April 2015 Horoscope – Libra


For Libra, the month of April will be centred upon matters related to your partnerships and close relationships, marriage, and contracts and later in the month, it will shift to joint resources, commitments, as well as beginnings and endings. Mercury is in your house of relationships until mid month so you will find that there are lots of talks with partners, discussions about how you feel or about how your partner feels.

At mid-month, your discussions will turn to the topic of investments, joint resources and can also delve into mystical subjects, the intangible elements. You may also be sharing ideas or making a commitment to an investment such as a home as you get to the 3rd week of the month. If so, you’re excited and following behind Venus, it is most likely exactly what you’re looking for, and may be at a distance from where you are now. Venus moved to the 9th house on the April 12 giving balance and harmony to the area of your core beliefs, travel, and people or places at a distance. The gears are set and if there is a move it could happen in June when the Sun enters the 9th house. At the end of this month and for the better part of next month, you may be tying up loose ends, getting the mortgage you need, or a loan toward an investment.

There are a few trends that are taking place this month. On April 8th, Jupiter which is good news because it is the planet of luck and abundance, and it will go direct in your house of friendships, groups and future plans. And, on April 16th, Pluto will go retrograde in your 4th house of home, family dynamic and parents, placing a more concentrated effort and energy into the transformation taking place in that area of your life.

The month will begin in your area of partnership, where I see communication, ideas, thoughts and discussions being shared with those close to you, whether partners or people you share a close bond with. This will then progress to commitments, joint resources, working together with your partner or others to achieve the results you want, and tying up loose ends,

April 1. The Sun in your 7th house opposes the North Node in your 1st house. You begin the month with the Sun in your relationship house. It will highlight your needs within your close partnerships and relationships against your own personal needs. You may feel a slight wavering of vulnerability because of your need to be in a partnership even while you are feeling the need to concentrate on yourself.

April 2. The Sun in your 7th house trine Jupiter in your 11th house of friendships. You will receive some good support from your friends. They will understand what you are going through and you may get some good advice or feedback from your friends regarding your lessons on balancing your two roles.

The Moon in the 12th house trine Pluto in the 4th house. There may be deep seated issues concerning your home or the transformation of your living space which will affect you on an inner level and not outwardly per se. However, you are able to handle these emotions and in fact they may feel quite positive rather than a road block.

April 4. Mercury in the 7th opposes the Moon in your 1st house. There is something in your emotional make up that will come to an end as a result of a message or an idea from your partner or a close relationship. An idea or message may provide you with the information you need to settle an issue within yourself. This news or information may concern an investment or joint matter, or an amount owed or owing. You may be satisfied with this news or it may cause some opposing emotions within you. 

This will be the result of the full moon lunar eclipse in your 1st house so there may be some news you hear that comes from an unexpected source that will affect you to your deepest core. It may have to do with a joint venture, a commitment, or something comes to an abrupt ending and this may surprise you completely.

April 5. Mercury in the 7th opposes the North Node in your 1st house. Again, news related to your partnership which will affect the part of you that needs to learn to balance and separate your Self from your role within your relationship. You are the same person in each role, however the responsibilities that lie within each is different and are equally as important.

April 6-7. The Sun in the 7th house conjuncts Uranus in the same house. Changes and disruption, whether major or minor, will either throw you off course during these two days, or you may have some dramatic a-ha moments or insights integral to your close relationship or partnership. With the moon in Scorpio, this may be tied to what you value most or to your material security. Your partner may have an idea that involves finding a way to increase your income.  

April 7. The Moon in the 2nd house of income sextile Pluto in 4th house of home. You may find the extra or additional income to buy the home of your dreams. You may also be sensitive to what you hold dear, and the power struggles that come from a female person or your own emotions may bring some revelation.

Mercury in your 7th house trine Jupiter in your 11th house. You may get together with close friends as you will have an announcement to make! It may be that you have good news to share with friends and celebrate! You may also get some sage advice from a knowledgeable person regarding your career or a way to advance your own knowledge or a way to bring in more income.

On the 8th, Jupiter goes direct, bringing the positive and lucky vibes back on track in your 11th house of friendship, group association, and future potential.

April 9. The Moon in your 3rd house sextile the North Node in your 1st house. Communication, siblings and cousins, as well as your immediate environment may impact the balance you seek within your ‘Self.’ You will find the help you need in your immediate surrounding which will help you find the emotional freedom you seek. You may find that short trips, not too far from home, provide this release.

Mercury in your 7th house conjunct Uranus in the same house. You may hear some news that changes the way you view things related to your partnership. You may be able to find the emotional freedom you seek as a result of these unexpected breakthroughs or unique ideas that come to mind. A partner may be the one to give you this idea, or something your partner says to you will bring on this new idea.

April 10. The Sun in the 7th house conjunct Mercury in the same house. The spotlight or a male companion or partner will be the bearer of some news, and I believe the news will be positive. This news, or email, or information you receive will feed you with energy, power and new aspirations. Your mind will be whirring at a 100 miles an hour as a result.

