March 2015 Horoscope – Pisces


Happy Birthday, Pisces!

Your birthday month begins with the spotlight on your personality, material successes, and broadening your horizons. For the first two weeks of March, your subconscious and inner life will still be centred on the past as you ease into this new year.
The first half of the year is spent learning about the world and what you show to others. The first six months of your new year (March to August), your attention will be on realizing and actualizing who you are, to be followed by how you show yourself and respond to others, as well as your environment using your abilities. The next six months (September to February) is focused on how you operate in the world and the building of experiences, and how you employ what you’ve learned and how the world receives you.

Your birthday month also hosts a Solar Eclipse on March 20th, and if your birthday falls on that day, you will be in for a year with many changes! If you have any planets that fall on 29 degrees Pisces, or in any aspect to that planet, it will also have an influences on the changes that are to take place. If you have no planets that fall on that 29th degree, look at the last planet that the Sun has passed over. This will give you an idea of the kinds of influences that will be part of the changes to manifest for up to a year after the eclipse.
In general, the eclipse will be taking place on the cusp of the first and second house for Pisces and those with Pisces rising. This will affect changes to your Self, how the world sees you, and a change in your material security. Eclipses usually fall on a new moon and will bring a host of new activity into your life. You may begin a whole new way of expressing yourself to the world, have a new attitude toward your possessions or even find new venues to increase your income. With Uranus in your second house, you may have some very unique ideas that have the potential to become quite lucrative. This idea or ideas are closely tied to what you value most, to the path you are on until November 2015, and to the associations you currently have and are building.

March 1. The month begins with your thoughts on some opposition regarding your material security and resources and the path you’re on. You’re still a little uncertain or are struggling with growth and change in this area. Perhaps your wish to ‘have more’ is not in synch with your need to balance the areas of life that have to do with your interactions and commitments to others, or where you would like to transform your life. It’s not just a matter of acquiring more things or being more secure. What you are aiming for needs to mean something to you. As I mentioned on February 28th, you may have had a surprise payment to make or an investment toward this new idea that has thrown you for a loop.
From the 1st to the 10th, new ideas relating to career or personal successes are stoked with a burst of energy, and it is actually a great time to incorporate these recently developed concepts and approaches into your life. There may be some rapid expansion in this area of your life that may alarm you because of the added activity in your work routine. All this new activity will definitely impact your work and personal routines, but you are on the right track. Keep listening to your inner voice and intuition, and try to remain disciplined and organized, and success will be yours.
Jupiter and Uranus are outer planets and, individually, their influences are usually drawn out over a longer span of time, Jupiter for the next year and Uranus until 2023. However, because they are reaching out to each other, you will notice a surge of energy in these two areas of your life during the first ten days of the month.

March 2. Mercury in your 12th house is opposing Jupiter in your 6th house. Thoughts related to your past or surfacing from your unconscious will create some feelings of uncertainty and insecurity vis-a-vis your day-to-day work routine. You may think that you’re not able to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished, but with Jupiter in your sixth house, you are awarded a truck load of energy to get through that list of things to do. Another scenario is that you may receive a message from someone in your past who may have been a mentor or someone you learned from who makes you realize how far you’ve come. You’re moving onto a whole new experience so enjoy the trip!

March 3. The moon is in Leo giving you that added fuel to take care of all those things on your list of tasks. You are feeling generous and your overall sense of achievement is touching upon every area of your life, including your family and children, and your ability to help others. You are productive and seeing the results very quickly. This touches upon everything and anything to do with your family, siblings or neighbourhood, your hopes, and your inner dreams and subconscious. This is an opportune time to move things forward.
You may get a surprise business investment toward your innovative ideas, or your employee will recognize your hard work and recompense you with a bonus or raise. Uranus is known for being disruptive and unpredictable, so be prepared for a slew of unusual but exciting circumstances during the first ten days of March. It will be a flurry of activity with things coming at you from all sides.

