Solar Eclipse (New Moon & Spring Equinox)

Solar Eclipse

Firstly, let’s take a look at what the different word associations mean.

Solar: The Sun, the father or male figures in your life, the self, the centre of the universe, you, new beginnings, awakening

Eclipse: Blocking, covering, obscuring, concealing, darkening

New:  up to date, latest, current, state-of-the-art, contemporary, advanced, recent, modern, cutting-edge, leading-edge; original, fresh, imaginative, creative, experimental; contemporary, modernist, up to date; newfangled, ultramodern, avant-garde, futuristic

Moon: The Moon, the mother or females in your life, emotions, phases, a satellite, a light (illuminated by the Sun) and dark side, secrets. And, with a new moon comes the perfect time to start something new, a new project, a new diet, a new positive direction.

Spring Equinox: This marks the beginning of the earth year and new cycle of seasons. New beginning, new hopes, flowers, trees, animals coming out of hibernation, earth’s awakening from the slumber of Winter!

Some of the key words for Pisces are: transcendence, higher faculties, psychic abilities, Gentle, dreamy mystical, selfless Imagination, inspiration, intuition, ideas, imagination, instability, music, mystery, mysticism, oceans, while some of the negative connotations include addiction, disillusionment, and hidden matters.

Pisces is rivers and oceans with deep undercurrents of emotion and intuition. It represents the duality of matter with the symbol of the two fish chasing each other. It is the pairing of souls. It is the food of the ocean and the rivers. It represents faith or your connection to your higher self. It aspires to healing and regeneration.

Looking at all these descriptive words, one can sense a whole lot of undercurrents pushing up underneath a major transformation that is about to begin.

Secondly, and Astrologically Speaking…

An eclipse marks turning points, regardless whether major or minor in our lives, where time seems to speed up. We get a kick in our pants through some event that takes place which propels us to make changes, or which forces change upon us.

Eclipses will usually highlight extraordinary or remarkable events such as the birth of a baby, a marriage (or divorce but, in this case, because of the new moon I tend to see this as a positive influence), a promotion, a career breakthrough, important travel, the signing of a vital business deal, the start of one’s own business, the sale or purchase of a house, a cross country move, surgery or other important health development, college graduation (marking an ending but also a beginning of working life) or the start of some new study period, or a major event such as publishing a book, and so forth. These are the kinds of events that push us forward, sometimes in a hurry.

If you know where Pisces resides in your chart, that is where you will most likely notice the action taking place. Of course, other elements such as squares, conjunctions and oppositions might also spark off other areas in your personal chart that will boomerang its influence from one part of your chart to another and back. As you can see, everything is linked.

You may receive a message, information or news that will create an a-ha moment, or that will begin a series of events that mark major changes in your life, or something quite dramatic will take place to change your environment, whether it is your love life, your home, your family or your work. This news can affect you for up to a year.

This eclipse is at 29°27’ Pisces and in an equal house chart lands on the cusp of two houses. With an orb of a degree to the next house or sign, it is said to influence the next house or sign just as strongly. And, usually when one part of your chart is highlighted, the direct opposite part of your chart is affected as well. This is the nature of balance in life.

With Uranus and Neptune close by but not quite touching this eclipse you will also find that this news could be altogether unexpected and disrupting (even positive news can be disruptive). You may have intuitively felt it coming (with Neptune’s influence) for a long time and it may have been information that was veiled or hidden, and which now becomes crystal clear.

A Quick Overview (of the Positive Influences of the Solar Eclipse)

Aries: This eclipse lands a degree of your horizon, your ascendant. This eclipse will affect the 12th house of your inner world, mental health, and hidden parts of your life as well as your 1st house of your Self, your personality, and how people perceive you. This eclipse will affect you very personally and be quite significant. A hidden matter may be revealed and change your entire outlook or view of your Self or someone else’s view of you. If you’ve dealt with any addictions or negative patterns in your life, you may have a revelation that changes you to your deepest core. This in turn will affect how you go about your daily routine and how you deal with your partnerships or close relationships or vice versa.

Taurus: The solar eclipse that will take place on the cusp of your 11th house of friends and personal ambitions and your 12th house of hidden matters, service to your inner self, self-sacrifice, self-analysis and seclusion. A friend may reveal something that has been kept from you which will affect your inner mental attitude especially toward your friendships or your inner self. A friend may have some news where you may feel the urge to sacrifice your time to help them.

