April 2015 Horoscope – Leo


For Leo, the focus during the month of April is on your 9th house of travel, widening horizons, your philosophical outlook on life, education and, for some, legal systems. Your core beliefs are in the limelight and everything is about wanting to find yourself out in the world. There will be lots of discussion surround things foreign, other cultures than your own, travel and moving, as well as your expanding view of life. Your core beliefs also include your faith.

Love, passion and your energy is directed toward career matters, authority and life aspirations. You will feel good about your career direction, and with the Sun entering on the 21st into this part of your life, you may be beginning a new job or a new project. It will be quite a major project and all eyes will be on you. You may also get some kudos for your ability to lead. Mars will infuse this part of your chart with energy and drive, and Venus adds a sparkle of enjoyment to your career. On the 12th, Venus will move on to the 11th house of friends and you will find that you enjoy your friends company tremendously.

There are a few trends that are taking place this month. On April 8th, Jupiter will go direct in your house of Self and personality which is good news because it is the planet of luck and abundance, and, on April 16th, Pluto will go retrograde in your 6th house of daily work schedule and how you are of service to others, placing a more concentrated effort and energy into the transformation taking place in that area of your life.

You’ll begin the month concentrated on matters related to travel, foreign cultures, and your outlook on life and then later on the Sun will spotlight your career, a new job or position, as well as authority figures and your ambitions.

April 1. The Sun in the 9th house opposes the North Node in the 3rd house. The Sun is shining its light brightly in the 9th house of learning, travel, and of core beliefs. You should be focusing on your more immediate environment such as your own neighbourhood, your conscious type of thought (as opposed to the 9th house of higher mind and intangible type of thinking), and the way you process information and express yourself, as that is where you will create opportunity and where you will find your reward, good fortune, and balance — these are your lessons to learn until November, 2015.

April 2. The Sun in your 9th house trine Jupiter in your 1st house. This month your focus and mind seems are on things that are at a distance and to do with foreign cultures and travel. The Sun is reaching out to your 1st house of Self and it seems that the thought of traveling far from home is projecting it’s light on you and how others perceive you.

The Moon in your 2nd house trine Pluto in your 6th house. Your day-to-day work load is where there is and has been a major transformation happening in your 6th house where Pluto will stay until 2023 (yes, a long time). Those transformation will be felt as undercurrents and the process will be gradual. You will notice these changes more when there are aspects to Pluto and it will be as if the door to that part of your life has opened just to give you a glimpse of your progress. It is possible that your feelings and emotions (connected to your values)  may be agitated as you deal with changes that are taking place in your work environment.

April 4. Mercury in your 9th house opposes the Moon in your 3rd house. Again, you will feel the push and pull with thoughts and ideas of foreign lands and your immediate environment. If you are planning or thinking about places far away or dealings with foreign cultures, your sibling(s) and family’s emotions may be upset. For example, a sibling may be opposed to your plans, and with the full moon/lunar eclipse in that part of your chart, he or she may be feeling eclipsed by your plans. You will hear about this with Mercury at play.

April 5. Mercury in your 9th house opposes the North Node in your 3rd house. While the moon (your emotions) is stirring the pot, you will feel divided regarding the lessons you are meant to learn by remaining close to home. This is where you are meant to work on finding a balance in your life especially within your everyday conscious thinking and decisions. Until November 2015, this is where your greatest opportunities, good fortune, and happiness will be found.

April 6-7. The Sun in your 9th house conjuncts Uranus in the same house. You may experience some disruption and erratic thinking in your house of travel and higher thinking as Uranus rubs shoulders with the Sun. The focus on things far away is heightened by the Sun, and Uranus loves to disrupt and play with your mind. You may feel divided about your career and thoughts of working while travelling blends well with your current focus on places far away. The moon in Scorpio in your 4th house has you thinking of your home and your attachment to it and other family matters.

April 7. The Moon in your 4th house sextile Pluto in your 6th house. Your emotions regarding your home and family matters are triggerred by the changes taking place in your work environment. The 4th house also deals with extended family (such as your home away from home, that is your ‘work’ family) and you will be working well with them today. It’s a 5-star day and you will feel a strong bond and in harmony with these people.

Mercury in your 9th house trine Jupiter in your 1st house. There will be plans and thoughts related to career, your vocation, or travel which will make you feel good and positive about your Self. You may get advice from someone more knowledgeable than you regarding direction you should take.

On the 8th, Jupiter goes direct, bringing the positive and lucky vibes back on track in your 1st house of Self, ego, self-image and how perceive you.

April 9. The Moon in your 5th house sextile the North Node in your 3rd house. Your creative identity is linked to the lessons of the third house of communication, siblings, and conscious choice. Someone younger than you, possibly a sibling or a family member, may help you on your life path.

Mercury in your 9th house conjunct Uranus in the same house. You are again surrounded by thoughts of travel and dealing with people at a distance which is causing some disruption in your outlook on life. The news that you’re receiving from afar keeps changing, but you’re okay with that as this aspect is a blending one as opposed to one that causes tension. The moon is in your 5th house, ruled by Jupiter, so your creative identity and the things that give you pleasure that are closely associated with travel, wider horizons and freedom, are creating a harmonic feeling within you.

