March 2015 Horoscope – Sagittarius


Sagittarius, the month is all about your childhood, home, your parents, how you deal with them, your roots and your subconscious foundation. On the 21st, the focus will shift to the 5th house of projects, leisure time, and children: the topic of children and whether you want them, how you react to children, and the ones you already have. You mental focus will be on your 3rd house in your immediate neighbourhood, so perhaps you’re thinking of the location you live in or where you would prefer to be located, interactions with your siblings, short trips, and your mind set. Love and passion is in your 5th house where you may be thinking of what you are spending on leisurely activities or would like to such as money for a holiday, about having children, or thinking of fun activities involving children, or working on some projects you have on the go.
March will host a solar eclipse on March 20th and it is taking place on the cusp of the 4th house of your home, your parents, how you deal with them, your roots and subconscious foundation and your 5th house of projects, leisure time, and children. Read on for more information and expect to receive potent news from one of these two areas in your life or both.

March 1-2. Your month begins with your mind on the money and how it relates to the lessons you need to learn and the path you’re on. You have been comfortable with doing creative projects ‘on your own’ but your lessons until November 2015 are to learn to reach out to your friends and groups to ‘create’ together, such as more activities pertaining to the outer world such as a humanitarian cause, or participating in activities that involve a group, for example, a book club, or exercise (physical activity) group, or a community group to pioneer causes to make your neighbourhood a safer place. These are, of course, only a selection of the kinds of group associations you could join or partake in.
Until the 10th, you will have Jupiter in your 9th house of travel, broadening your horizons, the kind of career you would most likely be drawn to, and higher learning, reaching out to Uranus in your 5th house of projects, leisure time, and children. These two planets are outer planets so these influences individually are drawn out over a longer span of time, Jupiter for the next year and Uranus until 2023 but because they are reaching out to each other, you will notice a surge of energy in these two areas of your life during the first ten days of this month.
You would like to expand your horizons, possibly adding some new skill to what you already are involved in your career, or do some journeying whether it’s actually going on a holiday or travelling the world, or searching for some meaning in your life. The disruptions of events or changes related happening to areas ruled by the 5th house could be feeling these thoughts and plans. Either way, you will hear news from either siblings, or you will have news for them, or from children or about children,that will either be cause for a quick forward movement in your life. Conversely, it could be news or information connected to a project that you are working on that will push you forward or spark some unique ideas for you to expand upon, and it may include reaching out to the world with your idea.
On a completely different tangent but connected to it, is that you may announce that you are having a child and this will affect your 4th house as well because you may be thinking of the kind of home you would like to have for your child, or whether the neighbourhood is the kind in which you want to bring up your child. If you have been thinking of moving, this will be the news that spurs you forward into actively looking for a new house or location.
There’s a lot on your mind, Sagittarius, as you begin this month!

March 3. The Moon in Leo is in your 9th house and Venus is in your 5th house. Your day will be filled with emotion, money making ideas, family especially mothers and sisters (or female lovers – if you’re male), children, and thoughts about the past may come up. You feel in synch with these kinds of emotions that are surfacing and they may be in line with strengthening your own internal support system. Your family is definitely on your mind and feelings of togetherness is strong. You are ready to move things forward at this point as they feel appropriate especially regarding projects, children or having children, or moving your romance forward and up a notch.

March 4. While the Moon in Leo is influencing Venus in your 5th house, Venus is reaching out to Jupiter in your 9th house. If you have a creative idea regarding a project you have been working on, you will find it an easier time, today, energy wise, where you are able to get something accomplished. If there are any challenges related to it, you will be able to solve them, putting into practice some of those plans you have been putting together.
Venus is also sidling up to Uranus in your 5th house of romance, projects, leisure and children. Your 5th house represents the things in your life including acitivities that give you pleasure, giving ‘birth’ to projects (that are close to your heart), children, as well as the kinds of leisurely activities that bring enjoyment and gratification. Venus in this house has you looking and finding love, harmony, and your own creative identity to your environment. You may be beginning some projects or have some ideas regarding projects to beautify your surroundings or you may be planning a trip to a beautiful location. Your projects may be linked to your career and linked to finding greater independence. You may ultimately be thinking of having children or projects to do with children. You will definitely be full of unique ideas and visions.
Mars is giving you the energy to begin these projects or bring these ideas to fruition and to put them into place, planting the seeds for future action. It is causing some division to those lessons you need to learn to balance both areas of your life, and that is seeking others and joining with others in a common cause. This is your lesson until November 2015: to find a balance between these two areas of your life.

March 5-7. The Sun is in your 4th house of home creating an aspect to Pluto in your 2nd house of personal values and possessions. You are focused on your home, the type of home you’d like to be in, or if you already are in a home you love, you’re focused on the kind of home environment you want. In doing so, you’re looking to your childhood, your past, your parents and other authority figures, most likely your Mother (Moon in Virgo). For the next few days, you will be in this mode of transformation by delving deep within your Self to find the root of what makes you tick, getting to the bottom of what makes you feel and think the way you do. You will be in the mood to get rid of things that no longer are of value to you and you’ll be able to do this with real objectivity. You’re looking to regain your own personal power beginning right in your own home.