Gemini: The solar eclipse will affect your 10th house of career and life aspirations and your 11th house of future potential and friends. Expect to receive news from one of these two areas in your life. A friend may make a recommendation or announce to help you in the direction of a career. A job may come up that helps you to move forward in your career. This will influence the opposite areas of your home environment, family matters, projects or children.

Cancer: The solar eclipse will affect your 9th house of core beliefs and 10th house of career. News from afar may change the course of your career for the next year to come. You may receive something from afar which will change the direction of your career. You may learn a new method of doing things which will change how you go about your career. A legal matter may affect your career, or something an older or more knowledgeable person who is in authority tells you will mark a change in your career.  You may hear news from a parent which changes how or what you do with your home as this news will influence the opposite areas of conscious decisions, neighbourhood, and home.

Leo: The solar eclipse will affect your 8th house of investments and joint resources and your 9th house of core beliefs and journeys. An investment you make may take you on a long journey or involve foreign lands. Someone from afar may invest in your business or offer you to travel with them. Or, you may move in or join resources with someone whose culture is very different from yours.

Virgo: This solar eclipse will take place on the cusp of your 7th house of relationships and your 8th house joint resources. Matters involving your closest alliances and pooling your resources together will be pushed forward. If things have been going well in your partnership, you may get married or move in together. This will influence or change the nature of your individual Self (in that you are now in a committed relationship) as well as your material security.

Libra: The solar eclipse will affect not just your 6th house of work, daily work routine, and health but your 7th house of close and personal relationships. You may find that changes to your daily routine changes the nature of your relationship or partnership. For example, you may change your work routine and need your partner’s help to stick to it. Or you may begin a new health regimen or exercise routine and enlist your partner to do it with you. This may in turn influence the way you appear to others, your attitude, and who you feel about your Self and your relationship.

Scorpio: This solar eclipse will take place on the cusp of your 5th house of creativity, projects, romance, or children and your 6th house of work, routine, service to others, or health. You may hear (or make) a declaration of love but, as a precaution and with this Neptunian influence, make sure you know more about this person before you make any decisions. News regarding a project on the go or a new project will affect your current daily work routine for up to a year. You may find yourself very busy! Additionally, work on your physical health will impact how you feel about yourself on an inner level in a positive way.

Sagittarius: The solar eclipse is taking place on the cusp of the 4th house of your home, your parents, how you deal with them, your roots and subconscious foundation and your 5th house of projects, leisure time, and children. A parent will have some unexpected news for you. Or, you may have some surprising news of your own concerning a project or a child. Also, you may decide to move from your current residence and this will affect your career or friendships because you move further away.

Capricorn: The solar eclipse is taking place on the cusp of the 3rd house of your immediate environment, communication, siblings, and your 4th house of home, parents, and foundation. A sibling, a parent or parental figure may have some news that affects you or your immediate surrounding. While this also affects the opposite areas of distance and career or authority, you may have to travel because of this news.

Aquarius: The solar eclipse will affect your 2nd house of material security and income and your 3rd house of immediate environment, neighbourhood and siblings. You may hear news regarding income (or from a sibling) which will force you to make a conscious decision regarding your immediate environment. For example, a sibling may announce they are moving out from the family home which would affect your immediate environment. Or, you may get some news regarding extra income which helps you to move out of your neighbourhood. This news will affect your opposites houses of investment, joint resources and distance matters. It could also be that you are able to invest more as a result of this news of added income. If the opposite should happen, it could be that you may have to dip into some investment for a purchase you’d like to make or some expense you are incurring. In any case, it seems that the money is there for this unexpected event.

Pisces: The solar eclipse will affect your 1st house of Self and 2nd house of material security and income. You may get news of some money that you did not know you had. Or, something that happens to you directly or affects you at a deeply personal level changes your view or ideas regarding material security. A new attitude toward material security will change the way you value your possessions. You may decide to invest in yourself which changes the way others see you. Or, news of extra income may change your outlook as well as change the nature of your relationships and partnership and commitment.

I would be interested to know whether anything major happens in your life at this moment. You should notice something either right away (give or take a day or two) or a month to the date (i.e. April 20).

Leave me a note if something should strike a chord. I would love to hear about it.

Thank you for coming to visit my blog!



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