April 10. The Sun in your 9th house conjunct Mercury in the same house. Your focus, your thoughts and communications are at par with each other during these two days. The image you are projecting to others is that of being a traveler and an adventurer, and that is how you are feeling these days and it works for you.

April 12. Venus moves into your 11th house of friends, groups and future potential. You will find that friends are around you more and they will also be quite helpful with their resources.

April 13. The Moon in your 7th house sextile Saturn in your 5th house. There is harmonious energy with your close relationships especially those with children, or people younger than you, even with the restrictions or responsibilities imposed on you.

April 15-16. Venus in your 11th house opposes Saturn in your 5th house. Your creative or resourceful personality is feeling pulled or strained by friends or group associations. Your friends or groups you belong to may be reminding you of the responsibilities you have to your career and this may affect the part of you that longs to feel free.
Mercury moves into your 10th house on the 15th and there will be a buzz of messages, news and communication in the area of career and from authority figures.

April 16. Pluto goes retrograde in your 6th house from April 16th until September 25th. Plutonian influences are felt even more strongly than when it goes direct, so the transformations in the area including your work schedule, colleagues, health matters and any special training for work are experienced at an even deeper and more intense level.

April 17-19. Mars in your 10th house square Jupiter in your 1st house. There may be quite a lot of activity concerning career matters or with authority figures. You will most certainly hear some advice from someone in this area of your life, a boss, a parent, or someone with more experience than you and this will create some conflict with your ego and how you project yourself to others. This aspect is not blending but rather a stressful one, but is one where you will act upon it to alleviate the tension.

On the 18th, the Moon in your 9th house conjuncts Uranus in the same house. Your feelings and emotions are in tune with the changes and disruptions associated with your changing views and philosophies and with matters at a distance.

April 20-21. Venus in your 11th house trine the North Node in your 3rd house. Friendships and future possibilities may cater to those 3rd house lessons you are learning. The manner in which you are communicating is congruent and harmonious as your 3rd house also ruled by Venus. News or messages from your friends will give you the confidence you need.

April 21. Mercury in your 10th house square Jupiter in your 1st house. This is a hard angle that will bring news from your career front or from an authority that may dampen your self-esteem especially when it comes to your resourceful mind and identity. A legal issue could thwart your efforts on this day. You may get advice or news from someone older, more knowledgeable or experienced that throws a monkey wrench into the works. This could also be news from one of your parents as they represent authority as well.

The sun moves into your 10th house of career and authority. You will notice a shift to these matters and to your relationship with authority for the rest of the month and into May.

April 22-23. Venus in your 11th house sextile Jupiter in your 1st house. Although your friends may have been playing devil’s advocate with you a few days ago, you have their support no matter what you decide. You will see evidence of this in the next couple of days by the chatter, emails or calls you receive from them.

Mars in your 10th house conjunct Mercury in the same house. Career matters and authoritative people are working with you and will let you know what they think of you. It will all be positive. There will be a lot of discussions, emails and communications. Normally, you would feel overwhelmed but your quick thinking and energy will get you through the day.

April 24. The Moon in your 12th house of endings, sacrifice, and escape square the North Node in your 3rd house. Again, your life path or direction and the lessons you need to learn are in focus and deep down you know that your responsibilities to this area of your life are important for you to balance. A sibling or family may again be in focus and as much as you want to escape, you have to learn to balance your own inner psychological needs with their needs.

April 26. The Sun in your 10th house square the Moon in your 1st house. You may react emotionally to career matters. An authoritative person may figure prominently on this day and their attitude may work against you and you will react emotionally to their behaviour. You may hear a secret or a hidden matter that will stir your emotions, and may cause you to question yourself.

April 27. Venus in your 11th house sextile the Moon in your 1st house. After the previous day’s emotional turmoil surrounding your career, your friends are once again rallying around you. It’s a 5-star day and you will feel radiant with all their attention and will feel considerably better than the day before. You may hear from an association or group you would like to join and this will please you.

The Moon in your 1st house trine Uranus in your 9th house. There may be again some disruption and sudden changes regarding matters from afar, travel or your outlook on life but they will affect you positively this time. You will feel positive regarding matters that deal with foreign cultures, lands or individuals. Uranus in your house of distance and travel keeps changing the landscape on you, but you will be able to go with the flow regardless.

Venus in your 11th house sextile Uranus in your 9th house. Your friends (or one in particular) are working together with you to deal with these erratic events and changes regarding matters from afar, or even your own outlook on life. They are supportive and this will be beneficial to you.

The rest of the month will be quiet in comparison, and will allow you to look back and to go over any stones you may have left unturned before you begin the month of May.

You end off the last few days of April with some quiet days to review this busy month! It will give you the rest you need to deal with the first week of May which looks like it will start on a tense note with emotional reactions to issues regarding your self-esteem, your personal resourcefulness, and career matters. May will begin with some tough aspects but will end on a positive note leading in to June which will be a highly positive and enjoyable month!


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