April 2015 Horoscope – Gemini


For Gemini, the focus during the month of April is in the area of friends, associates, groups you belong to, and your social life. It is also about the future, your potential, and your plans. With Mercury and the Sun in this area, you will have your friends’ attention as well as joining in discussions and putting your plans into place. Your friends may be helpful and beneficial to you when it comes to some of these plans. Uranus in your house of friendship and ideals will have you meeting some very interesting and unique kinds of people. You will have plenty of exciting and interesting conversations. Toward the middle and third week of the month, you may withdraw from the spotlight and delve more deeply into your own inner thought processes.

Love, money and energy will be concentrated in the hidden area of your life, and the place where you do your inner mental work. You may be thinking about how you react to love and what repressed memories hold you back from getting what you want. Things may be moving along behind the scenes. With Mars in the same area, you will have the energy to put some changes into place to deal with what has long been repressed. Early in the month, Venus will move into your 1st house of personality and appearance, so you may notice that people are attracted to you, and you may hear some compliments about your appearance. Your personality will have softened and you will come across as charming and pleasant.

There are a few trends that are taking place this month. On April 8th, Jupiter will go direct in your house of siblings, conscious decisions, communication, and short trips, which is good news because it is the planet of luck and abundance, and, on April 16th, Pluto will go retrograde in your 8th house of joint resources, commitments, on beginnings and endings, placing a more concentrated effort and energy into the transformation taking place in that area of your life.

The month is all about spending time with friends, meeting new and interesting people, future plans, your dreams, unconscious desires, and frustrations, eventually leading you to the elements that make you who you are.

April 1. The Sun in your 11th house opposes the North Node in your 5th house. You begin the month with your focus on friendship, groups, your hopes and wishes, and on your future potential. Your lessons are in the 5th house where you will find your rewards, good fortune and happiness. The Sun is spotlighting the opposite house causing you to feel a pull away from 5th house matters such as your inner creative child, your artistic expression, your resourcefulness, on romance, and on your hobbies. The lesson is for you to find balance between your own resourceful instead of leaning on others.

April 2. The Sun in your 11th house trine Jupiter in your 3rd house. Jupiter is still retrograde due to go back to forward movement on April 8, however you will still get some positive beams from this generous planet in the 3rd house, the house naturally ruled by Gemini. You’ll be busy running errands and making short trips to take care of important matters. You will most likely be getting together with friends, or siblings and cousins and it will be a fun day. There will be lots of emails, phone calls and news on this lively day.

The Moon in your 4th house trine Pluto in your 8th house. Your home and joint resources are highlighted, so you may be thinking of where you would like to live because of the changing landscape. You will get a burst of energy and a window to put into effect a better framework and infrastructure to deal with the slow but definite changes taking place in your life.

April 4-5. Mercury in your 11th house opposes the Moon and Mercury in your 5th house. You may hear news from a friend or a group which will you drive you to use your inner resourcefulness to help them. This interruption will detract you from a project or from time with your children. You may also hear a comment about one of your children or a project of yours that may bring about some insecurity or uncertainty within you.

There is a full moon lunar eclipse in your 5th house which will bring up matters related to children and with Venus in your 12th house, there may be something you need to  sacrifice in order to help them or it may bring up a past issue from your childhood.

April 6-7. The Sun in your 11th house conjuncts Uranus in the same house. There will be a bit of turmoil in your house of friendship and groups. With the moon in Scorpio in your 6th house, you may be busy about your day when these disruptions occur. Uranus has been shaking up your house of friendships and groups changing the type of friends that have come and gone from your life lately. Or, you may have noticed that the kinds of people who are coming into your life have been quite unique or eccentric.

April 7. The Moon in your 6th house sextile Pluto in your 8th house. Your work schedule is working hand in hand and influencing joint resources. You are probably also able to put some money away for investment, or you will hear of a loan approval that will go toward some learning you wish to do, such as an apprenticeship. The 6th house rules matters related to your work, so this learning would be connected to the kind of work you would like to be doing. It may also involve someone you work with.

Mercury in your 11th house trine Jupiter. in your 3rd house. You may make a new friend while out and about your neighbourhood. You will most likely have lively conversations with this person. You may also meet friends or your siblings, and your interactions will be fun and lively. You may also make some new acquaintances in your work environment.

On the 8th, Jupiter goes direct, bringing the positive and lucky vibes back on track in your 3rd house of siblings and extended family, communication and discussions, short trips, and your day-to-day thought processes.

April 9. The Moon in your 7th house sextile the North Node in your 5th house. A partner or someone close to you could be a positive influence regarding circumstances involving children, projects or hobbies. The 5th house rules the things that bring you pleasure and your partner or a close alliance may be the source of this enjoyment. You may be invited to some activity or event that brings you a lot of satisfaction.

Mercury in your 11th house conjunct Uranus in the same house. You may hear some news that will bring about a sudden change in this area of your life. With the moon in your 7th house, the news or information you hear could be about or from a close friend.

April 10. The Sun in your 11th house conjunct Mercury in the same house. There will be a lot of energy and interactions and discussions with friends. This is a not usually a negative influence but will still cause a disturbance. If your friends need you, you will be there to help them. and vice versa.

April 12. Venus moves to your 1st house of self, self-image and the image you project to others.

