March 2015 Horoscope – Libra


Body and mind health, work environment and type of work, as well as being of service to others will be the main focus for Libra in March. In matters of love, there will be a balance of yin-yang energies as both Venus and Mars are in your house of relationships. You may receive a surprising message of love from your partner or some surprising news that shows you just how much he or she loves you. Your love partner may also be quite frisky and physical during this transit. You or your close alliances will be physically demonstrative this month. Mercury is in your house of creativity and projects, and leisurely activities so your thoughts may be occupied with any one of those pursuits. You begin the month with your attention on results, outcome and conclusions which will then lead to the focal point being on your part in your relationships, whether in love or in business.
March will host a solar eclipse on March 20th and will affect not just your 6th house of work, daily work routine, and health but your 7th house of close and personal relationships as well!

You begin the month with your identity within partnerships, or amongst your colleagues, being at odds with finding or keeping your own individuality. Libra loves to be in a partnership and that is where you feel most comfortable but your lessons until November 2015 are centred upon the ability to find your own individuality. This is necessary for your own growth. This does not in the least mean that you should not be in your partnership or work closely with colleagues, but that you should not lose yourself in those relationships.

Jupiter and Uranus play quite an important role this month as they reach out to each other during the first ten days. Jupiter is in your 11th house of friendships and Uranus in your 7th house of relationships. On their own, you would only feel the undercurrent of these longer staying influences in substantial ways when they either traverse a house cusp or interact with another planet. You will notice expansion and disruptions or changes in both those areas wherein your social group may expand or change, or where changes affecting your partnership or partner will spark changes in your career. This will be an energetic time for implementing these changes or dealing with them. If you are not currently in a relationship, you may meet someone quite interesting, worldly, and possibly older, through friends or a group association. These two planets are outer planets and, individually, their influences are usually drawn out over a longer span of time, Jupiter for the next year and Uranus until 2023. However, because they are reaching out to each other, you will notice a surge of energy in these two areas of your life during the first ten days of the month.
You will notice expansion and disruptions or changes in both those areas wherein your social group may expand or change, or where changes affecting your partnership or partner will spark changes in your career.

March 2. Mercury in your 5th house of projects, creative expression will oppose Jupiter and you may find that there will be a lot more interaction with others with respects to your projects. Friends may be charitable in helping you complete a stage in your career planning or anything that involves advancing the mind. You may in turn be the one reaching out to your growing social circle for advice.

March 3. The Moon has entered your 11th house of friends and you may find that you enjoy the company of a female friend. You may receive a wonderful gift from this friend, something artistic such as a painting or an artistic object. Venus in your 8th house portends receiving a bonus or a one-time money gift. You will experience the feeling of togetherness with family, involving children, or something involving the arts. There is usually a feeling of deep love under this influence, where you will get a sense of the cycle of life.

With the continuing effect of Jupiter and Uranus, you may find a surprising partnership with a friend toward a career goal. If this is the case, you will be excited to work together with this person. This will be a positive movement toward career expansion.

March 4-7. This new direction will then have Jupiter reaching out to Venus in your eighth house and you may even go as far as signing a contract with this person. You will be eager to get these plans into work and there is a promise of lucrative investment or more income as a result. You will see some positive results and life will seem to be easier especially when dealing with any issues that may come up.

Not only will you see positive results in your investments, career and your partnerships, but love and creativity is in the air. You will have some outstanding ideas and visions that spring out of nowhere it seems! These conceptions will most likely be a result of your feeling love, balance and togetherness in your relationships. Your love of independence and in general your freedom will be at the forefront of your mind.

Mars opposite your North Node is pushing you more aggressively to discover your individuality and unique character.

With the Moon in your house of friends, you will find that you are surrounded by female friends, or friends with whom you share a close bond and emotions.

March 5. With the Moon in Virgo in the 12th house and the Sun in Pisces in your 6th house, and reaching out to Pluto in your 4th house of home. You will find that you will be going in deep into your inner life and especially connected to your earlier home life and parents. You have been working through some very deep issues related to these areas of your life and intuitive notions and inspiration will have shine some light on them. You will make some breakthroughs which will be very important to your basic health, both physical and mental. You have been going through the difficult but necessary culling of things that are no longer of value to you.

