March 2015 Horoscope – Aries


For Aries, the month of March has you focusing on your inner mental health, the repressed parts of your Self, your service to humanity, and self-sacrifice. This is the part of your chart that marks the ending of a birthday year as it does with you, Aries. This is the moment in the year where you look back on the previous year and assess where things stand and where you will go from here. On the 21st, the Sun will then move to your first house of personality, how the world sees you, your appearance, and your self-expression. Your mental attitude, thoughts and ideas will be influencing your house of friends, your social circle, group associations, global awareness and your personal ambitions. With Venus and Mars in your 1st house, love and passion will be in the mix of things during events taking place this month. You will attract both to you and you will be very appealing to the opposite sex. You will find that others will find you hard to resist. This will work wonders for your self confidence and your ego. Your mind will be divided between your friends and future potential in the first half of the month and then to the hidden parts of your Self and your subconscious during the second half.
March will host a solar eclipse on March 20 on the cusp of your 12th and 1st house. This eclipse will affect the 12th house of your inner world, mental health, and hidden parts of your life as well as your 1st house of your Self, your personality, and how people perceive you.

March 1-2. Venus in your 1st house is opposing your North Node in your 7th house of relationships and this will irk you a bit. You will be feeling good about yourself, and may be feeling rather attractive and others will find you very attractive and irresistible as well but you will have a nagging feeling that you are not doing the work on the lessons you are supposed to be learning. Your lessons until November 2015 are to balance your attention to ‘self’ with your attention to the ones close to you in your life. You are naturally independent but your lesson in the area of relationships is to learn to create a balance between those two areas in your life.
Jupiter in your 5th house is reaching out to Uranus in your 1st house creating a lot of growth as well as some havoc in your life. You have have noticed that your appearance may have become quite unique as well as your personality as a whole. You may be feeling a little more erratic and changeable.
These two planets are outer planets and, individually, their influences are usually drawn out over a longer span of time, Jupiter for the next year and Uranus until 2023. However, because they are reaching out to each other, you will notice a surge of energy in these two areas of your life during the first ten days of the month.
While Uranus is holding hands with Jupiter, Mercury is in opposition to Jupiter making sure you think twice before you leap. You may receive some messages, thoughts, or ideas from friends related to projects you are working on. These may be connected to your career or it may be that this message or idea comes from someone older and wiser than you.

March 3. The Moon is in Leo in your 5th house and looking to Venus in your 1st house. This may highlight the needs you have in ‘love’ and you may also find in with your children if you have any. This is a good time to focus on family or your children. You may also find that a project you are working on is really expressing your true nature. You may find yourself to be quite generous toward your romantic partner.

March 4. Love, harmony, growth, generosity with what you’ll find on this day. It could be you who is the generous heart or it could be that someone in your life is being very lovingly demonstrative. Things will feel as though they are going smoothly, and if you have any career plans in tow, they will also be successful as you put your plans into place. You may accomplish something quite tangible as a result of this attention.

March 5-7. The Sun in your 12th house is working together with Pluto in your 10th house of career. You may not feel this on a continuous and intense basis, but you have been and are going through some major transformations in your career, whether it’s the way you do business, or the kind of business you are involved in, but you are able to cut to the chase and make drastic decisions when needed. You able to do this clearly while culling what you don’t need. This is also related to your inner self and the hidden corners of your self. You may be having to sacrifice certain things in your life to make this work.

March 8. The Moon is in Libra in your  7th house opposite Mars in your 1st house. You may find that there is some friction with your close relationships as your egocentric self pushes to the forefront. A partner may be feeling ignored. Or, you may be reminiscing with a past lover over your relationship. The memories will be quite powerful and will bring out some strong reactions in you. You could also be feelings as though you are fulfilling all your ambitions, with the power of your emotions and the energy of your spirit. You are actually seeing some results. There is a lot of physical energy so you may want to find a way to release this.

March 9. The Moon now reaches out to Mercury in your 11th house, so you may find that you are getting together with close friends, ones you may not have seen in a while. If you do, there is surely a lot of memories that will surface for you. You are also able to vocalize your thoughts, dreams and goals clearly. This is a time to make a real effort and not to hang back.

March 10-11. Mars in your 1st house leaning on the talents of Jupiter in your 5th house. You are a charmer no less, and you have extra energy and luck to boost you at this time. You have the drive to further your ambitions. You will be aware of growth and success if you press on. It’s not a time to go on holiday even though you would love to, but this is an extremely active and vibrant moment and you should not lose the momentum.

March 12. Mars is nestling side by side with Uranus in your 1st house. You may notice that you are filled with a bag full of unique ideas. These ideas are related to your ambitions, and you will be driven by the desire to be different, extraordinary and most likely your independence or wish to be independent will be a driving force.

March 13. The Moon is in Sagittarius in your 9th house of knowledge, travel, other cultures, is leaning toward Jupiter in your 5th house also related to travel, expansion, and growth. This is a period of good feeling and as you go about your day, you will notice that it is going smoothly. You will probably be dealing with younger persons, such as children, your own or someone else’s. You may also be dealing with people, who come from cultures other than your own. They might be visiting you or you may be making plans to visit them, but do not go this month as you are on a roll to making your career plans or personal projects a success!