March 8. The Moon is in Libra in your 11th house of friendships and groups sitting opposite Mars in your 5th house. Again, those struggles of your own inner ideas, projects, and pleasure seeking activities creating a bit of a division against the things you do with others. It could manifest in simple challenges as having your own projects to begin or work on while friends or groups you belong to want you to join them to work together on some other ideas. The Moon is a feminine energy and could represent your female friends or a women’s group, or even a health club you belong to.

March 9. The Moon is still influencing you from the 11th house but this time in a less tense manner as your thoughts are more in tune with their needs, emotions and messages. Mars has moved along and not causing the same friction within you. You will probably realize that you have to make a concerted effort but that it will pay off in the long run. Your home, family (probably and most specifically your parents) and early environment plays a hand in this influence as well, especially pertaining to your past. You are able to share these memories and any thoughts with your friends.
Until the 10th, Jupiter (9th) and Uranus (5th) are still having an effect on you prompting you to expand on your ideas connected to your career as well as your personal projects, visions, and thoughts. You may be trying to find a way to integrate your career and these personal plans. For example, if one of your wishes is to start having children, you may be seeking ways on how to do this and still keep your career. You may be planning on expanding on a creative idea of yours and are trying to work around the time needed to do that and to keep expanding your career. Your outlook on life is definitely shifting with these new ideas of yours, and that is what is playing around in your head with Uranus creating a bit of disruption in your 5th house.

March 10-11. Mars in your 5th takes a turn to nudge Jupiter in your 9th house. You have abounding energy it seems during to further your ambitions and having the drive to succeed. You want your plans to work and now is the time to press on to put those plans into action. As much as you would like to head off to distant shores, now’s the time to put things into place so that your visions and ideas have a chance to grow into exactly what you have envisioned.

March 12. Mars sidles up to Uranus in your 5th after Venus has had her time there. Mars is action and you are itching to act upon these ideas you are concocting and planning. Jupiter has been injecting some luck and growth and Uranus is all about urges to be different and non-conforming. You don’t really feel the urge to do things as others do them during this time. Your ideas may seem strange and even a little quirky to others, but this is what makes you happy, and having your own brand of independence is what feels important to you.

March 13. The Moon is in Sagittarius in your 1st house and your emotions are centred around how you personally feel. You are in synch with the world around you and things are moving forward without causing too much of a ripple effect on this day. Your outlook is positive and you have the energy to keep at the things that need to get done concerning your career success, especially with the Moon reaching out to Jupiter in your 9th. There is a certain amount of luck that seems to be deposited into your life to have these things work out for you.
The Moon in your 2nd house of income is causing a bit of friction toward your North Node in your 11th. This time, your personal daily routine may be hinged upon by your friends or groups and you may be worrying that too much time spent working with the collective group in encroaching on your personal time, energy and income. Remember that the lesson is all about creating balance in your life.

March 16-17. You are now focused on thoughts to do with your home when Mercury joins the Sun in the 4th house illuminating further matters to do with your home. Mercury has Saturn in your 1st house reminding you whatever ideas you may have needs to be back up with serious thought, organization, and discipline. Luckily, the Moon is in your 2nd house, which is ruled by Saturn, and so your discipline extends to your income and money. If you want to buy new things to represent “you” for your home, Saturn reminds you to start saving or to plan carefully for it, for example. You will have a couple of days where your thoughts are clear-headed, logical, organized, and you are able to look at things objectively. This is a turning point where you will see some visible signs of real progress, even if it is just the tip of the iceberg.

March 18. Mercury in your 4th house joins Neptune, while the Moon is in your 3rd house and Venus has now moved into your 6th house of work. This is a day when your imagination will be fired up, some of your thoughts may be crystal clear while others are swimming in a haze. You will feel deeply inspired. You will be going about enjoying your work day, and may come across as a little distant while you spend time daydreaming. Neptune in your house of home may also be touching upon your family background or history in terms of addictions, deception, or idealism or intangible environment that you grew up with, and this will influence your thoughts regarding what you want your own home environment to embody.

March 19. The Moon has now joined Mercury and Neptune in your 4th house, the area of home and family matters and you may be filled with nostalgia and memories from your past set off from your bout of inspiration and imagination from the day before. These are not bad memories, but memories that bring up the things that you want to improve, not to repeat the same pattern again. You want to improve upon what was and this may provide food for thought regarding some of your other plans. You will probably be sharing these ideas with other members of your family, most likely the female members of your family, like your mother or sister or such figures in your life. The very next day, enjoy the dreaming and memories because you will be nudged out of your dream world by a solar eclipse the very next day.