April 12. Venus moves into your 9th house of travel, outlook on life, and higher learning.

April 13. The Moon in your 5th house sextile Saturn in your 3rd house. You may find that a project is successful as a result of your discipline, determination, and perseverance. If you have been responsible in your message and your way of disseminating your information, you will find that a spotlight is shining on your projects. You will have the go ahead to begin new projects! You may work on these new projects with someone else. With the moon in Aquarius, these new projects may very well deal with humanitarian ideals or technology.

April 15-16. Venus now in your 9th house opposes Saturn in your 3rd house. Venus has moved into your house of legal matters, core beliefs and foreign lands. You may find that restrictions placed in your immediate surroundings may hamper your ability to travel. It appears that there is a struggle between wanting to widen your horizons and certain restrictions set keeping you from being to extend your boundaries. An example could be that you would like to expand your reach concerning your work but you are told that there are certain rules that you must adhere to.

April 15. Mercury moves to your 8th house of joint resources and ventures, commitments, and interaction with others.

April 16. Pluto goes retrograde in your 4th house from April 16th until September 25th. Plutonian influences are felt even more strongly than when it is direct, so the transformations regarding your home (such as where you want to live and the kind of environment you want to live in), your parents, and changes on the domestic front will be felt at an even deeper level.

April 17-19. Mars in your 8th house square Jupiter in your 11th house. You will feel energized to make an investment, ask for a loan, or go into a joint venture with a friend or a group you are associated with. Jupiter is now back in direct motion and you will have the help you need or the advice you are seeking. This sort of aspect can create some inner tensions, but at the same time, will prompt you to act and move forward.

On the 18th, the Moon in the 7th house conjuncts Uranus in the same house of relationships and close partnerships. You may have an emotional reaction to a sudden change or disruption in your close relationship sector. The moon is in Aries so be aware that your emotions may be explosive. A female in your close circle may say something that irks you. Conversely, You may find yourself suddenly agreeing to a contractual relationship with an energetic female personality related to your personal projects.

April 20-21. Venus in your 9th house trine the North Node in the 1st house. These influences will be positive as your 1st house is ruled by Venus as well. While you are balancing your personal needs with your wishes to expand your horizons, you will find that the energies are working together to balance and achieve that which you need.

April 21. Mercury in your 8th house square Jupiter in your 11th. A close friend or knowledgeable person may give you some advice or an idea concerning your career which will spur you to make some decisions about a loan or an investment. This may cause you some tension or stress however it is the kind of aspect that pushes you to action.

April 22-23. Venus in your 9th house sextile Jupiter in your 11th house. You may find that you are able to generate income from either foreign investment or work at a distance. This aspect will be beneficial to your growth and expansion of knowledge.

Mars in the 8th house conjunct Mercury in the same house. Mars and Mercury in Taurus will spur you to action but in a most practical way. Matters of joint ventures and income will be in the spotlight.

April 24. The Moon in your 10th house square the North Node in your 1st house. An authority figure, quite possibly your mother or a female boss, may make a comment that challenges your ‘ego’ but at the same time prompts you to act or react.

April 26. The Sun in the 8th house squares the Moon in the 11th house. You may feel a conflict of interest between your aspirations and your commitments or interactions with others. Additionally, a friend or a group associate may ask you to commit or to invest some money in their cause and this may cause you some tension or a challenge.

April 27. Venus in your 9th house sextile the Moon in your 11th house. You may have a friend who comes to visit you from another country. You may also share your world views or philosophies with your friends and this will inspire you.

I consider the next few days to be five-star days as they end the month on such a positive note. The Moon in your 11th trine Uranus in the 7th house. Friends will be a big part of your life whether they are right next door or far away. You may receive surprising or unexpected news from your friends, from your partner, or from someone close to you. Or, have some sudden news to impart upon them yourself. Unless you have a hard angle in your own personal chart, I see this news as a positive one, and it may even be about an investment or you may receive funding for one of your projects

Venus in your 9th house sextile Uranus in your 7th house. With Venus also sending positive beams to your relationship house, it seems that this unexpected news will have something to do with receiving some money. This money may come from a distance, such as another country, or from someone at a distance. You will not see this coming and it will be a complete surprise.

April 28-30. These last few days of the month are quiet days with no aspects to disrupt your schedule. It is the perfect ending to a busy and exciting month and gives you the time to regroup and reflect on everything that has happened before ushering in the month of May!

What a lovely way to end the month on such a positive and exciting note. You will not be able to plan this or see this coming as it will come from an unexpected source and it will leave you shaking your head in complete surprise.

The last few days are calm with no aspects unless to your own own personal chart which I cannot see. But, in general, it should be relatively quiet on the front lines as you get your bearings and prepare for the following month.

You end off the last few days of April with some quiet days to review this busy month! It will give you the rest you need to deal with the first week of May which looks like it will start on a tense note with emotional reactions to investments, friendships/group associations, and messages sent to you. May will begin with some tough aspects but will end on a positive note leading to June which will be a highly positive and enjoyable month!


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