April 2015 Horoscope – Aries


Happy Birthday Aries!

In April you are beginning a new birthday year and fittingly this month is all about you: your personality, the way in which the world sees you, what you decide you want the world to see, your appearance, and your ego.

Your first house is where Uranus has been residing since 2011 and you may have witnessed many fits and starts, sudden changes, and an upheaval in this area of your life. Other major planets have made some major position changes in the chart in the past year, with Jupiter moving in your 5th house last summer to stay for a year and Saturn moving into your 9th house until 2017.

Whereas last month, the attention was on the hidden area of your life, your unconscious, your inner mental processes, and the repressed parts of yourself, this month the attention is on you, your appearance, and the side of you that everyone sees.

Uranus has upscaled your needs for independence and basic freedom and with the Sun shining its spotlight in this part of your chart, this desire will be more apparent. There may also be a streak of rebelliousness and sudden changes that may already have occurred may have already affected you in an all encompassing way.

Venus and Mars have already made their way through the 1st house last month bringing a sense of peace, harmony and a splash of passion into your personality and affecting you to your core — and this month, the Sun is basking in the attention directed upon you.

Venus and Mars have moved on and into your 2nd house of material security and you will notice that spending was on the increase, but at the same time, you will be able to make up for it by aggressively going after ways to bring in more income. Venus will move on halfway through the month bringing your spending down, but Mars will remain in the 2nd house all month keeping your drive focused on making money. Venus will then give you a way with words, to charm your clients, and bring a level of diplomacy to your communications with others.

Mercury will infuse your month with lots of discussions and talks about you and what you value and there may be a wisp of rebellion to your tone as the Sun and Mercury rub shoulders with Uranus. You may even try something new and unique with your appearance, such as changing your wardrobe, or sporting a new hairstyle.

There are a few trends that are taking place this month. On April 8th, Jupiter will go direct in your house of romance, projects, children and leisure time which is good news because it is the planet of luck and abundance, and, on April 16th, Pluto will go retrograde in your 7th house of relationships and partnerships, placing a more concentrated effort and energy into the transformation taking place in that area of your life.

This month will begin with its focus on you and what you have to say, and lead into the things that you value, your material security, your attitudes toward your partners, and on the things you own.

April 1. The Sun in your 1st house opposes the North Node in your 7th house. With the focus this month on your Self, your ego, how you appear to others, what you choose to show to others, and how others perceive you, it is possible you may be eclipsing your partner and their needs. Your lessons until November 2015 are in the partnership area of your life where you must learn to balance your partnerships and close relationships, creating a balance between your own goals or needs and those of others close to you. If you are successful in your quest to learn these lessons, you will reap opportunities, good fortune and happiness in this area of your life.

April 2. The Sun in your 1st house trine Jupiter. in your 5th house. Even as you are learning to balance the area of your life concerning your Self versus your partners, you seem to be doing well in the area of your children or your personal projects. You are able to tap into your inner child and can empathize with your children or with people younger than you.

The Moon in your 6th house trine Pluto in your 10th house. You are undergoing wide sweeping changes and transformations in your career sector. You will not notice this outright because it is a slow transition to last until 2017 however, this will be amplified with the moon traversing your 6th house of work routine and health touching upon the type of work that you do.

April 4. Mercury in your 1st house opposes the Moon in your 7th house. There is a full moon lunar eclipse in your area of partnerships bringing up issues or challenges in this area. Your partner may have news for you that affects you to your core. I hope this news isn’t too jarring, because lunar eclipses are usually connected to endings and culmination. If you are in a business partnership, your partner may be choosing to leave the corporation, or changing the nature of your business. So, an ending is not necessarily the ultimate ending of a relationship or partnership. It may simply be that the nature of your relationship is changing.

April 5. Mercury in your 1st house opposes the North Node in your partnership sector. You will be discussing and communicating with your close relationships and partners which may be a result of the news you have received. Your ego and self-preservation may be kicking in as the easy way out of the challenge, however your lessons lie in your working through balancing both areas of your life. The moon is in Libra in your 7th house so you have love and a helping hand to smooth out any issues or challenges diplomatically.

April 6-7. The Sun in your 1st house conjuncts Uranus in the same house. What makes your lessons in balancing your close relationships that much more difficult is your need for change and constant fluctuation in your life and this you have felt since Uranus transited into your first house in 2011. There have been surprises, turns of events and unexpected circumstances and you are comfortable with this kind of disruptive energy.

April 7. The Moon in your 8th house sextile Pluto in your 10th house. With the moon in Scorpio in your house of joint resources reaching out to Pluto in your house of career will bring up some deep and hidden desires in connection to power. You may intuitively know what is your next course of action to gain more control or power in your career. You may also come across quite a powerful woman or join forces with one in connection to your career.

Mercury in your 1st house trine Jupiter in your 5th house. You will receive some news or kudos for a job well done related to a project you have been working on. You may hear some good news regarding your children, if you have any, and whatever you hear will give you a great sense of pride. This is an energetic time with plans related to career, further education or any advancement of the mind.

On the 8th, Jupiter goes direct, bringing the positive and lucky vibes back on track in your 5th house of projects, creativity or resourcefulness, children or anything or activity that brings you pleasure.