March 4. Venus in your 2nd house is in a favourable aspect to Jupiter in your 6th house. You are able to accomplish a tremendous amount midweek and things should go fairly smoothly. You are able to cross off all those items on your list, you have the feeling of being able to achieve your goals, and solve any problems that confront you. You are able to put your plans into practice and attain results.
Your love for launching new ideas is obvious and this phase in your life will feel as though it is coming very naturally to you. Your career, your family, and balancing your personal values is at the top of your list and these will all feel in synch this month.
Your innovative money-making ideas are spot on and even though they may be a tad uncommon, they are sure to be extraordinary. You are working toward the independence and freedom you naturally seek related to your need for material security. Be careful to keep the balance with others and committed partners in this quest for independence.
At the same time, you may be a bit more assertive than usual when it comes to achieving that balance with others and when combining your energies with others.
You may have a very different and unique of going about your work day. Despite the constant flux of activity these days, your new approaches are working for you. You are able to deal with sudden changes and these may take you in a different direction than you previously thought, even a couple of days ago, you may have thought that one way of doing things was working, and suddenly have an insight on how to accommodate a new way of doing things.

March 5-7. The Sun is in your 1st house of personality and Self and Pluto is in your 11th house of friendships and future potential. There is a full moon on the 5th and you will feel this one on a very deep level. It will affect you personally, and will bring some culmination or ending to an alliance if you have been experiencing some conflict with them. This could be a friend from a close circle or you may end your affiliation with a particular association that no longer fulfills your needs. You are able to cull whatever does not bring any real value to your life, especially when it comes to group endeavours or involvements. You usually hang on to your friendships and affiliations for much longer than is good for you, but since Pluto arrived in this sector of your life, you are finding it much easier to do.
With this expansion occurring in your daily work life, you are also expanding your philosophies and your outlook on life is changing dramatically as well. You may actually find that some of the disruption that is occurring in your daily work life involves travelling around for your career. This may be a part of a necessary expansion regarding your career or business. It may not be enough to stay locally, you may have to expand globally to reach a wider audience.
Your need for financial independence is what is fuelling this new direction in your life, whether you are just beginning in your career or taking a new direction in your existing one. Be aware that you are not just making decisions to achieve the means to an end or this may cause way more disruption in your life than you would prefer. However, that is simply sage advice, because, in actuality, this month I see only positive things happening for you!
You may feel the need to seek others to resolve this inner tension you are feeling regarding your commitments to others. Remember that in your quest for independence and freedom you still need others to balance that out. You can’t always be focussing on your individual material security or feel that you can only rely on your own resources. Remember that there are others out there and your committed partner(s) are there for you as well. Conversely, it may be your partners that are feeling insecure with your newfound independence or successful career. Don’t forget to include them in your successes or to reassure them that all this life success includes them as well.
The remnants of the full moon spills over onto the next day and you will be feeling most of the same influences on Friday as you head into the weekend. The moon in Virgo lends a detailed and practical mood to the day and making a conscious effort to work with others will bring a thriving week to a successful end.
Your partner or partners may still be feeling uncertain and insecure and this may prove to be a bit of a struggle. You must make a conscious effort to let them know that you are simply on a roll and have not forgotten them. If you allow them to be a part of your success, tensions will dissolve. On the other hand, if it’s you that is uncertain or suffering a bout of insecurity, remember that you can lean on others, or your partner(s) as well.
You may have to work on Saturday as well, but that is the nature of your expanding business. If you’re not actually going into work, you will be getting together with friends or associates to talk about all the changes that have been going on in your life. It could also be that you are taking a hard stance and distancing yourself from certain people because they are no longer bringing any value to your personal or business life. From a business standpoint, you may be letting go of some of your suppliers or clients if they are no longer a viable option. You may also be meeting people of a completely different calibre these days. If you are, these individuals are powerful and will most likely change your life in deep and meaningful ways. These are not frivolous people.