March 8. With the Moon in your 1st house, your emotions are in your element and opposite Mars in your house of partnerships, you will feel these emotions very strongly and powerfully. You will be feeling a deep sense of accomplishment and of actually living out your ambitions, not simply reaching out for them. There is a real feeling of fulfillment.

You are feeling good in your skin and about how you appear and deal with others but you may be dealing with a colleague or partner who is aggressive or pushy this month. Luckily you have Venus in the same partnership realm and you have Venus’ sense of balance to steer the situation with fairness.

March 9. Your thoughts could involve matters from the past, dealing with a parent, most likely your father. You are also involved with writing projects, or putting together a presentation related to a project. This project is close to your heart and reflects your personality.  If you are a teacher, you will be shining and communicating well with your students. This presentation, article, or story could be related to things happening in your neighbourhood or your work environment.

Some of the people you are associating with have quite unique personalities who will instil a lot of energy into your collaborations. You may have noticed that your interests in humanitarian causes is growing and expanding to include different branches of these causes.

March 10-12. Take advantage of this high energy to pressing on and putting all your ambitious plans to action. You have the drive to take you to where you want and lucky Jupiter is in your corner to produce positive results. Jupiter is also the planet of travel and as much as you may want to take a break and enjoy this energy in different ways, now is the time to drive forward all those plans you have. It is not a time to slack off if you’ve had ambitions to soar higher. Uranus will be there to inject these ideas and plans with a unique twist and introduce a new approach to some of your visions.

You may have so much energy and new ideas that you may find yourself wanting to mad dash toward each one of them. Be careful that you don’t bite off more than you can chew and you’ll be successful!

March 13. The Moon is in your third house reaching out to Jupiter so you may find that you are getting together not only with friends and groups but with family to further a good cause. You may find that your friends or family will make a short trip to visit you and there will be plenty of talk, thoughts and ideas. You may even consider expanding your knowledge about a new subject or expanding upon a present one that deals with your ability to communicate, such as writing or speaking in public.

If you are the one doing any travelling, it will be most likely by car and not too far from home. Or, you may be dealing with people who come to visit you. These travels or visits will be related either to one of your projects or for leisure, or both.

March 15. The Moon has crossed over into your 4th house of home and there you will be dealing again with some feminine energies, and being the house that is ruled by the Moon, it will most likely be your mother or a maternal figure. You will be reacting to her in some way that will relate directly back to you and your path to your own individuality. You will dig deep to uncover the depth to which your mother or some other very influential female from your childhood influenced you and you will want to pull yourself away from identifying too closely to her. It is a matter of forging your own path as opposed to following in their footsteps. The Moon is one of the strongest influences in the chart and usually represents women. If you are female, this could be yourself as well. If you are male, it could either represent a woman in your life, usually your mother or mother figure, or your own intuitive nature. The Moon in Capricorn exerts a Saturnian influence: a practical one, with a touch of severity and common sense. You may come across as a little harsh or cool but it will be for your own good.

March 16-17. Mercury has entered your 6th house and you will be clear-headed, organized and logical in matters regarding work load or routine, or health, however you may also notice that you’re tending toward the straight and narrow these two days. With Saturn looking at you from the 3rd house, you may feel bit of tension because of your wish to have your message come across as significant. You may also feel a sense of detachment from your message which works on one level in that you won’t be taking things personally and will be able to be more objective. Chances are your message is being taken seriously. You may even seem little somber in your approach and may fret regarding your self-expression but you will notice a successful conclusion as a result of putting your foot down. If you don’t notice anything significant happening during these two days except for mundane matters, you may find that your mental attitude is not jiving with your physical self, your new diet, or exercise. Perhaps all you need to do is change it up a little and ease up on yourself and the tension will subside. Or, perhaps you’re being too strict on yourself regarding your routine, or with those in your immediate work environment.

March 18. Mercury is now in Pisces and sidling alongside Neptune in your 6th house. Your imagination is fired up and in the 6th house you may be thinking about a new routine and may not really be in the mood to following your current routine, probably from realizing that you’ve been sticking too strictly to it. Communication may be a little vague or, on the other hand, inspirational. If you’re still dealing with the ‘message’ you want to put across your attitude has probably shifted in that you really want your message to mean something, to make a difference. Be careful not to be misled and make assumptions, or worse to deceive yourself regarding the issue. However it’s a positive aspect that I see and it’s most likely a result of being a little more dreamy and idealistic rather than on being practical. With the Moon in your 5th house, your thoughts may be directed again at some projects that are dear to your heart wishing you had more time to devote to them.