March 15. The Moon is in Capricorn in your 10th house of career create a tense aspect to your North Node. Is you career taking too much time from your attention to your close relationships? If it is, you may have to learn to create more of a balance. Know when to switch off your career mode in order to enjoy your relationships as well. All work and no play is not a good balance.

March 16-17. Saturn in your 9th house is causing friction for Mercury in your 12th house. Saturn is pulling apart your house of searching for meaning in your life, putting all stops to all areas where you lack discipline with learning more about the outer world. Saturn is there to teach you about being more globally aware. If you are not sure which career you should follow, Saturn will slow things down so that you have the time to think things through. You will also be learning how to be more organized, disciplined and set rules for yourself to follow. Mercury also has you thinking more clearly and looking at the hidden parts of yourself. These two days will have you seeing some visible signs of progress in your life. Your philosophy and outlook on life is definitely in the process of changing.

The next day, March 18, your mind may not be as clear with Neptune sidling up to Mercury to put some fog in front of your eyes. You may be going over the things that you sacrifice for living your life the way that you do, or the things you sacrifice for those in your life. You will have some moments of deep inspiration.

March 19. The Moon has moved into the 12th house now also sitting next to Mercury to influence your thoughts and fill them with memories of your past, lighting up your inner sky and filling you with nostalgia. You will have a lot of stories to tell if you get together with a friend.

This is a dreamy day filled with emotions, filled with inspiration and you may feel quite spiritual in nature. Some of these inspirations that are bubbling up in you are ones that you may want working for you in other parts of your life.

Solar Eclipse
March 20. The solar eclipse falls on 29 degrees Pisces almost at the very moment before the Sun traverses to Aries. This eclipse will be on the cusp of the houses ruled by Neptune (Pisces) and Mars (Aries) so wherever you find those two planets in your own personal chart will give you a deeper insight into what this news could be related to.
This eclipse is considered to bring positive changes, but nevertheless these sorts of changes will rock your world, pushing it forward in a way you least expected.
Eclipses will highlight events such as the birth of a baby, a marriage or the end of a relationship, a decision to move to the next level of a relationship, a promotion, a career breakthrough, important travel, the signing of a vital business deal, the start of one’s own business, the sale or purchase of a house, a cross country move, surgery or other important health development, college graduation, the start of some new study period, publishing a book, and so forth. These kinds of events push us forward, sometimes in a hurry and usually when we least expect it. Solar eclipses usually happen at a new moon and its influence can last up to a year. Note: Please go to my special post on this eclipse where I will go into a little further detail about it.
For you, Aries, the eclipse will be taking on the cusp of your 12th and 1st house, also known as the Ascendant. This is one of the most powerful position for an eclipse to fall on. There is no doubt that you will feel this eclipse in a big way. You should receive news from an unexpected source, it may have to do with matters that will affect your identity. You may be the one that has news that will surprise everyone. This may come about as a result of a revelation made to you from the hidden part of your chart. It seems to me that it could be that a secret is revealed to you or something that has long been suppressed will be revealed to you. You will go through some major changes this year.

March 22. The Moon joins Mars in your 1st house so this eclipse will also feel quite emotional as you come out on the other side of it.  Your urge to begin putting things into place will get a surge of intuition, and the fact that this urge is most likely of an emotional nature, you will do best to plant seeds for future undertaking. This may also involve children, your environment or your personal ambitions.

March 23. Mercury in your 12th house is prodding Pluto in your 10th house and this will be an energetic time for deep thinking regarding your career or the transformations you would like to see in your career. You may also be changing your way of relating to authority figures, and these include your parents.

March 28. The Moon is in Cancer in your house of 4th house of home opposing Pluto in your 10th house. This involves your home environment or your parents. This will be a powerful day where power struggles and hidden forces will surface of the deep and dark nature where your emotions will run deep. There may be some eruptions and I will venture to say that these struggles will involve your parents, but most likely it will be your mother that causes this friction. The past involving your childhood, your childhood home, and the way you were brought up may surface.
With Venus reaching out to Jupiter again, you will also see some positive signs related to your plans, possibly your career, or a new career you have chosen, a plan that you have been working on for quite a while. Your efforts will have paid off.

March 29. The Moon in your house of home will cause some tensions to your 1st house of self-expression and personality. Again, you may find that some tension coming from your parents or something to do with your home. You are not in a reactive mood even though you have the energy of Mars on your side, but rather making better use of your excess energy.

March 30-31. You end the month with the focus of the Sun in your 1st house. You are shining bright and things are going well for you, A lot has happened this month affecting you very personally and you should step back and take stock of everything that has unfolded in your life including this powerful solar eclipse. You will be able to get a good view of where you are and where you’re going if you stop and assess your next moves.
If you have been working on creating that balance between your personal needs and giving attention to your close relationship, you should feel a sense of appreciation. Your close relationships are more willing to take a step forward if you make the effort and you are probably realizing this. If you still need to work on this, you have until November 2015 to get this right. Your emotions are telling you that this is the right thing to achieve. Your Sun and Self are still creating some opposition and it is probably extra hard as it is shining its spotlight on your 1st house, and you love the spotlight on you.

April will continue a series of very positive months and you have much to look forward to!

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