March 8. The Moon is in Libra in your 8th house directly in opposition with Mars in your 2nd house. The moon in Libra lightens your mood and there will be a feminine energy permeating your day. If you’re female, you could be feeling ultra feminine today, but nevertheless powerful regarding your strong feelings connected with fulfilling your ambitions. You may have some excess energy that you need to let out, and doing some exercise might help with that, or playing a physical sport, or using your feminine guile and seducing your mate which could result in powerful physical connection. If you’re male, it could be that a woman is in your sphere and there will be a lot of physical energy between the two of you. It may create some tension as well, but it’s a good kind of tension that creates memorable moments.
March 9. The Moon in your 8th now reaches out to Mercury in your 12th house. You’ve been in a reactive sort of mood, able to see all sides of a situation. You may be reacting to messages, things others are saying, or regarding matters from your past concerning family. You may also be feeling creative and it will be a good day for putting to paper what you are experiencing. If you need to get your message across to someone, today will be a good day for that. It will also be a good day to discuss with your investor regarding your investments. In any case, if anything comes up today and there is room for discussion, you will be able to be diplomatic regarding any topic.

March 10-11. Mars in your 2nd house is reaching out to Jupiter in your 6th house. This first ten days of March will not have you lacking energy. This energy that you have within you will feel boundless. Your drive to succeed and to further your ambitions is on hyperdrive. Take advantage of this limitless amount of energy you seem to have to take care of the business at hand. Your plans are being put to action, you are in synch in all areas of your life, it couldn’t get any better than this! So, don’t rest or go on a vacation right now when the going is good. You will need to step back at some point, but now is not the time.
Until the 10th, you are still experiencing changes and possible disruptions, but you are able to handle these changes. Take notes during this time if you aren’t able to implement all these fantastic ideas that are coming to mind because they are probably coming at you with speed. If you don’t write these ideas down, you might not remember them another time.
This excess and bountiful energy will make you feel powerful. As much as you may feel like travelling and getting away from the buzz, it is not the time to leave but to press on and build something that you know will last for a long time. This is such a good month for you that I am so excited to tell you all about it. It really is the perfect month to begin your personal new year! The moon is in Scorpio lending you an eye for discernment and for delving deep into your feelings of power.
Your plans, actions and energy are focused on your plentiful ideas relating to ambitions, material success, personal values, but to do so in a different, rebellious, and original way! You’re a maverick these days and nothing can slow you down! Your unique concepts and ideas are one of a kind and they have the potential for extreme popularity thereby expanding your working life.
This may feel a little different for Pisces who usually likes to go with the flow and work in an intuitive way but now’s the time to grab the bull by its horns and show the world what you are made of. Your energy is palpable and I will venture to say that this will be an extremely productive day and month. Watch for anything that might disrupt the flow of the day as this might come from an unexpected source.

March 13. During the tumultuous influence of Mars and Uranus, The Moon in Sagittarius in your 10th house of career matters will be reaching out to Jupiter in your 6th.
With the moon in Sagittarius, this disruption may be a positive one that nonetheless throw a wrench into your routine. For example, someone younger than you, such as a child, may need your help or your time and you will have to disrupt your work day to take care of it.
This is a day for building at your infrastructure as you get a bit of a grace period to look back at the first half of the month to see how far you’ve come and assess the results.
A female, probably your boss, or someone in authority will be praising your good work!
You’re slowly getting used to all the turmoil in your life this month. Your energy is at a peak and you’re able to handle it all.

March 15. The Moon in Capricorn in your 11th house of friendships and future potential is digging its heels toward your North Node in your 8th house. You are emotionally sure-footed. You know where you are and where you’re going. There is some strong feminine energy around you and you may be reactive rather than active on the 15th. Your practicality may be questioning the direction of your life, but your intuition is telling you that you’re on the right path. It could be that some of your female friends or collaborators are questioning your direction or your own emotional psyche is causing you this tension. It’s not a day to be complacent and any action on your part will help alleviate the stress. You are placing this stress on yourself but if you listen to your own gut instincts and emotional barometer, you will realize that you are exactly where you should be.

