in your 12th house opposes the Moon in your 6th house. Again, you have the North and South nodal in opposition and this time it is connected to your inner mental thoughts which are in contradiction to the kind of work you would like to be doing. You seem to be emotionally tied to being of service to others, people you work with, and your daily work schedule during this full moon lunar eclipse. A co-worker may be eclipsed at this time, possibly leaving that environment, or it could be you that decides to leave and this is causing you some emotional concerns.

April 5. Mercury in your 12th opposes the North Node in your 6th house. At the same time, your thoughts and ideas may be in direct contradiction with the lessons of your life path. Your inner mental wavelength may not be congruent with the kind of work you are involved in.

April 6-7. The Sun in your 12th house conjuncts Uranus in the same house. You have been going through some upheaval in the house of sacrifice, self-undoing and inner mental analysis. However, you may just have an aha moment during the next two days where an unexpected idea may just inspire you. The moon in your 7th house will make you feel emotional when thinking about your closest relationships.

April 7. The Moon in your 7th house sextile Pluto in your 9th house. This emotional tug at the heart of your closest relationships may be linked to the hidden forces pulling you to distant places and horizons.

Mercury in your 12th house trine Jupiter in your 4th house. At the same time, your deep inner thoughts and dreams are being supported by the family matrix. They most likely recognize that you sacrifice a lot of your own inner needs to help support the family matrix. You will really feel their support today and this will make you feel very good. I give this day a 5-star rating! You will also feel this support from your closest relationships and partnership.

April 9. The Moon in your 8th house sextile the North Node in your 6th house. Your emotions have shifted to finding ways to deal with those 12th house issues you are dealing with for most of the month. While you are analyzing your innermost needs, the influence of the 8th house gives you a chance to research and investigate what will be your most viable solution to those matters. You may find that your committed relationships or joint effort will help you achieve those dreams. You may also receive some money through someone else, most likely a female represented by the Moon, to help you.

Mercury in your 12th house conjunct Uranus in the same house. The way you think and tackle your own inner mental processes are going through some major upheaval. Since 2008, when Uranus entered your 12th house you have begun to feel a great need for freedom but depending on whether or how your earliest first instances of self-expression were defeated or not, you may have also feel restrictions upon yourself in intangible and unclear ways, nothing you can actually put your finger on.

You will have an unexpected and surprising thought or idea that comes from a deep intuitive place regarding your inner machinations.

April 10. The Sun in your 12th house conjunct Mercury in the same house. Not only will you have an aha moment that will illuminate your innermost needs and desires, but you will act upon it with the Sun shining brightly in this sector.

April 12. Venus moves into your 2nd house of income, personal resources and values, and your attitude toward your closest relationships or alliances.

April 13. The Moon in your 10th house sextile Saturn in your 8th house. An authority figure, boss or corporation may work together with you to avoid restrictions or demands made upon you. With the moon in Aquarius you are able to detached yourself and not react in an emotional way to this influence.

April 15-16. Venus in your 2nd house opposes Saturn in your 8th house. The demands of an older person may test your usual harmonious way of being. If you have your own business, it could be that there is some delay in clients paying their invoices which will cause you some stress regarding your income, or some payment that you need to make as well.

April 15. Mercury moves to your 1st house of the self, how you present yourself to the world, and how you are perceived. There may be a lot of buzzing news about you and what you have to say is being heard loud and clear!

April 16. Pluto goes retrograde in your 9th house from April 16th until September 25th. Plutonian influences are felt even more strongly than when it is direct, so the transformations regarding things or places at a distance, your outlook on life and philosophy, and legal matters are experienced at an even deeper level.

April 17-19. Mars in your 1st house square Jupiter. in your 4th house. Your abrupt behaviour may cause some issues within the family dynamic and with the moon in this same part of your chart, you are vocal about how you feel. It may be one of those days where it’s ‘all about you.’ The demands of an older person in the context of the family dynamic may be rubbing you the wrong way today. You do have the opportunity to rise to action to alleviate this tension with this sort of hard aspect.

On the 18th, the Moon in your 12th house conjuncts Uranus in the same house. You may have a more accentuated emotional reaction to these self-imposed restrictions or to the sacrifices you make for others. Or, you may understand more or get a deeper insight to why you do the things that you do.

April 20-21. Venus in your 2nd house trine the North Node in your 6th house. With the focus on lessons that need to be learned from the 6th house, you will notice tangible results connected to what you value most or you may see an increase in income.

April 21. Mercury in your 1st house square Jupiter in your 4th house. Tensions within the growing needs within the family dynamic has you voicing or discussing your thoughts with them. With Mercury in your 1st house, you are able to be more assertive and vocal about your own needs. This aspect prompts you to act upon in order to resolve the conflict.

April 21. The Sun moves into your 1st house of self and ego, the image you project to others, and how others perceive you. You are at the beginning of a new birthday year!

April 22-23. Venus in your 2nd house sextile Jupiter in your 4th house. Coming out of the tensions of the previous day, you have more luck the next two days dealing with the same demands and needs coming from the home and family matrix. You may get some good advice from someone older or more experienced on how to deal with it or a woman, within the family unit, will help you out.

Mars in your 1st house conjunct Mercury in the same house. You are given a voice and will be able to assert yourself with even more energy. These thoughts and opinions will be better received during this time as these energies are working together and not against one another.

April 24. The Moon in your 3rd house square the North Node in your 6th house. an emotional connection to a sibling or to your immediate surrounding may cause some tensions or stress in connection to the path you should be following or the type of work you’d like to be doing.

April 26. The Sun in your 1st house square the Moon in your 4th house. A female within your home or within the family matrix may be forcing you to take a stand toward the things that you want, to be a little selfish. Or, they may be letting you know that you are only thinking of yourself and this creates tension and stress within the family dynamic. It’s a tough aspect but not one that can’t be worked out.

April 27. Venus in your 2nd house sextile the Moon in your 4th house. It seems that whatever you did to deal with the emotional reaction the day before has worked in your favour and you’ll notice that harmony has been restored again to the family dynamic. With Venus in your 2nd house, you will also notice a possible influx to your income or you may receive material objects that you value or effects that represent material security to you.

The Moon in your 4th house trine Uranus in your 12th house. You may notice that the emotional dynamic within the home has shifted, or the family unit is giving you greater freedom from what is expected of you..

Venus in your 2nd house sextile Uranus in your 12th house. You will be able to feel much more liberated with the increase of inner release of expectations upon you. Your ability to be more dependent upon your own resources will also extend to the sacrifices or restrictions you have imposed upon yourself.

This will usher in the last few days of the month with a little quiet to reflect on the month you have had while looking forward to and planning the one to come. It will give you the rest you need to deal with the first week of May which looks like it will start off on a tense note about those self-imposed restrictions or being your own worst enemy, or about the freedom you seek from the expectations of others, the family dynamic, your ego getting in your way or demands placed upon you. May will begin with some tough aspects but will end on a positive note leading to June which looks like it will be a positive and enjoyable month!


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