Solar Eclipse
March 20. The solar eclipse falls on 29°27’ Pisces almost at the very moment before the Sun traverses to Aries. This eclipse will be on the cusp of the houses ruled by Neptune (Pisces) and Mars (Aries). If you have drawn your own personal chart, you can find the placement of those two planets and this will give you deeper insight into what this news could be related to. This eclipse is considered to bring positive changes, but nevertheless these sorts of changes will rock your world, pushing it forward in a way you least expected.
Eclipses will highlight events such as the birth of a baby, a marriage or the end of a relationship, a decision to move to the next level of a relationship, a promotion, a career breakthrough, important travel, the signing of a vital business deal, the start of one’s own business, the sale or purchase of a house, a cross country move, surgery or other important health development, college graduation, the start of some new study period, publishing a book, and so forth. These kinds of events push us forward, sometimes in a hurry and usually when we least expect it. Solar eclipses usually happen at a new moon and its influence can last up to a year.
This solar eclipse is not in conjunction with Neptune but close enough to be influential and with Mercury playing close by chances are that this eclipse will come in the form of a message, information, or news. This message is one that will bring deep inspiration and ideas to mind. You will be quite surprised by this news as it will most likely come from an unexpected source because even if I am able to inform you of this, this event will come from a source that you did not expect or foresee yourself. You may not see the developments that this news brings immediately but expect to see major changes within the next year. However, you will feel the thrill of this revelation right away.
For Sagittarius, the solar eclipse will be taking place on the cusp of your 4th and 5th house. This sudden news you will receive may come from one of your parents (most likely your father as it’s a solar eclipse), or it may be news you receive regarding your home. It may also be news that you are announcing regarding 5th house matters, such as children.
There are plenty of scenarios that I can give as examples for the kinds of events that could take place here. Remember that these eclipses create situations to move you forward, sometimes much more quickly than you imagined.
One such scenario may be that you get news of a pregnancy (5th house), whether it’s yours or your partner’s. This may affect where you live because you may not like the neighbourhood you’re in presently, and will want to bring your baby into an environment where you feel more comfortable.
Another scenario could be that your real estate agent calls you up and tells you that she has found the perfect place for you, and you have to make a decision about moving or relocating, etc. (of course if you have children (5th house), this would involve relocating them, or you may have to consider your parents (4th), if elderly, etc.)
Now, remember that Eclipses have an influence on your life for up to a year, so even if this news is sudden and propels you forward, you don’t need to make a decision right away. For issues regarding your home, Neptune is in that house so make sure you have all your information before making that decision.
In any case, this news will be sudden, may be disruptive in nature, and most likely will come from where you least expect it.

March 22. The Moon is in your 5th house which means that this eclipse will definitely have you reacting quite energetically and emotionally. There is yin yang energy with the Moon sidling up to Mars, the planet of action. If the solar eclipse did not bring news of a pregrancy, it may have moved the idea to the forefront and you may now really feel the urge to begin a family. The same may hold for a special project that you hold close to your heart. The 5th house is also the house of speculation and gambling, so be careful not to take too many risks.

March 23. Mercury in your 4th house will again be discussing or analyzing in deep plutonian fashion as it reaches out to it. Pluto is in your 2nd house of values and income. This solar eclipse news may have sparked a time of thought and analysis. There may be some power struggles regarding what you value and income (money matters) affecting decisions related to changes taking place. You will be able to get to the bottom of these matters as Pluto goes in deep and helps you to remove all that is unnecessary or excessive.

March 28. The Moon is in Cancer in your 8th house will be opposing Pluto in your 2nd house. This will touch upon your attitude regarding your personal income versus those regarding investments or inheritances. There will be some power struggles as you come to terms with your attitude toward matters involving the grander scheme of life and transformation.
On a more conservative level, you may just be thinking about your income versus your taxes, and what you could invest in to offset your taxes in order to get more money back from your tax return.
Aside these power struggles and feelings involving matters that seem out of your reach or realm, you will be able to see some positive signs of success especially if you have been working hard to put details into place. You should see some pay off.

March 29. Tides have turned and you will now feel less personally attached to issues that have come up regarding investments or deeper levels of interaction with others (close relationships) and you will put that energy to better use to come up with a viable solutions.

March 30-31. The last two days will begin to herald the next month, with your focus having shifted (on the 21st) to your 5th house. Now the full spotlight is in your 5th house where Venus and Mars were exerting their influence for most of this month. The Sun will pick up where they have left off giving you a new burst of energy with all matters concerning the 5th house.
However, even with all this explosion of energy, you should lay off the throttle and just relax and step back. This is where you get the chance to reassess where you began the month, where you are now, how things are for you generally, and in which direction you need to proceed in. It’s usually best to take a look at what is in front of you in order to choose wisely the direction you should follow next.
You end off the month looking to the lessons you still need to learn regarding balancing your own creative energy and joining that energy with others. You have a tendency since the North Node has been in the 11th house, to feel more comfortable doing things yourself, but this needs to be tempered with developing your global awareness through interaction with friends and groups. In order to grow in a personally creative way, you need to get yourself out and interact with other people or groups of people. For example, if you are an artist, or even if you are not specifically in the creative field, but dabble in projects (such as renovation for example), it will behoove you to join a group, such as a writing group, or a life drawing class, or even taking a renovation course to help you with your do-it-yourself projects. You will grow that much more quickly when creating that sort of balance in your life. You have until November 2015 to create this balance when your lesson will then move on to balancing your public and private life.
April will continue a series of very positive months and you have much to look forward to!

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