March 16-17. For the next two days, Mercury which is now in your 1st house of Self will come up against Saturn sitting in your 10th house. The tensions that are at play during these two days have shifted slightly from those you were feeling yesterday as different elements come in to influence you. Your thoughts have probably turned toward your powers of discipline on the career front. You may be contemplating what you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of your career. Is it your personal time that you’re willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to repress parts of yourself for the sake of recognition? Have you been taking things too personally? Are you willing to put your foot down and lead your team to success? This is a turning point where you will see some tangible progress in your career.
With all these kinds of thoughts entering your psyche, you will notice a shift in your thinking processes, and may notice that your thoughts are more level-headed and objective. You are able to take a step back and look at yourself with some detachment.
As an authoritative figure, you can see the larger picture, but perhaps sometimes are not able to see the details as you charge forward toward your goal. You are naturally confident, positive, and forward-moving. With Saturn in this sector for the next few years, it brings a measure of caution to the way you lead your team. This will give you the chance to hone in on your powers of discipline and structure. If you’re not the boss, you will notice that those in authority or leadership positions are much more cautious.
The moon is in Aquarius influencing your psyche will give your imagination and idealistic thoughts and ideas a measure of objectivity. You will be filled with poetic and lyrically thoughts and will experience some deep moments of inspiration. Your ideals may be slightly confused or vague, as sometimes these inspired phases can overwhelming but not tangible. If you are a writer, this may be a day where you find that words are flowing out of you. Your messages will be inspiring and will come from a deep place inside of you. This is a good balance from the previous day as this focuses on you rather than the outside world.

March 19. The Moon joins Mercury in your 1st house of Self and self-image. From the 19th to the end of the month, your emotions will colour your days. You may be thinking about the past as your mind will be filled with memories. You will probably be feeling quite nostalgic. The moon is usually related to feminine energy, so you may be thinking about the women in your life, such as your mother, sister, partner, etc. You may also have some thoughts relating on how to improve your mind, your message, or the way you relate your thoughts to the world around you. You may find yourself sharing all of this through writing, or through discussions with your mother or sister or a female friend.
You are definitely coming across to others as more of mystical creature these days which is a balance from the first part of the month where you were focused on your career and advancement. You are inspired and feel much more in your natural ‘groove’. This is where you feel good and shine with your humanity, selflessness, and inspired actions. Others may be wondering what happened to the driven person they were dealing with the previous week, however, this is welcomed change for a while. As I mentioned, the next few months, your focus will be back on realizing and actualizing who you are or who you have become.

Solar Eclipse
March 20. The solar eclipse falls on 29°27’ Pisces almost at the very moment before the Sun traverses to Aries. This eclipse will be on the cusp of the houses ruled by Neptune (Pisces) and Mars (Aries). If you have drawn your own personal chart, you can find the placement of those two planets and this will give you deeper insight into what this news could be related to. This eclipse is considered to bring positive changes, but nevertheless these sorts of changes will rock your world, pushing it forward in a way you least expected.
Eclipses will highlight events such as the birth of a baby, a marriage or the end of a relationship, a decision to move to the next level of a relationship, a promotion, a career breakthrough, important travel, the signing of a vital business deal, the start of one’s own business, the sale or purchase of a house, a cross country move, surgery or other important health development, college graduation, the start of some new study period, publishing a book, and so forth. These kinds of events push us forward, sometimes in a hurry and usually when we least expect it. Solar eclipses usually happen at a new moon and its influence can last up to a year.
This solar eclipse is not in conjunction with Neptune but close enough to be influential and with Mercury playing close by chances are that this eclipse will come in the form of a message, information, or news. This message is one that will bring deep inspiration and ideas to mind. You will be quite surprised by this news as it will most likely come from an unexpected source because even if I am able to inform you of this, this event will come from a source that you did not expect or foresee yourself. You may not see the developments that this news brings immediately but expect to see major changes within the next year. However, you will feel the thrill of this revelation right away.
For you Pisces, this solar eclipse will affect the areas of your first and second houses: your personality, your material security and personal values. You may find a new source of income or news related to a sibling that may change the map of things to come for the next few months. A sibling may need your help or may give you the kind of news that makes you question your personal values. It may be that a sibling comes into some success or money and are able to help you out. This area of your chart relates to you and who you are and how others relate to you. This eclipse will affect this area significantly. You may see a shift on how the world see you through some sort of advancement. If your level of income changes, this will also affect your personal values, whether you receive or have to give out money. If you are a writer, you may be noticed for a book, a story or an article that you have written. It will affect you in the sense that it may become a new source of income, or you may get some serious recognition for it.
These are just some scenarios to illustrate how this eclipse could affect you.