April 13. The Moon in your 9th house sextile Saturn in your 7th house. Someone from a different culture or who lives far away may feature in your life. This close connection will be beneficial to you and to the lessons of responsibility brought about by Saturn’s visit to this area of your life.

April 15-16. Venus in your 1st house opposes Saturn in your 7th house. The next few days will be wrought with tensions and opposing forces. Your partner could be imposing some restrictions on you or asking you to do things with them when all you really want is to concentrate on yourself.

April 15. Mercury moves on to the 12th house of the unconscious, hidden matters, inner mental work, and sacrifice.

April 16. Pluto goes retrograde in your 8th house from April 16th until September 25th. Plutonian influences are felt even more strongly than when it is direct, so the transformations regarding your joint resources and ventures, investments, interactions with others, the psychological work you do to help yourself and your powers of regeneration are experienced at an even deeper level. The 8th house is ruled by Pluto so, Gemini, you will experience this influence even more strongly and deeply than others.

April 17-19. Mars in your 12th house square Jupiter in your 3rd house. Someone older or with more experience may have some advice for you which will be helpful to you. You may want to escape certain responsibilities and this person could help you face certain issues you are dealing with. You may feel as though you have to offer or sacrifice a lot to get what you want, but this person will show you how to overcome this feeling.

On the 18th, the Moon in your 11th house conjuncts Uranus in the same house. There will be some feminine (the moon usually represents women or your mother) or emotional influence to this day that may cause some disruptions or changes to the structure of your friendships or with one friend in particular. If you are a young Gemini, your mother or another female may make a comment about one of your friends which causes you to think twice. It may also be that a female friend is exhibiting erratic behaviour, don’t make assumptions and try to find out what the reason is.

April 20-21. Venus in your 1st house trine the North Node in your 5th house. You may hear some words of love or praise regarding a project, or from a child, or even from a romantic partner. You may also hear that one of our hobbies could become a source of income for you which would please you tremendously. If you’re an artist, you may find or create an object of beauty or you may write something quite beautiful. It’s a positive day for lessons about finding your inner child and doing things that bring you enjoyment. You may also hear some good news from or about your child, or someone younger than you.

April 21. Mercury in your 12th house square Jupiter in your 3rd house. Someone in your immediate environment may reveal some information that causes you to withdraw and do some inner work on yourself. You may need to give something up to achieve another goal. This will not sit well with you, but will get you moving to find a solution. You may get advice from a more experienced person on how to deal with this issue.

The Sun travels to your 12th house of the unconscious, karma and self-sacrifice and the sign of Taurus. You will notice a shift away from friends, groups and thoughts of the future, to withdrawing to your inner mind and thinking process and your past year.

April 22-23. Venus in your 1st house sextile Jupiter in your 3rd house. Tensions from the previous day have disappeared with the positive vibes brought about by Venus. You are at your best in dealing with discussions and issues with siblings and other family members, and all will go well. You will come across as sunny, bright and warm, and your interactions will be beneficial. Love, money, relationships and good luck are all on your radar and you will enjoy the next few days while basking in this positive energy.

Mars in your 12th house conjunct Mercury in the same house. Your own inner mental thoughts and ideas are also on par during these two days. You may feel quite passionate about issues that come up – even if they are only in your thoughts. Enjoy these two days as the next two may stir up some of your emotions.

April 24. The Moon in your 2nd house square the North Node in your 5th. You may feel tense because you have to dish out some money toward a hobby, project or a child that needs your help. This conflict will spur you to action to offset the difficulties presented.

April 26. The Sun in your 12th house square the Moon in your 3rd house. You may be dealing with some emotional news you hear today, or with a sibling who is feeling emotional. This will create some inner stress, but you will be there to help them. If it is you instead that is having an emotional reaction to some news or information you have received, your sibling will be there to support you. This influence will most likely make you feel a little vulnerable, but it will also spur you to act upon this conflict to find some resolve and not push it under the rug.

April 27. Venus in your 1st house sextile the Moon in your 3rd house has you bouncing back from yesterdays’ emotional day. Your emotions are still in play with the moon in your 3rd house, but you will notice a shift toward a more positive display of feelings. You will be feeling a lot better about yourself and the feelings of yesterday will be forgotten. It’s a 5-star day and those in your immediate environment will be generous with you as you will be with them.

The Moon in your 3rd house trine Uranus in your 11th house. The moon in your immediate surrounding and matters dealing with communication is still influencing the mood of the day but it’s a positive sort of influence. You may hear of some surprising news from one of your friends or groups you belong to and this news will most likely be positive (I can’t see your personal chart but unless you have some hard aspect to Uranus, the news  or information will be positive.) You may take the time to go and visit this friend.

Venus in your 1st house sextile Uranus in your 11th house. After the moon has reached out to Uranus, it will be Venus’ turn to do so. The part of you that is passionate about being independent will strike a chord today as some plan of action on your part will be conducive to this aspect of your personality. You may receive an idea or news of money that will bring about this feeling of independence you crave.

This will usher in the last few days of the month of a little quiet to reflect on the month you have had while looking forward to the one to come.

It will give you the rest you need to deal with the first week of May which looks like it will start on a tense note because of your emotional reaction to events involving your friendships, your inner mind and thought processes, how you project yourself to others, your partnerships or your close relationships. May will begin with some tough aspects but will end on a positive note leading to June which looks very positive and enjoyable!


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