March 19. The Moon has now joined Mercury in your 6th house lending some feminine or emotional influence to it. You continue to feel dreamy and possibly a tad impractical, but your memories and a tinge of nostalgia are bubbling to the surface and you’ll most likely be sharing these with whomever is in close proximity. You may be sharing your memories with someone younger than you, and it may help you to see your present situation in a different and new light. You may put aside your regular work routine to focus on a hobby or study of something that interests you on a mystical level, such as analyzing your dreams, reading or writing poetry, or dance: anything that touches upon a more lyrical or spiritual part of yourself.

Solar Eclipse
March 20. The solar eclipse falls on 29°27’ Pisces almost at the very moment before the Sun traverses to Aries. This eclipse will be on the cusp of the houses ruled by Neptune (Pisces) and Mars (Aries). If you have drawn your own personal chart, you can find the placement of those two planets and this will give you deeper insight into what this news could be related to. This eclipse is considered to bring positive changes, but nevertheless these sorts of changes will rock your world, pushing it forward in a way you least expected.
Eclipses will highlight events such as the birth of a baby, a marriage or the end of a relationship, a decision to move to the next level of a relationship, a promotion, a career breakthrough, important travel, the signing of a vital business deal, the start of one’s own business, the sale or purchase of a house, a cross country move, surgery or other important health development, college graduation, the start of some new study period, publishing a book, and so forth. These kinds of events push us forward, sometimes in a hurry and usually when we least expect it. Solar eclipses usually happen at a new moon and its influence can last up to a year.
This solar eclipse is not in conjunction with Neptune but close enough to be influential and with Mercury playing close by chances are that this eclipse will come in the form of a message, information, or news. This message is one that will bring deep inspiration and ideas to mind. You will be quite surprised by this news as it will most likely come from an unexpected source because even if I am able to inform you of this, this event will come from a source that you did not expect or foresee yourself. You may not see the developments that this news brings immediately but expect to see major changes within the next year. However, you will feel the thrill of this revelation right away.

For you, Libra, the eclipse is taking place at the cusp of your 6th and 7th houses, so news related to your work, daily routine, hobbies, or health could be a part of this event, or your partner may have some news for you. You may also get a proposal for a business partnership that will affect your work environment such as someone working closely with you, or an investment (such as a home) may change your daily work routine, for example having to travel further for work assignments or deciding to work more from home because of the distance. I mention the example of the purchase of a home because the 7th house is related to the sign of Libra/Venus, and Venus is currently in the 8th house of investments. Now, if you want further clues to the kind of news you may receive, it depends in which house Venus is in your own personal chart, you will get some more clues as to the kind of news you might receive. The 6th house is related to the sign Virgo/Mercury, and Mercury just happens to be in the 6th house at the time of the eclipse. This is the kind of news that creates and moves events ahead much more quickly than one expects.

Also, with the Moon in the 7th house, you will have quite an emotional reaction to this news or it could indicate that this new partner (if approached regarding a business partnership) is a female. If you’re dating someone, your partner may want to bring your relationship up a notch. I say this because Mercury means news, information or communication and your 7th house that the eclipse will be touching is the house of relationships. If you’re male, this news may come from a woman, or you may deepen your relationship with a current love interest, or you may even announce that you wish to move in with this woman.

March 22. The Moon is in Aries, ruled by Mars, and conjunct Mars will give this day quite the magnanimous burst of energy, both masculine and feminine in nature, a yin yang push and pull sort of energy. You’ll feel driven to act, to begin something new, to move forward with your plans, planting seeds for the future. You may have some young energetic persons around you helping you toward these ambitions, or you may look to the past to propel you toward the future. This energy is happening in your 7th house, so it could be that this eclipse news is already propelling you to act upon it. This influence is one that will push you forward, in any case. You may sense some aggressive energy as well coming from those close to you, so be aware that any kind emotional outburst is most likely a result of this excessive energy in your house of relationships.