March 22. The Moon in Aries in your 2nd house is now activating Mars in the same house. Your emotions are in the forefront again, mixed in with a splash of energy. It will be a day of action and reaction. There may be a bit of aggression on your part, or on the part of others. Matters connected to siblings, neighbours, and family such as cousins. You may be traveling to visit siblings or they may be coming to visit you. Younger persons and possibly a younger female person may figure prominently in your environment. Another scenario is that it around your neighbourhood there may be a lot of activity involving younger people. There will be a lot of yin and yang energy on this day, and some may even stay in behind the scenes as a push to drive forward while planting seeds for future stability.

March 23. Mercury in your 1st house is again touching base with Pluto in your 11th house. The sun has been in Aries since the 21st infusing some pioneering in the air. Meanwhile your mind has shifted from your inner world of dreams and the psyche to your self image as projected to others. There may be some power struggles with friends, associates, or groups. You wll also be analyzing your relationships to these different associations and making some decisions regarding the quality of these alliances. You may have some deep insights peppered with some aha moments regarding this very area in your life.
March 28. The Moon has shifted to Cancer and is in your 5th house of creative identity and sits opposite Pluto in your 11th house at this time. Even while you are able to make some significant decisions regarding your friendships and group associations and using your intuition and gut feeling to reach them, you will nevertheless react emotionally. There are some hidden forces at work, and even if you realize that these decisions are necessary, it is affecting you deeply and there may be some erratic reactions to your decisions. You may experience some resistance from the very people whom you believe are no longer crucial to your life. If they are upset, they may bring up issues from the past that may bring back some painful memories or even some recollections that you would rather have kept in the past.
You will feel in your natural element when it comes to sharing your ideas with others. You will probably be out and about your immediate environment (that is short trips rather than travel) involving your work. You will be busy and where you may feel a bit of tension is you’re in the mood to share ideas and spend time communicating with others. You may be dealing with others who are travelling to your city connected to your job. You can achieve both taking care of business and connecting with others. The only sort of tension that I see is for example balancing wanting to get down to the nitty gritty, sitting and discussing with others, and your drive to get things going on the work front. You do have a schedule to keep to, but you like to sit back and enjoy other people’s company as well.

March 29. The Moon in the 5th house now changes position and in doing so touches upon Mars in your 2nd house. Your emotions are now at odds with your energy causing you some inner turmoil. You may be looking back to your past. If you’re a parent, you’ll be thinking of your children. They may figure prominently, either by calling and needing you, or dropping by thereby injecting a lot of energy into your life. If they are still living at home, there will be a lot of action, possibly with short trips around the neighbourhood, possibly involving education/school. If you don’t have children, you may be able to step back emotionally from your personal projects or memories of your own childhood may spark some need to find your inner child through your creativity.

March 30-31. The Sun is in your 1st house of your Self, your self-image, appearance and the way you come across to the world. There is a balance of yin and yang energy and it is a good day to hold and step back to see how far you’ve come this month. You will be confident of your position and the direction in which you’re headed. You can spend this day to catch up on tying up loose ends. You will be able to balance your mood and even feel quite generous with your emotions. You will be able to come to some conclusions regarding some of the decisions you’ve had to make this month.
You will experience some reaction to the uncertainty you are feeling regarding balancing your life path. You need to balance your natural tendencies to worry about your material success and your joint resources with committed relationships as well as moving toward a deeper interactions with others. Your ego may be working at cross purposes swaying you yet again to think that you need to rely only on yourself. Remember that you’re not alone and can lean on others. You have until November 2015 to balance these two areas of your life.
April will continue a series of very positive months and you have much to look forward to!

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