The moon in your 9th house sextile the North Node in your 7th house. Your life path or direction may be linked to someone from another culture or faith and you will find that your work together in your partnership brings you many rewards.

Mercury in your 1st house conjunct Uranus in the same house. A surprise or sudden change may begin discussions or communications, such as emails. You may have to travel to take care of this matter. Usually with Mercury, it would mean a short trip however with the moon in your 9th house, it would seem that it may be related to a woman, possibly your mother, and you may have to travel a little farther. If you are not able to travel away, you will have to deal with this at a distance.

April 10. The Sun in your 1st house conjunct Mercury in the same house. You may be in a communicative mood talking about things that you value most or about what makes you feel materially secure.

April 12. Venus moves to the 3rd house of your conscious thought processes, immediate environment, and siblings or extended family. You’ll notice that your focus has shifted to a gentler way of communicating, and your charm will work wonders with people in your immediate surrounding.

April 13. The Moon in your 11th house sextile Saturn in your 9th house. You may try to control your feelings related to your own feelings of freedom in relation to your ego and your career. You will be able to distance yourself from your emotions to deal with the lessons of discipline and structure as related to your faith or your attitude to gathering information or knowledge.

April 15-16. Venus in your 3rd house opposes Saturn in your 9th house. You may feel the tension of the push and pull between your conscious thoughts versus your core beliefs. Another scenario is that you may be able to find the right words to describe your thoughts and putting your ideas to paper but are not able to get them published, or a legal contract is stalled and you have to wait for the contract to be signed.

April 15. Mercury moves to the 2nd house of material security and values.

April 16. Pluto goes retrograde in your 8th house from April 16th until September 25th. Plutonian influences are felt even more strongly than when it is direct, so the transformations regarding your career, authority figures, how you are as an authoritative leader, and you social standing are experienced at an even deeper level.

April 17-19. Mars in your 2nd house square Jupiter in your 5th house. You may be pushing for more income and will begin or push an idea related to a project you have in mind that could make you that extra income. Or, you may feel some tension because of some high expenditures regarding your children. Conversely, be wary of any speculative investment because the 5th house also represents risk taking. Mars in your 2nd house usually promotes spending and this may cause you some stress or tension.

On the 18th, the Moon in your 1st house conjuncts Uranus in the same house. You may receive a surprise display of emotions toward you, or someone may be behaving erratically around you. You will intuitively know how to react and deal with this outburst or surprising behaviour.

April 20-21. Venus in your 3rd house trine the North Node in your 7th house. You may get a visit from a sibling or a partner’s sibling. There will be a lot of bubbly and harmonious discussions about you and these will be connected to your partnerships. You will be able to learn the lessons of balancing your close relationships from these interactions and discussions.

April 21. The sun moves to the 2nd house shifting your focus to your material resources and security, income, values and your attitude toward partners.

Mercury in your 2nd house square Jupiter in your 5th house. You may be thinking of spending some leisure time or planning a holiday and you are thinking of how you will be able to come up with the money to do so. You could be debating what you value most and the hard aspect to your growing wish to have more leisure time has you thinking up a plan to be able to make this a reality.

April 22-23. Venus in your 3rd house sextile Jupiter in your 5th. You may come up with a lucrative plan to turn a personal project or hobby into a full-time enterprise. You may get some very good advice from someone more experienced and knowledgeable.

Mars in your 2nd house conjunct Mercury in the same house. You may be ready to push ahead with some ideas related to increasing your income. You may also be trying to talk yourself into a buying something you’ve always wanted, if so, this purchase may be connected to your sense of importance or stature.

April 24. The Moon in our 4th house square the North Node in your 7th house. There is a source of tension related to the areas concerning the family matrix and your partnership or close relationships. The moon represents a feminine influence and in your 4th house, it most likely represents your mother. You may hear from your mother and she will have some advice or an opinion regarding the lessons you need to learn during the North Node’s transit in your house of partnerships.

April 26. The Sun in your 1st house square the Moon in your 5th house. Tensions continue from the previous day, but now they are emanating from within yourself and in connection to your children, projects or speculative nature.

April 27. Venus in your 3rd house sextile the Moon in your 5th house. You are able to merge your charm with your intuitive nature to make your plans a success. There is a strong intuitive influence and you will be inspired to succeed. This aspect is extremely beneficial and the results will be obvious in a clearly visible and concrete way.

The Moon in your 5th house trine Uranus in your 1st house. You will be inspired by a unique idea that will come to you unexpectedly. This idea may be connected to a creative project or a child. In a more convoluted way, it could be that a child inspires you to come up with an innovative idea. Leisure activities, projects or your own inner child may want to come out as a result of this independent influence with Uranus in your 1st house.

Venus in your 3rd house sextile Uranus in your 1st house. An innovative idea of yours may be the buzz and everyone could be talking about you.  There may be a surprising turn of events in your life that has everyone talking. Or, you may get surprising news from a sibling or extended family member that catches you off guard. It’s a positive aspect so enjoy its beneficial impact on your life.

This will usher in the last few days of the month with a little quiet to reflect on the month you have had while looking forward to and planning the one to come. It will give you the rest you need to deal with the first week of May that looks like it will start on a tense note with some emotional reactions to your core beliefs, your career, your material security, and your personal projects or children. May will begin with some tough aspects but will end on a positive note leading to June which looks like it will be a highly positive and enjoyable month!


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