March 23. Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas, is working together with Pluto, lending the mind penetrating precision and sharpness. It is a day where you will benefit from delving deeper into any subject of interest. Mercury is in your 6th house where ideas are abound regarding your work environment, and Pluto is in your 4th house where you are transforming your personal environment. One may indeed be the other if you work from home, however even so, you are transforming the environment in which you live and work. You will be cleaning out closets, clearing what is no longer necessary and keeping only what is worthwhile. This is not a process that is done overnight with Pluto, but Mercury is injecting Pluto on this day with some insightful ideas, ones that seem to hit a positive chord with you. The Moon in Taurus will give it detail and a touch of beauty, a stable environment, where you are able to work progressively. You may not have had a large space to work in, but with recent changes, you may find that you now have the possibility of creating such an environment for yourself, or at least putting plans toward it. On a completely different tangent, you may be setting up an environment within your living space where you can exercise and concentrate on your health, or set up a space in your home for that hobby you’ve been dabbling in for years.

March 28. With your mind on your home or work environment, the Moon in Cancer highlighting your 10th house of career, discipline, and things to do outside your home, you will feel some emotional tension whereby some power struggles from figures in authority, this could also be your parents or a boss, creating some inner tension with regard to the changes or transformation taking place in your home. The Moon, being feminine in nature, I’m going to assume it represents the Matriarch, the Mother or a mother figure, in this case. If we assume the physical element of this friction, one scenario could be that your mother (The Moon) has objections regarding the changes you are putting into place, tugging at your heartstrings and bringing up the past to manipulate you (Plutonian influence). Again, this feminine influence is on the “outside of your home.” And, on an emotional or psychological level, the memories and the movements happening as you delve deeper into your beginnings, roots and early family life, may be causing some emotional eruptions from those in authority, either from your mother, or a mother figure, such as a mother-in-law. Another scenario, is that a female authority, a boss for example, is not on board with the idea of you working from home. Or, your boss is not as compassionate with what you have going on at home. This is transitory but nevertheless comes up as a power struggle.

Decidedly, this is a day that when you will feel tension, but tension is not always negative. It can sometimes spur us to action, and this square is one of those aspects. This tense aspect points toward your area of friendship, group activities, or objectives and your house of joint ventures, income, investments, loans, etc. An older person who acts as mentor could give you advice regarding some kind of investment to make, or is willing to help you by lending you this money so that you can reach those career objectives. Another scenario is that a collective activity you are involved in wants you to take part in one of their humanitarian causes but you still need to do more research before you agree. It could be, too, that they are asking you to travel to attend an event, or become more involved but this may involve investing some money. In any case, this aspect also points to you seeing positive signs as related to your career plans, and your attention to it should be paying off.

March 29. Decidedly, these last two days are wrought with tension for you, dear Libra. However, now your energies are being directed to a more detached point of view. You’re not taking these emotional demands as personally as you did the day before. There is a balanced energy of yin and yang on this last Sunday of the month. It’s the weekend and you would prefer to be relaxing but you will be able to find a way to make better use of this tense aspect to get some things straight. The Moon is in your 10th house of authority and career. Either your work or a boss is placing demands on you, or one of your parents, most likely your mother. You put your foot down and mark a line in the sand where you have the strength and courage to let them know how far you will go. This is a purely physical kind of energy countered with a dose of intuitive and emotional influence that allows you to find the balance you need. You must not let others take advantage of your time.

March 30-31. After an emotionally tense weekend, your focus is back on your close relationships and your objectives or ideals. This is a good day to step back after the tangible exertion that was surrounding you this past weekend. Unusual for a Monday, but it is best for you to take stock of where you are and where you want to go. You have plenty of energy left however this is a day for you to conserve your gains, and tie up some loose ends, especially as the month comes to an end. Instead of charging forward, reassess your position and what you value in order to move forward in the best possible direction.
You are feeling good regarding the assessment of the work on your own individual self. You are on the right path of balancing your needs and objectives.
The month ends on a note of uncertainty where you struggle to resolve the tension that crops up with your close relationships regarding your need to regain that individuality you may have lost or that you are reasserting. Your closest relationships or partner may be pushing back a bit because they are afraid that you as an individual may no longer need them. People are always afraid of change, especially a change in their partner or friend. This is far from the truth and perhaps you need to make sure they are aware of this. Your path toward your own individuality is not about you forging out on your own. It is quite the opposite as it is important in the overall balancing of the ‘you’ within your closest relationships. This is the life path/work you need to be working on until November 2015.

April will continue a series of very positive months and you have much to look forward to!

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